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Thank you! Jamsterdam was also actually one of my inspiration. ^^ "Music making" games are still a niche, but I find they procure a unique kind of joy.

I expected fun platforming and adaptive music, and I got exactly that. But I wasn't expecting... this! It's so surprising, clever and fun. Well done, this was incredible.

That felt really good to play! The tutorial and easy mode had a bit slow start, but once I tried some of the other levels in normal or hard difficulty, I really had the satisfaction of playing along the music. The visuals are really intuitive and allow complex chains without needing too much learning. Using colors to identify the numbers of keys is smart! Although I had some trouble to do 3-notes combo that use both up and down, I didn't found a hand position that felt natural for them. Sound-design wise, the note validation sound felt also out of place, although I don't know by what it could be replace, and it has the merit to be subtle. Overall this is a really great rhythm game!

Really great job on the aesthetic! The game is stunning, and the animation synced to the beat work realy well.

I also like the game-design and the simplicity of the concept. Although I had a bit of difficulty to really get into it. Maybe because the game ran at 30fps, or because there was a slight delay, I never had really the satisfaction of doing action on the beat. Even though I had a "perfect", it felt that it was missing something, like a sound effect or a flash. Idk, when I see the game in video everything seems there for it to work, but once in hand, it's different. (again, maybe it's because of the 30fps, I know that it can change the feeling a lot)

Also the level-design was a bit confusing when I started to walk on wall. I wasn't sure what was the optimal path, it was a bit too open, and I had diffiulty jumping from one wall to another. In the end I felt, couldn't get back up, and what was supposed to be a "final challenge" ended up a walk straight forward. :p

With all that being said, I still think this has the potential to be a really cool game! Its mechanics are simple but provide good challenge, its visuals and music make it feel like an intense running, and it's still satisfying to see everything synced to the beat (which is imho one of the hardest thing to pull up). I'm curious to see how it will progress! :)

Really enjoyed the concept, especially once you play several instruments at a time. Although the way the audio is sync to the gameplay feels kinda weird. I wasn't able to rely on mostly audio or just repeat the patterns, a lot of time I had to really focus on the visuals, even if it meant playing something that didn't match the rhythm? Not sure if it was a latency... But this is why I enjoyed more the instruments par that that the drums part (often fill with fast notes). Neat game nonetheless!

Thank you so much for writing this! I'm currently trying to implement a latency calibration screen in my own rhythm game, and your articles are one of the rare sources that explain the subject very well. They helped me tremendously.

I have one question though: on the first step, is it better to take the player's taps average delay, or median? From what I've read, I understand that the extremes should be ignored, but then I'm not sure what should be the best method to find the optimal value (especially if there are high discrepancies between each taps).

By the way, I should also mention that I loved the Rhythm Quest demo, and I'm eager to play the full game. :)

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Hi! I'm happy to announce that Sound Horizons's Beta is open for play-test! The game is in a playable state, and I need feed-back to make some adjustments on the difficulty and UI.

The build is available on Windows and Linux. For now the game only has a single level, a session should ideally last less than 30 minutes.

If you're interested, here is the access to the beta. The page will ask for a password, which is: one colorful grid.

Once you played it, there is a form I'd like you to fill (link is in the game page). It's a bit lengthy, but you're free to answer questions however you like. Also, if you have a mean to record your session, I'd be very much interested!

Warning: for now, it's a very challenging game. I'm still working changes to make it more accessible. You might have more ease if you are familiar with rhythm game, or even better if you are a musician. (that's the kind of profile I'm eager to get feed-back from)

If you have any other remarks about the game, or if you have bugs to report, you can write those here! Thank you in advance for your time.

Thank you! I'm really happy that you had this kind of experience.

I'm always a client for grappling hooks! \o/

Very cool mechanic, it feels really smooth to control while still being in the vein of NES physics. It looks simple, but the sum of all the game components make for great sensations. Also superb job on the awesome chiptune, and the neat pixel-art! It was a really fun entry to play.

This is very challenging!^^' I didn't manage to make it through. The mechanic is fun though, and it's a great use of the theme. I very much like the animations and the music (mmm, maybe the "hit" sound is a bit brutal though :p)! Overall it was pretty fun to play!

That was pretty fun! It's neat that each monster has its own behavior (although the ghost seems to be harder to guide than ther others). The game is pretty engaging, and the way the difficulty increases creates a nice balance. There could be some improvement on the UI: the color and font are not easy to read, same thing for the timer with transparency. But that doesn't prevent the game to be playable and enjoyable.

