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Oh my god! I haven't encounter that kind of fun since Panoramical! This kind of playful musical game is right up my alley. Really cool to explore, and in the end incredibly satisfying.

I also enjoyed that the composition ends eventually. It provides a nice a conclusion to the music.

Once again I really enjoy your musical identity, and how you use interaction in it. I'm looking forward for an expanded version of this! :)

I liked the concept! It might have been more intuitive with mouse controls though, I frequently hit the wrong button. But it was still fun.

Really interesting reading! Maybe I should also consider using more synth for sound-design. I already use musical instruments for making "abstract" sound effects, but this might be a way to go even further.

Also I must now resist to the envy to buy myself a tracker! ^^' I have the same issue of always working in front of a computer screen, no matter what I do. It looks like a pretty cool (and fun) solution.

What a cool concept! The music fits perfectly the idea (man I'll never grow tired of Love Dream), and this arrangement is beautiful to listen to. Also movement in the game feel incredibly great! Running, grinding and swimming is just fun by itself.

The only thing I found odd was the small exploration part: having to go backward, or stop down to look around, kinda stop the momentum of the music. It sounded more satisfying to keep going forward, and unroll the music.

It was still a cool experience overall. Congratulation for such a beautiful game!

This is adorable! I had a great time exploring this little park and discovering its inhabitants. :)

This design is so elegant! The concept is really well thought, and served with some amazing juiciness! It just provides incredible sensation.

I thought I would be forever stuck on the last level (triangle), but eventually achieved to beat it with the bonus attack. The game becomes quickly difficult, which I guess is by choice. And most of the time the challenge is actually really satisfying! However, it comes with some frustration too. Many time I had the impression that I failed not because I didn't reacted fast enough (although it did also happen), but because I took a bad decisions 1 or 2 seconds ago that brought me in a situation where I couldn't win. And this didn't feel really great. There are even some obstacles that I couldn't find how to reasonably avoid, other than with cheer luck (mostly when it involved aiming missiles, or too many "rockets" coming from the center with no readable order).

Still I enjoyed completing it, and playing with the two alternative controls! It's an intense  and unforgivable game, but that can quickly become addictive. I found displaying the remaining health on defeat is a clever choice, often giving a little hint that beating the level might be actually reachable. This demo was already quite fun, i'm curious to see the final game!

I loved the concept and the presentation! This was very satisfying to play.

Those new levels were amazing! I really enjoyed the challenge they provided, and the new mechanics were fun to play with.

I really enjoyed the mystery! Discovering the mechanics through experimentation felt really nice. I was able to finish the game once, still trying to figure out the "new game plus" now.

Also great job on the procedural music! It sets a very strong mood.

Really happy you like it! I agree that the game becomes fun once you have a lot of dices and platform to play with, but this point is a bit too hard to reach. My favorite strategy for that is to aim for zero point as long as possible, until I have a lot of elements to score big. ^^

Thank you for your constructive feedback! Your suggestions are very valuable.

  • I'd like to improve the throwing indeed. I knew at the start of the jam that there was going to be a lot of systems to implement and balance, so I had to made some compromises on this part: a launcher that is a minimum fun to use (it's the main action of the game), but wouldn't take too long to code. With more time I think I'd like more a manual aim, and maybe a funnier way to charge (maybe pull & release?).
  • I couldn't figure out how to display a number on the dice without it being too small. I like the pacing on the second phase, counting the sum of the dices build a nice suspense. But I need to find a way during the game to indicates how much a singular dice hit targets.
  • You're right, it is more punitive than intended. Long term game is fun, so I think a basic life system could do some improvement. Just two lives would already make a difference: you're allowed to do one mistake, no more!

If I find time I might build a "clean" version of the game, then an "improved" one. Not guaranteed, since I have already several projects in the work. But there's some enthusiasm for this one, so I guess it deserves to be built upon a bit!

I felt the "roll" wouldn't be satisfying if it wasn't making some sounds. I'm happy to learn that it works well!

Thank you! I'm glad to learn that this has a good replay value.

