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Awesome game, really enjoy the concept, I see two difficulty modes here, normal which is what you have right now and a hard core which is no controls listed just a number of moves you are allowed (so you might have 5 bars but no suggestions/requirements for how they are used.)   This could make things a lot harder or a lot easier, would definitely require some play testing.

Also noticed the collider around the ground stuck out quite a bit from the tile, while this generally can be useful for making long jumps I found it more hindering that I often jumped too close to the invsible wall and didn't make it onto the platform.  If you like where the collider is now in terms of the jump distance I would recommend implementing a slip feature which pulls you around the corner if you catch the corner of the collider.

Music, animation and sfx felt awesome and really cohesive and immersive.

So I did not get a chance to play this one during jam and I am really upset about that.   I love this game.  Smooth simple concept extremely well implemented and love the graphics and audio.   Only time I felt frustrated (not just bad) was with the size of some of the springboards, a few of the actual corridors that you can spring down are very narrow but the springboard was quite wide and allowed for a lot of "accurate" jumps that then proceeded to bounce you into death.  The speed of reload made that headache minimal though.   I would also just check, it felt like a couple of times I shifted very quickly to a faster moving ring with a very tiny response gap (aka asteroids coming up very soon), if that is the case (and it wasn't just me not watching closely enough) I would try to shift the camera angle to telegraph that a bit more.   If your choices are instant reaction or death it's usually good to know about that before you have to restart the level when you are on the last ring :)

Definitely needs more levels and this could be expanded upon, there are tons of other mechanics you can add in this, to shift his direction similar to but completely different from the springboards.  

Played this during the Jam and already really enjoyed.   Definitely moving along the right track, excited to check out Updates 2 and 3 when released.   Only major issue I ran into was a personal lack of precision dealing with a floatier jump :)

I definitely enjoyed seeing the controls more and understanding a bit better what was happening to me.  Possibly a bit more explanation as to what the two boxes mean, I did eventually figure it out but it involved dying which is never fun :)

For the jumping section, I couldn't tell if it was just I am bad at games or if it was too floaty a jump for not having a back control.   Being able to float forward but not backwards essentially meant if you didn't make the first jump perfect there was no point in continuing the run as you would evenutally be off pattern with the jumps, that could be as designed but I didn't enjoy that section I just brute forced through.

Really enjoyed the update.

Unfortunately I didn't play this one during the Jam so I can't quite make a comparison, I did find the tutorial while walking you through the basics of doesn't do a great job of explaining the actual controls, perhaps on level one you could make it two moves (introduce the shifting keys right away) and then level 2 introduces the up down shifts.   I would also explain on level 3 using walls to shift.    These first couple levels aren't so much puzzles but education of the mechanics.

I love the SFX, really felt the movement with that.

I think this was mostly on me but there was a couple of instances of "running into to walls" to move keys and I lost track of which direction I was going, that got frustrating fast.

Awesome concept and really nice implementation.

I enjoy the theme and concept.   I had some very large issues with targeting a specific enemy who I just could not kill.   It seemed to be a collision error but it was hard for me to tell from the way it was happening.

I successfully knocked him off, insanely silly but hilarious.

I see lots of potential here, it's a cool concept but there are definitely some challenges in the current version.   Great work on such a massive scale for 48 hours, you really should push this further and see what comes out of it in the end.

So to start, you definitely need to continue developing this, it was an amazingly fun puzzler for 48 hours.  Working through a couple of simpler levels introduction the various features and explaining them would be highly recommended.  Love these will definitely be following future development of this.

very well implemented version of this concept.   I love the little twist on who is herding who.   Definitely worth exploring how you keep your players engaged after the first few rounds.

I love this,  just the description alone had me laughing.    Great concept and extremely well implemented.   The controls are really wonky and hard to get ahold off but it can be, barely, controlled.   I do find the infection rate might be happening a bit too fast, especially given the length of time required to collect an item, the small bubble and the length of trails left by the other shoppers.   A bit of play testing there will balance this nicely and make an awesome game :)

Avery unique take on the out of control theme.   I really enjoyed this and it reminded a lot of the really old game ski free.    Had a slight issue with the jump drifting in the air, at least at super high speeds, but generally everything was really response and well done.    Great concept and implementation.

