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It doesn't - we didn't get enough time to set up the networking for the game which is why it's in a rough prototype stage. I had the UI elements set up though, they just don't do anything!

This is extremely helpful, thank you!

Very epic.

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im addicted to this game please release it on steam or something thank you


This is genius, playing 3 games of tetris in this way is so so good, and the twist where you can't put some pieces in some players is genius. Great work, one of the greatest ones in the jam.

When I realised the mechanic and everything started attacking me, I exclaimed "Ooooooooh!" Excellent work, the character feels really good and I like that the character has 10 hearts rather than being an instant death or having only 3 hearts. Allows for some good mistakes but also creates a lot of tricky situations later on in the game.

Ohhhh I like this. I was waiting to see someone try this, as last year I believe there was a game that had a similar idea of a platformer where you can use each control only once. However, your spin on this with the character being really slippy, quick, fluid and reactive gives it the physics puzzle spin where you are the physics puzzle element and it really really works, whilst also fitting the out of control theme in multiple ways (physics out of control + controls out of controls as a resource). Some sound would be lovely but this works and I'm super happy to see this kind of game done right with this theme.

Nice turtle programming game! Only critiques would be that it would be nice to have a soundtrack/sound effects and for the turning of the bots to be a bit quicker as it's currently quite slow. Nice work :)

Very well made, lovely art and sound effect. Honestly I think this would be a great game to port to the Nintendo Switch as the co-op nature could work well with the joycons. Really fun to make mistakes as well and try to fix your course. Nice work :)

This is really good! I love stealth games and I really love the uncontrollable mechanic, but adding a way to delay that mechanic or turn it into a powerful tool (the power sneeze mechanic). Great art, controls and music :)

If you had time to check out and rate our game that would be much appreciated :)

One of the components of game feel is making the game pause for a couple of frames when you hit something or do something as it gives a weighty feel, but in this game it would also give you a couple extra frames to think about where you want to go next? Overall the game does feel very good to control, it just feels like hitting the squares should have a bit more feedback?

Very satisfying game but it would be nice to have a little bit of game pause for a few frames when you make contact and do jumping, etc. Nice work :)

Very well produced game, my only critique is that it would be nice to have volume sliders for the game. Crisp and clean screenshake and sound effects, I love being able to hold left mouse and just decimate everything. Just pure fun!

I like the sliding mechanic, I would like to see more levels for this :)





Very hard game, but I like the mechanics and the artstyle/post processing effects you have!

Nice game and really quite addicting!!

A really nice change of pace to all the hectic action games and puzzling puzzle games! You're good at writing poems and creating a good atmosphere in the experience, you should do more!

I played after watching the tutorial and gosh dang this game has a really good loop and mix and management of everything. Definitely a highlight of the jam!

It seems like you're adapting to all the feedback and fixing all the bugs (I couldn't progress far because I kept getting issues where I couldn't hit anything anymore and text wasn't progressing when I pressed space) - the idea for this game seems really cool and you have a great art style to back it, but I do agree in that the panic attack aspect could be done a lot better, if done correctly you can also create some good insight into how to de-escalate from a panic attack - to "gameify" it in a simple way, maybe if movement or doing "stressful" actions e.g. talking to folks or attacking could increase a stress meter, you become paralysed like it is now, but by doing something like a "breathing" activity e.g. deep breaths by pressing a button, you can decrease and manage that stress meter.

Celeste's anxiety themed minigames are great examples of how you could implement something like this!

Apologies for any backseat gamedeving, but if any of these suggestions are useful, feel free to use 'em.

It would be nice to see some extra win conditions that don't involve clicking the X icon to win - if you search for the jam game HEART_ATTACK, it has some really good ideas on other minigames that might be worth iterating on and adding! Especially sliders and clicking on buttons to confirm something or say no, continue to turn my mind into spaghetti!!!!

The mouse trickery was messing with my mind, bravo, such a clever way to make the mouse out of control!

Nice pixel graphics, I know making rotating sprites that look great is very hard to get right but you got them really right. One thing I thought that could be a really cool adaption to this would be different gun types, or more specifically making the turret a spinning flamethrower (maybe on a fuel meter that replenishes slowly?), but I really like the one bullet idea used here as well. Out of the different "you can't control the direction of where your shot lands" games, this is definitely the best implemented version. Having a consistent rotating turret allows the player to predict and know where they want to fire, and the only limitation is their own timing, which they can improve on through repeat playthroughs. Good game design, friend!

We also submitted a short 2-3 minute game for the jam, it would mean a lot if you could try out and give us some feedback on it, if you have the time :)

Very compelling art style, especially the big wolf head! Quite a creepy undertone to the story you're telling to, so it has some good atmosphere!

Your pixel art, characters and music all work really well and are really nice, it's a shame things broke at the last moment - I can't wait to check this out once it is fixed though. Is this a part of a greater story for these characters? They seem like pretty cool and interesting people.

Whilst I'm on the subject, I can massively appreciate a game that has a well coded dialogue system in it. What works in this game really works so I'm excited to experience the game in how it was intended.

