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Thanks for the feedback :D

Thanks for the feedback, I agree the popup is a bit annoying :(

Thank you :D

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A lot of people had issue with the popup screen but thats for playing :) Also the dash stat doesn’t really do anything since I didn’t have time to finish it :(

Sorry about that, a lot of people had the same issue, definitely going to change that after the jam :)

A lot of people had the same issue, thanks for playing though :D

Yep you’re right, thanks for the suggestion :D

Thanks for the feedback :D

It’s crazy how I didn’t know it was a dice until you pointed it out :)

Nice art and great gameplay :)

Nice original idea with great challenges!

Very fun idea overall :)

The idea is fine and creates fun puzzles but amazing artwork!

Thanks for the long and detailed feedback :)

Great game that suited the theme and fun to play :) Awesome!

Thanks so much!

Hey there, ready for a story?

It’s unfortunate that I don't have any windows devices meaning that I won’t be able to play your game, however. I would like to say that your game page could be brightened up with maybe a few screenshots so that even people who can’t play could get a sense of what’s going on. From what other people have said, great job on finishing your game!

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Definitely going to be also leaving a book in your game comment section :)

Thanks :D

Nice arcade like game :) The narration is pretty funny :D

Thanks for the feedback :)

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Thanks for the feedback :) A lot of people had the same issue, I’m definitely going to fix them after the game jam.

Thanks for the feedback :) A lot of people felt the pop up was annoying so I’m gonna change it after the jam!

Nice game!

The random stats were supposed to randomly slow you down, decimate your health, etc. Sometimes it isn't noticeably because of how little the time between each randomization is.

Awesome game :) Love that the health bar is a dice and also the twist where dice spawns cannons! The pixel graphics are also amazing, well done!

Great idle game! Love the concept :) But why no Mac download :(

Great concept and it’s very polished for a 48 hour game jam :)

Nice, a great twist on the casino genre. Nicely done!

Thanks for playing :)

Thank you :)

Glad you liked it :)


Glad you liked the game!


Thanks :)

Thanks for pointing out the auto clicker issue and giving awesome feedback, definitely something else on the list of things to work on! :)

no worries :D

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Thanks for your feedback, a lot of people have said the same thing, once the jam is over, I’ll be sure to make a option to stop the popup window :)

Thanks for the feedback! Probably should have made it so the pop up was optional :)