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Thank you for your feedback. I actually tried to change the history of the game (in the description of the game on Google Play), there is already some kind of cyberpunk theme. But still in general form and without specification. As for the music, I will probably agree, in the near future I will look for something suitable.

I participated in Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1 and while the voting was going on, I was actively bringing the game to the implementation on android. Of course, she did not take prizes, but the reviews were pretty good. 

At first I wanted to make some more or less realistic graphics based on this prototype, well, at least low poly. (about ants) However, at some point I realized that I could try to develop the game in such an abstract form. What do you think?

You control the reverse cube, or rather move it up and down. Movements left and right are genetically incorporated into the program of the cube itself, so you cannot control them. The direction of movement from left to right is reversed when the cube rests on the end point of the level and when it finds the crystal.
Your task is to collect as many crystals as possible and guide the cube through all levels and clusters to its goal - the core of the system.
In order to open the exit gates of the level, you must collect your fellow cubes so that your number is not less than the number of gate bolts.

Cool game. Nice music and graphic art. In my opinion a little slow, maybe I would speed up the movement of the character a little.

I liked the idea of using characters with different characteristics. And I also really like the graphics.

Cool art and design! 

Cool graphics and animations. Like it!

I would like for you to check my game out:

I would like for you to check my game out:

I would like for you to check my game out:

Thanks. Yes, the character takes a long time to accelerate, and you just want to push him using the horizontal axis keys

Ha-ha. At first I tried to get the other sheep to follow me, but I had to move the boxes! Mesmerizing music at the beginning of dark area. Cool!

Thanks for your opinion!

Good work! Cool tutorial graphics.

Cool idea, good music!

Thank you for your feedback, I will think about other options.

Fine! Glad you enjoyed it!

Nice game! In my humble opinion, the territory could be made a little smaller. 

Indeed, the game is still at the prototype stage. Here I still need to work on the setting and then think over further steps accordingly.

I like the idea and implementation. It is not immediately clear that the shark is moving. At first I thought she was just turning around. And it's a little more difficult for a beginner, the game can somehow work with the complexity. Can give more health in the beginning, for example.

The game starts, then first I press enter and a black screen appears. And nothing happens. After restarting the page (F5) I get "Your browser does not support WebGL". 

You have to restart your browser to get it working again. Not with other games.

My game is an active maze puzzle. I will be glad if you play it.

Thanks, I'm glad to hear that.

It's a great platformer! Your experience is visible.

Cool graphics!

Overall good! There is not enough action Imho. 

The game slows down in the browser :(

The browser gave errors, did not work :(

Very strange, but my daughter and I had fun :)

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Now all the debris is equally bright, and this does not allow you to focus on the nearest debris. I think it would be worth adding a little atmosphere so that the distant debris is a little in the haze (Although of course this is against our knowledge of space :)). Interesting to play, good work!

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Thanks for your feedback. Maybe, you are one of the few who made it to the end. I've already sketched out a roadmap for the game to make it clearer and easier to use.

Yes, and this is the essence of my game most accurately expressed in words. May be... :)

Thanks, good point!

Interestingly, the Linux version didn't work on my Linux Mint, but Win version worked well through Wine :)))

Good game! Interesting gameplay and high quality graphics. I thought that something was wrong with my keyboard layout when I logged in :)

Cool game. Interesting graphic style, variety of game mechanics and unpredictable plot - everything is very cool.

I really liked the sounds and graphics in the game. Intro is super! It's interesting to see a mix of different genres: shooter and platformer.

So, look at mine: The Mystery of Selenite

I saw that now we all do not have a lot of time to understand each game during rating games, so we want to quickly understand and complete the game. But if you take a separate game, the process of cognition and research means a lot.