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Thanks! We're planning on expanding this into a full game. We'll post regular updates here on

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Thanks for the feedback! We are planning on expanding this game after the jam, and we're going to add tile-based movement (you move exactly one tile at a time). This should remove the need for a smaller hitbox. :)

Unfortunately I am unable to play ... I'm having scaling issues with the web build and my laptop won't run the Windows build (something about my GPU). Sounds cool, though!

Nice job! The concept is hilarious. I think the puzzle aspect could be improved - figuring out how to solve the levels was never that challenging. Unless a puzzle game wasn't your intention, of course.  I just felt like this mechanic would suit a puzzle game. The mechanic also wasn't explored very throughly. I did the same sort of thing throughout the whole game. A couple small things: I think the goat should be able to be launched farther. It was frustrating to have to move the goat so slowly, and it also meant it was harder to play with the physics. I also feel that you should have a circle around trees that shows exactly where you will turn into a ball - often I was just guessing. Overall, a good effort!

I also had a barrier disappear on my first attempt - not sure what happened there.

The art in this game is stunning! I also love the concept. It flips the whole gameplay loop of a tower defense game on its head. I think you could have done a little more with it, though - the trees could have been more interesting, and it might be cool if you could place some more interesting things to corral the enemies than just walls. There weren't many tactical decisions to make. I also found that the trees occasionally spawned too far away to reach the enemies, and my walls had to be used elsewhere - maybe touch up how the trees are spawned. Overall, an excellent interpretation of the theme!

Nothing appeared in the game - I was just looking at an empty outer space environment. Is there something I have to do?

We are planning on adding that type of movement after the jam. Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! After the jam, we're planning on adding a tile-based movement system, so that you move one tile at a time. That should fix your issue :)

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Thanks! It looks like my teammate python-b5 submitted our game to this stream without telling me.


Thanks! Who is Taco? Could you send me a link to his stream?

Thanks for playing our game! The goal of the game wasn't to make the lights "out of control", as in chaotic, but rather to take your power of what you can look at away. We appreciate your feedback!

Sorry for the unclear instructions - you have to press Z to enter the level. I hope you enjoy the game!

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Thanks for the great feedback! We're planning on expanding this game at some point after the jam, so we'll take your criticisms into account. We are aware of the issue with the ice - we're planning on fixing it in the first update.

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Unfortunately I couldn't figure out what to do ... I'm unable to rate this.

It just seems to be Pong ... ?

Nice job! This type of game has been done many times before, however. I also think this game might be better if you had taken more of a puzzle direction - a few levels did show that potential :) I also didn't find the art very appealing. A good attempt!

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Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game.


The art and music are pretty good in this game - especially the music. As others have said, it's very relaxing. However, the gameplay doesn't have much depth, and there isn't enough here to keep me entertained for more than a few minutes. The controls were slippery to the point of uncontrollable, and often the shark caught me simply because the bird wouldn't move away from it fast enough. Overall, good job!

Your game fits the theme well, but I found it quite boring gameplay-wise - I barely got to do anything. It also was very slow, and I was mostly just waiting for the money to flow in. It was also quite easy - my power seemed to increase at the same rate as the enemies'. I would add more variation to the enemies and add more for the player to do. 

Unfortunately, I was unable to run the game - something about my GPU :( It sounds great, though!

Thanks for playing our game! We're planning on changing the game to work with tile-based movement after voting is over, which should relieve some of your issues. We're also planning on adding an undo feature.