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Mac version added!

You wouldn't superjump as much if you could shoot up! :) Thank you for playing!

Will do, stay tuned! Thank you!

I love the idea! :D I would use another button to jump instead of the upper arrow. I think this could improve a lot the gameplay. Consider trying our entry as well ;)

very nice idea! :D  although I would have liked it better with keyboard controls (somehow I could only use the mouse in the browser version)

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nice idea!! we actually had a similar idea, consider trying it! ;)

I loved it!! it's a pity it always hangs when I'm near the ground (browser edition). I guess I'll never know who survives (who can win this game xDD)

nice game! I liked the ambiance, pixel art and sound!! :)

thanks for playing it! :)

nice game, I liked it!