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Hello everyone! I've released an audio tool aimed for web game development: Orchestre-JS. Basically, it allows you to manage a dynamic soundtrack by adding and removing instruments on the go. It was made with simplicity in mind, you only have to provides your song's BPM, and the library will handle the rhythm for you.

Try the demo here

This library was originally made for two of my previous games: Moog Memories and Blood Not Allowed. It should work on most JS game framework, including Phazer and Twine. With it you can do things such as change the music when the players encounter enemies, or when they enter a new area, or make elements of your game react to the soundtrack. It's also perfect for a rhythm game!

So far this home-made tool helped me a lot. So I hope it can now help other dev for musical games (musical games are the best)! If you intend to use it in your project, I would really enjoy to see it.

You can see the installation instruction on the project page, and some documentation on its github page.

Indeed, it was exactly that! I've definitely learned something.

Thank you very much!

I recently uploaded a game on itch.io, and since it was a web game using mostly Phaser and Tone.JS, I expected it would work on the itch app. Unfortunately, it crashes quite soon, with this error:

Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'addColorStop' on 'CanvasGradient': The value provided ('rgb(208, 244, 250, 0.6)') could not be parsed as a color. 

The lines causing this are:

// particleBmd.ctx is a CanvasRenderingContext2D
var gradient = particleBmd.ctx.createRadialGradient(_constants2.default.PARTICLE_SIZE / 2, _constants2.default.PARTICLE_SIZE / 2, 2, _constants2.default.PARTICLE_SIZE / 2, _constants2.default.PARTICLE_SIZE / 2, _constants2.default.PARTICLE_SIZE / 2);
gradient.addColorStop(0, 'rgb(' + particleColor.r + ', ' + particleColor.g + ', ' + particleColor.b + ', 0.6)');

I'm surprised, since this is only standard javascript!

I guess it might be related to electron. Though it seems itch already uses the latest version. The closest issue I could find is this one:


But as you can see it is slightly different (here it's rgb(Nan, NaN, NaN, 1) that causes the error).

Should I create an issue on github? I'm not sure if this is related to itch or electron. If you want to reproduce it, here is the game. It should start properly, then it crashes as soon as the player try to shoot (by clicking anywhere).

Thank you!

That's the first time I'm seeing a live reaction to this game! :D Thanks a lot for your videos.

Quite enjoyable. :) I appreciate that while it uses clicker mechanics, it remains short and to the point. The fact that coins give access to the end of the game is as well a nice commentary on loot boxes as a good way to avoid losing players' time!

The sounds and voluntary glitches give a nice psychedelic feeling! I liked it. :)

Really loved the idea! It's indeed funny, and I don't know if it is for the music or some kind of nostalgia, but I found it quite beautiful too.

Woah! That is really ingenious!

I didn't expect that at all. Perfectly meta.

For a game that starts with a lazy developer, this has an incredible amount of content! Congratulation.

As a developer, I had a lot of fun with it! Couldn't figure out how to perform double jumps. But I used platforms as magic carpets, so… close enough.

Kudos for making the interface so clear. Tabulation to switch between game and console, being able to use history, messages preventing from editing functions… It's a great ergonomic!

Such a great nostalgic trip! Really enjoyed how the music evolved with the stages.

Really nice aesthetic! :D

Those variations are quite creative! :) I enjoyed it very much.

A clever idea! And I eally liked the presentation. Notably the second screen, that gives a fantastic surprise. And I'm impressed with all the little ideas put into the game. Good job! :o

What a journey that was! =D

Phew, that last boss was tough. Thank you so much for letting this check-point for the second phase!

Pretty fun. On some occasions I had the impressions the camera locked itself at the wrong position (once after dying for the first time in Chapter 1, and in Chapter 2 when a door keylock was actually outside the screen). But otherwise it was nice.

I give this my personnal Game of the Year Award!

Wait, hold on, I have actually two more GOTY  awards in stock. I can give those too.

More seriously, having never played any Uncharted, I'm not sure I understood everything. However I do know burritos! So it was still enjoyable and fun! :)

Oh, thanks for the tips! I didn't realize the game would pause once the book is opened.

And that ending ispretty cool! =D I'm glad I could see it.

I really enjoyed the sound-design! :)

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No, actually it's the :)

Yes, very early I know!^^ I understand how the puzzle work, but I haven't figured the math yet.

Nice visuals! And I enjoyed the story as well. :)

I enjoyed the writing very much! It's really cool to see those absurd little stories plays out as we take decisions. Well done!

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The writing is pretty nice! I like the central idea of the game. And it is well executed! I played several sessions to explore the dragons' lines, and the ways we fail at everything. It's very pleasant to see so much content without any repetition, that is actually consistent with the choices made!

Update: I didn't realize there was an actual ending the first time! :o That's pretty a pretty cool puzzle too!

Nice parody of Sort the Court! =D The dialogs are really fun.

Interesting concept! I couldn't pass the second level though (multiple jumps). Maybe there was something I missed?

Also, executing the scripts right after closing the book makes it difficule to maneuver. Still, other than that, the presentation is pretty nice.

With all these meta games, I'm not sure anymore if an error is truly an error or not. x) But I think this one is unfortunately: at the start of the game, it only shows the message:

action number 1
of Create Event
for object game_manager:
File is not opened for reading.

The game looked quite ambitious though!

It's quite fun and creative! Very good job.

Mmm... If this is actually the game, it's short, but clever. Very meta for sure! It makes a nice poem about secrets and hidden thoughts.

Strangeley relaxing. Sometime you just need to watch pieces of building flying in the air in front of low-poly mountains to feel at peace. Thanks for this fun experience!

It's pretty cute already! :3

Impressive! I've known several visual novel that interact with the file system, but this one is really creative! Well done.

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That was hilarious! So many creepypasta cliche .The haunted cartridge, the weird "bugs", the game slightly more red than in the protagonist memories... And even the doll! <3 I was laughing the whole time.

It might be a little bit slow though, especially given that most of the dialogs are not interactive. Also, the font is quite hard to read.

But my main issue was the mushrooms. I spent  lot of time just trying to get past them (I even restarted the game thinking there was a glitch) (or that my PC is haunted).

But it was still a really cool experience! Congratulation!

Pretty fun and surprising! I liked the weird controls.

Oh, the memories! From experience, it only gets worse once the game actually starts. Really fun story!

Wow. That was incredible. I'm not a huge fan of horror games (I'm too easily stressed), but I do appreciate to feel a bit uneased. And this hit in the right spot! It inspires dread without relying on direct threat or jumpscares. And the "twist" at the end creates a very special kind of fear. It's really well built.

I liked the simplicity of its design. :)

Very nice puzzle! Well presented, with a cool mechanic and a great level-design. I enjoyed it.

Also, for what it's worth, the music choice is excellent.^^

The perfect conclusion to a lot of adventure game! =D