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The concept is nice and simple, I like it! As an improvement point, maybe it could benefit from some additional sprites / positions for the rocket so that movement feels a bit smoother. Great job!

Had a blast with the game, nice twist on the traditional rock paper scissors game! Really polished, does not seem like your first game at all... Keep up the good work!

Cool retro vibes and background music! Interesting concept with all the different abilities in place, adding variety to the gameplay. Great work!

Very fun game. The story is engaging and well presented, and the different mechanics are introduced perfectly well! Loved controlling both characters, even with the difficulty spike when the horde comes into play ;) Great job!

Cool idea, art (especially the backgrounds) and mechanics back and forth between the sides of the moon... Superb for your first game, great work!

Really atmospheric (great sfx really helping here) and well written, good work!

For your info, sounds did not seem to play on Safari, they did on Chrome... Unsure whether it was a problem on my end.

Nice art, and the landing intro was really cool. Regarding the gameplay, what I missed the most is some feedback on enemies getting hit. Great work!

Wow, this was a blast! Really polished, loved the voice acting and character models. Also love the fact that it was done in Godot. Will totally have a look at your code when we decide to make the jump to 3D games. Brilliant work!

Great game! I liked the variety of mechanics and level design. The models of the characters are also really cool, but I would have prefer some more "speed of reaction" of the player to movement. I understand this might be intentional, due to the low-gravity setting. Nice work!

Well that was... An interesting approach. Not much gameplay, and apparently there's no way to win the clock... Kudos for originality and for using React, great potential ;)

Really liked the concept and the sense of urgency you get with all those numbers increasing as time goes on... The look and feel is also attractive, and appropriate for the theme. Maybe as a next step some animations could be added to make more clear what is going on in real time (e.g. rockets saving people). Congratulations on your first game, keep up the good work!

As a heads-up, I had to do "chmod +x" before launching the .app to make it work.

Cool and simple concept! As an improvement point, I believe it would benefit from some more differentiation between things you can collide into vs background elements. By the way, "xattr -cr /path/to/" fixed the issues for me.

FWIW, I am facing the same problem.

Glad that you liked it! We actually thought about adding powerups, but in the end we discarded it for the sake of simplicity... Like you, we tend to prefer simple and challenging games, but it's true that difficulty can be a bit too high at times on this one. Thank for for playing and for the great feedback!

Yes, we realize it can be a little (too) challenging... The trick is to save up some fuel while orbiting, till the rocket is facing Mars... Then go all the way. Thanks for playing!

Yes, in the end we didn't have time to add more levels and we decided to deliver a "finished" small product rather than adding more and more and forget something else.

Regarding the fuel, we didn't have time for fine tuning yet and if we add more you would be able to reach the planets without needing to use their gravity, which would miss the whole game mechanic. Anyway, we are aware that it is rather difficult as it is right now and we may iterate it further after the jam!

Thank you very much for your nice feedback! :)

perhaps some details may help you further: I used firefox without any addon (running on a linux platform).

Cute game! congrats to your daugther for the idea and art! :D

very beautiful game! :)

we also took a monkey to the moon! check it out! ;)

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I liked the gameplay! although it is not so easy to play with a touchpad :p

I loved the gameplay, it is easier to grasp and enjoyable! well done! :)

I liked the concept very much! I had some problems to get the mechanics at the beginning but then I could enjoy it. Unfortunately I keep getting the following error in the browser version from time to time: 

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
RuntimeError: invalid conversion to integer

Perhaps you want to have a look into it.

Thanks! nice anecdote, you were lucky! ;)

thanks for the feedback, we didn't have the time for fine tuning. The trick is to try to save fuel and use only as much as needed to orientate yourself in the proper direction and to move -> that is, only pressing shortly the space bar

thank you for keep trying until you made it till the end and for your kind review! :) 

very unique idea! well done!

very well done! :)

cool game! the idea is somewhat similar to our entry, check it out!

Very good game! The mechanic is somewhat similar to our entry of gameoff2018, it brought back memories! :D

Anyway, gameplay feels a bit slow and it's a bit cumbersome that you have to go back and forth to carry the pieces each a time, but besides of that it's really cool! well done!

I liked you game very much, the mechanics and the Mitology touch.

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thanks! :) yes, it's a bit tricky at first, but after you try a couple of times it gets easier ;)

nice game! I liked the style and music.

thanks! :D

don't forget to turn the music on, it's part of the experience! Enjoy :)

don't forget to turn the music on, it's part of the experience! Enjoy :)

Hope you didn't just like the cover! ;) Will play and rate your game before the deadline, as soon as I get to my Windows machine!

Thank you for playing! Will play and rate yours before the deadline, as soon as I get to my Windows machine!

Thank you, thanks for playing!

Cool idea, and some intimidating design for Voxella. Good job!