Awesome twist combined with brilliant execution.    Love the graphics, music and pretty much everything about the design of this game.     There is a pretty big difficulty curve in trying to avoid the lock-on tower and almost all the other towers (I experienced).   Might be worth making that a more expensive tower or altering it's target selection.   Loved this.

A really cool concept I have seen much of in this jam.   Definitely felt chaotic and out of control.   I don't really have any complaints that haven't already been touched on by other commenters.   Very enjoyable once you figure it out.

I don't know what I was expecting going into this, but this was not it.   This was AMAZING though.   really enjoyed the way the attacks worked and varied.   A great take on the concept of constantly changing controls.   Definitely needs a bit of a tutorial, it took me a bit to understand the counters.       I was able to generate a fatal error at one point, If you need more information on that I can be reached on the GMTK discord.   Thanks for the amazing game.

Excellent brain teaser.   Very polished smooth  movement.   I really enjoyed everything about this, only thing I would change is have the world wrap a bit tighter, the gap between disappearing and appearing was too bad, but it was noticeable.  Amazing game, let alone amazing game for 48 hours. :)

So I love the graphics and the feel of the game.   The concept was really unique to me and highly enjoyable to play with once I figured it out.   A tutorial or some explanations on the first level would really help eliminate some of the trial and error I went through.    I didn't hear any audio, not sure if there was any or it didn't make the cut due to time.   Also the download version was unplayable for me because most of the game screen was over the top of my display for some reason and I couldn't adjust it.   Lots of potential here and I really enjoyed trying to beat my previous shortest path.   Well done.

This is amazingly detailed for 48 hours.   It's a really cool concept and well layed out interface.   I spent a lot of time in this game and I feel I had some really bad RNG which caused one game to end very fast and another drag on forever.   Once we are able to post changes to our games I would suggest a lot of playtesting and tweaking the cards and initial spawn rates to see what it takes to put playtime in that sweet spot where it's fun but not overwhelming.    Amazing concept and implementation.  Great work.

Amazing job for 48 hours.   A relatively simple movement mechanic that made things terrifyingly challenging at certain moments.    In it's current state not a lot of replay value, but trying to navigate a maze with that mechanic could be really fun.   Love the art and the physics, I won't say much about the sound, you talked about it below and as you say, only so much can be done in 48 hours :)

Should we talk first about how awesome this was or how stupid I felt when I finally put a few things together?   Brilliant concept, the narration lines added wonderful flavour to the already confusing world.   Developing along this concept for a VR escape room would be AMAZING.   Great job guys

Once you get the rhythm playing this as a single player is relatively easy (relatively is definitely the key word in this sentence.)   Playing this as two players was laughable (not just because we were crowded around where I had my keyboard positioned).   Beautiful art, spectacular physics, wonderful smooth movement controls and the responsivness to the power of the stroke was great.    My only suggestion is a bigger field of play, on a few of the puzzles it was almost impossible not to go out of bounds, while this would lower the diffculty a small amount I am pretty sure this could be overcome with a few well placed rocks or bouys.   Really well done job.

Fun clever little timed jump puzzles worked well.    I love the character and the design of the whole place.   A couple of the camera angles made completing a puzzle on the first try a bit of challenge as you couldn't really see how far you had to fall/rise.   Still super enjoyable, would really like to see what changes you make and the number of puzzles expanded.   Great work.

I admit going into this one I wasn't too excited, it's not usually my genre.   That being said it was a lot of fun.   The art was perfectly fitted to the feel of the game and the implementation of the menu system was quite easy to use.   The initial few seconds of gameplay set you up to brilliantly overwhelmed once you annoy the intergalactic invaders enough.   Amazingly well done.

I am surprised this is the first pinball game I have played this Jam, although I did not think of it before this pinball pretty much epitomizes out of control gaming.   Had a few issues with the ball slowing floating in a straight line off the side of the screen and dying.   Other than that felt like a choatic pinball game :)   Multiple balls and switching "levels" could be handled a bit better it was a bit hard to tell but it felt like one ball transitioned and the other one just stayed where it was on the screen but switched screens,   might be better to just force a transition on the second one momentarily afterward.

