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This  game is just amazing, taking the sokoban mechanic as the main mechanic to a full adventure game is genius.. The game is super fun and challenging, puzzles are well designed and the 8 bit aesthetic is just beautiful.. Congrats! Amazing demo

Ok so besides the very few glitches here and there that are always a part of any jam game, I have a few pointers in terms of design

  • I didn't fully understand when I was getting a new ability, and I was force to use them to get a new one, you could probably make that a bit more clear
  • The fact that I was forced to use them made me realized that I was better of without using the, the initial rifle is a pretty cool weapon
  • Most of the abilities seemed negative, so why bother using them? This can be fixed by making the abilities have both effects, so you are force to make a choice. For example, the half life ability could be paired with a Double Damange, that way you'd make a choice
  • Don't force the player to use them in order to get a new one, I understand this was part of the main mechanic but maybe allow them to discard an ability with a penalty. This would make more sense if negative abilities are paired with positive effects, otherwise the player will always discard when it's a negative and use when it's a possitive. There are many roguelike games tha use this "cursed item" kind of mechanic tha has both positive and negative effects, you could check them out

Those are the things that come to my mind right now, you should expand it and fix those issues!! It's a neat entry! Great job!!  Congrats on your game! Keep up the good work! :D

I get a black screen after hitting play, any ideas??

haha that's so much fun! As any jam game, it needs some balancing. Here are my suggestions on this subject. 

  •  I ended up only using the wall to quickly surrouding the wolf the second it appeared. I never really care about the rest of the items.  
  • The wolf eat too quick in order to make other strategies (IMO). 
  • If the wolf was a bit slower, and you weren't able to build after the wolf showed up, you'd be forced to think ahead and build "defenses" before the wolf shows. Something like that might allow you to add a bit more strategy to each level. 

It's really a very solid entry, congrats! :D

haha really funny game!! I had some big laughts out of this, nicely done!! ragdolly games are always really fun to play. I wanted more weapons!!.. Really nice job!!

Oh this is a really cool idea!!  You introduced the main mechanic waay to late into the game!!  You shoud've made it from the beggining, maybe increse the lag as the game progressed. You kind of find a way to make input lag fun! Because it doesn't feel like input lag, it feels like planning. You shou totally improve upon it!

Hey thanks a lot for playing!! I'm glad you liked it. Yes the control where a bit wacky by design, but it ended up being not too cool for some people. The idea behind it was that the cheatmaster didn't reall added any buttons, so in order to use it you should've had to share the controls. It's a cool idea, in my head haha. Thank you for playing and the feedback!

Hey thanks a loot for the feedback! I'm glad you liked it. The random events happening where part of the cheatmaster side effects, I just did a poor job explaining it, (or maybe it's just a bad mechanic ).  There are some collision bugs at some specific places due to rushed level creation, maybe you experienced that too. It needs tons of polishing! haha. Thank you for playing!

A pinball game!! I haven't played one in ages, this is a really original take on the theme, I think this has to be the only pinball game of the jam actually. I liked the level progression mechanic! I think I'd liked to have more gravity, that'd add more  pressure to not going back in levels and could open the door to having some powerups for closing the previous lvl door or something. really nice! well done!

OH man that's one cute bee!! Pretty cool concept, reaaally unforgiving and challenging, Once I got the hang of it it's pretty neat to play. I somewhat escaped the asteroids field and travelled for minutes in open space, it's just so satisfying to be able to trave without hitting stuff. Maybe you can take advange of that feelling through level design, spacing things a bit more or making large open areas. This is really amazing, it's also  a one button game which is kind of cool!. Nice job!

This is such a fun game!! Two players is hillarious!!.  Controller suport would be awesome, so you might be able to paddle "a bit".  You did all the art and audio of the game,  that's really impresssive!. Great original game, I saw it in a lot of streams, and didn't imagined it's soo challening! haha. When you see someone playing, it looks  so easy, but when you actually play it is super hard!. Nice job! congrats on your game!

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The Mac version works fine! Too sad you wren't able to deliver the windows version!. It's a cool idea, maybe add some sort of indicator of when the player is going to jump to make it feel a bit less random. Art and music are pretty cool too! NIcely done. Keep improving it! make a post jam version that works on windows and maybe an html5 export! Keep up the good work!

Nice!! This is a pretty original and cool idea!! I also really like the art style. The music was a bit to loud and up for me.  I think you have something that can be expanded right here, with a bit of polishing in the levels, some more power ups or progress  mechanics to make it a bit more deep, some sfx and animations and you have a nice product!. Really well done, cool idea and execution! expand it!

