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Fantastic! I've finished all levels including the 2 hidden ones ;)
So far this is the best game I've seen.
Good job all of you :)

Great game! Finished all the levels.

Fantastic! I finished the game and really enjoyed it :)
(btw I'm a chess fan)

As a chess fan I really like this clever take on the game. I enjoyed playing it a lot

The art is amazing. I like the sounds as well. I feel like this game could have been more fun with a bit more content.

This is some story telling here! Interesting and intriguing

Haha cool idea. Nice art. Overall pretty good.

Very cool idea. Amazing presentation. Good job!

Yes! This is the good stuff. Amazing game for a 48 jam. You nailed it :)


Impressive work here. Cool idea. I liked it.

Oh my god!! This is fu*#ing amazing. I really enjoyed it. I finished the puzzle and felt very satisfied afterwards.
I'm really curious about the WFC algorithm you've mentioned.
Do you have a recommendation for a good learning resource for it?

Clever concept and great execution. Very good job for a solo developer!

Nice. There are 13 levels.

Thanks! did you manage to beat them all?

Lovely puzzle game! Great level design . Had lots of restarts to get to know the mechanics but it was good fun.

Your tutorial said we need to destroy the base so on my first time I didn't add anything and waited for the wave to come haha. Nice idea and so much effort in the arts and feel of the game. Good job!

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Loved this idea it felt unique and was so much fun to play.  Art is cute as well, great job overall.

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Needs a restart button as I got stuck a few times behind a '?' block.  Good idea for the theme and very nice art. Good job!

Looks well polished for the amount of time! It still feel like you moving the bird even though I know you move the whole screen so it has the same game expiriance but great fun. Good job

So creative.  There's tons to explore with this idea, espacially the twicking of the stats.  You're final level shows a blue screen you should check that ;) Loved this game!

Good job! I would have highlight the trash or change the color scheme to make them pop more. Once i got the hang of it it was fun.

Nice game! Had fun playing it.  Loved the idea, great game machanics.

I would appreciate it if you could check my game :)

Wow that's impressive without a game engine. A creative take to this theme, good job!

Loved the art and feel of the game. Perfect fit for the theme. Good job! 

Highly addictive! Superb.


Top notch!

Haha! Had lots of fun :) Really liked the whipping veggie. Great idea and very good job for a solo dev.
Well done.

Solid game. Good job.

Like how the game looks! Very good job. Feels like it has good potential.

The dice roll feels really good. I'm sure that adding the betting system would have elevated the game. Don't feel bad for not getting to where you wanted. This game has good potential.

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Snappy controls (which is good), looks great, polished. Well done.

Great achievement guys! The amount of content is amazing. Good design.

Finished the game. Loved everything about it. Looks amazing, great idea, fun.

Very good job! Great potential.

Great idea and very good execution. Well done!

Neat idea, had fun trying to master it.  Good job

Is this a huge cat staring back at me?!? Once the dice rolled in it got scaryy lol 

Great atmosphere I thing it has lots of potential. Amazing for a solo dev.