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Fire of KalaView game page

Platformer + tower defense mashup game
Submitted by dario-zubovic (@dario_zubovic), doomy (@alexdotdesign), Kyx (@k__y__x), Franrek — 47 minutes, 52 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#44.3024.302

Ranked from 53 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
Hybrid genre (platformer + tower defense).

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So beautiful! And the gameplay is smooth. Very well presented, and hellishly hard. I didn't manage to get very far, but my platforming skills are generally terrible. Well done, I would definitely put money down for a fully fleshed out version of this!


This game was a really beautifully designed game. I loved how it looked, the only thing I'd have maybe changed was a bit more fluid wall slide and jump animations. I also feel like the spikes were too similar to the ground colour so sometimes I didn't even see them. 

I think, as others have mentioned, the difficulty is really high at the beginning. Would have loved it to be slightly simpler to begin with and then ramp up in difficulty. There was also a couple of parts that didn't flow so well in terms of aiming a wall jump and getting stuck on a wall instead of going through the gap. In instances like that the gap should have been lower. 

Nice game though and I enjoyed playing it. 


The art is so fascinating, I love the gritty nature used here and the calm music just steals the show <3 Overall a really good game <3


The aesthetics are on point but the difficulty is to hard. The platforming elements need to be revisited.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

The idea of a tower defense platformer is quite interesting, but the game is really hard. I think the jumping  and the UI needs improvements (it is hard to know when you're gonna lose). I loved the aesthetics: the pixel art and the animations, the sound effects and the music (which reminded me of Fez)).

I would have liked that the platformer component of the game was used not only to get crystals, but as part of the tower defense in itself. What if the player had to build turrets in the ground and carry them to the top.


Steam release when


In 2-pack with HalfLife3


Really nice! I found it difficult to start with but once you get the jump timings it's a beautiful game.


good job! Its a bit too hard for me, but I'm not really a gamer. :) I like the idea, and it was fun, but I couldn't get enough gold to build anything without landing on some spikes. Perhaps an easier first level would be nice, but probably most people can get through.


nice game! I liked the ambiance, pixel art and sound!! :)


Great work! Loved the aesthetics and the overall gamefeel. Reminds me of Hollow Knight in terms of platforming (which is a very good thing :D).


A wonderdul platform played ever !! Really liked the character and the completeness and originality of the game art!! Thanks for making it !!

Do check our game too and comment what you feel. Thank you!!


Excellent game, very difficult in the first attempts. I made a platformer too and I understand the complexity of designing challenging levels. Congratulations!


I love the look and the sound of the game, but it was really hard to play. I think the hitboxes are unfair and some of the spikes are hard to see, because its grey with sometimes red on grey.

I like the gameplay idea, but I think there is not enough feedback. For example I have no idea when then enemies reached the shipwreck unless I'm next to it. (If there is feedback in the HUD. I didn't saw it and it should be made clearer).


thanks for playing and for the feedback!  All of your points are great ideas and I agree that more feedback would help make the game more rewarding 


Very good theme interpretation! Super nice visuals, and nice audio.


The game is really nice to play, and yet so difficult.


Hitboxes seem a little wonky but that's just a minor nitpick. This game is a great design and well executed on top of that. I genuinely enjoyed playing it and trying to get farther.


As a Super Meat Boy player I have to say that it controls really damn well. My biggest issue is that there are PLENTY of sections where I just walked and platformed around to find absolutely nothing. Also after exploring for a while I could only get the top crystal in the start and the tutorial one.

The visuals are stunning and the music feels really nice with the gameplay. Easily one of the best entries I've seen in the jam. Not very innovative but the theme is applied pretty well.


Protip: there's only 2 crystals spawned at any given time... :) Glad you liked it!


Damn! Once I got the hang out of it it actually became really good fun, although there's an specific crystals with 2 dirt barriers that's a crotch kick hahaha.

It'd be awesome if you tried our game :)!


Reminds me of Flashback


Hard but very good, great audio and graphics as well.


I felt that the flow of the game is a little too slow. But I loved the atmosphere, especially the sound. Your interpretation of the theme was impeccable.

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