This is pretty addictive! Sure it can get a bit frustrating too, when dices just get in the way or refuse to go higher than 2... But it makes the challenge even more rewarding! the mechanics are really great to master, and there are enough variety to keep playing. The art and sound are also great, love all those effects on impact. Really a great entry!

What an incredible amount of content! This is super cute, and the mechanics are really great! Some levels are quite challenging, I wasn't able to make it to the end (I think my last level was 2-8?). Some enemies are notably hard to avoid, especially the boat and their non-linear movement. I felt that I beat some levels only by luck. But globally the puzzle were interesting and very satisfying to solve! Really this is a quite solid game, I had a lot of fun playing it. Impressive work!

I don't know how I managed to, but I beat the game! =D It made me dizzy at time, I wasn't always sure where I was going (especially at the end), but eventually by insisting enough, all the obstacles can be passed through.

Changin the rule according to the dice orientation is a fun concept. It might happens to often though, or with not enough transition. It makes the game really chaotic, with a lot of camera blinking. Most of the time I wasn't sure what was going on, I had to adapt. But I must concede that this is kinda fun too. the game is total chaos, but it feels great to still be able to navigate it! One aspect that makes it even less readable is the background: the fact that it is static, with a lot of different color, makes it even harder to properly see what's going on in the game.

But in the end, it was a pleasant experience. I'm ridiculously proud to have reach that ending despite everything the game threw at me (thank you so much for not putting spikes or other kind of deadly obstacles). It was fun to mess around with that dice. So I guess it's a success! x) Good job!

Phew, that last level was tough to beat!^^

The concept is neatly presented and executed. I was afraid it would rely too much on luck, but surprisingly the movement seemed to work well most of the time. And even when they don't, it provided interesting situations to solve. The limit of throw is high enough to not be frustrating, I think there was only one time I ran out of movements because I got stuck. But to be fair, it might be because of a risky decision I took, so it felt rewarding when I decided on the next try to use walls better.

The only big obstacle I had was the enemies. Unless I missed something, their movements are not predictable, and thus it is easy to get ambushed by them. Most of the time I was praying they wouldn't run in my direction.

But overall it was fun to complete. The game has compelling visuals, music and SFX, making its mechanics even more enjoyable. Great job!

Nice shooter! I liked the music very much. The progression system feels nice, although I'm not sure how much the enemies get stronger. I was taken aback by how much damage they deal! I felt confident with 70HP, haven't being hit once, then I died very quickly when assaulted by a few big zombies.

I survived for 03:29. I even saw and defeated a boss, which felt great! The game can get a bit repetitive though, as it is not much challenging for a long period, and suddenly it becomes intense in a few seconds and kill the player instantly. I don't know if this is so much a balance issue, maybe it's also that the mechanics is mostly "shoot, run, and wait until the next upgrade"? Maybe more challenging enemies right at the beginning, that demand to react quickly, could break this routine.

Still, I had fun playing it and reaching the score I did. Good job!

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Shouldn't selectng “HTML” for kind of project fix the upload of the game? Because it has everything to work: it's in a .zip, and it has an index.html file. 

Unless some fetch queries don't work in itch (generally for assets). Most of the times I had errors because I did fetch on absolute paths (/asset/) instead of relative (./asset). Only the latter works in itch (as the game runs in an iframe). Hope you'll be able to fix the upload after the jam!

Anyway, this was a fun idle game! The look and animations of the game are great, and the UX is generally pretty clear (only exception being the shop where I thought there would be drag and drop). I was a bit surprised that the game start directly in a passive scene: after reading the tutorial, I was expecting to be asked to do something, I was clicking everywhere and thought I missed something important. Maybe starting with a shop would both engage better the player, and help them familiarize with the dices? Especially given that the faces are well designed and self explanatory! I forgot most of the rules, but was still able to understand everything.

Globally it's a great game. There is a strong feeling of progress as we customize our dice, and reaching the end was very satisfying. Great work!

This was so clever! Making a game based on intuition rather than logic feels so refreshing. I don't know if there was actually correct answers, but it doesn't matter, because that's kinda what the story is all about. It's a strange mix of mysticism and impostor syndrom. I loved trying to dechipher the will of the gods and making my own interpretations, knowing that it was probably pure superstition. The mood of the game is also top notch, with excellent art and music. Really this was a fascinating story to experience, that captures so well the religious aspect of dices and randomness. Great job!

