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Really clever puzzles and amazing graphics! The mechanics are unique and thought-provoking, and I loved the different enemy types. A couple times I was having trouble getting the chip-switching to work, but I think it was just a minor bug. I do think the game could be a little clearer when you can and can’t perform certain actions. I also think it could really do with some music. But overall, very creative and fun puzzler!

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The graphics and atmosphere are really unique, great work on that! I haven’t played anything else like it. I did feel the gameplay was a bit simple and didn’t have much to say. I think the simple gameplay and great atmosphere might work really well in a more story-based game - it seems there must be an interesting reason these two people are travelling together. Just a random idea. Anyway, ice job!

The concept is cool and I liked how the game tests your reaction times! I wish there were other, more interesting enemy types (maybe there are later, I didn’t get all the way to the end) to spice things up - maybe they move or something? I also thought the screenshake was a bit too much. But I liked the combination of quick reactions and puzzling, and the graphics were top notch. Good job!

Creative and deceptively challenging. I love the two different forces you control, it was a cool dichotomy and a simple yet complex control scheme. I also liked that since you aren’t controlling the ship/fish directly, sometimes it’s hard to get them to do what you want. With the debris as well, there’s a lot of strategy for such a simple game. I do think it might work better on a larger, scrolling map, through, so you don’t get trapped on the edge. Nice job!

Nice and simple, I like it! The sound effects and game feel are top notch, and it works flawlessly. I found the best strategy was hiding within your own ranks so they could protect you, which is cool and very creative. I think in future versions, it could use some more depth, but this is great for a game jam!

What an adorable little game! The cutscenes were amazing, just like a storybook. The environment was charming too. I wish the gameplay involved some more “friendship” (if that makes sense), since most of the game is just fetch quests. But this works too, and it’s really cozy. Nice work!

By the way, in terms of bugs, the game kept getting confused which way was forward, so I might check that out.

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The game is really interesting, and I loved all the different options for framing. I also liked the aesthetic, it was reminiscent of early PC games. It’s unfortunate the ending doesn’t work, since I have no idea if I was on the right track, but I may come back to try again after the jam! Even once you fix it, though, I suggest adding more info than just “you failed”, since that can be frustrating when trying to solve a complex puzzle. I do think it was a bit text-heavy - perhaps some of the info in the file could be spread throughout the game world. In fact, there were a few rooms that seemed to be empty, so maybe those could help with that. Overall, very fun and interesting entry! I can see this as a full-length spin on a detective game.

A well-put together and gorgeous puzzle game. The concept is simple and brilliant, reminded me almost of a card game. Unfortunately something was wrong on my end and I didn’t get any audio, but the graphics are stellar. I felt the difficulty never really stepped up, but I didn’t get quite to the end. But overall, amazing work!

This one is really fun! I’ve played a bunch of fishing games this jam, but all of them are just about avoiding the fishermen. This is a lot more creative and funnier. The graphics and music are also super cute. I think my favourite part is the fish movement, it’s super fluid and I love the bullet time. I’d love if there was a bit more challenge as you get more points - maybe some more things to avoid underwater or something. Great work!

Really neat aesthetic, almost a little voxel-y! I also loved the “super-chicken”, very funny. I wish the gameplay or concept had a bit more depth to it - it doesn’t go much further than just running from item to item and occasionally powering up. Overall, though, nice work!

The concept is really neat and I liked the puzzle elements here. The sound effects were hilarious, probably my favourite part! I was a bit confused because I felt it started about at a point of equilibium, so while I built things for fun, I felt like I was just making it harder for myself. Not sure how that might be fixable though. Nice job!

A fun and unexpected puzzle game! I liked learning the different enemy types and how to use the floor hazards to my benefit. My favourite mechanic was the coin that the hero beelines for, it added a lot of strategy. I felt that a lot of the levels (especially early ones) are very similar to each other - some new mechanics or more varied level design could really help this one shine. Nice work!

This one is really clean! I liked the writing and the concept a lot. I thought a few of the clues were a bit confusing, and I’m not sure why there were colours at all if I wasn’t told which ones to use, but I really enjoyed this solo version of Pictionary. Great work!

This is very impressive, especially for one person. The graphics are cohesive and pleasing, and the gameplay is appropriately hectic. I loved the idea of managing windows! Sim management games like this always stress me out, but I know they’re supposed to! I felt like maybe a few of the tasks here weren’t immediately clear - I never figured out the plant task, for example. There were also a lot of stats on the right I never fully understood the purpose of. I think with a proper tutorial, this game could really shine as a fun little management game!

Wow! I don’t often play game jam games all the way through, but this one had me hooked right to the end. The concept is incredibly creative, the writing is sharp and topical, and the puzzles are solid. If I had to give one critique, a few of the puzzles relied on some tight timing, but that’s just a nitpick. I loved how the writing and gameplay intertwined - I could imagine I was a Radish Boy fan disappointed by the new game, lol.

One of the most creative games I’ve played this jam, excellent work!

An interesting concept for a kind of bullet hell style game! The aesthetic especially is delightful, I loved the cute little bowling ball park. The well-placed sound effects added a lot of character too. I felt that the method of movement was a little awkward, especially the way you moved automatically. I guess it just felt a little jumpy. Maybe that could be smoothed out a little bit. Overall, very cute game! I like it a lot.

The concept of this one immediately grabbed me, and I wasn’t disappointed. I liked the puzzle aspect a lot, and the idea of reputation was really cool. I wish I could talk to the customers instead of just accepting or rejecting their trade, so I could make decisions and learn intel. While I liked the hint system, I also felt it was very confusing to keep track of who was who, so maybe there could be a way to keep notes in game?

