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Hey there!

No matter how well the statistics have said you've done today, you've made a video game. That's a fact. You've gained experience. That's a fact.

What isn't a fact is what you will do next with your project. You all have something incredible, so I really hope you decide to continue working on your game - make it a full release, put it on and Steam. 

Submit your jam creation to national competitions (if you're between ages 10-18 in the UK, I'd highly recommend you check out BAFTA YGD and submit your game there for next year's initiative). Even if you don't think it'll go anywhere, please do run with your concept further. Make more levels, fix that one bug or add that one cool feature someone mentioned in the comments!

Please keep developing this game you've made. It will be worth it.

Yeah - public voting in large jams will be an issue as people can naturally get competitive or worried about not being validated by reaching a high enough rating - I think either way being able to check whether a person is just downvoting other submissions (perhaps if many times they've voted far below the mean of results) would be an interesting safeguard, or making it so only Itch accounts of a certain age can vote (e.g. were created before the jam started, or before voting started) but ultimately any form of public voting whatsoever on the internet is going to have to rely on trusting everyone involved to an extent.

Ok I have a bit of a thought about Public Rating. Perhaps an extra thing you could do would be to allow accounts to submit ratings, but only actually count/submit them when the user has also rated 2 other games. That way, more games get votes, the voter gets a wider sample pool by which to base their ratings, and it makes it so users can't just instantly make an account and rate a single game. It also gets them more involved in the Itch ecosystem which is nice! 

Yeah, for this jam we had a variant of the Randomiser to show us a random jam entry (which worked very nicely), so it could be interesting to see an option for only the Randomiser to be available when picking games (plus the top 100 least rated games list). Not sure how feasible, but interesting nonetheless.

Thank you for trying it nonetheless! I hope you enjoy the full release once we add more to it!

Nice game! I think it would be cool if any key apart from left turned the car left - that makes it harder for the brain to process which could be more fun!

It's also like a shooter mixed with a driving game! Nice work!!

One recommendation - maybe sound little clunking sounds when you connect a tile down, to increase how satisfying the game is (it's already pretty satisfying!)

Awesome puzzle game that meets the theme perfectly - please release this on mobile!

Really fun little game! Quite hard too - I think the damage done should be a bit lower as it gets really quite tough as time goes on, but I love the music and tones when you attack and defeat enemies, the graphics are simple and fun. Good job!

This is really cool! Been playing Fire Emblem recently and I like these turn based games, and I like the spin that you have one character that constantly changes class to keep the game fresh!

Nice concept! The idea caught my slightly off guard when I died to white, but the game being not standing on a tile that contains the colour red in producing it is a clever little concept that could be well adapted into an educational game or a game teaching about RGB or Hex codes!

I uh, also called my plant fortnite which was an interesting time

Aww this is really nice! The pixel shader works really well and carrying around the plant is super satisfying (helped by the screenshake and sound effects!). The story was really nice, the little text dialogue system works really nicely, and I love the little touch that cycling the menu of dialogue involves you to press the movement keys which actually moves you, sorta making the character more active as if they're pacing around the room (especially during the day about jeff/gary/karen).

Are there multiple scenarios if you keep neglecting the plant or try to speed through the game without touching the plant?

Nice work!!!

I think you'll probably like Laugh's latest game The Endless Empty. It's a great RPG with this type of aesthetic.

Really nice atmosphere, nice graphics, nice gameplay, cool take on the theme!

A masterclass in game feel! This is really fun to play, nice and simple, and the echoey sound design is really on point. Nice job!

This was really neat and cool! Gotta love an unconventional use of an engine like RPG Maker. The game's blend of platforming/flight with one minute/hour time limits is something really interesting - a thought I had would be, could you make battles have to be completed in 1 minute or else you start taking more damage or something (as well as making battles factor into the 1 hour time limit overall)? That could be cool.

I really like the art and your black/white with hints of colour, it's really good and super stylistic.

I do have a couple bits that I think could be improved:

Sound design - more ambience/sounds outside the beeps and boops of UI buttons would be nice and would further sell the theming of your game. Perhaps calming/elevator music in the bits where you have infinite air to signal that you can relax a bit, whereas it could be more tense ambience in 1 minute air segments. But yeah, this game would benefit from a lot more sounds, chiptune and synthesized audio bytes and tracks would work spectacularly :)

Clarity - making it more clear where I can fly and where I can't, it was a bit confusing and having a 1 minute time limit added to the stress a bit.