An interesting twist on the Metroid genre! The level-design is a bit confusing at times. There are very few check-point and dices at the start, it's easy to get stuck on a couple of run without progressing. I also encountered later some hard platform sections that led to nothing, or just didn't have enough checkpoint to allow to go further. I went as high as I could, with a lot of upgrades, but wasn't able to find the end. Also losing some upgrades feels really bad. Especially double jump and wall-jump: it made me feel like I've lost a lot of progress and must go farm for another couple of runs before being able to explore again. Globally there might be some adjustement needed to make the game feel more balanced, with a better feeling of progression.

But beside this, it is still a fun platformer! The physic is really great, controlling our character feels always nice. Movement is fast and fluid, while stille remaining precise. And once you obtain enough upgrades, it is really fun to fly around the map. On top of that, the visuals are very polished, it's just great to look at. Despite not being able to finish it, I had a fun time playing it. Well done!

The sound-design works really well! It's satisfying to hear, and creates a nice ambient soundtrack.

Some aspect of the puzzle are pretty well designed. Notably I like the fact that you can see on which face the dice will land at the end of a movement. It allows to predict a bit what the possibilities will be. Unfortunately, that doesn't prevent some level to feel too complex. While I was able to reach the end, most of the solutions were found by cheer luck, there wasn't many "ha-ha" moment or solution that seemed elegant. Sometime the level-design can be a bit misleading, with element that actually are not part of the solution, but just here to add more complexity to the level.

That being said, the game is still enjoyable. Each level felt distinct from one another, and are short enough to allow to reach the end of the game without frustration. Overall it provides a soothing experience. Good job!

The game was tough to beat, but I eventually did it! Managing movement demands a kinda special strategy, at the start I was too often in a situation where I was doomed to take damage from an enemy. But eventually I learned how to optimize the use of objects to avoid them, and it felt great!

Some items weren't always clear though. I wasn't sure if the power of the attack was determined by the current trhow, or the next, and if items like "big die" would change the next throw. Eventually I learned that it was always the displayed result that mattered (which is the best to establish short term strategies), but the presentation stood confusing for a while.

Other than that, the game looks nice! The very tiny pixel art is clean, and the sound design works well. I like how every objects in the game only take few pixels, yet are immediately recognizable. It's a very good job! It made this tiny rogue-like really fun to play. Well done! 

Great art and mood, as always! The UX is especially polished, with a lot of juiciness for each actions.

I find the core mechanics really interesting. there's an interesting balance to find between spending magic, health, having more dices... However, too often I felt into (apparently) un-winnable situations. A bad hand of cards, either none that would grant me magic where I need it, or on the contrary when I have a lot of magic only cards that deal damage without healing, or several turns without having any dices, etc... This kind of game-design can be very tricky to balance! I was eventually able to survive for a while, but was for from being able to beat the game.

Which I regret a bit, because it is very fun to play! I don't know if it needs to be so much fast-paced. on one hand I loved the rush of the actions, and having to take decisions quickly. But on the other end I would often panic and feel like I'm stuck with only bad options. I still enjoyed it though, it has the potential to be a very solid card game. Good job!

Interesting idea! The game has a lot of fun potential. But the physics might be yet too capricious. Moving the orb is tedious, and it's quite difficult to target ennemis with it. Hooks and Blink are useful, but not powerful enough to change the balance. Not sure what the green cubes do either? There's also a lack of feedback (on damage taken notably) which prevent from enjoying progression, and make losing quite abrupt.

But there is still some fun to find. As I said the concept of rolling enemies is neat, and once you got the hang of it it becomes enjoyable. The chara-design is cool, and the starting area looks realy neat! Clearly the game might need some more time to be polished, but it has some cool bases already. Nice job!

Okay for some reason the game runs really slowly on my machine. ^^' It takes a lot of resources, displays only about 5 frames per seconds, and half of the collisions don't work. Not an optimal setting.

