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Hey what's your LD entry link?? you should add it!

Muy buenooo!!! Quedo genial! felicitaciones!

Good luck everyone! Had a lot of fun with the jam and playing after it ended!

Pretty original! It took me a while to get it but it's fun after understanding what I was doing. Great job using simple shapes, love that! :D

It's a cool idea, I'd like to see it with a custom artwork of a living flame, your idea even adds for a cool story. You should really explore it further!

That's a cool idea!! like the hot potato game haha. Really cool job and made from simple shapes. Really liked it!

This is a really original idea for a one shot game, I think is the only entry that doesn't include enemies and doesn't stop it from being fun. Your level design skills are really notorious! The game explains itself pretty clear and puzzles are fun and wel though. Really great job!. For other jams, be sure to include an html 5 version, it'll dramatically increase the ammount of rates since people don't really like to download .exe files. Great job!

Super original!! can I be considered a battle royale where you are the ony player?? haha.. Super cool art and animation with so little ammount of pixels!. Particle effects and camera shaking where superb. Great job!! A solid contestant!

Hey thank you for playing it!! Yeah double tap ended up being a pain to combine with hold.. It took me a lot of time to make it at least usable. I wasn't thinking really straight during the last hours of the jam so I wasn't able to polish it (that and collisions!). I'm glad you liked it!

Hahah yeah, as I stated in a lot of comments.. I missed the time to polish it, it's a pain to play.. But at least I'm glad that the main idea that was in my mind managed to get to most of you :D .  The idea of cutting the X an arm came out when deciding to be able to turn double tapping. At first the was going to be a played walking in only one direction. 

When I decided to turn I was like.. hmmm.. and how do I know where the hell am I looking at?.  In my head was the idea of using it as story driver too, the search for the missing arm to become a full X again. But time passed so so fast that It ended up as a far away idea.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play it! :D

Thankks a lot for playing!! I'm really glad you liked it, It took me a lot to come up with an idea, which ended up in a non polished game, but hey.. at least I managed to submit and had fan with it! :D

Hey thanks a lot for playing!! Yeah, I missed some time for polishing.. The updated version fixes most of those issues! I'm glad you liked it

That's a super catchy music!! amazing job, really fun and challenging game. Was it infinte or was there a max level?? I passed a lot but it never ended

Wow, amazing art an animation! It's a pretty neat game!! I really liked it. The way it's explained is also really cool. I even think that the book can be entirely removed with progressive mechanic teaching. Really great entry!

Cool take on the theme, It's movements are really well designed, since I didn't have a problem realizing how each pieces would move. You should add some AI ! Great job!

Oh you really made me hate that cute bastard haha, this was cool! Nice take on the theme, super hard! the 4th level is almos impossible!! Great job!

This is a cool and super original game, there are a few things that I'd like to give you feedback

  • I'm not sure if a feature or a bug, but i's never sure when the was going to end. I thought maybe you didn't use a timer  to reduce the amount of numbers on the screen. If that's the case a, visual cue could work
  • Also not sure if intended, but when two powerups collided and died  my points where added or reduced.

Great job! really liked it, an interesting take on the theme

Great job!. This is a really original take on the theme with great design decissions! Progression is super well done, dead zones where you can't shoot are really well placed and you ended up with super fun and polished game!

hAHAHAHA Epic, you can really hold your breath! that scream was the heart of the game. Really great job! SUper fun

Huge thanks for your feedback!! I'm really gald you liked it! I ended up seeing good potential after all and ended up really liking it myself too :D

Really satisfying gameplay!! I made it to 29 and that's as far as I could get haha. Really interesting take on the subject, great job!

This is beautiful! Great job!! It's a really interesting gameplay style. You could make a super hard mode where no green guy should die. I think this opens up for amazing gameplay, I made trough the end!! Recovered my green grass!

Great game!! I really liked the frozen gravity feature when changing characters. I really want more levels!! :D  . Great job, pretty unique idea!

Super original idea! I never ever would've image a game with onyl one health bar. Great job!! For the next jam really consider uploading an htmlk5 version, it'll incredibly increase your views and rates! This game deserves more plays!

Wow this looks incredibly polished!! I can't beleive you did this all by yourself! Camera shake and animation is just perfect.  Great job!

Hey this is not a bad idea, I can actually imagine what was in your mind. It's apretty neat idea to go blind on a maze. Of course it needs to polish the rough edges but I think the core concept is pretty cool, I really like this types of games. Great job!

Thank you dorodo!! I really liked the feedback. I'm happier with the result now that I read all of the player's feedback. Tbh I thought the ide was dumb during the jam and was about to quit. I'm so glad y finished and submited. Thanks again!

Thanks for playing!! Yes, collisiones where really buggy, I missed some work time and wasn't able to polish it. I uploaded an updated game that fixes those isssues. It's a much better experience towards what I imagined for the jam

Wow! Amazing game!!! I really liked it! super challenging, levels where smartly crafted, and you created a lot of levels! It's super hard to make good puzzle levels on a time limit! Pretty cool! The take on the theme is great!

Hey thank you for taking the time to play!! :D. It's pretty fun to draw with Xs, I'm super bad with art so it's a releif for me.  I'm trying your game, looks cool!

mark mark mark!

Haha no worries mate, no need to be sorry! It's good feedback! :D .. It's a pretty busy week but I'm working on more levels

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Hey thanks for playing!! Yeah, it's really buggy and it's a really simple fix.. I just couldn't see it during the jam. I uploaded a less buggy version of the exact same game if you want to play it!

Yeha it's a tough theme! I broke my head for like 4 hours before having at least one idea that felt right! 

Hey, clever take on the theme!!This is a pretty original entry with beautiful graphics! Great job!!

I've created an updated version of the game! if you want to have a better experience on what was my idea for the jam.. By now it only fixes movement and collision related issues. I'll be adding more levels and polishing more rough edges  this week!

Since you wanted me to notify you, I've created an updated version of the game! .. By now it only fixes movement and collision related issues. I'll be adding more levels and polishing more rough edges  this week!

Haha ninja X! Thanks a lot for playing clarkwu!  I replayed that level a lot of times to make completable with all the bugs haha. I'm really glad you liked it!

Hey thanks a lot!! I'm glad you liked it, I will update it for sure! to complete at least the version that was in my mind during the jam!

Hey htanks a lot for taking the time to play! As I stated in some comments, yeah, controls sucked and I wasn't going to submit, but I ended up gaining some courage and made a final effort to finish a playable version haha. I will update it, I'm working on it afterwork today. :D