More dialogue - I'm interested by this story! Please don't limit yourself in telling an interesting story by the 1 minute and 1 hour limits, as you can only show so much to the player in those times - perhaps dialogue could pause time, taking place in some kind of codec that all happens in a single second? That way you can really expand the story and what you can do in it - however you'll need to consider how cutscenes with moving characters would work.

More content - PLEASE FINISH THIS GAME! I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THE WHOLE THING. PLEASE FINISH IT, IS THERE ANY PLACE I CAN FOLLOW YOUR PROGRESS ON FINISHING IT? (Or if you need help with anything in the course of development, I hope that I could help out in any way?)

Good entry!

I love this, I love this alot. Yes, this is it. This game is it. No need for any more games, we have found the game.

Ahahaha, this is great. Definitely the most cynical take on the theme and I'm HERE for it. A game where your objective is to run a joke into the ground. You excellent devs, you!

I can't believe this game does not have more ratings. A triple 5/5 from me on this one, this game was really good! For a game made in 48 hours, having about an hour of content to go through is really cool, and the little mechanics such as the Charge system is something I wish was in more games!

The RPG Maker stock assets are used really well here, everything has been presented really well and it tells a nice little story.

Your take on the battle system and adaption of the default RPG Maker battle system is really something quite different and I really like it! The idea of only being able to use one ability and having to change that through the equipment screen is a really nice idea!

It would be really interesting to see this game be made into a full RPG with more different areas and a larger story. You've really shown that RPG Maker, even with its original stock assets, can be used really effectively to make something super nice looking and fun. (One suggestion, maybe add more text boxes and prompts for literally every prop in the game - I love mashing space and seeing what the game says about, say, a table, as it can be a great way to develop the characters by showing what they think about the table - I use the example where instead of "A table" as a text prompt, you could do something like "This table could use a few drinks!" to show some playful character)

I found the difficulty to be just right, with the battle system really being a puzzle game, however you may want to think of some ways to describe what you're facing beforehand or give the player a chance to react to what enemies they are facing, instead of having to either use trial and error initially, or run away after seeing they're not well equipped for the battle ahead. Perhaps that's a limitation of RPG Maker, and it doesn't hinder the experience, but it's an interesting game design thing to think about.

Please keep making more RPG Maker games! I like 'em! A lot! Perhaps if you made your future games all take place within the same universe as this one/Magicless' one, that could be really interesting.

One item, one dungeon, one room on one screen, THAT'S hitting the theme!

(also just wanted to say, gotta admire this game being submitted 38 seconds before the deadline. you gotta take risks to make gains!)

Gonna play it now! Wow, 2 games made in 48 hours for the jam??? Thats dedication!

Interesting little game! I like the idea of a randomly generated roguelike in entirely 1 room! I think visibility was a bit of an issue as I was struggling to see everything as it was all really small, bit it was still a cool little experience. Kept finding locked doors and no keys though, and it took me a few seconds to realise I was being attacked by a spider! Maybe some more sound effects to alert the player to when they are being attacked would be nice.

Also, nice sound design! Very simple but also tense, I like it.

I like this! Nice job and good interpretation of the theme! One thing I would suggest, perhaps a button that would let you undo your previous move?

Yeah, even without specific detailed sprites, the player bouncing and squeezing along is a good idea we might put into our game for this jam, Onegeon (cheeky plug if you want to check it out!) to enhance the game feel. Also, the soundtrack was really nice, is it a royalty free one or did you make it yourself?

I quite like this! This is a fun take on the COD Zombies/wave survival genre and I hope you continue to run with the theme. A suggestion - perhaps your fists could be used for a backup weapon where you waggle the mouse to do a slight bit of damage when you are in a pinch?

I really like the movement as well, very different to what I'm used to and it's quite cool!

A couple things to maybe improve:

AI (you mentioned it in the description but the AI got stuck in a conga line and couldn't move)

Weapon balancing (I think the shotguns are a bit overpowered considering they spawn frequently, shoot pretty accurately, shoot 3 pellets, and also can chain kill).