Overall, very creative and interesting entry! I think it might be cool if you could choose which side to support through your actions, kind of like Papers, Please (which this game actually reminded me a lot of!). I’d love to see this as a full release!

The concept is really clean, and I see a lot of potential for puzzles here - I was disappointed there weren’t more! Gameplay-wise, the only issue I had was that it was difficult to shoot down over an edge, and often there was some awkward shuffling and jumping there. I liked the presentation too, some nice simple pixel art. Overall, I think it just needed more content, but that’s understandable for a solo game jam project. I look forward to seeing more!

Cool to see a rhythm based entry! The concept is super creative, and the music is a jam. The whole game gave me some cool SUPERHOT-esque vibes. I’m also impressed with the 3D environments you were able to design so quickly. I liked the idea of having to find the next enemy, but it was often frustrating trying to do is so quickly, and a lot of the levels boiled down to memorization. I also feel like the gameplay needed a bit more depth. But overall, I’m very impressed!

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Thanks for playing all the way through. Controlling the interview sounds fun, but we were up against the wire just getting this done!

First off, the art and music are stellar! A very nice vibe here. I did find the pace very slow, especially at the beginning, and it often felt like I was losing trees through no fault of my own - I just wasn’t being given water to defend myself. I think with a few more mechanics to spice things up and a bit of balancing, this could be a great strategy game!

The game has a really clean look, and the concept is very interesting. I also enjoyed finding the different effects of the apps and trying to strategize around them. I did feel the mouse cursors moved way too fast - it was extremely punishing and made them game less relaxing than I think it should have been. I also think the goal of the game isn’t well communicated, and it boils down mostly to trial and error. Overall, though, well done!

I like the art a lot, especially the cute little ghosts! I did find the timing really tight on a lot of the objects (springs especially) and it was hard to line up and click each one before the player walked into spikes. Some sort of slo-mo when possessing objects could really help. Nice work overall!

I like the art and sepia style a lot! I also thought the puzzle design here was really solid, and it’s impressive just how many you managed to get done in 48 hours. If I had any advice, it would be to shrink the number of moves per level, or at least make them all visible at once, because it was often difficult to keep track of. Great work!

The concept behind this one is really cute, and I liked the storybook aesthetic! I haven’t seen a lot of minigame-focused entries, so this is very unique. I think it could do with a few more minigames, but only a few is understandable for 48 hours.

In terms of bugs: as others have noted, the crown game doesn’t seem to work, although I could tell it was supposed to be about balancing. Thanksfully you couldn’t lose on that one either! The game also never seemed to end, even though the prince reached the castle.

Overall, a very nice entry!

The art is really clean, and the mechanics are simple and creative! I think the game might flow a bit better if you could move your sword whenever, not just when the knight attacks, and if the knight didn’t stop running to swing. I also think it could do with some sort of ramping challenge - maybe the knight gets faster - so it gets harder as time goes on. Nice work, I think this game would work especially well on a touch screen!

The art style is awesome, and I liked how polished it was! Unfortunately it was a bit too confusing to get the hang of. I wasn’t sure what my goal was or what the lose conditions might be, and the in-game text wasn’t explaining it to me. I’d love to give this another try with a proper tutorial. Impressive work!

The game is nice and relaxing, and I really liked the graphics! I found the way the camera moved very disorienting though - I had trouble even knowing which way was up, and sharks could easily creep up on me. I also found the controls a bit awkward, but I think I’m just used to inverted up and down in games like this. Overall, though, nice work, very chill!

Glad you enjoyed! We plan on speeding up navigation after the rating period.

Thanks a lot! I’m glad you liked the music.

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Love the voice acting! The game has a lot of charm, and this is a really nice way to justify “roles reversed” thematically. I found some of the level design a bit confusing though, particularly level 7 - none of the angles seemed to line up on that one, and the flight path had a weird limit on its length. In terms of glitches, I noticed the retry button didn’t seem to work, which it seems others have as well. Overall, great work, a concise and charming little puzzle game! I particularly enjoyed the music.

Really cool and timely concept. All the characters were really fun, and I liked how the challenge ramped up with multitple loot boxes. I felt that the smoke when you brake really obscured the rewards (that may be intentional, but I found it a bit frustrating). Great job!

The concept here is really creative, and I liked the two “Cosmic God” characters a lot. I wish you didn’t have to place the traps on the fly - I’d like to be able to put more thought into them and place them before the next run. Overall, impressive work!

Art is super cute, and I love the narrative concept! I feel so bad for the big boss. I do wish the combat was a little more involved. Nice work!

Fun concept and I loved the variety of enemy types! I also really liked the graphics. I felt like the small ghosts had a bit too much health, which made them stick around for too long. Nice work overall!

I like the hectic energy in this a lot! I do feel like the difficulty never really ramped up, and I was usually able to keep it to one enemy on screen at a time. Maybe up the spawning rates later on? Nice work, especially solo!

It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but I really enjoyed the gameplay loop! Nice looking map and relaxing vibes. I think this could make a cool sort of endless runner type game. I would have loved some music and maybe a few more machanics as you get further!

I love the concept, and the game had a chill vibe I really liked. I wish I could see what different items did to add some more strategy. I also felt there was no time to read the interesting narration at the bottom because I had to focus on catching items. I feel like a cool larger release could be made from this, nice work!

Graphics are stunning, and the game is a very creative take on the theme! I like the idea of not just avoiding the hooks yourself, but trying to protect your children. I wish there was some way to wriggle free of the hook if you are caught - might remove a bit of frustration when you instantly die by clipping a hook. Overall, great job!

That’s a cool idea! I can see this one as a very fun full release.