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Game Off is our annual game jam, where participants spend the month of November creating games based on a theme that we provide. 

The theme for this year's Game Off is HYBRID! 

You’re welcome to interpret it however you wish, but if you need some ideas to kickstart your creativity, think about how your game could…

Everyone around the world is welcome to participate, from newbies to professional game developers—and your game can be as simple or complex as you want. It’s a great excuse to learn a new technology, collaborate on something over the weekends with friends, or create a game for the first time!

How to participate

  1. Create a game based on the theme over the next month.
  2. Sign up for a free GitHub account if you don't already have one. It's free!
  3. Join the Game Off on If you don’t already have an account, log in with your GitHub account.
  4. Create a new public GitHub repository to store the source code and any assets you’re able to share for your entry and push your changes before December 1 13:37 PDT.
  5. Submit your game through

You can participate by yourself or as a team. Multiple submissions are fine. And of course, the use of open source software is encouraged.


Voting will open shortly after the jam ends and is open to everyone who’s submitted a game. Similar to last year, entries will be rated on the following categories: Overall, Gameplay, Graphics, Audio, Innovation and Theme Interpretation.

As always, we'll highlight some of our favorites games on the GitHub Blog, and the world will get to enjoy (and maybe even contribute to or learn from) your creations.

Help—I’ve never created a game before!

With so many free, open source game engines and tutorials available online, there’s never been an easier (or more exciting!) time to try out game development.

Are you…

  • Into JavaScript? You might be interested in Phaser.
  • Comfortable with Python*, C++ or C#? Godot might be a good match for you. (Godot uses GDScript, which is similar to Python)
  • Proficient with Python? Check out Pygame.
  • Dangerous with Java? Take a look at libGDX.
  • In love with Lua? Check out LÖVE or Defold.  Like retro games too? Drop everything and check out LIKO-12!

Do you really like retro games? Maybe you can…

The community feature is enabled for this jam—it’s a great place to ask Game Off-specific questions, share tips, and more.

Help—I’ve never used version control, Git, or GitHub before!

Don’t be shy—share your progress / screenshots! The official Twitter hashtag for the Game Off is #GitHubGameOff. We can't wait to see what you build 💙❤️

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4R3 Y0U R34DY?
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A simple puzzle game using LIFO stacks in mobile and desktop browser
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Programming by pygame.
A bridge crossing challenge( Keyboard required )
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This is a next generation chess game
A Snake Game Made On Python. Please Play And Then Rate It!. Be Sure To Follow Me On Github @RohanDas28 .
autotrader survival simulator
Role Playing
A mix of WebVR, WebAR, 2D, and 3D!
A Cyberpunk, Text-based, quasi-historical RPG built in React Native.
Role Playing
maze-The most powerful powerpoint maze game ever made.
Own version of Pong!
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Pong with 2 versions- classic and custom.
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Time to destroy ennemie's starships.
An Open Source Ludic Textbook
Visual Novel
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I need a developer on board for this prodgect. play it, it could be the next big thing
A text-based jump and run game.
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🍂 Platformer with season-based gameplay