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Indeed, this is also my favourite safety tool. It's very comprehensive. Accessible on web makes it really nice for all players and fast to set up!  I recommend running this in your Session 0s, along with tools like the X-Card for when you are in play.

Superb, this feels like a virtual Rubik's cube in the way you think about how to solve each puzzle by getting the right face on the die!

Well designed puzzler! An interesting approach to the theme - incorporates the dice rolling but in a way that the player has full control at all times, as each time you cycle through the numbers in the way you'd expect. That's what you'd want from a puzzler to avoid friction between the player and the game.

Very fun to move around and enter a flow state quickly solving each of the boards. Would be fun to see some more variations and challenges that could rely on timing (e.g. maybe a swinging axe style puzzle could be cool!). Definitely could put this on a Steam Deck or mobile platform and have a neat time on the go!

Seriously, hope you put this on Steam or something. It's got so much depth to the mechanics, and making dice throwing deal damage to the enemies like you are playing pinball is so satisfying.

How the heck did you make something so high quality in this short of a timeframe??

Creative puzzle game that has a really creative take on the theme, a dot going across each dice face to get back in its place. The presentation of this game is superb and the platforming mechanics are so well polished, as is the entire game as a whole.

This is AMAZING.

It's an interesting idea to have the bullets shoot back at you and hurt you. I think the randomness system could be expanded upon a bit, but I like all the extra gamemodes and settings you've built within a small time period!

Oh man, this rocks! I love limited resources games and this really uses dice as a clever medium for it. Having to multitask position with resources on the right direction and having them loaded at all times is great. There's a LOT of dice on screen at points, maybe making them translucent when there are players/enemies overlapping/near it could make that more user-friendly.

Excellent work!

Very juicy and fun, limiting the "randomness" to 1, 2 or 3 is a good way of mitigating unluckiness!!

The balance was interesting for this game, definitely had a lot of stalemates and kinda not-great feeling things (e.g. Shadow Testmen are cool in theory but their defence dice feels unfair in this kind of game). The random rolling mechanics are actually addressed quite well here, ESPECIALLY with the minion system (which I explored greatly in the game, even though I really don't think that was the purpose of having them), as when you are in a tough fight and you manage to summon 7 minions in a row it feels AMAZING. Pure TTRPG moment, which a lot of games that involve randomness kinda struggle to bring that rush.

Hope you make more/make something bigger out of this! Maybe to give the Healer some depth, having them target an enemy could reduce their next attack/defence dice by a set number the Healer rolls. Would love to see more!!

SECOND WINNER OF ALL TIME (known to the creator 😎) (minions for life🕴)

I think the game softlocks after the paladins question but I enjoyed the narrative and tone of the writing!

Cool and juicy game! Really like the graphics (which is also bolstered by the nice shader), and it's a fun challenge to race to hit the dice while they are even numbers, before they turn odd again and invulnerable.

This was really neat, creating your own dice to fit what your playstyle made for a clever spin on the "dice to move" style. Unfortunately, as with luck based games, sometimes I got really screwed over hard and as there isn't a way to restart at the level you were at, it sent me to the start and I had to put the game down.

I think having a checkpoint system would be great to solve that, but I also think an interesting addition you could have is allowing you to maybe weight your dice? Say you pick 1 face on the dice that you want: you could guarantee that at least 1 of the 3 rolls will be that face every time (allowing for some more control over the game and strategy), or make it generally slightly higher odds overall to get that face.

Loved the artstyle and sound design as well! Hope you make more of this, it has a good hook and I enjoyed playing it!

Nice concept, and I think the minimalistic aesthetic you have going is quite strong (I also like the shader where the player outline shows when inside the object). I do think it's quite difficult as the first dice lands perfectly in the square you can move around in, which makes sense, but other dice don't land in the square perfectly so it becomes really hard to get the position right, especially with a fixed perspective. If you want to keep it that way, maybe having the sun shadow position be different so the holes you need to stand in become nice and visible, a la the gameshow Hole in the Wall?

I think it's cool that you have a bit more control over the dice as you can always guarantee you'll move at least 1 space in the direction you want. Nice work, and cool water shader!!

I really enjoyed this, and I'd argue this could have been even stronger if the goal was to land on a six at the end of each puzzle. I liked that the + signs on the floor made you have more rolls corresponding to the face that was landed on, added a lot of depth to the idea.

Would love to see more puzzles in this as I had a really enjoyable time trying to work these out!

