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Thanks a lot! I'm discovering your channel, and playing all games of a jam is a really cool (and audacious) initiative! This kind of feedback is priceless.

Nice that you enjoyed the game despite not getting to level 1. I'll try to make another update to include some kind of tutorial. A level without enemy to let space and time for the player to figure out what to do. It seems to be needed!^^

Nice combination of ideas! It gives some interesting strategies. And the low-poly style is neat. I had some difficulties though to find what shards were. Maybe they could stand out a bit more.

Thanks! This jam theme was great for minimalism.

Thank you! I'm also satisfied with how the presentation turned out. I have no drawing skills, so I improvised with some basic colors and shapes, and I guess my web/UI developer instincts took controls by adding symmetry everywhere.^^

Yup, it needed that shake!

Also, as someone more used to develop narrative or puzzle games, I'm happy to learn that the feel of this action paced game is enjoyable. Thanks for this feedback!

The game was extremely hard at the beginning, I admit. I hope the new version improves the learning curve for new players. Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks! The music composition was an important part of the making process, and I'm happy to know that I'm not the only one happy with the result!

Thank you! I'm happy to know that the colors are useful to some players. I have a auditive memory, but I wanted the game to work also for visual memory.


Superpowers is a pretty nice tool indeed. Especially for game jams, it's great for quickly trying out ideas. Plus, it's collaborative, allowing for several developpers to work on the same project on a server. I've worked on this game alone, but I might try this feature on another jam!

Thank you! Glad to know that the controls feel nice, despite the difficulty.

The post-jam version does some great improvements! I actually understood this time, and I had no more issues with colors! Well done.

The controls are mostly what bothered me here. I guess using six buttons to navigate is innovative, but I couldn't find a comfortable way to use them. The best I achieved was putting my fingers on AWED, and using my thumb for Z, X and S. Which made going down and using boost quite difficult. Especially since those two actions requires some jumping and dexterity, that unintuitive controls don't really allow.

Which is sad, because otherwise the game is full of great content! The concept is neat, surfing and jumping is fun, as well is playing with clouds... The game is all about doing tricks, and it constantly gives really great action! The visuals and sound are also fantastic! Everything in this game feels really unique.

More conventionals controls might be all it lacks. Because despite not being able to play it properly, I still liked it!

Well, putting obstacle so that players can figure out mechanics is in my opinion the best way to design a puzzle game! But it has to be in a focused and forgiving environment.

For example, in the level where the shoes are introduced, there is indeed an obstacle that teaches how to use the item. But before that, there are two monsters, and one obstacle that doesn't require shoes. The first ones are distracting, and must be fought after every failure. And the second one is misleading: I thought I had to use the shoes, so i tried to bounce on a wall several time, until I solved it by figuring out that shoes weren't needed for that part.

If the level has to teach something, it has to consist of only one obstacle, that specifically shows how to use the item. Or at least, this obstacle must be the first one the player encounters in the level, and the next ones are also here to make use of the new item.

And as I said, I think some feedback would really help to better understand. To continue on shoes: bouncing on wall with or without them makes almost zero difference. A little sound or animation would make the player understand "look, something is happening here that wasn't happening before, you can do something about it with that new item".

Those are all just suggestions of course. My point is that letting the player figuring things out with obstacles is the absolutely right way to go! The level-design is already great in general, so it only needs a bit of improvements to make this philosophy work.

Art is fantastic! Clever use of light, the music getting more and more intense, lots of feedbacks... The title doesn't disappoint!

And I really like the death mechanic. It allows the game to be quite punitive, but still giving a chance to come back. And it allows for some cool strategies, combined with ghost floating toward the top! Really excellent design!

Nice ideas! The balance with the size is interesting, with full health meaning complete vulnerability, and low health giving some speed. Good concept. I also liked the interaction with 3D boxes, it's a sweet little touch!

Really great tutorial! I liked how while relying on text, it still gives player some place to experiment and figuring out things by himself, with just enough hints to encourage curiosity. 

