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What an incredible concept! Really fun, and with actually a lot of potential. It might need a bit of voice acting. But for a jam entry, this is really great!

The UI is a bit confusing. I played a bunch of tracks before realising I had to select several. And the creation tool itself is not very practical.

Nonetheless, this is an impressive tool! The idea of creating several tracks to then combine them is pretty cool. Maybe the demo tracks could have an higher BPM, because they are kinda slow actually. But the engine of the game and the tools it provides are pretty solid. Good work!

Really cool idea! But also extremely difficult. Maybe some checkpoints could be useful, because I got tired of repeating the beginning over and over. Or maybe making somehow the game a bit more forgiving? While making the perfect moves become indeed very satisfying, the issue it brings is that it is impossible to survive some part without knowing them really well, meaning relying on learning level by heart instead of quickly analyzing them and reacting.

But the execution is still great, and provides great sensations. Good job!

The idea seems interesting. But it can also be a bit unfair. If the player is on a platform about that is about to disappear without any reachable platform next to them, they'll inevitably lose just because of bad luck... Also, the jumping doesn't feel really precise or dynamic, it's a bit weird to control.

But still, it's interesting how the music data is used in the game. There is potential in that. Congrats for this prototype!

Nice concept! The randomness makes some platform unreachable, but it's interesting how it creates consistent melodies. The mechanics themselves are simple, but work well. Good job!

Reading the comments, I apparently didn't managed to finish the game. I reached the composition part, but unable to find anything, I assumed it was a sandbox ending and just closed the game after playing a bit with the instruments.

Still, the idea is nice! The viuals and soundscapes are wonderful. And even if the puzzle did go beyond me, the composing part is really fun and satisfying on itself! It's a pretty great game. Congrats!

I like the minimalist visuals, and the progressive music concept. However, that last part needs some work, because as it is, it's not really pleasant to hear. Plain sine wave just sounds like a phone dial! One suggestion I could make is experimenting with stretched sounds and slowly changing effects (such as bass filter or additional instruments). It's a nice way to compose with sustained notes, yet making them evolve so that the music feels flowing.

Still an interesting concept, very accessible and with potential. Good job!

Well, that was nice! Some puzzles felt a bit awkward, but as stated in the description, it's still a work in progress. But I enjoyd exploring the island, and finding all the tapes. The most annoying glitch as of now might be the out of bounds that happens on the wrong end of the Harmony Path. It forced me to exit the game and do all restart from the beginning. But despite that aspect, I think it was the most interesting puzzles. Although for players who are unfamilar with music theory, I think it would be nice if they had a room who would show them what major and minor chords are.

Some little details: the "ending" was a bit tricky to find. Once I got all the tapes, I just wandered on the islands, and sure I remembered that one case that I couldn't enter, but I didn't expect it to actually be where I should have been going! Also, while going out of bound, I'm almost sure I saw a castle in the distance... Was I hallucinating, or is there some other content still unreachable as of now?^^

Anyway, while it sure is a bit clumsy here and there (most puzzles need better feedbacks), it's still quite enjoyable. Good job!

Nice rhythm game! Quite challenging, but I think I managed well on the Easy difficulty. It might need some visual and audio feedbacks though. But overall, it's a quite fun game. Well done!

These puzzles are quite clever and innovative! However, I think they might need more feedback, in order to teach players. Even once I figured out the rules of each one, they were still hard and confusing. The first two relied more on memory than listening, as the melodies could be quite long and it isn't clear what separates each "segment". There is also a lot of instruments, which makes focusing a bit difficult. As for the third one, even with the music theory knowledge, recognizing chords just by hear was too difficult for me (I would at least need a tonic as reference).

But the idea remains pretty interesting. And visually and musically, the game is really well executed! It shouldn't need a lot of improvement to guide the player a bit, and allowing them to understand the puzzles even without having an exhaustive musical knowledge.

It's a simple platform game, but it plays nicely. Also, the music is quite good. Great job!

The progressive soundtrack is really great! And while the game is mostly about collectibles, it remains relaxing and pleasant. I especially enjoyed singing. Well done!

So, one thing I don't understand is why the arrow keys to press are "Up", "Down" and "Right", where it could have been "Left", "Down" and "Right"? Maybe it is an intended challenge, but personnally I just thought it makes the beats hard to read, and the controls confusing. Also, sometimes I lost point by doing nothing, I still don't know why.^^'

That being said, the game is just lovely! I really enjoyed its cute atmosphere, its pace, and the little world it creates. The transitions and text animations are also fantastic, giving to the game a very special aesthetic. And even the rhythm game, while a bit flawed, succeeds to be pretty fun.

