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Ranked from 92 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the theme?
Our game introduces a novel movement mechanic which requires the player to navigate an obstacle-laden asteroid field while spinning "out of control."

Did your team create the art for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all art during the game jam

Did your team create the audio for this game during the 48 hour time slot?


We created all audio during the game jam

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If mark brown plays this he is going to love the control scheme. Good idea. definitely lots of potench. Feedback would be more clear on purpose. maybe a second button to have a shield with a cooldown so you could smash through small asteroids with a juicy explosion. Also maybe zoom the camera out a bit more. I enjoyed playing this. Thanks and keep up the good work.


This was a lot of fun! A great idea and a great use of a simple mechanic, this game is challenging and rewarding. I only just got the hang of the circular movements, but the game's so cute and compelling I'm determined to bring my bee friend home! Also, puns in titles are always fantastic. Good job!


Its a fun game and I liked the idea and execution. I liked the one button controls and the circling mechanic worked nicely. Great job!


Loved it. I can't Bee-live this was done in 48 hours ; D


Omg such a cute character! Super original game here! Love the concept and fantastic execution! Really great fun! Awesome job! :D


I like the idea and one button gameplay, feels like it can become a good mobile game. It's fun to play, and the graphics is simple and unobtrusive.

The difficulty might be a bit high. I'd suggest you increase the movement speed gradually so the player can get used to it. Also, now there's no reason to "collect" the asteroids. I think you could change your scoring system to take time into account, or maybe add some kind of coins/health/etc that you need to circle in order to collect.

The audio had some issues (jetpack sounds stopped on the second level), and I think it'd be better to add some music.

Looks like a lot of critique, but I think it should be easy to figure out. The important thing is that you have a really good mechanic here. Great job!

I personally think it's a really well made game with interesting mechanics! It's a little challenging though as launching the bee from it's original rotation is randomized and I ended up hitting the rocks which caused my life to decrease. 

A few pointers to note though:
- The BGM was a bit annoying as it sounded just like a static in the background. It was kinda a small issue as I only needed to pull out my earpiece and continue playing the game. Just thought the music could be a lot better to enhance my playing experience

- I felt that the difficulty of the game could be lowered like for example making the whole map a bit bigger and the obstacles to be more spaced out so players can take their time to get used to the controls before attempting to conquer the game

Overall it was a really cool and fun mechanic and I really look forward to a more polished version of this! (if you ever planned on polishing it further)


This is a super original and creative movement system! I really love the creativity that went into this, and it feels really polished! The audio and visuals are really nice as well. The music did cut out for me after the first level, but I'm sure that will be simple to fix once the rating period ends. I found the game really challenging, but I could see myself eventually getting good at this movement system after practicing for a while. Nice job!


Amazing job for 48 hours.   A relatively simple movement mechanic that made things terrifyingly challenging at certain moments.    In it's current state not a lot of replay value, but trying to navigate a maze with that mechanic could be really fun.   Love the art and the physics, I won't say much about the sound, you talked about it below and as you say, only so much can be done in 48 hours :)


interesting idea and fun to play with, but i feel like i want more out of this game. i think there's a lot of room for future development where instead of the player going as they please and just trying to collect points, you have a series of maneuvers the player must perform to reach a goal. also, im sure youve heard this already but the audio needs some work (both the looping of the jetpack sound effect and the lack of music compound to create a not-so-great audio experience. but that's very minor). overall, you did a really good job with this game, and id be keen to see where you take it :D


OH man that's one cute bee!! Pretty cool concept, reaaally unforgiving and challenging, Once I got the hang of it it's pretty neat to play. I somewhat escaped the asteroids field and travelled for minutes in open space, it's just so satisfying to be able to trave without hitting stuff. Maybe you can take advange of that feelling through level design, spacing things a bit more or making large open areas. This is really amazing, it's also  a one button game which is kind of cool!. Nice job!

very fun game it will be a good mobile game since it only use 1 button


I really liked the aesthetics and simplicity of your game. I'd love to see a fully fleshed out version of this, or something along those lines, where you take the mechanic and expand on it in unique ways OuO I think that could be cool! :) 


I really enjoyed the simplicity of the one button gameplay and a nice take on the theme. Great job :)

This Game was fun. One of the best Game Jam games I've Played before!


Really fun game! I enjoyed the duel purpose design of the jet-pack both being movement and the way to get points. The use of the debris felt like genuine in-universe way to slow the bee down some.

If you wanted to continue to build, some sort of tutorial section where I could figure out how to play in game could be nice. Volume sliders would also be nice, I felt like the jet pack was just a little to loud. 

Overall fantastic! Good luck with the jam and your future game dev projects!


Oh wow, this was surprisingly fun. I bet this would make a great "one tap" phone game. My girlfriend thought the bees were adorable XD.


Yes, it was frustrating but I like the idea. I felt somthing is missing from the control, don't know, but also, I felt it could be a good game!


I thought this was a really cute, if frustrating game. The visuals are nice, but I feel that the whole "out of control" gimmick leads to more frustration than fun. Also, a weird thing is that when I first saw the yellow wormhole (which looks more like a black hole), my Super Mario Galaxy memories kicked in and I immediately assumed it was a hazard to avoid rather than the goal. But I think this game was pretty good overall.


Collecting the asteroids is far too easy, I'm afraid.


"Too easy" is certainly a first in terms of feedback we've gotten thus far,  you must have picked it up pretty fast! In later levels, enemies are introduced which dive bomb and shoot homing missiles at the player鈥搕hat could prove to be the greater challenge you're looking for 馃檪.

Thanks for your feedback!


Curse speed-reading for it has robbed my comment of nuanced understanding *shakes fist angrily towards sky*


Oh. Maybe not speed-reading as much as social ineptitude. *makes "whoosh" gesture above head*

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