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dope af

You know you're bad when the game starts lagging due to there being to many x lol
gud game brake dlc when

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Really cool has a few annoyances but still very good

The prompt only showed up for me when i looked directly at the door handle

Played this in its entirety and loved every second of it

Very epic

It lags:(


Thanks! Love your pfp

Cool game but how does it fit the theme? The buildings arent exactly AI and the robot doesnt really do much.

Very fun but i dont think theres any indication when you can or cannot build stuff. Also its way to easy to just spam stuff

The text has a few issues but overall cool game


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Upgraded rockets to max, instantly got stuck off screen

Confusing but cool looking

Pretty cool but the monster is too hard to avoid

This is great. I love that youre basically aiming when you shoot the ball towards the ai and when the ai shoots at you. Quite polished and fun to play well done.

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Thanks! Btw the music is by Context Sensitive on youtube

Oh yeah that would probably look great

Very cool game, a bit easy to cheese but still

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Never heard of that gonna look it up.

You speak my language bruda ianejneakjdsnlmakjdl



Thank you !

I love it!!!!!! awnjakebjhsbakjnd  Amazing nakjbfebajkdbirfkubejwnaiewn 

Dunno why you want to know that but i guess here you go

Cool game well done


Thank you!

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The intro with the robot is cool and the music is great. The only problem i got is the movement not being polished

Fun but hard.

Cool game, looks great, sounds great a bit hard but fun. I only dont get how its related to the theme

Once i figured out whats going on it was really fun but for some reason the game opened in a very tiny window. Also yes i thought the first robot was jeff:D

Awesome game! The only problem i had was the second level not being able to see the button but i guess theres a wire there so you can still figure it out, its just that the wire is not really visible.

Cool game but I wish the inputs didnt reset every time:/

Cool game but not all levels at the same size seem to be the same difficulty.

Very fun game once you understand whats going on. There are some bugs with the things sometimes not working but other than that well done