Overall quite a nice entry. Good job!

Really cool auditive puzzle! It has a great core mechanic and nice elements to balance it. It gets a bit too easy at some point, and I wish there would be either an increase in difficulty, or an end. But it was still really fun to play!

Neat concept! It took me a bit of time to understand that the faces were supposed to be aligned. And even so, it can be difficult to read sometime. But other than that, it's quite nice to play! And the ending is a nice touch. Well done!

Simple, yet crazy efficient. Love the garage band music and aesthetic.

The game is pretty fun! But what suprised me the most is the little story it achieves to tell, with a perfectly balanced humor.

It's a pretty cool entry. Congrats!

Woah, that's a really cool runner! The music is fantastic, and works really well with the rhythm mechanic. The second level might be a bit long, especially without checkpoint, but has an incredible progression! I also liked the background. It creates kind of a mesmerizing experience. Only the controls are a bit confusing at first, but with some practice I got used to it.

A really great game. Good job!

The idea is super cool, and the game itself is incerdibly polished! I love the character animations.

I've found it a bit tough. Partly because I was just staying in rhythm even when I was on lava (I'm too used of Crypt of the Necrodancer), which was just making me step on lava again! :P But that's actually part of the puzzle I think, and overall my main regret is the absence of checkpoints. (also I'm not a fan of the changin rhythm, but again, that's Necrodancer habits ^^')

Also, the music is awesome! It's a great selection of songs, and the covers are excellent! Very good job on that.

Overall it's a really fun game, with tons of lovely details. Well done!

I really enjoyed the concept and the visuals! The music is pretty great, and it makes all the rhythmic aspect of the game really fantastic!

It's very hard though. Some patterns seems unavoidable, but that's still okay. My biggest grief was the aiming. I just couldn't hit that boss, and eventually just shot randomly! (spoiler: it wasn't a winning strategy either)

The game is still fun, and provide a great musical experience. Congrats!

The thing is, I find those rules to be confusing when explained verbally. It makes more sense in game than it does with words. That's why the ideal player experience I tried to reach is playing the game without reading its rules, experimenting, and figuring it out step by step. It might requires some trial and error, but that's part of the puzzle! Seeing a ball lighnting up and a bar filling up is in my opinion clearer than having those concepts explained. That's why I really want to avoid describing rules inside this game: I feel it adds confusion and makes the player believe in a complexity that doesn't exist.

However, there are indeed two aspects of the rules that I believe could be communicated more clearly: it is not necessary to hit every notes (as it is best to focus on one color and ignore inactive notes when we're juggling with too many), and more active notes makes the bar fills faster. I still am not sure how to encourage the player to play this way through visuals and auditive feed-backs. For the first one, maybe I could add an effect on an "active" bar, or somehow emphasis active notes that are "part of the current combo"... But for the second one, it's trickier. Having an effect on the bar that intensify maybe, or displaying a number somewhere (like it's the case once the bar is filled)... Again, the difficulty is that too much information brings confusion!

Anyway, thank you for your feedback! I'm glad that you enjoyed the game.

Sometimes the best way to appreciate games is to embrace their chaos! Thank you for your comment.

As for a mobile version, I might try to port it. I need to experiment with mouse and touch controls. I think it might even make the game a bit easier.

I say, you're pretty good at it! You're the first player I see who did not struggle with the controls! Even I am impressed.

Thank you for your comment and your videos! I'm glad that you liked the game. (and also appreciate that you remember my Meta GameJjam entry!)

Yup, that's the experience a lot of people seem to have too! It's definitely a hard game. But I'm glad that you stil enjoyed it and appreciated the music! Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you! I enjoy designing those king of "figuring out rules" puzzles, so I'm happy learn that they work!

I wouldn't have thought of that technique! I'm happy to learn that you enjoyed the game and its music. Thank you!

Thank you for your comment! The game can be really difficult indeed. I tried my best to balance it, but reducing the difficulty was just making it too easy. So I focused on making it fun even when losing. I hope your experience wasn't too frustrating!

Yeah,  the controls definitely makes the game quite hard, even when focusing on one color. Thank you for your feedback!

Don't worry, everyone is! Those controls are not usually seen in games, and the game itself is not easy. Happy that you still liked it!

Thank you for your feed-back! I'm glad that you still managed to fill the bars.

