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I started working on it a while ago but didnt have time to finish. Eventually I should finish it though


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Harpoon, it harpoons (doesnt quite work)


much good

I first playa

Best game eve

Thank you

Netcode for gameobjects and unity relay services. 

Netcode allows you to connect locally and handles all the multiplayer stuff in a local network and relay allows you to connect to other people without exposing ports or smthn.

Heres the tutorials:

Netcode - 

Relay - 

I saw it, gonna force someone to play with me soon

Yup i got the big guy

I never really paid attention to optimization too much since most of my games are quite simple but yeah def gonna look into that thx

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I love the fish respawning thing, now you can actually grow to some nice sizes without having to live of  plankton and algae .

I love this

The fact that Drift King is multiplayer is pretty crazy

Oh I also wanted to make a graph like that. It's really interesting to me how this almost resembles evolution in a way.


I really like the grabbing idea

I really like the menu you've made and the intro animation, unfortunately i believe you used a version of the game that at some point for some reason lost all the tails of the fish. This definitly can be fixed though.

And I did it, here final version

I'll try to do something for day 5

The E key is used for exiting the code but even then it didnt work for me once. Also I don't think that the symbols have to be put in any order.

you don't have to but its highly benefitial and its honestly not that long to learn. Just search up webgl unity on youtube and you should be able to do it in a couple minutes

Great changes, I love menus that work like that, and the looks of the game are also greatly improved.

I really like how the new envioriment looks, the rocks having hard angles looks quite spectacular, also I didn't encounter the issue the last version had where the resolution of the wall would be too low cause of the sprite being too scaled up. 

Quite a shame about the tails being broken but since the tentactles on the player kinda work then maybe theres hope for the other stuff as well

It's absolutely amazing, I love it. It looks so nice now, the ambient sounds and the music make it really atmospheric. The sound effects are top notch as well. Good job!

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they're multiplying 

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Its really cool to see you doing a series on this and seeing all the changes between versions. I think you might've played a different day 2 version though lol. If you care you can check out as well the other day 3 version the one that builds on the one you played before hand on your channel.

Ok i didnt expect for you to expand it this way but damn the new level is cool. I never even thought of adding a new level as a posibility. And you fixed the exploit with the lights. 

Very polished since the begining, reminds me of cut the rope but its the opposite, well done

A super polished and juicy game, I really like it

I just saw it and its great! Well done

This is amazing, you've improved the game so much: the camera, the healthbars all the new fish and you made the fish give you food. I love it!

Oh yes! You fixed the camera I was hoping someone would do that

yup and they did fix it lol

Fun, really wish you could make the block move a little faster or add an option for it to be faster