Awesome job!

Ahhhhh, app bites me again!

Really cool concept of the of the changing weapons and nicely implemented,  I do feel the cooldown on firing was too slow, I spent way more time running around bored, especially after throwing away a weapon I couldn't use.   It also felt like the machine gun(?) regularly misfired (or the bullet had a collision issue with my character.     The different enemie AI's were solid and I love the trying to juggle targets and weapons.   Really cool and well implemented concept.   You should definitely expand on this.

Awesome concept and implementation.   Love the art and the music/sfx fit amazingly well.   I was able to catch one bug, if you just play level 1 each time the level selector pops up it will still unlock the next level.  You can even do this after unlocking level 9 and it sends you back to the main menu similar to if you beat level 9.   I did replay all the levels just to experience the different tools and tricks you had implemented, I see a lot of potential for an amazingly challenging puzzler here.   well done.

Perfect music for this surprisingly intense survival shooter.   Love the little timer over his head letting you know when the change is coming and the slow ramp up in enemy spawn rates.   Really well designed and implemented for such a simple concept.   Well done.

Really clever implementation of the you control the controller.   The challenge was definitely all in the player and that made it great.    Love the concept and implementation.   Not sure what was up with the window size issue, but ctrl+mouse wheel up did not work for me, still playable even at that tiny size.

Great concept, really well implemented.   Love the various enemies and animations.   The controls were super smooth and once I remembered the wrap around world it got a lot more fun :)      Don't think I ever made it to the boss bottle but I had a ton of fun surviving as long as I did.

I love that you know the movement up front.    I definitely had at least one collision or sprite error where I died for no reason I could see, and I would maybe tweak the animation if a jump gets interrupted (if I block his jump he just kinda crouch floats).   Brilliant execution of the idea and theme, can't wait to play more :)

Brilliant little AI survival shooter.    Awesome art and sfx, really well implemented mechanics.   I can't believe you were able to write an AI for the robot in 48 hours, let alone do that and have it be that good.   Ran into the teleport off the map bug, but I was lucky as he teleported back.   While the AI is really really good for 48 hours it could definitely use some tweaking (or better feedback on why it is making certain decisions).    Awesome work.

Really fun little survival shooter.   Excellent movement controls, animations and targeting.  Need a little bit more feedback on the disabling, I often didn't find out something was disabled until it was causing me damage.    It would be good to have some form of feedback to let the player know something has changed (either a flash on the character itself or some sort of trigger to draw attention up to the UI).   Awesome work thank you

I love this, the art is stunning, the ambience is brilliantly maintained.   Everything fits together very well.   I do feel it's so well done that you may want a warning at the beginning, as this does tread on some dangerous territory.   Possibly a few more options on the activities bar that are not solo, friend, therapist, family, etc.   I am not entirely sure if there is a win state or not, and I don't honestly know whether there should be one or not, but I do like the idea of beating the plants back.   It's a delicate balance of them growing and retreating.     This was a beautiful and emotional trip, thank you for building this.

The graphics and audio were amazing.   I love the movement of my amoeba, I just wasn't very good at keeping myself from going back over my own path, I ran headlong into my own death so often it's not even funny, though I was still laughing :D

Really a spectacular game, simple intuitive and mind numbling challenging.   The tutorials were great, I understood everything immediately after and then just had to fight with my brain to manage the stack properly.   Very well done.

I have no idea if it's the almost pefect implementation of physicis or I was just really lucky, but I knew exactly where to rotate and how, it just felt so natural on the movement.   I generally find digital version of the marble labryinth don't feel the same as real ones but this one had it bang on.    Love this game and can't wait to see more levels.   Not sure if it was there, but I didn't get any audio.

Love the art and the concept.   Really solid implementation.   A few collision issues around the doorways in particular, but that's just play testing.    Timers do seem a bit tight but I still  felt like I was almost there.    Awesome game.

Simple beautiful, you aren't controlling chaos, but directing it.   Awesome physics, perfect sound effects and sound track.   If you could come up with a set of rules for making new "rooms" I could play this for almost ever.   Brilliant.