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Really cool idea for a platformer! The controls feel super tight and satisfying to use. I think it would be nice if I had an easier-to-use attack than slamming into enemies, since that seemed to damage me as well and was kind of difficulty to target correctly.

Really cool idea! Feels like an escape room in video game form. I really like the idea of travelling between two times (I think) to fix a ship.

Really cool idea! I did get kind of confused by the second level, and couldn't really figure out how it works once you have multiple actions bound to the same key. Also it seemed like I got stuck after making one invalid move, which was confusing.

Cool idea! I like the idea of building a path in front of you as you go, and different blocks having different effects. I do think it got a bit repetitive fairly quickly, and once I understood what I was doing there wasn't much challenge. Maybe if there were different obstacles in the level you have to get over it could keep the challenge fresh for longer.

cool idea! Definitely satisfying to play, and fun trying to keep the planets alive. It definitely did feel like it was hard to keep more than one alive at a time though, and I never fully understood how the score worked. It seemed like I lost so many points for losing a planet that even if I was able to get my score pretty high, it would just go back down.

Really fun game! It was interesting to have to pay attention to the moving character as well as the aim of the turret to make sure I could keep firing without hitting myself. I really like the enemy variety and the choice of upgrades you can get, although I did feel like upgrading fire rate was by far the best choice. It would have been nice if I could get some health back, since it did seem like there was some degree of unavoidable damage.

Really cool idea! I love the idea of combining two animals to get both of their abilities. The puzzles flowed really well together, and I liked the different abilities. I think the most important thing to improve the game for me would just be adding in some sound effects and music.

This is a really cool idea, and you executed it really well during the 48 hours! Placing down tiles then exploring them from a completely different perspective was super satisfying! There are a few pieces of feedback I had:

  • A skip button would be nice, if I don't want to place any more pieces or move any more.
  • Given I pretty much have unlimited control over the dungeon layout, I could pretty much just avoid any combat encounters.
  • The buttons in the win/lose screens to go to the next level or restart didn't seem to work some of the time. I wasn't sure what was up with that.
  • It says "your wounds have been healed" at the end of the level, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't actually healed.

You're actually the first person to mention the guitar, but I definitely agree! That was something I though about a few times during development but never got around to changing, but that definitely threw me off a few times while playing as well. And of course, as most people have pointed out, the difficulty definitely doesn't ramp up enough as you said.

Yeah, if there was time I would ideally have liked to put in an interactive tutorial rather than just an instruction screen, but you know, game jams. And the difficulty is a recurring piece of feedback that I also agree with wholeheartedly. All enemies except for maybe the basic chasey ones should have more damage probably.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Yeah, it's hard to ever get enough juice, especially in a game jam, but some more particles, sounds, and camera shake could definitely help. I agree that shorter waves would be good. Initially we were going to have the waves timed to the music, but eventually went with them just being 2.5 minutes each if I remember right. Glad you enjoyed it after more enemies started spawning!

I can't figure out how to score any points, no matter how close I get to the yellow car! I also never really got the hang of the controls. Maybe some more teaching at the beginning could help to make things more clear.

Neat idea! We've definitely seen a lot of takes on controlling multiple characters at once in this jam, but this is a really cool version of it! I thought the level "to join or not to join" (I think that's what it was called) was really well done, and it took me a while to figure out! I did wish that the undo button worked on crates as well as characters, but I imagine this is already a known bug.

Really neat idea! Reminds me a lot of those puzzles where you have to figure out how to take it apart without using any force, which isn't really something I've seen in a video game format before! I think it would have helped if the physics were a bit less bouncy, but obviously video game physics can have issues like that and solving it might not be doable within a game jam. Really cool and novel entry!

I like the idea a lot! Slingshotting is pretty fun as a mechanic, but in this case I think you may be demanding a bit too much precision from the player. It took a lot of tries just to get past the second level, and I got stuck on the fourth with the super narrow platforms. I'm not sure what the answer to this one is exactly, but I definitely needed a bit more flexibility in the aiming. It also would have been super helpful to see a hint over which character you're currently flinging, as a few times I accidentally shot the wrong character.

Really neat take on controlling two characters! It was especially cool when I realized that the characters themselves could cross the boundary into the other half of the screen. It did feel a little bit too punishing when I had to go back to the start of a level for dying, which happened I think at a long jump at the third level. A bit of "coyote time" might have helped some of the jumps feel a bit more doable.

Lots of cool ideas here! Having to balance between controlling two characters can make for some really interesting challenges. I think one way to explore this idea more would be to have both characters in a combat encounter at the same time, but have the rooms be slightly different so you have to actually pay attention to both screens, although it's also possible that that would make it too difficulty to actually play. I liked the idea of having one character have to fight the boss while the other character balances when to pick up potions, but I ended up just paying attention to my boss fighting character and ignoring the potions.

