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Nice! I played the final battle again when you asked for tips. It was harder than I remembered, hahah :)

Thanks you! :)


Put heroes with high HP on the sides and low hp, high attack heroes (Spades and Clubs) on the back. The black king can be in any position since he has high HP and attack, but he's probably best on the center.

For the first few turns, try to keep most allies alive while using the most cards possible, and try kill a few enemies so you have more units than them (area attacks won't help you much here, since you will lower their HP, but not decrease their numbers). Focus on the minions first. The queen alone is no problem.

Some cards that are particularly good in this battle:

Defense for all (♠10, ♦10, ♣7) - Increase defense in early turns;

Heals (♥A, ♥3) - Use heals to revive allies later on;

Summons (♥2, ♥5, ♥10, ♥J, ♣4) - Keep them far apart, as white queen's attacks hit neighboring enemies;

Stone form+Taunt (♦4+♦7) - Can negate an entire turn of damage (use both on King of Diamonds preferably);

Confusion (♦8) - Use it on the queen, so she can attack other enemies, or even heal your allies!

Anti-magic wind (♣5) - You can use it to either remove Rook's +4 defense or to remove Knight's attack aura (-1 attack for all);

Invisibility (♣10) - If you're left with only 1 hero, use invisibility. You'll be invulnerable for 2 turns! With some heals and summons you can turn the tides!

Wind blast (♣Q) - You can use it early on to push the pawns out of the field!

Blizzard (♣K) - Freeze 'em all!

And remember that most of the time, it's better to use 3 average cards than 1 good card, because it will cycle more new cards to your hand.

Good luck :)

In a future version getting 100% will reveal the ending art. There are also a secret boss and a new game mode coming.

In this version you can finish the game a second time to fight stronger enemies and get all the items, but the ending is the same :)

Thanks ❤️

I haven't played his game, but it probably has to do with both being made in pico 8, so both have the same palette and resolution.

Any TweetCart enthusiasts here?

I made this Pico 8 cart for TweetTweetJam in under 560 characters of code (558)! This is my first TweetTweetCart game.

The goal is to avoid the black balls for as long as possible to increase your score.

If this reminds you of a certain bonus stage of a certain blue hedgehog, that was the goal :)

I think it's fine, they're promoting their videos on your page, but also advertising your game for their audience. Win-win in my book :)

You are not following the theme of the jam with these extra 30 minutes. It should be ONLY ONE hour, hahaha!

Thanks for the review! Sure I'll check it out!

Thanks! Glad you liked!

Really good and unique!

The only useful feedback I can give in case you want to continue this project is that each pice should have a different color to make things more readable at a glance. In terms of readability you could also highlight the "unsafe" tiles when the player is making a move.

As a post below already said, this game is very likely to be featured, yes. Very polished, unique, and fits the theme well. Well done!

Thanks! I don't usually do this kind of effects, so it was cool doing something different!

Thank you! No power ups in this version. Level variety and power ups could really improve the game for a later version, sure!

It only has 9 levels so you were almost there!

Thank you! The character is a white blood cell. It blushed with your compliment. :)

Thank you very much!

Thanks! My brother did the music, I'll forward the message. :)

The slow movement is intended to force the player to defend whith the absorbed enemies. Upgrades after some stages would be nice though, yes. Thanks for the feedback!


I'm stupid haha... Just replied you in BBS, now I realised that the save file has no information to start the game when you run it for the fist time. Just click "clear data" to make a new save file and it should work! Will fix this ASAP! Thanks again!

Hey, thanks for letting me know, never noticed that. Apparently this is a pico-8 bug that has been fixed in the new version, luckily. I will release a new version of the game very soon with a lot of new stuff, so the fullscreen issue will be fixed too!

Hey! Thanks for playing! Glad you liked!

Nice visuals and theme! The game is pretty unforgiving, you have to know the exact tile you have to be most of the time.

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Pretty cool! Finished with 37 score after a few tries. Best game ending :D Happy bear life

I liked the sound pitch higher as you approach the tree! The camera could be improved, it's hard to know were you are going. Some visual cues hinting were you should go could help too.

Thank you!

Updated the game! Some new visual effects, cards rebalanced and enemies have armor towards the end. If you managed to beat the last verion, there's a bit more challange now!

Wow thanks! :D

I updated the game today with some new visual effects, gameplay ajustments (nerfed stronger enemies HP, but gave them armor, buffed some spells, nerfed plants), and some quality of life improvements (like a button to reset cards). I will expand the adventure next, but it might take a few weeks, I think.


I didn't notice your comment earlier. Sure, I'll give it a try!

Awesome, thank you!

That one is my favorite too!

I didn't understand what you mean... You can use multiple cards each turn, the game will draw new cards automatically on the next turn. You mean drawing new cards before the current turn ends?


Wow, thanks! That would be awesome! :D

Thank you! It's an undocumented featured in Pico-8 that was added mainly to support tool development, but in my case I used it to emulate a mobile game! I'm working on a post-jam release and I'm also planning to port it to mobile eventually in case you're interested.

I'm working on a post-jam version with more content and rebalanced gameplay!

Sure, I'll give it a go!

The visuals and music complement each other well. A tutorial (or something similar) would be nice, so the player wouldn't need to read the instructions and go straight into the game!

Yeah, the boss fight gives a difficulty spike at the end!

**Spoilers** The plant cards are super strong, so if you combine them with the black king and one of the three regular characters, you will have just 2 kinds to guarantee you can use a lot of cards every turn. But you are under the risk of running out of cards if you're not efficient with just 26 cards! 

Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Glad you liked it!