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Yeah, the first level is a tutorial more than anything. I didn't have time to playtest really so I made it too easy rather than too hard just to be safe. Thanks!

It's one of the best mechanics I've seen so far. Saw your game on Mark's livestream too haha :) Pretty cool!

Yeah, I kept the difficulty down just to be safe, (you can get bad ratings if your game is too hard...) but I'm glad you tried the hard mode. If you need more challenges, try to finish the game with no deaths. The death counter is there to entice people that found the game easy ;)

It really feels good when a bullet flies between two ships, right? :P No idea what I could do about it though.

Not sure what I could add to the companion mechanic. At some point during development, I thought of fusing two ships together with some powerup, but then you would have more offensive power with no drawbacks.

My first addition to a post-jam version would be to add some resistant enemies to prevent the game from getting too easy when you have too many ships and enemies just die before entering the screen. Then having too many ships will become a problem, since it would get hard to avoid enemies and bullets with all of them.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Thanks! I kept the first level relatively easy so players less familiar with shmups can get used to the controls, screen warping, and controlling multiple ships :)

Thanks! Writing the quotes was actually fairly hard. Not the kind of stuff I can do easily under time constraints XP

Thank you! :D

There are some OP combinations for sure, but you are always 1 bullet away from losing them :)

Thank you for the kind words!

Oh I remember you from last year. Wrack and Rune, yes.

The screen wrap was the first thing I implemented luckily enough, I don't even remember where the idea came from. The game would suffer a bit without that mechanic for sure.

It was fun trying to balance overpowered weapons hahah :D Glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you!

Thank you very much! :)

Wow, thanks for the kind words!

Thank you!

Thanks! I tried to give the game a slow start so the players could get used to warping and controlling multiple ships. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! :D

Thanks, man! I tend to overshoot on the content, at some points I was regretting making 8 different ships, but it turned out well in the end hahah :)

The exploding shot was one I was less sure if it was good enough. I'm really glad you liked it!

Pico 8 is great once you get the hang of it, especially for solo devs.

Actually made in 24 hours (with 3 hours of sleep haha). Thanks!

Thank you very much :D

Thanks! It changes between playthroughs, so it gives it some replay value too :)

Thanks! :)

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Yeah, it can get a bit repetitive, I put a different tune on the 5th and last level, mow I wish I put it in more levels. Thanks for the feedback!

You make great use of the pico 8 secondary palette (I checked some of your other games too). Now I wish I used it more often :P

Great presentation! I like how you chose to use the mouse as input, otherwise it would've been a lot more cumbersome to move in 6 directions. Good job!

Thanks! I think it's an RPG, yes. Good luck on your journey :)

Yes, I want to update the game at some point, and at that time release the cart on the BBS too.

That's so cool! Thanks for sharing! I didn't intend to make avoiding coins a speedrun strat but it ended up working like that :D

Thanks :)

It runs fine for me on mobile. What's the issue?

hahah it sounded like a joke :)

Just making sure you were not actually stuck :P

Having fun and getting rekt are not mutually exclusive I guess hahah :)

How did you softlock yourself? You can press R at any time to restart the level

Hahaha thanks :)

Yup, I'm trying to make my games more accessible, glad you noticed :P

Another universe? 🤔


As I said in the other comments, the game is not finished yet :)

Both of your requests are already planned. They will be added in a few weeks. Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! Loved your gameplay!

The inside area is not in the game yet. That is from a gif I made in 2019 for Christmas and inspired me to make the game for 2020. It will be added in a future version, in a few weeks. Thank you for the kind words!

Items and abilities will be available in a future version. This version was made in 2 weeks for Christmas, so I didn't have time to finish all the features I wanted. I just released what I had ready for the date, and will finish the game in a few weeks. Sorry for not making it clear that those features were not present in the game at this time.


Thanks for your feedback!

The game was a bit rushed so it could be released for Christmas. You can't use the other abilities because they're not in the game yet :P

I will adjust the walking sound. I actually changed it a few times but still wasn't 100% happy with it. Leaving it with no sound feels a bit empty, I'll see what I can do :)

Same for the ending, it's all I could do in this short time span. Allowing you to go back could make things confusing for other players too like they don't know if the game actually ended or not. There's not really a perfect solution until I finish the game.

Speaking of finishing the game, if you were left wanting more, come back in a few weeks :)

The characters will have new abilities and Santa will be able to use items in battle, like special attacks, and the game will be longer to accommodate all these new mechanics in a smooth learning curve.

Thanks again!