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A journey to the Moon to save us from the space debris evilness
Submitted by jvalen (@sprawlWalker) — 16 hours, 24 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#453.7223.722

Ranked from 79 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
I decided to make a game about two main things that are both innovative and impossible to accomplished nowadays, while focusing on the Moon theme: recycle space debris and travelling from Earth to Moon with no spaceship in just a few minutes.

In MoonHop, we are trying to help the Moon Engineers to fix the recently broken recycle station with a required chip that we have to bring from Earth to the Moon as soon as we can, since everything is falling apart.

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NICE game i like the 2d pixel art and 3d graphics .very nice combination and your starting story explanation scene is enough to read dont reduce its time . and i also love the music ...

but you should not be able to control player after dead battery which i can and is it endless or it has a boss ?? if there are levels arranged then its very very  nice . very hard work!!  BEST  Game. 

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Thank you very much for your feedback and playing!

Good catch! you are right, if you are defeated you can still control the player a bit, I missed that detail, that’s something I will definitely fix once the jam is over.

No, the game it is not endless. There are 6 fixed levels, the last one is a boss fight!

Thanks again for your kind words!

Hey , 

 I have A huge problem that i cant find solution of i thought anyone you could answer..

problem is that I'm making a game that is made very well but when  I try to play it in fullscreen rather than a small windows it loses performance from 40-30 to 14-10 I have searched for that for a week but I cant find a answer

your game runs very well in fullscreen very good.. 

please reply soon✌

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry for the late reply. I hope you found how to fix the issue already.

I haven’t done any optimization to play full-screen in my game. My guess is that the windowed version is just less demanding than the full-screen one. There might be some settings that you could tune but I would encourage you to meet the 60 fps in the minimum specs and then move further.

yeah  i found that lowering the resolution of the game increases the performance and computer doesn't have to load every pixel


my computer is also not that fast to run high graphics games!

we could make a resolution settings  bar to set the resolution as the user wants !

also don't forget download the cosmic escape update which is 3031

and aslo play  my other game heavy loader



I loved the combination of the perspective and the gameplay. Really fun to play. I thought the pixel graphics clashed somewhat with the 3D models.


Thanks so much for the feedback!


Fun game with unique gameplay and excellent theme interpretation!
Really a moon shot!
Great job!


Thanks a lot for playing and the kind words! :)


Your game was fun. I probably didn't get very far. Congratulations on your game.


Thank you very much! Glad to hear that you liked it!


Very nice game overall!

It's a little bit hard to tell sometimes if an obstacle is close or not, due to perspective.

Loved the graphics and sound. Good job!


Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Now all the debris is equally bright, and this does not allow you to focus on the nearest debris. I think it would be worth adding a little atmosphere so that the distant debris is a little in the haze (Although of course this is against our knowledge of space :)). Interesting to play, good work!


Thanks for playing and sharing your thoughts! really appreciated!


Very simple and well done. Polished. I really like the way you made use of the obstacles to create optical illusions and interesting movement patterns. The controls were responsive and the visual messaging was on point. Definitely a contender for best-in-show. Congrats and good luck. 


Thank you very much for your kind words! :)


Really fun concept and execution, dodging all the debris makes for an exciting time, it sure gets difficult later on (especially when the red meteors get you in a bad spot where there is seemingly nowhere to run) but for the most part the challenge feels fair! Well done!


Thanks so much for playing and providing feedback! I really appreciate it :).


I have to say I didn't expect this kind of game after the menu screen :D
The game feels nice, at the start felt a bit slow but it all soon makes sense: it feels balanced and easy to get into, and the music is a really good fit. Graphics are cool, only thing that I could think of point out is the pallette feel a bit flat and could use more color... but not too much! As it is, it helps to plan a route amongst more cluttered sequences. Love the rythm of cluttering rising and ebbing, let's you relax a bt right when you need it.

It definetly gave me MDK vibes when the red meteors/heated debris (missiles?) try to hit you!


Thanks so much for playing and your feedback!

Good point! I really want to invest some time in the palette color, thanks for pointing that out!

Such an honor that the game could evoke memories of MDK, good times back then!


This is surprisingly playable. I like the announcements about entering different sections. Dodging debris is somewhat hard especially in later stages when it's pretty tightly packed.

Hope space isn't such a mess. That'd be awful.


Thanks a lot for your kind words and taking the time for playing! Super appreciated!


Simple premise, but executed extremely well and quite addictive to play!

Took me a couple tries to make it though, as I slowly got the hang of it, my winning run took 243 seconds, 5 hits and netted me a score of 260 points. First of all, I love the atmosphere you created in this game. I didn't mind the intro, I thought it did a good job of setting the scene for the game. The music was very fitting and manages to give the game a relaxed vibe that contrasts the action happening. The low ploy graphical style works very well here, I especially like the design of the character with thrusters on their boots emitting particles, very cool! The space debris models look good and more importantly are easy to identify and react to, though I will admit that some of them (the rectangular frames and long bars) turned out a bit... plain (but you probably just ran out of time). I was very thrilled by the encounter at the end and certainly felt a bit of adrenaline dodging and weaving to stay alive. 