I hope you continue to develop this idea!

Gonna have to give this one the full 5/5! What a mind bending and great concept - only thing I think you could change would be the audio smoothing of the movement sound, it sounds really well and fits with the music but is a bit grating at times.

But wow this game is great! If you worked on establishing a specific art style for the maze and character, created more levels and maybe added a tiny bit of a story, this would be a great game to put up on Steam! Please keep working on this, what you've made is excellent!

Ok, firstly, best game thumbnail.

Secondly, great scheme of doing the fanart and playing/rating games - a really nice gesture for everyone (hopefully it isn't stressful for you to do over 213 bits of art for others alongside playing their games, wow that's a lot of games and art, big kudos!)

Thirdly, freaking great game that kept me smiling throughout! Really nice Only One™ theme usage with the only one button (this really made me feel as cool as I did back in the Miniclip days with Gravity Guy!! gosh that game was good, thank you for modernising that nostalgia into a fun package!) as well as the presentation - clear, simple to understand with a good difficulty curve!

Also, nice idea with the highest score/voltage being 1. Makes sense, and it's Only One™!

Sound design and game feel really effective here. If you get around to making a mobile port of this, please let me know, I'll download it!

Just wondering, is this game procedurally generated or is it a set level?

I love the cheesiness of the intro cutscene. Fun blend of Only One and Genre Without Mechanic (sidescroller shooter without shooting)!

Really cool puzzler! One QOL addition that would be nice is a highlight of which command is currently being executed, but this is pretty on point!

A really clever game that bends RPG Maker in a really interesting way. This is a really good puzzle game! Adding a Wait command or spell that doesn't do anything but takes 100 MP would be appreciated though as it feels like I'm not doing anything by just constantly doing Fire whenever I want to wait but not use an Augment. Awesome use of the theme and toolset here, please make more to this!

??? Sorry for the duplicate posts! No idea what happened there

Ohhh this is a nice, abstract little game! It was a bit confusing to get into at first but it made sense after a couple of goes.

Only thing that I think could be changed or improved would be the turn priority. Our game for this jam, Onegeon, works in similar ways to yours in terms of how you move and how the enemies move at the same time you do on the grid - however it is a bit hard to tell when the enemies are going to attack you or when you can attack them. It's an interesting game design hurdle that needs to be thought about, as we need the game to have difficulty, but also feel good to play for the player - I think this game's use of states  and switching them is an interesting concept that could be adapted to resolve this issue, such as if you take damage by an enemy, they go inactive for a little bit (perhaps a different type of inactive?).

Great work on this! Liking the ASCII aesthetic and the game was fun to play 👍

Easily a 5/5 game. Sound design on point (some ambience in the levels would be nice but that isn't an issue), art and presentation absolutely nailed and your concept and take on the theme was simple, easy to understand and well executed! Boost jumping was really cool to do! Please make this into a full game and put it on a store to purchase! I want to pay for this!

( also, glad to see the inspiration from Evangelion ;) )

Wow this game is a really clever concept , having to use past versions of yourself in order to do platforming, and having to figure out whether you want to use up your life to help the future you or use your bullet to kill an enemy. Please make more levels for this!

It's set up so that if you are right next to the enemies and try to hit them, they will have priority and kill you first, otherwise players could cheese the combat where you need to consider where you are positioned before attacking. It is very weird though, so we're adding some new mechanics and changing the visual order of things to correct this aspect of the game that feels off.

I quite liked this game, nice job! The island itself was really cool to walk around, the day/night system and shadows seem quite ambitious for merely 48 hours, and driving the car around is really fun!

On that last point, I think a really cool way to expand the way whilst still adhering to the theme would be to make only 1 car that you drive around but have to refuel. Like Days Gone!

Really nice game, good work! Your art and presentation is on point with this :)

This is all really good feedback - thank you! Your suggestions on how we could improve the game feel are really cool, so we'll get on doing that visual stuff to make it cooler (alongside fixing a couple visual bugs) - we were going for a chess-esque aesthetic on the animation due to the time constraints of the jam, and it creates a cool little "chesspiece" look, but we could definitely use squishing/tweening or just make a walkcycle for the characters. Glad you liked it, and thanks again for the insights!!

Thank you!!!