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Moon's haunted! Bust some ghosts in low gravity!
Submitted by remruts (@remruts) — 1 day, 4 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#363.8103.810

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
The game's about shooting ghosts on the moon :)

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Wow! This game it's just amazing, a true gem!

Developer (2 edits)

Thank you very much! A lot of incredible games were made during this jam :)


This is just fantastic, congrats!

BTW, the web build works like a charm.


Thanks! The web build gets a few frame drops and hiccups on my machine + a few bugs, so it's nice reading it worked for you without any issues :)

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Hey, I'm just leaving a comment to let you know I don't have time to play and rate any more games. I'm sorry if you play my game and I can't return the favor. I really appreciate your time, and if you need ratings and such, don't hesitate to skip Paralunar. You can always play it later if you like, when the voting period ends :)

Also, I want to thank all of you again for playing and leaving all these nice comments and feedback. I was overwhelmed by the positive response to the game and I'm really happy people liked it, even when I couldn't add all the things I wanted to it during this jam. 

I played a lot of great and interesting games during this jam and I barely scratched the surface of the sheer amount that were made for it. I encourage you to play the games by the other commenters here, as there's a little something for everyone, including some incredible high quality games.

Again, thank you very much! I wish you all the best on your gamedev endeavours!

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

A-ma-zing. I've had a ton of fun, everything is spot on: graphics, animation, audio, level design, writing.. it's a real gem. The controls are hard to master but they make sense, so it's not frustrating (at least to me, I guess more casual players might have more difficulty - edit: welp, see below). I loved the paint splashing when killing enemies and the boss battles were great.

The final boss was pretty tough, but with perseverance I managed to beat it :)

Edit: Ah and LOL, I just read some comments and I see there's a Brake feature which I wasn't aware of... Well like jvalen I beat the game without it, but it was hard :P It definitely makes sense to have it though, the game is pretty hardcore otherwise. It would make for a pretty good achievement however for a potential post-jam version to beat the game without braking ;)


Thank you very much! 

The brake was kind of an afterthought. It does help a lot to control the character more precisely, but it's also not strictly a necessity. You can still maneuver with the dashes and shots. 

I'm happy though, that even without it you managed to beat the game and that it didn't affect your experience :)


I had a great time playing the game! I love the beautiful pixel art, music, feedback effects and mechanics.

The controls feel good as well, something I would love to have as a player is to be able to control the rotation of our character while is on the air.

It has a good difficulty progression and the bosses are very well designed. Just as a curiosity, I finished the game without using Brake feature.

I had a blast! Well done!


Thanks a lot! 

What do you mean with "rotation"? If you couldn't shoot at any direction you were pointing with the mouse, could it be that you had a controller/gamepad connected? Since the gamepad code couldn't be tested, it kinda overrides the keyboard+mouse controls :/ 

If so, it's really impressive that you finished the game without that or the "brake"!

Anyways, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for playing!


I’ve just realized that I even finished the game without using not only the “brake” but also the “dashing”. I basically made it through the end shooting with the left mouse button.

I probably got a bit confused since shooting up makes you move down, the opposite than dashing that makes you fly upwards while pointing up.

What I meant about the rotation, is that if we were able to control the rotation of the character (with left and right arrow keys for example) when is bouncing through the air and walls it will allow us to land properly and get the running control back faster, instead of waiting for the bouncing to stop.

It’s just an opinion :), it might add unnecessary complexity.

Again, great job! the game is awesome!

I’ve just realized that I even finished the game without using not only the “brake” but also the “dashing”. I basically made it through the end shooting with the left mouse button.

wait, what?

hahahaha, you were playing on a self-imposed "VERY HARD mode". How did you even dodge the final boss' attacks without dashing? Playing with all these limitations and you still pushed on! You're incredible!

What I meant about the rotation, is that if we were able to control the rotation of the character (with left and right arrow keys for example) when is bouncing through the air and walls it will allow us to land properly and get the running control back faster, instead of waiting for the bouncing to stop.

Yeah, that doesn't really matter. It's not the angle, but the speed of the character that determines when she snaps to the ground. Another player suggested some kind of "ground pound" or something like that to snap faster to the ground. If I continue working on this after the jam, I'll try that. Slow "ground snapping" seems to be the biggest problem the game has according to these comments.

Thank you again for playing. I'm sorry the controls weren't clear enough or that there wasn't some kind of tutorial level to get to know them better.


How did you even dodge the final boss’ attacks without dashing?

I discovered that the easier and quicker way to hit the final boss was in the ground (at least for me…not using the dashing :P), it might be the reason why I found quite important a way to land and start running in a faster way.

I had a lot of fun with the game, thanks a lot for the detailed explanation! Cheers!


Definitively one of my favorite game of the jams.

The art and music is top-notch, controls are hard but fun, multiple ennemies and bosses with interesting patterns ? How could I ask for more ?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much for playing and streaming the game! :)

It was good fun watching you struggle against the last boss and I could observe some issues that other people commented on but I couldn't replicate. I'm really happy you liked it too despite the difficulty!