I quite liked this game but I became a bit frustrated as I went through as the aiming crosshair felt really random and a lot of times I was just waiting, pressing SPACE until I got a good shot. The core idea is interesting, but if there was a way to implicitly figure out where the player wants to go and weighting your system slightly in favour of the player that would leave the player feeling less frustrated - perhaps a system like this: when the player presses SPACE, the crosshair will only move around the half of the screen that the player is facing - e.g. left if the character was moving/facing left, right if the character was moving/facing right. That eliminates 50% of the screen and thus massively reduces the scenarios where the crosshair just wanders off the screen and to the wrong place entirely (I had one instance of this issue where I had to attempt targetting 9 times before I could get a jump to progress in one of the middle levels). Not sure if this is the best method of doing it, though, but there might be some good user experience refinements you can make if you keep elaborating on this concept.

Your blue shaded colour scheme is really nice and this game is very polished!

Really really nice and consistent art style (the start up BIOS screen is lovely), it would have been nice to have some minigames that encompassed more than just pop ups but you successfully sold me on the franticness of clicking away popups and trying to delay the inevitable.

Potential expansion: second half of the game where the IT technician is (plot twist) actually a scammer trying to scam the old guy you play as, and you have to stop them from having control of the computer via TeamViewer or something like that. Could be an interesting addition?

Nice, short little game, would be nice to have more puzzles but I like the mechanic of controlling the slime through the tiles!

Also your tagline is excellent and this has some great modelling skill in it!

Expectations subverted!

"Rogue, you rat, you are going to stop doing this to the healer this very moment, you waffle, or you are out of the team" is the best quote

I could feel Fortnite John's frustration bubbling as arguments unfolded between the other three characters. Great writing, the added trash talking quips at random was nice and the "CHARGE!!!" spam button to finish things off felt great. Nice work!

Fun interpretation of the theme that is very solidly built! My only critique would be that it is a bit annoying not being able to move diagonally, but other than that I really like the art and the loop of having to run around the garden fixing as much as you can as you get overrun, whilst also needing to avoid good things that pop up in the garden!

Interesting concept! I think this idea has a really good framework that could be expanded into something greater. Firstly, some extra sound effects when you get hit would be nice. Secondly, whilst I like the really powerful attack that hits in all directions, sometimes the feedback on it feels really inconsistent because there seems to be a delay between when you can attack again? Also it doesn't feel like there's any invulnerability period when you get hit, which made the fast slime-like creatures almost always end my run as multiple would dash into me at the same time, bringing me down to 1 or 0 hearts :(

I think having some way to offset the total futility of having no control when you are on 1 heart would be good to allow the player to more reliability clutch the situation and rebuild their hearts (e.g. some kind of buffed "last stand mode" when you are on 1 heart for 10 seconds) so being hit doesn't instantly cause the cascading total demise of a run?

Perhaps some way to be able to hot swap your abilities around so you can priorities which abilities you would sacrifice? Or maybe a "shield" ability that takes 2 hits to lose that heart? You can really expand this in a lot of ways! :)

Nice game! I had some troubles with the difficulty whilst playing at first and it was a little bit annoying to have to move the mouse over to the small square before I'm able to move it around - did you try making it so the blue character just follows the mouse itself instead of an object which the mouse has to pick up and drag?

Otherwise, lots of nice content and there's clearly lots of good ideas you have for this idea going forward, I'd be interested to see where you take this idea next (I've said this for a few games already but this could be a really good game to fit on a smartphone format if you are considering looking into that?)

Came here after watching your video, I like the presentation and I didn't really come across any glitches! Solid experience with good puzzles :)

Firstly, I love the goose sound effect.

Secondly, the art is really nice, smiley and colourful! Whoever did it did a great job on it.

Thirdly, I think mechanically this game is super solid and I really like that excessive air jumping is allowed but harms your stress/health bar. It allows for some different gameplay styles (keeping in the air or only jumping when necessary) but providing good obstacles and punishments for both playstyles.

Only "critiques" would be that it would be great to have a soundtrack to go along with this game as well as ramping up difficulty as you go through (I had a pleasantly easy time with the game but I prefer to think I'm a pro at a jam game rather than being stomped by it completely) - but both of those things are very big asks for 48 hour jams of course!

Nice work!

If you had any time to play and give some feedback on our game that would mean a lot to us, it's a browser game and it's quite short too, only a few minutes long so far.

Gosh I really want to play this on my phone when I'm waiting for the bus! Excellent little mechanic and I like the music and little sound design when jumping and landing, it really adds to the game feel! We attempted a similar mechanic with timed jumps but we did it in a more puzzle focused platformer way, so it's interesting to see how others portrayed this idea of having no control over the jumping (or moving, for that matter!)

I really like your spin on the "platformer but jumping is out of control" format. Whilst our game has a similar idea, this has a lot more content and I think having the character constantly moving creates some fun unique gameplay opportunities. Liking the nice clean graphics design language and sound effects too!