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I liked it. I came in with low expectations and you blew me away. The 3 click system was really neat and the cascading effect being good or bad at the first had on the others was really interesting. I liked discovering that quite a bit. Controls were easy to understand and the art felt very consistent. Great job adding in a story of sorts and tutorial as well. Really impressed. 

Did you make this in a custom engine? I ask becuase I saw openAL which we use as well for our custom engine.

This is quite a great concept for a minigame within a game or even a starting point for something larger. I did find it a little too hard beat for me at this time but I may be just slow with reflexis. Would have loved if the enemies had Health bars and if your missed shots still shot something.

Good job. Keep up the good work.

Puzzle game with an undo button. You have succeeded. I think the hardest part is knowing what you have already done. I did not realize that I was editing the different sides for a long time and was jut running around confused for the first 2 levels until I completed them. I think having a UI at the top of the screen that shows you the faces on the last die you pushed would have helped a TON for understanding. As is I needed a pencil to keep track.

Solid puzzle game you made here though. The levels are challenging and full of the ahah effect. Great job, fun concept. keep up the good work.

Thank you. We are also working on a post jam version with better visuals, balanced mechanics and clearer tutorial startup.

A Depowerup! Why would you do this to me!?! I died like 5 times before I realized there were any powerups in the game. Then I got so excited to try them. Very satisfying gameplay. The sound effects and voiceovers are just awesome. The fact that the credits popup if you sit there long enough was really cool too. This was a very well thought out game. Great job and good luck in the jam. 15/15 from me.

I really tried to run this. different browsers and the unity link (which I couldnt get working for some reason though I do have unity) Would love to see like a link to a youtube video or something if you could. Otherwise. Good job on making something look cool and good luck next year. You can do it!

Highest score I got was 314. This is such a fun idea. The rampage style carnage is satisfying. Haha. I think the main thing I would tweak is camera left right movement and zoom it out a little. solid fun 3D entry to the jam with a hilarious take on the theme. Thank you for this. Keep up the good work.

The Feel, the art the fire rate. This was a fun feeling game with good feedback. It was easier than I first expected and the random events didnt change how I played much but it was fun and I kept playing for a while. Would love to see some juicy juicy when things die. The different enemy types were awesome adding good variety. Overall a solid entry in the Jam. Good Job.

This really came together well. I think you have such a fun product here and could see it expanded with unlockable dice skins, new tracks, multiplayer (local at least). This just put a solid smile on my face the whole time. I was not always sure what was the best choice but there were so many shortcuts and the AI was pretty forgiving. I got 2/10th place. Might get 1st someday. this is a solid 15/15 and going into my favorites for this jam so far.

I enjoyed this. Survived like 6 minutes and started fighting these giant Dice. the powerups were satisfying to trigger and leveling up felt good. I did keep getting ++ on things and was never sure if it would upgrade it more or was already maxed. Fun concept and cool effects and sounds to add to it. Had a good chill time. I do kind of wish the die roll was represented on hit with like a particle effect for the side it landed on or something for more feedback. Overall solid game for the gamejam!

I honestly think knowing the direction would be cool. you know they wont move until after you do so if that makes it a little easier you could just add a few more enemies. the tension of risking moving in while know you would be boxed in but might be able to escaped seemed appealing. 

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Solid fun easy to learn chill short puzzle game. Did you add the extra requirement spots to help guide players? I quite enjoyed my time here. The dropping sound effect made me smile everytime. Good job all around. The credits at the end were very satisfying. Thanks. I never used the spacebar button. I could see expanding this some by adding pads that take away your dots or spots that you slide across or teleporters. Anyways keep up the good work. 15\15

I found this game a neat, easy to understand adventure. sound and art choices made things easy to work with and ultimately it was a fun playthough. Thanks for that. I think the only thing I would have done differently is maybe shown where the enemies were going next as well. solid 15/15 for me.

Well that was a good idea. Simple controls and easy to understand goals. I quite liked the puzzle like dexterity concept of flinging the die around to get it to the end. music was a nice background filler and it was fun to complete. I think the main thing I didnt like was the invisible ceiling. I was never sure how high up I could go. Level 2 felt like it was a little too low of a ceiling. Good job for a jam game!

wow that is a cool idea and take overall. i did generally understand it from the tutorial but i guess was not sure as i watched battle play out. 

ok commenting now, will edit this later when i get a chance to play after work. this looks cool. i will follow my comment to play/rate/edit comment later. 

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The art style drew me in and I never looked back. Very fun, very big, very cool for a 48 hour game. Juice on health loss would be a cool addition and some text maybe when hovering over your guy telling you what they do since I was confused about the healer in particular for a long while. Thanks for this experience and good luck. 15/15 This deserves one of the top 100 for sure.

Sorry I must have missed the final score bit somehow. I meant to say that the cover art you made here was really cool as well.

Scored $2310. That was a fun concept. I love that you could swap out you die faces over time. Really good take on a simple, easy to learn design. Some extra juicy animation for money earned and lost when plopping down a new piece would be epic. Also more level designs that are maybe not square could be fun. Great job!

The artwork here is just so fun! really great job there. Music was fun and set a good atmosphere. Animations were well done and easy to understand. I never got much gold so not sure of all the mechanics for the shops. I could see this idea expanding with a lot of different encounters and upgrades. As is, great job for a 48 hour game!