Fantastic game, absolutely adored playing this! The artwork is so very cute, I love the designs of all the characters and enemies. The movement is so much fun, it's challenging while also so satisfying to learn. The music fits super well and is lovely to listen to. Everything combines in just the best way to craft an amazing experience, well done!


Thank you very much! I'm happy you had a good time and liked the game so much!
Thanks for the nice comments and for taking your time to play it :)


Fantastic game mechanics and super cool retro visuals and music!
Outstanding work!


Thank you very much for your kind words and for playing!


awesome i love it!!! greetings from Chile


Gracias, me alegro que te haya gustado! Saludos desde Argentina!


Awesome very polished game! loved the movement and how the even the shooting makes you move :)


Thanks! The "shooting to move" was the thing I started from and then branched from there to make the game. It was hard to get right (and still needs some work!). 

Thanks again for playing!


Very cool GamePlay! i really loved the animations


Thank you!


Super fun game! Really enjoyed the controls and the boss fight orientated nature of it :D

Would have been nice if the game autosaved before travelling through the door to the final boss, but not a big deal. A slam ability (possibly on a cooldown) might have been quite nice too to quickly get back to the ground and ready to run :)

Really good overall! :D


Thanks! The slam ability is a clever idea. It may fix the snapping to the ground problem. I'll keep it in mind if I continue working on this. Thanks again for playing and your feedback :)


Gameplay: The controls were good, I liked how shooting moved you midair. It was really fun to go around shooting the ghosts and bosses.

Graphics: The graphics were AMAZING. The pixel art is some of the best visuals in this jam.

Audio: Music fit well and the SFX's were good too. 

Innovation: Ive never seen a game about fighting ghosts on the moon.  

Theme: The game's about shooting ghosts on the moon :)

Overall: Definitely one of the best games in the jam!

Can you try (and comment) on my game?


Oh, I like how you formatted this! Thanks for the praise! Especially your comments on the art make me happy, since I'm not a professional artist, but a programmer. Of course, I'm also happy that you enjoyed the experience and I'll give your game a try when I have the time :)


I really enjoyed playing this game. The pixel art is amazing. The beginning story screens moved a bit too quickly, but I managed to quickly skim over what was written. I like the relatively simple exploratory design where I have to figure out where I should go on my own ;D. I defeated the first three bosses. The cat boss was a bit simple because I got too close and kept shooting her; she wasn't able to attack me back. After I defeated the third boss, this white blocky thingy showed up and I didn't know what I should do so I kept bumping into it before deciding that I should just run away and head for the door. The final boss gave me a hard time! I died about 7 times before choosing a strategy to stay close to it to avoid as many shots as possible (since the shots will mostly hit the ground). But those arrow shots are annoying (but really nicely created!! ) :P. Overall, the game is amazing and I enjoyed playing it. Moving mechanics was a bit unfamiliar for me at first before things starting falling in place. Really nice job! 


Thanks for playing and for the thorough description of your playthrough! I too believe that the cat boss is too easy, but also I couldn't make the midbosses too hard, since you can encounter them in any order. It's interesting how you perceived the creepy mask as a blocky thing, haha. That was just me trolling the player a little. It isn't meant to be killed, though it isn't too hard to do so.

I'm glad you managed to finish it even with all those difficulties, thank you very much :)


Thanks for making the browser version!  There is a lot to love about this game. - the pixel art was great, the controls were easy to understand but with plenty of room left for mastery.   The Ghost boss fight was great with progressive difficulty.  Overall, well done!

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.


Thank you very much :) 

The browser version has some problems, but it's playable. Originally I tried to make a web build, but it had crashes, etc. I fixed some of those with the previous updates, and it seems to be working alright.

I'll try your game when I have some time!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Great game! The level of polish was fantastic and it really made the graphics and sounds shine :-)

The gameplay and shooting felt really nice.

The only part that felt a bit awkward to me was the switch from airborne to walking.


Thanks! Haha, seems everyone has the same issue. I'll have to tweak that if I continue working on this after the jam ends.

Thank you again for playing :)


Wow, this level of detail and polish in a game jam is amazing! The gameplay is simple to play but hard to master, the art is awesome and the music fits so well. Boss battles don't come easy either, but feels great when succeeded. Glad to see more Godot games in the jam each year! Kudos for a round entry, one of the best if I may say so.


Thank you very much! I really enjoyed your entry too!


This games is under rated! Very well polished, loved the two mechanics of being in the air and also on the ground. Boss fights were very well done! Great experience to play it! Fid my video review below:

22:23 Paralunar


Thanks! And thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it :)


Are is so nice and characters are super cute, especially the bosses. I like how the ghosts explode in colored blobs on death, super satisfying. Mechanic is fun to use although it takes some getting used to. Difficulty of final boss felt right to me, the spikes in the corners are so evil, but managed to beat hekatok after some tries.

Most polished game I've seen in this jam, great job!


Thanks for playing! Balancing difficulty is always hard, so I'm glad it felt right for you and I'm happy you managed to finish it :)


This is the best game I played so far. It's too good to be free. Outstanding work


Thank you very much! All my games (yet) are free. Try them out if you'd like  :)

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