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Hey, I did indeed give it another try - great touch up work! I was able to get quite a bit further in the game, and somehow the game felt more polished. Nice :)

Ah awesome! Keep at it!

Control of the character was well done. The game was pretty difficult though - especially because my wife and I kept on getting stuck and the very bottom of the diagonal parts, and from there one can not recover.

Anyway, good implementation, and I liked the idea of expanding eachother's lights. Good job implementing the masks and the lighting :)

Creepy atmosphere. I think you did pretty well with the camera control, although it felt somehow a bit slow (maybe the 'following' distance was too far?).

Cool lighting effects!

In general, as the others mentioned, maybe some extra power or bonus as you collect friends would make the game more exciting :)

Great work though, keep it up!

As mentioned by the other reviewers, it is a bit confusing on how to collect items - I found the trousers and shirt but could no pick them up. And yes maybe colliders on the trees would be good so we don't walk through them.

Anyway, it was nice to walk around and look around :) it had an interesting atmosphere

Awesome game! I had to cheat for level 10 by checking your twitter post. Overall I made it to lvl 13 but kinda ran out of steam. I really had fun figuring them out. They feel super impossible at first but given enough time and will power one figures it out :)

Good job!

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Really awesome art style! And great game :)

I liked your use of the masking for the dog's smelling stuff you can't see! Even though it seemed to have no effect for this part of the game, it was a great idea and has potential if you continue to work on the game.

I also really enjoyed the style in which you put the credits and small tutorial tips!

I have two notes - I hope you find them constructive:

- At least on my laptop the game didn't feel super smooth. Although it was not bad enough to degrade my experience  of the game that much at all, I might have a tip for you: we experienced this as well when we had a lot of animation going on at once. What worked for us (we were using Unity) was to import the sprites with a slightly lower quality. At least to our eyes, the art was not affected, and the game was much more smoother. Maybe this will work for you? Or it might have just been my laptop?

- I found a bug! If I released the dog companion kind of on top of a wall in that area with the holes, he gets stuck there and cannot get him back! I will attach screenshot for you below.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

I must admit at first I was pretty lost and it took me some time to realise that I had to repeat to click on my dude to get him going again. At the same time though, that 'feature' is what eventually lead me to discover that the other stars echo back. Not sure if making the players having to click on their dude to move was a way to teach them about the echo, but that is how learned it, and was a great 'aha!' moment :)

Anyway, what an awesome mechanic! Lighting was well done and overall a nice relaxing game.

Oh wow we are really honored by your high rating!

Yea, when the alien blobs get large and suck you in, it is really punishing. Next time we will try not to make the game so punishing - while still keeping the game interesting :)

The art was done by Samantha Munro (my wife). Sound effects were us making random noises and my wife editing it :P Music was from a free source (credited in the main page of the game).

Thanks for playing! We are glad you had fun playing it :)

Yup the gravity is punishing! I think if we continue working on the game, we would probably make it so that you can last longer and only face really big groups later in the game.

Thanks for playing and the feedback :) 

Yes for sure in hindsight the brrrrrr needs to be adjusted to make the game a bit easier. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for the kind feedback :)

Regarding the font: yup, we always leave the game text for last and then forget to get or make different fonts. Hopefully next time we will pay a little more attention to this.

Very nice visuals! I felt the game very punishing though - if I made a small mistake then I felt like there was no way to still win.

Anyway, keep it up!

Thank you for playing!

Pretty challenging game, and well made. Good job!

Super simple, but still a game :) Keep it up!

Hectic! I was genuinely scared - the heartbeat sound with the other sounds works really well. And I enjoyed the art style as well!

Yea we wanted to capture a helpless feeling of trying to control oneself in space, but maybe made it a bit too difficult :o

Thanks for playing!

Love the 3d pixel art style. The game mechanic was also very interesting and some of the maneuvers required to get passed some points were pretty challenging.

Great job! 

Hi, unfortunately I am unable to play your game :( the download is only your visual studio solution file it seems...

Pretty cool! 

I think it would help if the shards were a different colour - at least for me it took a long time to realise in the first level that I was supposed to collect that (it just kinda looked like another part of the map).

And I was sad when I got hit by the enemy and then had to start from the beginning again (no 'checkpoint') - but I guess you ran you ran out of time for that. The upgrade system is pretty nifty and the game mechanics were well implemented!

Keep it up!

Fun little puzzle game, good job! 

As others have mentioned, the 'm' key to jump was a bit uncomfortable if you are playing by yourself, but otherwise one gets the hang of it :)

Pretty impressive work for a game jam! Driving mechanics work well and the music was very chill. Nice work with the minimap  and the way it shows as part of the car's interior dashboard was really cool. Nice work!

Pity about being dropped into the void at level 4, I was enjoying this game! Well done.  It's a great little puzzle, really like the different characters and how they behave.

I like the peg-legged wizard :D Pretty awesome that you made the music yourself. I agree with the previous comments but otherwise, nice!

At first I thought it was a bit boring but then it gets pretty hectic! Was fun to play in the end :)

I got to 346 seconds.

Good job!

Cool art! And well-made puzzles!

Pretty cool game! 

I found it a bit frustrating though when I died at the first king and then had to start from the beginning again (maybe I am just noob). 

Good job!

Glad you enjoyed it :) thanks for playing!

Excellent game! My wife and I had really good fun playing it!

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haha random little game. Just that insta death on starting is startling (as others have mentioned). Also, is the map kind of randomised every time? One of the runs I got to 1236 but I could not get that far again. I think I was just lucky on how the map was made for that run.

Anyway, keep it up :)

Haha yip. We wanted it to be a bit frustrating but in a fun way

Haha that was self recorded, glad you liked it :)

Art was all done by my wife :)

Haha yea it is difficult because to rotate yourself you often land up going faster into the enemies. After some practive you kind of get a hang of it.

Thanks for playing!

haha thanks :)

Thanks :)


Really weird vibe! I think my mama has something way more wrong with her than the flu with all those eyeballs in there! 

Pretty well made though :) Good job!

Thanks for playing!