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Veri nice thank you

Flipping gun mechanic is really cool. Visuals are cool but could use some love and polish. Some more more complicated levels would go a long way as well

Great simple idea and execution! 

I love the audio :D

Really like the sound design. Good simple pixelart but did the job :) The idea is really cool aswell. One but annoying thing was the heave movement combined with timer.

I really like the idea and style but crates/characters getting stuck is quite annoying

Buy Gutwhale

Yeah , they can be huge cunts in real life lol


I like the idea and art but super hard (or im just bad)

It really does make u feel drunk lol. Not in a good way tho :P

In 2-pack with HalfLife3

Great idea and really nice graphics but I feel like I don't have enough control over the character.