I love how this controls! It takes a while to get used to, but it's very satisfying once you handle it. I find the starting area a bit too small small though, bouncing on everything doesn't help to learn to maneuver.

Love the aesthetic too! The camera on bottom right is just priceless. And I don't know if the cars get more and more chaotic as the game goes on, but man they ended up rocketing everywhere, it was beautiful. ^^ Congratulation for making such a fun game!

That was a cute story! I like how it's told through a gale of hide and seek. It creates a charming universe in a very short time.

Woah, that is intense! The balance is really well done, it is non-stop action, whether you're on the hero side or the zombies. It's also very cool to have a boss, several weapons, and even different kind of zombies after a while! I did not pay attention at the bars on the top left, I couldn't read them anyway in the middle of the fights, but I still manage to survive anyway. Overall I had fun playing this, well done!

It's absurd how great this feels to play! The sensations are tense, the art and music are top-notch (with fantastic feedback), and the mechanic of collecting both ammo and defense is really clever. I also enjoyed a lot that the levels are pretty short, each with their own little twist. Congrats for making such a fantastic game!

Finally my Mario Makers "skills" are useful somewhere! \o/

This was fun to play. :) I like that you can win a level in several ways, although it also means that half of a level can be useless. I also didn't understand what use the bombs have. But oh well, I found way to kill the hero anyway, sometime by creative means.^^ It was quite satisfying!

Also the music is really great, I enjoyed it instantly. Nice work!

The controls felt pretty unintuitive, I had trouble figuring them out, and regularly I would mix keys. But apart from that issue, it's a nice relaxing game! I like the simple concept, and the very readable presentation. It might need an end state, because it becomes quite easy to survive forever. But the game remains soothing to play anyway. Good job!

Despite reading the rules (both in game and in description), it took me a while to understand how to play. But once I assimilated, it was nice. :) I like the mix of head calculation and balancing win/loose. It especially gets tricky once there is more than 2 players! The time limit made it very difficult though, I wasn't able to win a single level. x) But it was a neat concept, with a clean presentation!

The concept is interesting! It's a nice management game, with a bit on narration on quests. It might need some balancing though: the start is very slow, and I think I got soft-lock (no money left, all quests requiring a fee). Still, I enjoyed the atmosphere and art! Congrats for making it.

Such a clean design! I enjoyed that aesthetic, it's simple and readable, while still having charm and personnality. And it comes with an efficient UX too.

The game is pretty enjoyable! I like that each level has a specific puzzle and solution in mind, it's generally well designed. Sometime it's rely a bit too much on trial and error (rather than strategizing), but it manages to make that fun too. Congrats for making this neat game!

That level of polishing is insane! Even the menu is juicy!

Really fun and cool concept, and cleverly executed. It's great that each level adds its little twist. None of them feel redundant or too laborious. And the humour throughout the whole game is sweet. Congrats for being selected in Mark's Top, you really deserved it!

Phew, what a brain teaser! I love how it  cleverly subvert the mechanics of sokoban. Being able to move blocks changes a lot of things and ask to think in various different ways.

However I feel the complexity of puzzles gets overwhelming too quickly. Pretty soon there's too much blocks and cursors to handle, and I feel less finding "the" solution rather than stumbling on the correct sets of move, without really acquiring new "strategies".  Plus the lack of "undo" features makes it easy to soft-lock, and having to redo the entire level when there are so much blocks to arrange feels exhausting. But I know that nailing "small yet challenging" puzzle is very difficult, and the levels here are not that far way from that idea! :) Plus the presentation is really clean, and the tutorial very well made. Despite the difficulty, I very much enjoyed the game!

Woah, those visuals are really neat! It's minimalist, but there's a lot of nice effects and cool feedbacks. It also goes really well with the audio. Congrats for such pleasants visuals!

The game is also really satisfying to play. The progression feels great, it quickly becomes fast paced and challenging, and the swapping mechanics adds a very interesting spiciness. At some point the game became laggy, with egular freezes and audio issues, probably due to a large fire rate (I guess those particles come at a cost :p). Needless to say, things were getting crazy.^^' It was very fun overall!

I love the meta premise! The idea is really well executed, especially with the sreamers lines of dialog. Was a bit confused by what I was supposed to do, but chasing the streamer was fun enough. :p I don't know if it was intentional, but I like that the "tension" meter works in a kinda opaque way. Since fear isn't something logical, it makes you rely more on intuition, which is perfect for RP.

