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Roll N' SkateView game page

a puzzle game about Rollin' dice and Rollin' skates
Submitted by SquishyTurtleGames — 13 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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How does your game fit the theme?
the faces of the dice are a movement resource, used to roll your character around. you can only use each face once

Did your team create the vast majority of the art during the 48 hours?


We created the vast majority of the art during the game jam

Did your team create the vast majority of the music during the 48 hours?


We used pre-existing audio

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Nice game! The puzzles are designed well and the graphics also look great. Only critique of mine is that switching between dice rolls can feel quite tedious, so it would e better to simply be able to switch to another dice roll by pressing it's respective key (especially since there's no randomness to it). Other than that though, good job! 


Nice, simple presentation, and great puzzle design! Very enjoyable entry. I feel like since there was no penalty for re-rolling, it felt like the dice being a mechanic just made me spam space until I got what I wanted. Just being able to pick would be nice in a post-jam version, or maybe having a certain amount of rolls, and designing the levels around that.

Will be coming back to this later to play more levels!


Really Enjoyed the games, the puzzles are just hard enough that they dont frustrate you into giving up but still keep getting harder and harder with each round. Such a pollished experience.


Nice level-design! I really enjoy the minimalism of the puzzle. Each one of them is tricky, but with a kinda intuitive and surprising solution to find. I was afraid the core concept could become a bit dull, but the game is just long enough. My main issue was some confusion on the controls: I would often use the arrow keys to try to select a dice, or the space bar to validate my movement. ^^' But that faded away eventually once I got used to it. Overall it's a really cool entry. Well done!


The idea is fine and creates fun puzzles but amazing artwork!


The game is amazing, I love your interpretation of the theme and how it removes the randomness. The art is amazing and the puzzles are hard (sadly I couldn't solve level 10). Fantastic job and congrats on 1000 ratings!!


This is such a cute game with really fun puzzles! The main character is so adorable I love it so much!

Great job, this is an excellent game and I hope you continue working on it!

Submitted (2 edits)

Great game! Too bad I'm a bit too dumb for these games haha. I loved the visuals, especially the animations. They are simple but have a lot of style. Not my type of game but I can see why it is so popular, really well made!


Overall a really great game! The puzzles were challenging but fun – definitely scratched that puzzle itch of mine. While the main mechanic is really smart, it may need a little bit of love if you decide to do a post-jam version. Hitting space over and over to get to my desired number was a little tedious, and I think can be more smartly executed when you're not restricted by the jam's theme. But hey –that's jam games for ya! Overall that's a really small gripe.

There's definitely potential for a fuller version of this game! Could include more environmental stuff that manipulates your movement (like maybe 'rough terrain' that takes 2 movements to move over 1 space). Or maybe there's levels where you have to use the dice in a certain order (like you have to do a 3 move, followed by a 1 move, followed by a 6 move, etc. ). Or maybe even some dice in your arsenal that isn't centred around movement (like a key dice that you have to use only when next to a door).

Lots of potential with this one, and a really fun experience! Awesome job :)


Charming little puzzle game! Excellent visuals. However, I don't think the random dice rolling adds anything to the game other than tedium. It's usually pretty obvious what dice number you need next, and it is frustrating to have to keep re-rolling. Still, really solid though!

From a general perspective, great game! From a game jam perspective, the theme is poorly integrated; when the control mechanism of the theme is frustrating and the game would be miles better without it, you know it was shoehorned in. 


This is the best game i've played in all of the jam submissions. Would love for you to make more levels post jam. I could just not stop playing this masterpiece!

Hope you just got a little sleep in the 48 hours, great job!


Get that 1000! The visuals and polish are incredible, and the puzzle are clever and hard. I really appreciate the addition of the skip button


Very cute! It's a shame the "rolling" just gets in the way, it would be easier to just press 1 through 6. (I guess I don't know if it goes up to D12 or D20, but at that point the rolling seems even more laborious.)


There’s no point to the dice gimmick, dice are just a constraint but there’s no randomness or choice to be made. It’s actually a bit cumbersome to have to “reroll” by cycling through the unused dice.

Nevertheless, this is very polished game!


Polished, gorgeous and fun, a real solid entry


One of the best games in this jam. Great puzzle design, amazing, simple, minimalist feel to the game. Love it.  To think this was done by 3 people in much less than 48 hours... Amazing job!


Quite fun puzzle game


Cute graphics, fun puzzles but I will agree with the previous commentators that the dice roll feels a bit unnecessary and can diminish the experience. Still, it is a very enjoyable game.


That was a great puzzle game, in particular the last 2 were very challenging. You absolutely nailed the "Just one more time" effect and the presentation was exquisite! the art and animation was top notch, verp polished and smooth. I'm always a sucker for good pixel art (if my own entry wasn't a dead give away)

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