Thanks! Actually, I want the game to be a bit chaotic (kind of like a pinball), so I prefer to keep the physics of the spheres untouched. However, using a compressor is a good idea! I rarely use those, but it seems indeed appropriate for this game. I might try to implement that.

This is pretty fun! The idea is original, and the songs created, while odd, are mostly pleasant. It's a very cool experimental game. Good job!

Really great concept! It's a very original and fun rhythm game. Only issue though: being colorblind, I had difficulties with some colors (mostly red, green, yellow and orange). Fortunately the facts that each color was associated with a note helped a bit (but it was not a perfect solution though). I still enjoyed the game, especially the music!

The two main difficulties I had was understanding that I had to hold the keys, and that I could not press consecutively the same key twice). Once that assimilated, it was a really pleasant experience! The music evolving through progress was really enjoyable! And the mechanics itself felt forgiving enough to me. The visuals are also really cool (even though it's weird to see chunks of the river appear at the last second). Good job!

The visuals, music and sounds are awesome! I liked that combination of Game Boyaspect with a metal atmosphere. And whil the game is pretty basic, it remains quite fun. Well done!

I really like the concept of an synth that can be freely played with! But I find its learning curve a bit harsh. Even with the instructions, I had difficulties understanding really what was going on. What confused me the most is I think some options enabled by default. Like the random mode and sequential mode: while those are great, having the sounds constantly changing prevented me from analyzing the current setting and understanding what I was actually doing. I think that this issue would not exist if all nodes were constants by default.

But even after figuring everything out, the UI remained a bit messy. Mostly because of branches overlapping on each other. Thus, creating something is fastidious, and toying randomly with everything doesn't give satisfying results either.

However I must admit, it's impressive how it manages to represents so much complexity in a such minimalist way! The tools provides a lot of possibilities, and yet consists only in a series of nodes with numbers, and only 4 modes each. Having no words is as much a problem as it is a strength. And all the issues I've mentioned so far are just natural results of this complexity. This UI has some imperfections (mostly branches and the use of two buttons to trigger a menu), but for what it does, it's incredible!

And in the end, learning it was maybe the most intersting part. As I said, I was first overwhelmed by it. But little by little, I managed to experiment with it, and understood mostly what everything does! Although I'm still not able to create everything I want with it, I'm now able to manipulate it to make some very simple sequences of sounds! And in the end this was a nice experience!

So... I think that what the games needs the most is a tutorial. Having all the complexities and too many options right at the beginning  is really confusing. Maybe unlocking them step by step, with some goals or puzzles (usually I'm not a fan of those, but here I think it could be really satisfying to try to reproduce a sound), could help the player familiarize with the synth, and enjoying the pleasure of mastering a complex tool.

Anyway, it remains a beautiful musical system! Maybe not easy to use, but still really clever.

Here is a pattern I just wanted to explore. The resulting rhythm is very strange, like it's collapsing on itself. But it creates kind of a dream-like atmosphere.


Those visuals are pretty nice! I didn't really feel how the platforms were in sync with the music, but the level-design is still good and challenging. Well, except for the very last platform, strangely hard to reach!^^' But it's quite solid overall. Good job!

It's really nice to see a narrative game in a game jam! This one is really well done, and achieves to deliver a quite touching story. And the music fits perfectly! It's not everyday we have lyrics in a game. Plus the use of vocals as main instrument is great.

I also enjoyed the visuals. The sens of progression, coupled with the character getting slower, is efficient. Although I found the platforming bit of thefirst level just a bit out of place (I don't find challenge to be necessary in this kind of game).

Overall, that was a great journey! Congrats.

A cool music puzzle game, with fantastic visuals! I appreciate the fact that there isn't penalties for playing wrong notes. It let the player experiment, familiarize themself with the sounds... And in the end, make complex patterns easy to remember! That's a clever game-design.

Just a detail: the message next to the first totem is easy to miss. That's what I did at least, and I had to wander for a bit before seeing it appearing, and understanding that I had to press E!

Other than that, it was a really great game!

Phew, the Song of Silence don't seems to be John Cage's 4'33"!^^

It's a really nice game. I like its musical sound-design. The association of light and music works pretty well. It's not finished yet, but it has a charming universe already.

An issue I should mention: at the beginning of the game, I felt into the first hole and found myself stuck below, unable to jump back up or to fall below. I played with the itch app, maybe this had an influence on the physics.

Anyway, congrats for making this game!