It's short, but it has a nice level-design, with great diversity!

It took me time to understand it (the commands screen is, well, perfectible), but once I got the mechanics it was really fun! Love all the feedbacks and general dynamic aesthetic. The core mechanic is really great, and gives a lot of satisfying moments!

The one thing that seemed unnecessary was the need to have energy to dash. While it sure fits the theme, dashing is so essential that it becomes a bit frustrating to not be able to do it. And it is also easy to lose while dashing too much.

Nice puzzles, with a quite great level design! It is is challenging, but has some interesting levels.

It needs to teach a bit more how to use objects before getting too difficult. And maybe some UI indication with some: I'm still not sure how the gun works exactly, and if it gave me an additional shoot.

It felt nice to solve anyway. Good work!

The concept is promising. But I also had issues understanding how to change colors.

The other problem I encountered is that... I'm colorblind. :p So, yeah, that brings obviously some difficulties. The colors that were hader for me to differenciate were 5/6, and 2/3. Surprinsingly 1/4 wasn't too much a problem, though it is still a bit tricky when they're far away. However, I think there might be solutions to make the game more accessible.

With a bit of concentration, I was able to recognize 2, 3, 4 and 1. But what made it difficult was the thinness of the cells. Colorblindness works a bit like myopia (at least for me): the more little a thing is, the harder it is for me to peceive its color. I thus had to look my screen closer and squint to see if a cell is blue or violet, while I had no problems with the numbers in the UI. So I would suggest a way to have larger cells. While it might break the aesthetic, it could help a lot.

My second issue was the glowing effect for the tile where the player stands. It can really makes them hard to read. Orange fading to white makes it look like yellow, and it doesn't give enough time to focus on it. So I had to move to see its actual color, and, well, that just create other problems!^^ So again, as nice as it looks, I would have liked to be able to disable this effect.

Otherwise the concept seem really cool. And the minimalist visuals are pleasant, giving a really clean UI! So I hope this perspective on colorblindness issues can help.

Fun to play. :)

I liked the change of perspective throughout the game. The humor gives it also some charm, as well as the art. Too bad there isn't any sound!

Anyway, it's a simple idea that works well.

It's effectively relaxing! In fact, I've rarely seen a runner that much peaceful. The visuals and music are gorgeous!

And I really like the absence of score or goals. I enjoy games that just feels nice to play, put in some mood, and are all about the appreciation of the moment. This is a great philosophy. Sometime it's cool to not worry about winning.

Pretty difficult to move around, avoid ennemies, kill them, and never fall on the floor at the same time. I couldn't go past the first bunch of lasers. I much sure to understand well how the teleport works.

The concept is good though. And the dash movement felt really satisfying when I managed to perform some combos. I wish there wasn't so many instant death so that I could mess around a bit with the weapon! I'm sure with enough practice, the game allows some cool movements!

I don't know if it is the visuals, the music, or the pace, but it feels really nice to play. I like how the level design seems to allow different roads. Fo the short time it last, wall-running on that loop was very cool!

Well, controls are a bit difficult to comprehend. I'm still not sure whice does what, there is too much going on. And the basic actions (jumping, shooting simple bullets) are not easy to perform.

However, I liked how the game tries to use only two buttons. It's aminimalistic approach that goes well with the theme. And there is a bit of variety between ennemies, obstacles and pickups. So, nice job.

Grappling hooks are cool!

Unfortunately I haven't been able to beat the second level. I just didn't succeed to grab on the blue rectangles... The jump is a bit hard to handle to.

Still, I appreciated the global tone of the game, and its humor. Also it's nice to have such a relaxing music. It makes the game enjoyable even with while losing a lot.

Really pretty and relaxing! I had a great time just moving around and see the different look of this little space. Great camera angles too.

Getting to one scene to another was sometime a bit hard though. At moment the game plays like a puzzle, at other it's purely contemplative. This has made me trying to "solve" screens that just needed to be enjoyed.

I still enjoyed it. It's a really pleasing ballad.

