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ah, thanks for reminder!

no strict theme, only optional constraint for those who need it:

  • go to wikipedia
  • in the left side, click on random button
  • do not read content of the pace, just the title
  • keep randomizing pages until you arrive to a title that seems intriguing to you, but you don't know what it is
  • write down the page url without reading the page
  • make a game based off what you assune your wiki article is about

game submission page will have an optional field for adding your wiki url

rot13 hint: gel chfuvat bar pengr vagb nabgure

IIRC there's always two crystals spawned somewhere (except immediately when you collect one - it has some short delay until it's respawned). Also, there's only a handful of places where they can be, but multiple good "vista routes" you might take to inspect where the gem is.

I agree with commenters that the game is too hard. Maaaybe it'd be ok if there were earlier levels that ramped up to that difficulty.


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Yeah, idea was that you'd have 14 days of 8h hours (allowing you only 4 SNDs per day), but we didn't manage to implement that mechanic on time for the jam. Maybe for the better, could be pretty frustrating to lose the game due to time limit.

TITANOverflow ❤︎

Rot13 hint: cynpr fanxr "urnqf" ba gnetrgf

It's possible (and you're probably missing a new mechanic). Rot13 hints with increasing spoilery:
1.) Gurer'f zber crbcyr guna qrfgvangvba fybgf.
2.) Lbh pna fbzrubj pneel gjb cnffratref.
3.) Gel ehaavat bire n cnffratre.
4.) Lbh arrq gb pneel 2 cnffratref jura tbvat haqre gur fybgf.


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Hi! Thanks for playing and feedback! :)

Regarding the missing "congrats" screen. It's in, but we forgot to trigger it. xD Check this sad one line commit that fixes it:
Figured it's missing only after jam submission deadline, so couldn't fix it anymore.

Took me a while to pull off a draw and managed to win once after that. Elegant game, really enjoyed it!

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Camera not being fast enough when falling was a conscious decision to play with feeling of unease and subtly discourage players from taking leaps into abyss. Still not sure if it succeeded doing that or it's simply annoying.

If you'd like to replicate our camera controller, take a look at Assets/Scripts/View/CameraController.cs on GitHub. Code is a bit messy, but basic idea is to smoothly follow player on horizontal axis and on vertical axis only when player hits floor/wallslides or moves away from vertical axis zone. You can enable debug drawing on lines 166-172 to see how it's working.

Weird. Thank you for the report, will fix it after the jam's voting deadline.

Hi! Can you explain how this error manifests? Can't find much info on it... Also, I don't want to update build until jam's voting period closes off.

Protip: there's only 2 crystals spawned at any given time... :) Glad you liked it!

This is lovely!

I'd be nice to have ability to break out of ball once armadillo is rolling slowly on flat ground. That door shake effect feels so good ^^

Good job!

I like that parallax movement type, feels fresh.

Sanity meter mechanic seems interesting. Not sure it necessarily makes it a horror game though (but I don't really play horror games, so what do I know). Smaller score numbers would be easier to understand.

Good job!

Hi! Your game is already submitted:

I guess you initially followed upload game link from jam page? In that case game gets automatically submitted. Confused me once as well :)

DoomLoader, which was used to load up .WAD file in Unity, has source freely available: DOOM1.WAD is shareware and can be downloaded here.

As for shader code, I don't think I'm comfortable sharing that ugly mess. :)

Now you can. Updated windows and linux builds are up, other are still uploading over my slow internet..

Run executable with -wad and -map commands. Example:
./1337d00m.x86_64 -wad CUSTOM.WAD -map MAP20

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Oh... I'm uploading new builds, so that's why you might not see other files for download. I think windows build is now up! When upload is done, there should be linux, win64, win32 & osx builds.

This makes my 2D brain hurt. We normally perceive our 2D world with our 2D eyes which project it to 1D line. Perhaps it would be easier to understand 3D if it was projected to 2D, which our eyes would project to our 1D vision, instead of slicing 3D world with 3D hyperplane? :D

Joking aside, I loved it. Good job!

Updated, now there's a Y invert option in the pause menu. Enjoy :)

Great game! Spike level is really well designed. Loved the storytelling. Well done!

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Thanks for playing and feedback. I guess there's a few more secrets that you have to discover to take the gems :)

Doesn't work on empty belly, you gotta eat something :)

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Glad you enjoyed it ^.^