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Great sound-design! The minimalist style is very pleasant.

It took me a while to figure out how the speed system works. It's an interesting balance! I particularly liked that the game isn't too punitive, while still presenting some challenge.

Merci !

En effet, le menu est l'expérience elle-même.Pour le coup, c'était une parfaite occasion de mêler mon intérêt pour le jeu et la musique avec ma profession de développeur web !

Tough platform-puzzle, but I eventually made it! \o/

Great mechanic, with nice ideas at each level. The level-design itself is quite nice, with a lot of coins that seems impossible at first, but actually have a clever solution. My main issues were with the bumpers (they can be a bit capricious), and the portals (only for the harsh sound they are making).

Dialogs and story are also simple, but enjoyable. I like the overall tone.

Good job!

This comics deserved to be implemented with some game physics. It is now done! Congratulation. It was fun!

Good use of the rules established by the comics! Mechanics are pretty simple, but used in a challenging context. I enjoyed it!

Nice puzzle! A clever mechanic, with cool ideas on every level. Plus, it's not too punitive, I like it. I only had issues on the last level (before the bonus one), where it took me time to figure out I could press shift (maybe I missed a hint, it was a total blind guess).

I also like how 2D pictures are used within a 3D perspective. It's a really nice touch!

I enjoyed the second part of the game! =D It captures a bit the feeling of discovery of the original comics, with some pretty and fun variations with the used assets. Well done!

Woah, the narrative in this game is fantastic! The conflict between appreciating the moment and fast-forwarding through life  is well brought by the mechanics. And it fits the original character, who here seems to appreciate staying in a room as well  for savoring the seconds than to see years pass by. The fact that there is no lose condition and that the money is just here as some kind of score gives some kind of absurd tone, and in the end it feels like there is no "wrong" way to live this life. The time spent with the family (one time every week, then years, then decades…), completely off screen (letting imagining the preciousness of these moments), is also a very clever touch.

Well, all of this is my own personal interpretation of course. But I really enjoyed the reflexions and emotions this game achieved to inspired to me! =)

Plus the dynamic music is incredibly well done. That's an awesome aspect of the game as well! Congrats.

Pretty clever! It's a nice puzzle to figure out, and it has definitely the humour of the original comic. It's short and simple, but efficient.

Pretty nice! Fun is kinda immediate, and it has the right amount of absurd.

Really nice!

I'm curious about the tools used to achieve that?

Glad I could make players discover Perrey's music! It's one of the artist we hear a lot on the internet without knowing his name. :)

I also had in mind some visuals for the game! Something close to this Google's doodle. But without a team, and not much experience in that, I know I couldn't fit dynamic animations into the jam. I considered adding it after the jam, but actually I like how the game looks right now. It's one of my weakness, I like keeping short projects close to their "jam spirit" identity. :P So right now my priorities are making it compatible with mobile, and maybe compose a third section. However I'll most certainly use this game's engine in other projects, and I hope I will be able to create visual and musical experiences!

Thank you for the feedback and compliments. Really happy you had fun with it!

Thank you! I wanted to pay homage to this artist for a while, and this jam seemed like a great occasion. I even discovered some parts of his career I didn't know about while exploring his work the week before! Overall it was a nice musical exploration.

Thank you! This update was really necessary. I underestimated during the jam how important it would be to visually show buttons on/off position! Also really happy to see my music is enjoyable. I'm still a beginner in composing and using DAWs, so that's very encouraging!

As for traditional games mechanics, well, it's not really what I was looking for with this one. I really like in games the concept of just playing and enjoying music, without goals, challenge or score. In a way it's all about the appreciation of the moment. So even if recording it could be a great feature, it would go against the idea of "what only matters is now". My main inspiration is Panomarical, a game about just enjoying music and visuals. Now I won't venture here into the slippery field of what is or isn't a game, but you can think of it as a musical toy. :)

However, I do have some ideas to use that kind of mechanic into another type of game. Basically, instead of directly interacting on a UI with buttons, the player could explore a virtual space (2D or 3D, what fits the best) and find switches to make the background music change! That could be mixed with puzzles, or platforming, or even just exploration. Either way, I will certainly use what I've learned during this jam in other projects!

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Alright, I've made it! =D Well, I got stuck again sadly, but at least I've been pretty far!

The echolocation is nice to use! I actually like the detuned piano sound it does. And the mazes are well designed: tricky, but not sadistic.^^ It's also great that the emitter is upgraded early (the first version being, as the game put it well, a bit lame :p).