Nice work on the music and sounds! It's really great. The visuals are also very nice.

I had some difficulties with the long jump. Holding space for too long seems to cancel it, which feels odd. Also, while using colors to indicate the height of a pillar is clever, it took me a while to understand it. And at several time, I tried to jump from a yellow pillar to a blue one, but just at the same time it becomes red, making the jump fail. It can be a bit frustrating.

But it was still fun to play, and figure out several strategies to move around and shape the stage was enjoyable!

Zero-gravity control are tough to master, but always fun to play with! Sound and visual design are also quite nice. The mechanics were balanced and varied enough to hang me for a while. Good job!

Oh my, this is hard!

Feel great though. Once you figured out the "trick", it's cool to control.

It might need checkpoints however: the very first wave becomes a bit boring once you get past it. I wasn't able to get really far, and looking by the screenshots, there are some cool stuff I haven't seen!

First: the art is cute.

Secondly, the balance between light and ennemies is interesting. Ray of light are both reliefs and source of stress. And while ennemies can be stressful, their presence is often essential. It's clever.

My main issue was the random position of ennemies that could make the platforming too challenging. Sometime two ennemies at the wrong place make a jump undoable, and waiting for them to go away isn't an option...

But still, the game is managable. The difficulty is well balanced, with a level design that has some original ideas.

This is really cool! The chain hook gives a lot of great action. And combined with the ball, it allows different kind of strategies.

It can be a bit messy by the end. I was nevere sure when my shield was effective, why some souls were charged and some not, and if I effectively killed the targeted trolls... And it feels a bit strange to protect the fires to see them destroyed without loosing anyway.

But the game is still really fun to play! Shooting the hook at an ennemy, running across the other, then retracting on them, it just feels great! Really awesome mechanic.

It's a very little game, but it has solid mechanics. Controls feels nice, and it quickly offer some challenge and competition! Maybe some sounds would give it more punch.

I admit, the game is tough to test! But as a proof of concept, it gives some interesting ideas. Having to hit something to move gives a special dynamic to the action. While the differences between types of projectiles make the game a bit unequal to some players, it could lead to interesting strategies with a character selection menu.

The thing that bugged me most (no pun intended) (wait, who am I kidding, it's 100% no accident) is the lack of feedback in movements. The burst of smoke isn't really satisfying, and gives the impression of an accidental teleport.

But a multiplayer online game is quite ambitious for a jam. And for what it is, it seems to have a good balance overall!

The controls are great, and the idea to use orientation to move, shoot and shield is clever.

However, I quickly found that doing literally nothing is the best way to survive. It makes for a very relaxing experience, but I'm not sure this was intended.^^' The fire balls don't gives enough reason to move. Maybe there needs to be an incentive for the player to move around the level.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to play it (UE gives me a fatal error), so I'm very glad you put a walkthrough! It's a really great experience of minimalist and abstract story-telling. I enjoyed how it succeeds to express a lot of ideas and emotions while showing so little. With its pretty neat sense of presentation, it's like wandering through settings in a museum.

Great visuals! Maybe too punitive though: repeating the same level over and over for each mistake is a bit frustrating.

Wow! This is brilliant puzzle design! It had me go"ooooh" several times! As much for the mechanics than the level-design. Even the aesthetic is quite charming. Really enjoyed it!

Splendid visuals, with really great use of colors! I love the look and atmosphere of this game.

And cool to see some puzzles. The main mechanic gives some enjoyable moments, and is a great way to explore the world. It could have been used a bit more during the second half though.

My main concern would be some platform sections, a bit hard to manage with the isometric view. But falling is fortunately no too much punitive.

Very cool mechanic! While it's true it's not the first game to use it, it still feels fresh, and gives an unusual way to play.

Yes, it's waaay too hard at the beginning!

And not so many players have been able to figure out how to pass through levels. You actually have to shoot the base that spawn ennemies, then repeat its code.

I'll try to make it more intuitive in a post-jam update. Thanks for the feedback!