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Plant bushes, shoot enemy, save the environment before it's too late!
Submitted by ofpiyush (@ofpiyush), Poonam — 5 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline

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Theme interpretation#283.7693.769

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Theme interpretation
We kind of went overboard with theme interpretation.

- Player is a hybrid (organic brain + mechanical body)
- Player runs on hybrid fuel (solar + charcoal)
- The universe is hybrid (low poly + voxel characters).
- The game is a hybrid between a third-person shooter and a resource management strategy game.

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Cool idea, and some intimidating design for Voxella. Good job!


Thanks for playing our first game.

Voxella was created by @poonam. You just made her day!


Fun idea, and cool music!


Thank you! Couldn't have done it without Bosca Coeil.


It is an interpretation of the theme quite interesting. I like how it forces the player to wait and not solely shoot. But I didn't feel that I was saving the planet, maybe because its appearance didn't change after killing Voxella. Planting seeds could evolve into an innovative mechanic, and maybe Topsoil could help as a reference.

I liked its visual style and music. The UI could be better.

If you could comment and rate our game, we would appreciate it.


yes!! pollution level was supposed to add dense brown/ash fog that would go away as you lowered pollution. Adding particle effects kept lagging everything down, so I removed it. First game after all 😋

I will check topsoil out, thank you!!


Well done, i liked how you interpreted the theme by making everything hybrid, gj :)


I know right? We just kept asking, "is this hybrid enough?" And answer was always no 😂


Nice game! I think it's just missing a tutorial explaining what is happening and how to play :D


Thanks  for playing our first game!

Yes, we'll release a tutorial level after the voting period ends.

Meanwhile, read the help cards at the bottom, it goes a long way in explaining what's going on!


Nice work!


Interesting idea, and good execution. A bit confusing in terms of how the game mechanics/controls work, but the hints were helpful. Definitely worth the play.


Thank you for playing our first game! :D
Yes, we'll add a tutorial level before the main one as soon as the voting period is over.


Cool concept! As a recommendation, I think that a tutorial first Scene would be very useful, in order to understand everything that has to be done. Nice work!


Thank you for playing our first game! :) Yep tutorial first scene is coming right after the voting period is over.

Interesting game! I like the mechanic of a turret that plants trees and bushes. Unfortunately, when I shot at Voxella, the game crashed :(. I loved how green the place got though after a while. Good work!


Which platform is this on?

If you can spare some time, I would love to send over a developer build to diagnose and fix it.

It was using


Does it crash every time you shoot Voxella with the 64 bit version? Can you try the 32 bit build?

If you can spare some more time, please try the development build at the same commit and share anything unusual that you see. I am not sure if this is the correct channel for debugging (This is my first game+ GameJam)

Thanks a ton for all the help. You're amazing :)

Before, it crashed once when I shot voxella and then a second time when I tried it again. Today, I'd already deleted the files off my computer, so I re-downloaded them (the x64 bit version) and oddly enough I didn't have the issue of it crashing.


That is super strange, maybe it breaks when you do something very specific that you just happened to do the first time.

I tried to break it a few times as well since then, but I haven't been able to yet. I did however notice that the credits scene is not playable, it is supposed to be playable like a sandbox exactly like the main menu.

I'm glad that you can play it without any issues now. Thanks for all the help :D


Good game, a bit confusing at first but once I read through the help-messages the gameplay worked a lot smoother and was fun; I like how you did the first-person around the player orb, different but similar.


Thank you for playing!

You're the first person outside the two of us to have played this. Woot!!

We wanted to add a simple objectives system for your mission managing pollution with factories.
The game would present the act of killing bushes for charcoal and shooting factories as a moral dilemma, slowly pushing you to a place where you'd have to  shoot a factory, that's when the boss enemy would've come in.

Since this is our first game, we had no idea of time management and ended up tweaking balance/gameplay till the last evening, haha!

I've always wanted the controls to feel like that in the games I've played, so we made it in ours.