The premise seems fun though! Would need more polish sure, but for a game made in 8 hours, it's already something! It even has some kind of in-game tutorial, which was surprising! I wasn't able to score any point unfortunately. But congrats for putting this together in a so short amount of time!

I liked the art and the dialog! It was a nice collection of short stories to follow, with lot of puns. x) I'm not sure if my answers had any effects, let alone the dices expressions... I tried to roleplay and pick the answer that matched the most the face my dice was currently making. There is a small readability issue at the very beginning, as I instinctively read the answers on top before the question at the bottom. But once I understood in which order I was supposed to read, it all went well. Congratulation for this weird but very funny entry!

What a mysterious entry! I don't know if there's an actual end to the game, I just explored stars, recorded some... Perhaphs it's the journey that counts?

I like the minimalist presentation. I always missed the notes panel, which makes the start of the game pretty hard. :P Once I saw the commands, it was an interesting system to navigate. I like this kind of minimalist presentation that let the imagination run. Kinda gives me some Mirror Moon EP vibes. I wish there was a bit more than stars descriptions though, it quickly felt like I was just starring at different numbers.

Speaking of numbers, I didn't really grasped the effect of the dices on the timer. Since this one was analogic, it wasn't clear what the dices result was corresponding to. In the end I just ignored them and focused on the timer alone. Which has a nice design by the way, although it's not super clear where it's supposed to stop.

In the end it was a surprising game to experience! I liked the mood it set into, and the strange navigation system. Would love to explore more stars with it. Great job!

Loved the soundtrack! Combined with the clean visuals, the reactive sound-design, and the neat transitions, it provides a very playful mood.

This kind of puzzle can feel a bit tedious at time, but I like that this game provides some "hint" on how to solve levels. Especially in the later ones, if you're attentive enough, you can guess which path to take to clear the level. This is good level-design! There are still some cases of "fiddling randomly with the dice until I find the correct number", but not as much as in other entries of the same genre. The downside is that, for some level, "solving" feels just like "following the instructions", but it is less frustrating than being stuck, and still satisfying to see the solution unfold itself.

The end credits are also a cool addition. I see there's a unused mechanic. I guess it's a good thing to have avoided too complex puzzle with it, but it's still a fun surprise to discover it at the very end, with a last small conundrum. Overall it was short and pleasant. Good job!

Woah, what incredible visuals! :o The pixel art is clean, tons of effect and feed-back, juiciness everywhere… Impressive work!

And the game concept is pretty unique and fun too! I love the minimalism of its design. It's quickly satisfying and challenging. Perhaps a bit too much on floor 3, the stun zone provided some unfair situations for me. There was some points were I was just desperately re-rolling in vain. Or maybe I wish I could have restarted from the current floor? Each fight is short anyway, so it's not too bothering to retry. And there's enough variety of enemies to make the game fun to play again.

A really incredible entry. A great idea, with very good execution!

I enjoyed the mechanics! It's cool that there are several way to use each weapons. Some seemed more efficient than other, but overall they feel all nice to play with. The upgrades with the dices is also interesting. Not sure if "re-rolling" is that useful, it seemed to risky for me. ^^'

I'd say the main issue is that the game can become a bit repetitive after a while. Upgrading the weapons stat is nice, but doesn't change the way of playing (beside switching between weapons). There could be more visible evolution. Just like the chain's range, which is a clear visible improvement!

Overall it was a fun entry to play, which was able to offer several great mechanics. Well done!

Everything in this look so cute! :o I really enjoyed the self-explanatory rules. Discovering the different bonus was great, it added an element of surprise during my first game. I especially enjoyed the moment I discovered how to roast meat, and that you could also offer cheese to the mice. The work on the UI is excellent too! It feels very polished. This was really nice to play. Congrats for making it!

Cool concept! I really liked the pixel-art and the variety of power-up!

However I faced one main issue: there are too many dices! :p Since letting one fall makes you take damage, I was constantly spamming the S key, and could never really use any ability or even just focusing on what's on the screen. Especially once enemies come from behind, it's hard to really examine the situation. My brain was also too overloaded to switch properly between dices. So I couldn't get very far, most of the times I let too many dices fall, or I focused too much on them and got killed. At least I think I killed the octopus once!