The text is fun too! =) Sometimes a bit too mean toward the player. I liked when the character made fun of the player condition, and showed to be pretty insensitive. But him getting impatient or angry when the player has effectively trouble to move on might be a little too much. The game is actually challenging, and sometimes it can feel discouraging.

One thing especially that made the game hard is the absence of landmarks in the levels. Well, since it's a maze, I expect to get lost of course. But some distinct shapes or sounds in specific rooms could at least tell the player if they're going in circle. The emitter thing to shut down in the later levels helps greatly in that regards.

Cool concept anyway! It offers a good orientation puzzle, as well as an interesting claustrophobic and dark atmosphere (without being too scary).

I tried to lower it, and indeed it went much smoother! It was still hard to control (it took me a while to understand that I can only move on beats), but much more enjoyable. The action was especially far more readable.^^

Happy that you like the music! Making the instruments and arranging them together was one of the big challenge of the jam. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! I knew I couldn't make proper visuals, so I tried my best to make at least a clean interface.

You're right for the transitions: it has to wait the end of a section loop to keep the music in sync, with a melodic structure. It can be a bit long for the first section though (the wait can be of four measures).

Thank you! Glad you liked the music.

Great concept, and nice use of audio! At first I've followed the beeping, but seeing your update then I tried following music. And this works well for the first part! Unfortunately once the music change, I tried to follow it as well, but didn't get anywhere.

It is still a good mechanic. What I like is the few ambiant noises we have, letting the player imagine the environment in which they navigate. It creates a deep atmosphere. The music being fantastic also helps a lot being immersed in this world.

It's an ambitious concept, and while perfectible it still has great moments to offer!

Thank you for not making the playing die and start over when hit! The game is hard, but can be fully enjoyed. I like that! Maybe a score system could work well here.

Anyway, cool bullet hell. Everything is timed well with the music, and it creates sweet patterns. Maybe hit-box are a bit too vague, but the game is still playable once you practice. Overall, great job!

Pretty fun idea and presentation! It gives a good multi-tasking challenge. The rhythm aspect felt a bit out of sync sometimes, and the game isn't really forgiving. But for what it offers, it's a really good experience! Congrats!

The visuals are cool! I like how it evolves with the music. The game itself gets more intense as the song progress,it's well done.

The game might be too easy. But it's still enjoyable, and at least it let the player enjoy the visual and musical show. Great work!

Challenging, but fair. Slowing down and speeding up obstacles make for interesting puzzles, and good platforming. Maybe a bit too hard by the end: some sections really felt like they have to be done frame perfect. More room for maneuver wouldn't be too much!^^'

Changing music pitch during game is quite fun! It's a nice idea, that is used in interesting ways throughout the game. Good job!

Really nice concept! It's cool that the games achieve to make good puzzle designs with music interaction.

One thing that wasn't clear was when I was able to move platforms, and where I wasn't. I eventually figured it out, but it would be nice if the game shows clearly that the level can be edited (maybe by changing platform colors).

It's short, but a really good prototype! Well done!

This one might be too hard for me I fear! x) After many trials, I've been able to survive 5 seconds. Repeating the same level, while hearing to the same bit of music, made me lose my motivation.

The concept is interesting though. It might needs a tutorial, or a "danger free" mode, or just easier levels, just to get used to the controls. The hit-box and timing are also hard to learn.

Well, this game defeated me, but it still has a cool mechanics and design!

An original use of a sequencer! The mechanics are fun, giving some interesting strategies to explore. Maybe it could have had some background music? Anyway, I enjoyed it!

Visuals and sounds are really great! Despite the high (really high) mouse sensitivity, it gives a relaxing experience.

I needed several try to figure it out, but I've finally understood that constructing lines added other instruments, and most importantly that there is only six instruments. After that, instruments are removed forever. The guitars alone sound really great, but I would I like being able to put back the other sounds. Once every instruments are gone, creating lines does nothing. That makes confusing first experience: player move around, creates music, stuff happens, and suddenly it "stops" and all is left is the xylophone.

But as short as it is, it's really pleasant! Once I understood that I shouldn't mash the space key, I could savor the music created, step by step. A really cool game!

This is a really great rhythm game! It uses some complex pattern, but does a great job teaching them. The music is a delight, and having instruments introduced one after the other creates a really satisfying game experience. Loved it!

Excellent soundtrack! And I like how the game use it to create dynamic animations, and sync the platforming to it.

