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This was a game I wanted to try out during the GMTK Game Jam 202 but didn't have time to do so. I've briefly read through the comments in the submission page though and that made me want to try this game out. To my surprise, they actually made changes to this game to enhance the game.

First of all, I think the concept is quite well made. Randomly assigned keys as well as rotating map. It seems difficult at first because I was getting used to the controls but it was pretty fun as I kinda got used to it. There was also a clear indication of sound for when the map is rotated or when the keys have been reassigned.

The overall pixel art design was appealing to me and I find the slime extremely cute in its movement as well as its animation.

I do want to point out though, I would prefer a minimap that tracks my location live so I know how to get to the end goal. I found myself just moving in circles finding the right location to the end goal which was fun in its own way but I got frustrated after a while.

Overall, I enjoyed this game and look forward to another update, if any, to this game.

P.S: I got 10m49s in my first try.

An elaborate devlog which goes through in detail every changes made. Will post a comment about the game after I have tried the new and improved game.

I personally think it's a really well made game with interesting mechanics! It's a little challenging though as launching the bee from it's original rotation is randomized and I ended up hitting the rocks which caused my life to decrease. 

A few pointers to note though:
- The BGM was a bit annoying as it sounded just like a static in the background. It was kinda a small issue as I only needed to pull out my earpiece and continue playing the game. Just thought the music could be a lot better to enhance my playing experience

- I felt that the difficulty of the game could be lowered like for example making the whole map a bit bigger and the obstacles to be more spaced out so players can take their time to get used to the controls before attempting to conquer the game

Overall it was a really cool and fun mechanic and I really look forward to a more polished version of this! (if you ever planned on polishing it further)