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Highly addictive! Superb.


Top notch!

Haha! Had lots of fun :) Really liked the whipping veggie. Great idea and very good job for a solo dev.
Well done.

Solid game. Good job.

Like how the game looks! Very good job. Feels like it has good potential.

The dice roll feels really good. I'm sure that adding the betting system would have elevated the game. Don't feel bad for not getting to where you wanted. This game has good potential.

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Snappy controls (which is good), looks great, polished. Well done.

Great achievement guys! The amount of content is amazing. Good design.

Finished the game. Loved everything about it. Looks amazing, great idea, fun.

Very good job! Great potential.

Great idea and very good execution. Well done!

Neat idea, had fun trying to master it.  Good job

Is this a huge cat staring back at me?!? Once the dice rolled in it got scaryy lol 

Great atmosphere I thing it has lots of potential. Amazing for a solo dev.

I loved the dapper penguin! Good puzzles well done

Lots of effort has been put into it and I would have loved to see where you can take it from here. Nice job

Great job! Really liked the battle innovative idea.

Wow this is sooo polished!

What an amazing team! Beautiful art and great concept. Really enjoyed playing it 

Huge chess fan here and I loved this game. Finished all levels it got really interesting at the final one. 

Great idea ! amazing job

Really liked the hectic feeling of the game. Good job! 

Good job.

Cactus or block?!!?! Great idea! Was so scary to place each one of them.
Got all the fruits and diamonds but couldn't find the exit lol. Well done

First game that I was excited to lose!  LOVED the creepy theme, good job.

So stressful, I really enjoyed it! 

I loved the idea of team and campaign modes!   Had some great laughts while rolling out of the screen. 
Really liked that you get upgrading option for your avatar. 

Really enjoyed playing it and had good laughs especially when trying to grab the power up! 

Good job

Good job!  I think you have a good base idea. would love to see this developed into more action packed game :) 

What a great idea and lovely execution   !

Loved the artwork and enjoyed playing it very much. 

Great game, very polished.

We were two players playing it .. not sure if it made it any easier haha

I had to finish the level just to see the end screen and you didn't disappoint! 
Inclusive concept and beautiful art absolutely gained my 555. Great job! 

Amazing job. Excellent level design had tons of fun GG!

Good job for a first jam!

Some explanation for how to complete a level will help a lot. The idea is great once you get the hang of it.. was hard to align the shots to hit the target but great job for such a short time! :) 

For future players : to complete the level shoot the turtle ! haha  

Very amusing! Didn't complete the whole thing as it got too stressful with the bull-cannons combination but the puzzle ideas are cool. Great job (: 

I appreciated the vegan deceleration . I was a bit worried haha .


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Perfect execution to a great idea. Had lots of fun playing it. Great job!

I liked the idea, it's challenging and stressful at times. Good effort! 

What a stunner looking game!

On my second try the robots didn't spawn.

The art is excellent! I liked the idea for the game but unfortunately the game is a bit buggy. I think that a bit more work will make the game great.