Wow, really great job on the visuals! It looks gorgeous.

And it's also cool to see a rhythm game in a jam! Maybe the game could use a bit more of feedback, I never knew really when I hit a note and when I missed hit (if there is a color difference, my colorblind's eyes didn't see it :p), which eventually didn't make me feel following the rhythm at all. But I liked the simplicity of the controls, and the intuitiveness of the gameplay loop. Congrats for making such a cool game!

This is a pretty fun runner! A bit tricky to control, but I enjoyed the very fast pace. The aesthetic is also neat, with vibrant colors and a nice soundtrack. I had fun playing it!

Pretty fun game! I had some difficulties remembering the keys, but since there isn't many option it's still manageable. I like that each level is its own puzzle, they all present interesting situations and solutions. The game is quite hard, but the challenge here is rewarding. Well done!

Woah, that was so clever! I love how the game introduces its concept, and expand the possibilities further and further. It's surprising, and very elegant. The whole story is charming, and match perfectly with the lovely art and soothing music. It was a real joy to play it!

This is an interesting concept! The visuals are are nice, just the right amount of silliness and clean presentation. The rules are pretty intuitive too, I was able to learn them just by playing and trying things out. Great job!

Simple, but really efficient! I got instantly hooked. I like the zoom in and out effect as we shift between roles, the whole game looks really neat.

Nice game! I like the minimalism of the design: only 3 kind of objects, and 2 bars. It's very intuitive, and makes it easy to think about a strategy. It's also neat that the game speeds up after a while. I only found a bit confused by the abrupt camera movements, and having to control it with keyboard when most of the game uses the mouse. But it's manageable. Congratulation for this entry!

I sure did learn a lot about icebergs today!

That was a fun story to read. Thank you for this nice moment! (also the cat at the end is adorable!)

Haha, I was wondering if there would be a "Sorry the game is not finished" entry, and I finally find one on top of the results! What a great execution on the theme! It's fun, clever, full of surprises… It could have been mostly narrative, but the "coding" puzzle are actually pretty great, and ver too intrusive! Plus there's a lot of polishing, small details here and there (I love the death effect)… Congratulation for achieving 1st position, it's well deserved!

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It feels like every 10 seconds there's a new idea, somebody stop this dev! This pacing is excellent, you just go from one short level to another, and each time you're delighted with a clever surprise. Really well done!

This is so cute! I loved the art and writing. Also on a design aspect, I like that every interaction lead to something unexpected. You're never sure what you're trying to accomplish, which goes perfectly with the narrative of being a dog. It's extremely charming, I loved it!

Pretty neat take on snake! I love the viking narrative. It makes victory very satisfying and epic, especially when the snake is defeated. The procedurally generated puzzles are quite interesting. You learn bit by bit how to trick the snake, and manage large groups of viking. The difficulty progression is really satisfying, although I had the impression I wasn't encountering much more challenge after level 10. Overall it was an enjoyable and satisfying puzzle game!

That's an unexpected premise! The mechanics are very interesting, although I did not plenty understood the optimal way to play. After several attempts I eventually beat the game, so I guess I somehow learned how to play.^^' It's very challenging, but at the same time it gives very interesting puzzle. I like the alternance between opting for the immediately optimal move, or planning for the future. Having strong cool-down on most actions however means that there are some turns where you have to destroy your plants. Which I guess is part of the gameplay loop, but it makes the game a bit punishing towards middle-term error. Still, it was fun to solve each situation, and discover regularly discover new moves. The art and music are also incredible, I love une world it presents! This mix between epic evil and cozy gardening is the right amount of silly! Incredible entry overall.

This is silly and amazing! I like how the best way to play is to stop trying to understand, and just lose controls and let chaos do its thing. It's absolutely fun. The sound-design is also delightfully joyfull. Kudos for making this game!

Pretty solid myltiplayer game! I had to play it solo, but I enjoyed experimenting with all its possibilities. There's a lot of variety between the upgrades, and the balancing of the main mechanic is pretty interesting. It fits perfectly the theme by clearly presenting two roles, and , well, reversing them. It's a very elegant design overall, served with absolutely lovely visuals and sound-design, as well as juicy FX everywhere. Great job!

Really great entry! I wasn't sure at first how the game fit the theme, but then I saw where it was going and it all clicked. That's clever! And it makes a really fun and challenging shooter arena too. I also loved the aesthetic, great mix between 80s visual and bizarre dream tone. It creates a cool universe, on top of being readable!