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The art and concept here are fascinating. the execution needs a bit more flare and difficulty. I saw no health on me or the bosses (not that its necessary) but I spent almost 5 minutes shooting at the black and white ghost and it never died. The entire time I never felt scared since I couldn't seem to get hurt. All in all good job and fun concept.

Thanks you! Did you notice the level editor?

Well it does run if you get the .dll described! way to go on your first game. The graphics are fun. the music is catchy but a little repetitive. Honestly I think if you had approached it like "one finger death punch" where the enemies have one health instead of like 4 hits worth it would have been even better. keep up the good work!

Oh the Juice is so satisfying here. Controls are tight and work well. Great job!

Not bad guys. great as a pass time. simply impressive for a 48 hour creation. High Five!

yep I gave this full marks. Totally original fun take on a puzzle game. never really played anything like it. It took a bit to get used to but honestly. I hope this gets features because its fantastic!

Wow, you completed a 3D world in 48 hours. good job. ultimately got lost on my overall purpose but it was fun to explore and experiment. good job!

Very interesting atmosphere and sound effects. good job! I did find the single control to jump and move backwards both intriguing and frustrating. all in all good idea!

Just absolutely loved when the music really started played. and of course that first death. the final level really ramped up the difficulty and I LOVED IT. great job. just wish there were more levels and mechanics cuz honestly I would still be playing.

This is such a fun little Idea. I just really wish there was more of a game here! overall for what you do have in 48 hours. great job!!!

LOL the comments in this game are great. the concept and gameplay are a lot of fun! way to go. I did find the camera angle to be a little hard but overall the experience was great. good job!

Thanks for playing. its amazing how easy it felt for us in the end. (but of course we designed it and played a lot)

Thanks for giving it a shot. the controls are ultimately unique (especially for the arms) the real power in movement comes from the legs/rockets. the arms are used to right yourself and rotate effectively. Given time and experimentation you can get pretty good but of course I'm a creator so I'm biased. :P

Fun physics puzzler platformer. I liked how there was often more than one way to beat the level. kind of wish alternate routes had a special reward and was sad when the moving platform did not move me left to right. overall a fun experience. great job!

Lol the game closes when I push CTRL + W since Its a shortcut on my browser.  Really fun art and mix of puzzling and platforming. things make sense and work mostly how I expected. Great job! I had fun and that's what all games should do. :)

Definately a fun playground. everything felt fair and purposeful. I died first time starting it because I was literally surrounded by cacti but haha it was mostly funny. Great job!

The game, theme, world and setting are pretty awesome. great job. I found collision to be a little tricky, and wasnt sure how much health I had. overall it was a fun experience. keep up the good work.

Sound visuals and idea fit well together. movement could be frustrating but for the most part I felt like I was in control. Good job!

Whelp I failed, but it was fun while it lasted. haha, nice job! simply a good experience and fun to fail at (or succeed if you got skill).

Wow big thumbs up for having a cut scene. Double thumbs up for having it skip-able! (though I didn't skip first time) sweet chill music and gameplay, totally loved the experience you made here.

haha thanks, those were a lot of fun to figure out. We realized that the controls would be hard for people. the challenge of the game is mastering them. thanks for playing.

interesting. overall more of an experience than a game but you did great on a building an atmosphere and setting given the time. way to go. (you might have gotten me to jump when the glass broke. :P)

Art really looked good. Gameplay concept is a pretty ambitious one give the time  limit so good job getting done what you did.  keep up the good work.

This idea overall really impressed me. kept to the theme, tight easy to use controls. everything worked as advertised. fun to play and solve. overall a great job. high marks! if you get a chance feel free to checkout my teams submission. :)

I find the overall concept to be very interesting. basically each level is a decent mix of a puzzle and action platformer. overall I found the collision and physics of the game to be frustrating. Great concept and fun graphics for 48 hours. 

LOLZ. The atmosphere is pretty fun. the controls feel a little hard to use but overall its a fun experience. great job. I like the unique way of using the "one life" idea.

I love the idea and the controls all do exactly what you think they should. ultimately you get the desired rythm down within the first minute though and from there its almost too easy. some random events or something would really help I think. Overall, stellar job! If you get a chance, please checkout my teams game "ORSLA".

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honestly I gave this one full marks. We thought about a 1 tower tower defense but this take on it is just epic IMHO. Good job, well flushed out, fun graphics, effective sound, solid adherence to theme.

Idea is genius, controls intuitive, satisfaction is high! I could see this becoming a full epic game with some polish. great job!