I didn't get very var because of the difficulty though. I think my best record was around 15 buildings. Since there is no separation between orientation and direction (making the controls hard to understand at first), zigzagging is quite tough. At least levels are procedurally generated, so it's not too repetitive. But that doesn't prevent from hearing only the beginning of the song each time, and the cool animations only appear later in the game. So I feel the game works as a "hard mode", but maybe difficulty could be reduced a bit, or at least be less punitive.

That being said, the game is still visually and musically fantastic! And its basic runner concept is working great.

On most on my try I died very quickly (red notes can be hard to dodge), but it has some great ideas. Maybe if the game was less hard at the beginning, it could let explore more its different mechanics. The multi-tasking part is really fun, but it can be tough to just reach it.

Difficulty aside, it's a cool idea, with nice little details in visuals and writing!

I must say, pretty much everything is impressive in this game. The concept is clever, the music is well used and pleasant, the art is nice… What I like the most is that it's full of polishing, like the tiles slightly tilted, the use of the light, or even the sounds effects.

The level 2 feels more difficult than the others, maybe because of an instrument playing between long intervals, making it easy to miss. But overall, it's a really great puzzle. Amazing job!

I love the concept! Having bullets forming this choreography, instruments represented in different shapes… It's really beautiful, and fun to play!

However one thing I'm really not fan is the instant death. I've found the act of repeating the beginning of the song quite frustrating, and in the end haven't been able to complete the game. The beginning is also punitive very early: the two waves are pretty difficult to dodge, and the dash more than often throw into another bullet. I enjoy difficulty, but it doesn't always have to be punitive.

But this choice aside, it's still a really good game! I enjoyed getting as far as I could.

Oooh, it took me a while to figure out the timing system, but once I got it (hum, I mean, once I read more carefully the rules), it was nice!

I didn't know the lyrics at all, but the system is great. I love the presentation, the UI is intuitive while having some personality. That engine alone is pretty cool.

Mixing quiz with timing is a nice idea. Maybe the stamina decreasing is a bit too punitive (especially on my first try where I thought I was losing because of my wrong answers). With a selection of songs (so that players can find some they know), it could work really great!

The visuals are incredible, as well as the global humor! Even while losing, it's fun to watch and listen.

Maybe the main menu could be more sober though. I get the idea, it's pretty creative, but not intuitive and a bit confusing (I closed the game by accident the first time :p).

It's still a good rhythm game! Even the level-design has comedy in it. Bravo!

I've been able to run it! Too bad it couldn't be compiled, requiring python and pygame doesn't help accessibility.

Anyway, I liked the sound aspect of the game! Playing notes on the music at each jump is a cool detail. It actually creates some nice melodies, and makes the jumping fun. Great idea!

The game itself is well done too. The jump can be a bit weird at first, but I got used to it. And the game offers a good cooperation mechanic. It's simple, but it works!

The game seems to have some sync issues, it feels like it's almost there, but can be perfected. The music is really nice though! Also, I find it interesting to concentrate on a single pattern: once learned, it's great to feel in the "flow" of the music.

However I had two main problems: the first is the key position. "Up" being at the bottom… That's quite confusing!^^ The second one is the instant game over. I feel it to be too punitive, having to start over again and again at each mistake is frustrating.

But rhythm games are hard to make!^^ And this is a pretty decent result for a game jam. Congrats!

Well that is fun! I've spent some time messing around, picking and interacting with stuff, before realizing there was also a goal. :P It's so cool to have this much details everywhere. The game has its own universe, very pleasant to discover.

Actually playing by the rules is fun too! I wasn't sure at first how to properly give a product to a client (“If I put it just there, will they be happy? Should they react? Maybe if I put it on their head?”), but once I got it, throwing stuff at them felt definitely nice! Main issue was picking the money. Without a mouse sensitivity setting, it was quite hard. I also wish I could interact with more instruments.

It was really cool to play! Great work here.

Nice minimalist rhythm game! The sync is okay, except maybe in the last level which can be a bit confusing. But it's nice that ennemies are timed differently. The game never gets repetitive. It mostly needs more feedback when we hit an enemy. But overall, nice work!

A musical toy! That is great!

I had quite some fun with it. Kudos for allowing to switch between minor and major, and for letting play with a full keyboard (instead of only notes from the scale). There's even a sheet on music theory! Actually, I would have like to also have somewhere the tone and chords of the music, just to improvise more easily on it. But finding it by ear was also fun, so… That works too I guess.

It's simple, but I like it. A great entry!