Glad you liked it so much, and that the lack of difficulty didn't stop you enjoying it!

Thanks! Yeah, the lack of difficulty is by far the most common feedback we've gotten, and I definitely agree, but I'm glad it didn't detract from the game to much for you. I also agree that some kind of hint about what each gem does would be helpful, so it's easier to predict what each combo will be.

Yep, charge weapons are probably the weakest (both in terms of fun and effectiveness). That one remaining enemy thing happened to me too one time, when I was testing right after the jam ended. Sorry it happened to you as well!

Thanks! Yeah, I think if we were doing it again I might try to come up with something other than charging as the fourth upgrade type, since that one kind of slows down the pace, but I'm glad you liked the yellow + red combo. And agree that some of the explosion sound effects are a bit extreme.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, I definitely agree that all the enemies except maybe the most basic ones should do more damage.

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Man, a game jam game just has no right being this good! I had a great time playing this, and I love the idea and the abilities you get! The only real feedback I have is that it took me a while to understand the grappling ability, so I think that emphasizing teaching that more could be helpful. I also found the wall jump to be rather cumbersome to use; I think wall jumps in platformers like Hollow Knight and Ori don't require you to hold the direction you're jumping in when you use the ability, since you can just send the player away from whatever wall they're stuck to.

Cool idea! I think it might be more interesting if the characters could be controlled semi-independently, or at least if there was some kind of non-perfect joint between them. Because they control as a single unit, it felt more like just a normal platformer.

The lasso seems really cool, but I'm not really finding it effective against the zombies. Since they always move towards you, it's easy to get them into a group and kill them all with one grenade, without using the lasso at all. Also, as far as I can tell you need one grenade per wave in order to kill the zombies, but when I got to wave 3 I didn't get a grenade and thus couldn't progress any further.

This game provides a great balance of fun and challenge! I really liked having to keep track of a few things at once, like making sure the ball didn't blow up, making sure I didn't get hit by the ball or the asteroids, hitting the asteroids with the ball, and collecting the pink dots. It felt like there was enough going on at once to be engaging, but it didn't feel overwhelming. The only suggestion I have really is to make the tractor beam a bit stronger, since it didn't really feel like I had much control over the ball.

Very fun and satisfying to just keep hitting the slimes! At the end, I wasn't really sure if I had won or lost, it just said game ended. One thing that might have been interesting would be to get rid of the attack button, and force the player to use inertia in order to slam the ball into slimes, but it works this way too.

I like the idea a lot! I could definitely see myself playing this a lot longer, but I did get stuck a couple times because the bomb seems to go off with no warning (the fuse doesn't seem to actually move to show the countdown). Once it blows up and says you lose, it seems to let you keep playing but didn't let the camera move.

Cool idea! I think this could work really well as something in the style of Getting Over It, where you can easily lose a lot (or all) of your progress by making one mistake. However, I don't think making the player manually reset the whole game works very well, because they might not know when they need to. I personally had trouble figuring out where I was supposed to go at times, such as when I hit the first button after climbing the hill.

Cool game! I like the idea of doing more damage when you have lower health, but I think in this case I wasn't finding any motivation to actually let my health drop - doesn't it make more sense to just take as little damage as possible, and let the extra damage at low health be a bonus? Maybe an ammo or time limit could help, although this could also just feel punishing.

This is great! Really gave me some Stanley Parable vibes with the meta narrator, and it's a cool way of controlling a character. One cool thing to see might be to have the boss be another puppet you have to fight, or making the enemies attack in some way, although I definitely appreciate that this must have taking a lot of time as it is.

Really cute game, and cool idea! Overall, the game did a good job of teaching me the mechanics, although it did take until I think the third level for me to figure out if I was controlling the characters or the wheel. Level 4 was the trickiest I think, because I had forgotten that I could jump, and it was a bit hard to actually make the required jump.

Cool take on the theme! As I think other people have mentioned, it's definitely not ideal to restart from the beginning of the game. It also would be cool to see more variation in how the zombies chase/interact with you, which might create ways to level up the difficulty beyond increasing the number of zombies/graves.

I like the idea, and the visuals are really good! The game is fun to play, but I never really found that I needed to drop the turret in order to do anything, especially since enough health is provided that I could just keep getting it.

Really cool take on the two characters attached by a chain idea! The presentation was really good, the difficulty ramped up nicely, and the weight and inertia felt really good. I got stuck on level 14, but think I made it most of the way through.

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you found the combos and synergies exciting!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game!

I'm glad you liked it!