It was still fun to play. I like the core mechanic, the power-ups were fun to discover, and if it wasn't for the dices the patterns seemed pretty balanced. It might need just a small adjustment to make the idea work just fine. Good job overall!

Nice level-design! I really enjoy the minimalism of the puzzle. Each one of them is tricky, but with a kinda intuitive and surprising solution to find. I was afraid the core concept could become a bit dull, but the game is just long enough. My main issue was some confusion on the controls: I would often use the arrow keys to try to select a dice, or the space bar to validate my movement. ^^' But that faded away eventually once I got used to it. Overall it's a really cool entry. Well done!

I like the premise of being on a tabletop RPG set. The dialogs are pretty fun, although they tend to drag for quite too long. And the 3D has a lot of charm!

Unfortunately I find the movement laborious. Being able to rotate the camera means that I was never sure where the dice will roll. And its movement is long, making navigation frustrating. Eventually I tried several time to beat the first dragon, but in vain. I can't react quickly enough to avoid their projectiles, the camera makes it difficult to either see where I'm going or where are the fire balls coming from, and aiming is just impossible.

So yeah, there's a lot of improvements to be made on the controls. Too bad, because the universe seems great, and I was eager to explore it more! It's impressive that you were able to create those assets during the jam.

Really like the visuals! The game has a nice palette, and neat animations.

The global idea is cool. A dungeon with several mini-games on each face, it's pretty nice to explore. Unfortunately most of the challenge face the same issue: imprecise hit-box. :p I was frustrated a lot of time because I was hit by something that did'nt look that close, or because the range of my sword forced me to take a damage. Combined with the punishing difficulty, it makes the game a bit too challenging.

Also I didn't saw the difference made by the effects. Some way maybe too subtle. And most of the time I was focused on surviving anyway. There are also some rooms I didn't understood very well. Like the labyrinth with walls, or the one with the Operation room (I mean the goal is clear, but sometime one piece start next to the electric bar and is impossible to move, other time I got hit for apparently no reason). There's a lot of ideas, but some don't work really well with the rest and make the game more confusing. Since I died a lot, I didn't have time to familiarize myself with a particular room before having to learn a different one.

But the game was still nice to complete! I particularly appreciate that you can skip some rooms to only complete the one that seem managable. It was a fun dungeon to discover, quite challenging, but in the end still beatable. Good job!

The web version seems broken (freeze at the start of the game for me), but hopefully it is downladable! :)

The game is pretty fun. I like the minimalism in the rules. there's not so much action possible, but it still allows some nice strategies. In that regards, I find the "tutorial" screen a bit too lengthy and confusing. It's a lot of info to remember without having played yet. The game is fortunately very easy to get, the actions are clearly presented and there's always a feed-back. :)

The art is really nice by the way. I love the different monsters animations, as well as the sounds. It was a sweet game to play overall!

Really great puzzle game! The chore concept is clever, and the level design is great. Most solutions felt good to deduce. It gave me some vibes of Manifold Garden, the game forces you to adopt a specific logic to understand its rules.

Unfortunately I was unable to finish it. I hit a first wall when I got to the level with the dices. This mechanic didn't feel necessary: it doesn't complement the rules presented so far, and provides a totally different kind of puzzle that is mostly tedious. Eventually though, after randomly rolling those dices over and over, I was able to finish the level! But only to have the game glitch on the next one. Apparently I'm not the only one having this issue: two sprites controlled at the same time, and walls overlapping with each other, locking the player in the first room of the level…

I hope I'm not missing a too large portion of the game. Because until that dice level, it was really pleasant! I had a great time solving those puzzles. Plus the visuals and music are quite neat. Great job!

I finished in 42:42, I guess this is a perfect score! =D

The physics is pretty well done. A bit slow, I wish there was less cool-down between each dash, but globally the platforming is very solid. The big issue I had was that I was always confusing the jump button for the dash one, and reciprocally. Honestly I think they could be the same (since one action can only be done on the ground, and the other in the air). The less buttons to memorize, the better!

The presentation is neat too. I like that minimalism. And the dynamic audio on the dice actions is pretty satisfying. Well done!