Ok this have has some really cool polish to it. The lighting, physics, animations and art just flow so well. The satisfaction of rolling the dice is just juicy. I did not realize I could use my mouse for the longest time and got stuck being unable to swim under water but I quite enjoyed my time here. Good job on the design and music as well. Thanks for this experience.

Would love to hear what you think of our little project.

Haha this is so silly. the controls were a little hard to get used to but the presentation was steller. Great job on the design and idea. I would love some larger text for things but I got the hang of it I think.

That was really creative and hard. had me thinking and hoping and wishing and dreaming. I didnt quite understand the blocking vs attacking part. Would love to have some sort of upgrades or see different dice other than a D6 (becuase it would look cool with what you did here). All in all it was cool and I had fun. Oh maybe add a score to record/beat. Also the music and sound effects really added to the experience. Thanks for this.

Would love to hear what you think of our take on the theme.

Its a full golf game with lots of levels. Good job! this was fun to play and addicting. I found the dice mechanic to be a rather fun twist for power levels. I think being able to change directions for aiming quicker would be nice. All and all, good job!

I survived 8 rounds. Really simple and addicting loop. Thanks for that. Good job making an RPG and 48 hours. I would have liked a little more understanding of how the battles played out but a win is a win.  congratz.

Music kept hooked, gameplay was fun. I never did quite understand what why I did damage sometimes and other times did not. Overall it was a cool concept and well executed. Good Job!

Thank you for your feedback. We really wanted to get a tutorial fight in but honestly only programmed in the different dice during the final hours of the jam so we just knew something needed to be there. Balancing and more ideas coming after jam for sure.

That was very cool and well done. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing I would have liked is some highlighting of the end button so I knew when I was over it or clicked it. The UI was well done though and the music really set the mood. Really amazing for 48 hours. 15/15

Try as I might I could not get past 350 for score. Really fun simple bullet hell style. Love the slight panning and the change in speed when close. Would have appreciated like a slow down or pause after killing each die but it was cool how the bullets from the previous round stayed as an obstacle in the next. Good job.

That gets a full 15/15 from me. So many fun details. The way how the crit shot pushes them back, falling off the edge. the feel of the movement. It is hard as nails but I quite enjoyed it. I think the only part I would change is how the cards worked, but thats a matter of preference maybe. Good job for a 48 hour game feeling complete. (Music was perfect)

You made an RPG in 48 hours. good job! its even somewhat balanced which impresses me. I was able to get 4 dice but sadly could not win the d6 anymore after several attempts. I really wish it told me if I won or lost and then sent me to the selection screen instead of the start screen at the end of a battle. Overall it was a fun experience to explore and strategize in. Good job.

Final Score 36210.

I thought I would get bored quick but then I just kept playing. It was so satisfying to dodge, clear and gain points. The cleaver animation was great and the music was spot on for the mood. the dice incorperation worked well. Great job all around. 15/15

Yup I give this 15/15 because its original. sets the mood. feels like a complete adventure. works well and looks great.  I was happy and impressed with it. I almost gave up at the end there with the double jump then had an ahah moment. the only level I didnt understand was the double flip one were suddenly I was underground at the die.

Well this was a fun take. Have not seen it anywhere else. Took me a minute to understand but the feeling of landing a combo on an enemy and popping them is great. Good job there. Not sure if I missed it but I was hoping for like a final score when the mobs finally got me. Also I was never sure how much health they had so I usually tried 5 of a kind to ensure death. Maybe some color changing as they lose health or something. 

Overall good job there. I had fun and thats always good.

Dude the levels were random. Thats awesome! respect.

Really fun concept. Very easy to learn and play. Very much enjoyed it. 15/15 for game and theme use. Would love the final congratulations screen to show me how many turns it took to win so I could replay and improve. Good Job. Would love to hear what you think of our little game.

Dino Art!! For the Win. Love it. Bomberman is always a fun time. You guys did great on the art and gameplay. Really Enjoyed my time here. Theme was a little there but didnt feel like there was any randomness. (I could have misunderstood.) still great job. Keep it up! would love to hear what you think of our little game.

Love the art and the music. Take on the theme is really fun. just absolutely enjoyed my time here. Would say driving felt best when drifting so maybe a touch up on those physics would add some. Also didnt really know what the different powers did but I didnt care. Would drive and explode again. 15/15 Would love to hear what you think of our little game.

Well I think you did 15/15. Art is fun and crisp. Sound effects add a lot. Wish there was music but thats ok. Concept kits home well. I think having every shot vary is a cool take but probably would have had it be on every reload instead of every shot. Still I enjoyed my time. Keep it up. Would love to hear what you think of our submission.

I absolutely love the art style. The gameplay concept is solid as well and fun take on the theme. I have absolutely no idea how the mechanics work between a light medium and heavy roll but I think it get what you were going for. Good job. Fun concept. Would love to hear what you think of our submission.

Music tone and overall design are fantastic. It had a bit of the puzzle ah-hah moments and very fun feeling of having freedom while still solving a puzzle. The only lacking part is physics are bit sticky when colliding on the right and left. Really great job overall!