There are a couple points I would like to address however, the first being the obvious 'pop in' as obstacles are spawned, which I felt can be a bit jarring for the player (I think a simple fade in could be an easy fix for this). The second issue I had with the game is the fact that the character's movement is constrained to a certain area (which just so happens to be a subsection of the volume where all the debris spawns :) ) but the boundaries aren't explicitly demarcated. I know that this is a bit tricky since the game is set in space but this way the player has to kind of guess or know if they can still squeeze in between a piece of debris and the boundary. Maybe just an abstract guiding line would work here.

Other than the above (and those are really minor issues), I find that the game turned out great! Nicely done.


Thanks so much for such a detailed review! I appreciate it very much!

I agree with you in all the issues that you addressed. There are a few obstacles that feel a bit plain such as the long bars, there is a lot of room for improvement here, I want to introduce new obstacles and polish the ones are not quite working at the moment.

The fading entering objects is something that I’ll address as soon as the jam ends, I ran out of time and missed that detail.

Very interesting thoughts about the player’s movement constraints, I will definitely study this aspect of the game to make it more clear for the player, thanks for pointing it out!

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed and wow, you made a great score! thank you for playing and for the kind words!

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

I love the aesthetics of this entry! I couldn't get to the Moon; only reached the exosphere. But the music, sounds and little robotic "ENTERING THE STRATOSPHERE", colours and mixture of styles are all great.

The game has the right amount of challenge, though sometimes it's hard to perceive where the debris is depth-wise. If there was something to work on, I'd focus on that (and also making the intro skippable, haha).

I was pleasantly surprised by this entry. I would really like to make stuff like this stylistically.

PS: The batteries' collision box is too small!!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to play the game and your kind words!

I will surely focus on the debris perception that you mentioned, thanks for pointing it out…and the intro, of course :P, it’s already done but I didn’t want to change the original build until the jam ends.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I really appreciated your input.


The Moon needs my SID 6581? Are they bored without any chiptunes to play?

I have to say, between that and the menu screen, I was expecting the game to be a lot more, well, 8-bit instead of 3D. Not a complaint, just a surprise.

Dodging those damn eight-way spinny things is a pain. I want to blame the collision detection… but no, it’s almost certainly my fault, and the game seems well balanced. Nice work!


Wow! You are the first one to mention the SID reference!

The chip was probably needed at the Moon recycle station to break the space junk into tiny pieces using very specific three channel old-school synth sound waves goodness :P.

It’s definitely not your fault, the “eight-way spinny things” are quite hard to dodge. One of the many things that I will polish after the jam.

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and for playing!


"The intro is a bit long and not skippable" LOL! I enjoyed the wildly different audiovisual styles. My depth perception is apparently very poor so my guy received some punishment. Good fun.


Thanks for playing and leaving your feedback! I wrote down a warning text about the length of the intro due to many people raised the issue and I didn’t want nobody to avoid playing because of that reason :P


Gameplay: The movement felt good and the obstacles were good too. The upgrades(battery and the ring) were good but maybe another (maybe indestructible?) could be good.

Graphics: The models were good. I liked the 2d menu also.

Audio: The music was good and I liked how you did the voice for the captain dude.

Innovation: This game is pretty innovation

Theme: Recycle space debris and travelling from Earth to Moon with no spaceship in just a few minutes.

Overall: Good game!

Can you try (and review) my game?


Thanks a lot for the detailed review! I really appreciated it.


I loved the gameplay and the switch from the 3d intro to 2d menu then 3d gameplay again.
One feedback: I could not figure out how close I was to actually pick a power-up, which made me miss so many of them.
But overall, this was a nice fun game!


Thanks so much for the feedback! I definitely need to tweak the colliders in the power-ups, now are probably too tight to the object mesh.


Good job :)
I ALMOST made to the end, like 10s from the moon :'(


Wow! Good job, you almost made it!

Thanks for playing and your kind words!


This was fun! The chill jazz soundtrack, the sound effects, and the synthesized speech really gave it a fun character that actually had me smiling while I was playing. It was honestly too hard for me to beat, but felt fair, with a good difficulty curve.

Well done!


Thanks so much for your kind words!


I really liked the chill vibes and the gameplay ideas! The music was great too!

Judging depth was a bit too hard for me I'm afraid. I liked the graphics, but I felt like there were three conflicting art styles in this game, which was a bit weird.

What does the km number represent? It's not the distance to the goal, because it barely changes at all as you progress. What is it for?


Hi snuffysam! Thanks so much for the feedback!

The number that you mentioned, it’s in fact the remaining distance to the Moon and indeed it changes, but at a different pace depending of the level, please let me give you more detail.

There are 6 levels on the game, they are structured as the Earth’s Atmospheric layers (Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere) + Space. The first three ones, are rather short (10kms-30kms-50kms) so the speed is lower and kms move slower as well. Once you get to the fourth level, things start to speed up since there are longer distances (400kms-10000kms-384400kms).

I wanted to have some “realistic measures” (I even calculated the real-time speed but I ended up dropping it because I thought there would be too much info in the UI), as well as the player to spend similar time in each level, there might be better ways to do it but that’s the how I solved it. I hope it clarifies a bit :).

Thanks again for your input!


Heh- that was fun :) I loved the sort of starfox-esq video view on the side.

Would have been nice to have had a fading/larger depth-of-field so debris were more visible and didn’t “pop”, but I was playing on the webgl build so it’s always a balance between quality and performance there!


I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it!

I’ll surely tune the fading in the near future. Thanks for your feedback! :)

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