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I'll try to make one, my unity has been giving me weird errors whenever I build anything in webgl so it might take a while

thanks really appreciate 🙏,  if you want a more refined experience you can also check out gunsmith on my page xD 

the game is beautiful, the art and polish just make it feel and play so professional awesome work and good luck on future projects

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Loved the story and gameplay, the ending especially when the frog went Its froging time right before saving the universe was so heart warming, 110000/10 Game of all time

Really amazing Game, Saw the video and design for this game is really amazing

Really neat idea and the art style is amazing though u think making everyting out of 7 instead of 6 would be really nice though this would always give the play an extra second of move time

This is the peak of human evolution. The ultamate gme

Really Enjoyed the games, the puzzles are just hard enough that they dont frustrate you into giving up but still keep getting harder and harder with each round. Such a pollished experience.

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Really Interesting and Addicting game Play, the visuals and effects are on Point

Well there goes a the math knowledge I thought I had, nice game and great job

Was Totally lost at first but after i got a hang of it it was really fun, Really Cool idea. I can confirm that yes i did bake bread

Very nice concept, the shooting felt really satisfying, Great execution and nice concept

thanks really appreciate your feed back, I see we have similar logos lol 

Awesome game, love the visuals and mechanic and the game is really polished, Great job

Thanks for the feedback, really appricated.
I encountered some bag where when you reload the game things just start tripping and couldn't fix it in time. I am thinking of adding more to it in the future as just avoiding enemies can get boring. Thanks again :) 

Really Well Polished game, loved the visuals and the mechanic Nice,work

This is an amazing game, have you thought of adding more levels cause this is really addictive, great job

love the controls, So since the theme is Death me dying is a good thing right

the game can be a very interesting strategy game. really interesting mechanic and nice art

The art and music are really nice and the character ability is cool, add a character design and this will be even more epic

awsome character ability, The art is also really nice

Really nice art style, love the character as well. The mechanic is really nice can see some interesting platforming from this

Randy is the peak of game design

Love the duplicate mechanic, i can see it being really broken. A spell Idea. what if you have a spell that gets stronger when multiple duplicates are close to each other

Great idea, love how you used pygame to add sound was busting my head on how to do that, also i kinda cheated by increasing my cash in the source code, is that how you are supposed to get around

Thanks, I'll make sure to implement your suggestions when I revisit it

Sorry for that, I'll fix it up later

This is the glorious mess ive ever seen, great game

Really epic game, love the effects

Okay thanks, ill get to debugging it

Thanks Dude i really appreciate you awesome feed back, If it possible it would really help if you could send a screen shot of the bugged menu so i can fix it asap 

Thanks man, I'm working on an update as we speak. I'll defiantly be adding more weapons, upgrades and skins. Thanks for the support

Everything about this game is amazing and that's all i have to say

Thats amazing, you actually beat my score

Really good looking game, though a tutorial would help a lot, i didn't know what to do in level one so i just glitched through a wall 😆