This is really cool!! Music is really relaxing, levels are pretty challenging and interesting, the main mechanic is really cool.  Maybe you could've done it as an expirable resource instead of timed, but timed it's pretty cool too. It really feels out of control to be in space moving. Very nice!! 

omg  this feels like me in quarantine haha. 

This is a Pretty original Idea actually!, I haven't seen any similar take on the theme so far.  it may need a bit of polishing but hey it's a jam and it's only 48hs.

 Sometimes i kind of cheated (specailly in the lvl previous to the one where there's only vegetables) There was no way to the muffins but if I deleted the tile right below the muffins the algorithm would find a way to it.

Also art style is pretty cool, It's really cohesive and fits well with the idea!

Nicely done!! Congrats on the game! 

PS fix the little bugs and make more lvls!!

Thanks for playing!! Yes indeed haha, not many checkpoints back then.  I'm glad you liked it! :D


Hey thanks for the words!! Yes I worked really hard on the looks, I'm glad that you like how it looks :D It took a lot of time to draw all of that and make the camera rendering to that texture look good behind the frame

Hey this is a really cool game!! Needs more reviews! It's a really cool concept, from all the games i saw with this take on the theme this is the most original. I got stuck on lvl 7 or something. Nicely done!

Just amazing!!! This is incredibly original, very well done!! One of the best games I've played in the jam!

Woah this is super nice!! Amazing job, feels super polished and it's incredibly fun. It's really adictive, Great job!

This is super cool!! Great idea, levels are really wel designed. The only thing i found annoying was the ability of moving  half a cell, may snapping to the grid woudl've been cooler. Nicely done, great job!

Pretty original, I don't fully undestood the potions effect, tried different combinantions but got different results. Idk if that's part of the out of control mechanic. Nicely done, a great idea and execution! :D

Hey this is really cool! Nice artwork! Pure webgl and react, you're masochist! haha. Nicely executed, congrats on finishing!! cool entry

This is so catchy!! Great game, I love pico 8 games, this is so cool! I don't fully get the adherence to the theme but it's really cool anyway. Great job! 

Nicely executed!! Reallly cool game! I loved it, Very cool mechanic, you have to expand it!! Nice job! :D

Nicely executed!! Reallly cool game! I loved it, Very cool mechanic, you have to expand it!! Nice job! :D

NICE! Not really,  it ends in lvl 6, so you were really close!. Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it! :D

keep improving it!! It needs levels! seems like a neat concept!

Ohh I need more music like the one in this game!! Anywhere I can listen to your work??. As for the game, it's a really cool idea!! I've seen a lot of keboard related games on this jam, but this one is the most original so far. Presentation is top notch, nice job!! A really solid entry

Ok so I think there's something here that has potential, I didn't really get what I was doing most of the time, or how it affected the alien. (Also if you just smash left and right you eventually win all the time) That may be a bit of a but related to how patience works.  The art style is AMAZING y completely love it. Great job!! I read that this was your first jam! NICELY DONE! Finishing a jam is an incredible task to do, and you said that you hopped it dind't suck much. Don't be so hard on yourselve, anything you can deliver in 48hs is already amazing. Keep attending game jams!! You learn alot each time!- Congrats on finishing, great job!

I like how the character is worried about the breaks not working ant not the fact that he's literally driving through fcking hell hahah. Nice job!, a sonic-car spin off, all every sonic fan wanted! haha. Nice job! Congrats on the game, is really dope

Ok thiS is super cool!! Great game and great idea! I really liked the main mechanic. I actually didn't quite felt out of control, I think it'd been cool if I wasn't able to skip turns, or at least play 1 card  before being able to skip. Nice job! I made it to floor 8 and got anihilated by those red slimes haha

Oh this is the second fire simulator I played in the Jam, and my main critique with the other one was that it had no panning, you got that right! Nice job!! Congrats on your game!

Woah this makes me super dizzy!! It's a cool concept, controls were a bit unresponsive sometimes. Great job, a well put original idea!! Congrats!

Hey cool game! I like the minimalistic art style!. There are a few things that I found anoying. First is that I'm not able to explore the level first, so I'm forced to fail, which is not cool. You could let the player explore the level  but not set instructions while doing so for example. That'd make the player work bye memory. The other thing is that the "seconds" per action is not really intuitive. Maybe draw some units on the flor or make it steps or something. That's all I can say of it, great job! Really nicely done! Congrats!

Oh nice game!! With some calmin music this seems like a really relaxing game! Also I'd be cool to have some random levels. Congrats on your game, looks fantastic!

woah this is super original! Nicely done, really cool idea!!

you totally should! It's a great idea!, Congrats!