Hey there! I don't really understand what to do when I right click the dice to roll. Do you have a guide/playthrough?

Very funny twist on a classic game idea. Lots of ⭐enivronmental storytelling⭐ with the little stories you see across the different environments. You really want to focus on the left/right side and watch what happens, but at the same time you need to keep your eyes on the road and not run into cars! Nice work!

Also there is an accessibility option that lets you control blinking with manual clicks. I assume it's on the Itch version, I own the Steam edition though.

I laughed when I lost and the game crashed. That's a good understanding of the theme there!!

Perfectly honest: I spent a good few hours on-and-off having some cracks at this. Really liked the solution!

This is looking like the most game of all time.

Thanks for this game, I believe it does a great job at showing a glimpse of how going out feels right now to me - I have OCD and one of my main habits is cleanliness, so going outside feels exactly like this, like everyone around is breathing intoxicating gas, it's something that's hard to describe but with games we can really embody other perspectives so it becomes easier to show these lived-in experiences.

I hope this inspires other games that showcase this complex silent baggage a lot of people hold but aren't able to talk about.

Really cool game! Awesome art and really inventive concept. Agree with Bagel's criticisms, I think the gameplay was really good but the controls felt a bit stiff at times and the momentum when moving made a lot of jumps really hard to do, and more frustrating hard rather than fun hard. Other than that, really awesome and unique game!!

Done in 238 seconds! I wish I saw this a few hours later so I could rate it, really well done game with a nice environmental mechanic.

Hi! Thanks for playing! I have now uploaded version 1.2 of the game to the Web and Windows builds - you can now restart the level you are in by pressing R!

I love the style and framing of the game - having to poke the eyes of an alien octopus is definitely a really unique and awesome way to do the binding controls together mechanic. Fits the theme elegantly, really thoughtful puzzler! I think having it be a bit more clear when you have game-overed would be great, but that doesn't stop this game from being a real gem from this jam!

Really love this one!!

Short and sweet! Even though it's just blocks and colours, I really like the visual style using that illusion of the colours (bad wording here from me but I cannot remember the name of the illusion or how to describe it, oof!). Would have liked to see some some sound effects and maybe some feedback to indicate you have successfully completed the level before you move on to the next one, but nice work :D

Really nice presentation and smooth gameplay! Would have liked a bit more variety with the enemies!

Really satisfying sound design and movement, really like the mechanic of joining together keywords! It's a really fresh interpretation of the puzzles of Baba Is You but done as a really nice, satisfying platformer. I think my only critique is that the levels extend off the end of the screen and I can't fullscreen the game for some reason. Other than that, really nice experience!

I really liked the animations for firing your gun and the enemies being headshot - quite satsifying!

I really loved the dual purpose design of the bow and arrow, very inventive way of joining two game mechanics together!! Found the traversal and swinging and combat all very fun - would have been nice to have a few more juicy sound effects or hitflash or screenshake when doing things like hitting walls with the bow, but I really liked this! I enjoyed the open-ended feeling design of this. Great work :D

Good pun with the zombies all joined to get her! I had a couple of issues I'd like to give feedback on: the camera jitters a tiny bit when moving around - if you are using Cinemachine with Unity, I think this can be fixed by changing the update method property of the CinemachineBrain component, and I was a bit confused what the potions did before picking them up, sometimes they felt they didn't do anything and others it started rapid firing and sending out a lot of audio clips that hurt my ears a bit.

On a game design view I found the idea of killing enemies hurting you and lowering your max health to be a really interesting concept - perhaps if the potions had more things to do that would cost some health to use, that would make the killing-enemies-lose-health feel even more of a restriction you want to avoid and really play into that. Nice work, well done!

Oh my gosh, beautiful animations, horrifying death sequences, I enjoyed the simple and intuitive controls!!

So elegantly designed - you were 3 steps ahead of me at every point, and I didn't feel frustrated at all because every problem I came across was caused by the solution of the previous problem I had. One of the best uses of the Joined Together theme, a puzzle game all about consequences. Excellent, can't wait to see more of this if you continue it (please do!!)

Nice 3D style and concept, I found the mechanics a bit confusing and the camera was quite slow and responsive at times, but I liked the atmosphere and application of the art!

The wobbly wires sound and the watercolour art, mmm perfect! Really nice interpretation of the theme, I enjoyed building and connecting the lines together. Are these levels randomly generated every time? I found myself finding the shortest path and not using much of the other telephone pole types, and some of the levels the phone boxes were just a few phone poles away from eachother?

Nice work!