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Hope you didn't just like the cover! ;) Will play and rate your game before the deadline, as soon as I get to my Windows machine!

Thank you for playing! Will play and rate yours before the deadline, as soon as I get to my Windows machine!

Thank you, thanks for playing!

Cool idea, and some intimidating design for Voxella. Good job!

Thank you for playing! Tried your game, left some good rating since it's super cool! Very polished feel.

Dropping by to tell you that I loved the concept and gameplay. Nice job!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you! Loved your space scoundrel as well!

Thank you for the feedback, we removed the browser version some days ago, hope you could finally play it!

Played (and rated) your Blank Bit, by the way. Crazy stuff, hard but with very original mechanics. Nice work!

Intentional in deed, but we tried to make challenging, not just super hard! These things are always difficult to adjust.

Checked your game as well, very cool, will rate accordingly!

Mac version added!

You wouldn't superjump as much if you could shoot up! :) Thank you for playing!

Will do, stay tuned! Thank you!

I love the idea! :D I would use another button to jump instead of the upper arrow. I think this could improve a lot the gameplay. Consider trying our entry as well ;)

very nice idea! :D  although I would have liked it better with keyboard controls (somehow I could only use the mouse in the browser version)

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nice idea!! we actually had a similar idea, consider trying it! ;)

I loved it!! it's a pity it always hangs when I'm near the ground (browser edition). I guess I'll never know who survives (who can win this game xDD)

nice game! I liked the ambiance, pixel art and sound!! :)

thanks for playing it! :)

nice game, I liked it!