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Lumi and the Dark Night

Hello.  We are pleased to announce the release of our latest game.  It was well received in the recent Game Off 2020 Game Jam and we think you will like it.

Lumi and the Dark Night

Help Lumi escape from the darkest depths and restore the Light in this 2D platformer.  The game includes 6 levels and a variety of special abilities, including "Warp Rush", "Light Blast", and "Gravity Field".  It can be played casually in under 30 minutes.  Or for a greater challenge, attempt to complete 22 different achievements.  It can be played in your browser or downloaded as a Windows or Mac application.


TX Brothers

That sounds like very unexpected behavior.  May I ask if you were playing from the keyboard or a gamepad. And if a gamepad, what configuration?  What you describe sounds like getting buttondown events continuously which should not be possible.

Here is my answer as someone fairly new to  I prefer HTML5 games because they seem inherently safer to play (trusting and the Chrome browser to enforce a minimum level of security).  But I'm very curious to know what are some of the best practices from members that allow you to run downloaded executables safely (assuming that you don't really know what is in them)?

Really nice game mechanics and play style.   The graphics are simple but seem appropriate. I noticed you save game states between sessions also - which is cool.  I did encounter a few bugs - sometime 2 moons would get stuck together or not delete when expected, but it was not a game breaker since going back to the main and restarting the level worked just find.  I got stuck on Level 8, so I'm still curious about what other mechanics were in store.   I'm not familiar with the WADE game engine, so it's cool that you were able to do this with it.

Nice!  I'm really pleased that you discovered our crushable enemies.  Thanks for leaving your comments.  We are going to add a continue system after the jam, so you might check back again then if you want to finish.

Very nice visuals.  Love the starry background with parallax effects and the asteroid graphics.  It took me a while to figure out I could "jump" to leave the starting asteroid.  Nice work.

Love the character animation.

Very distinctive visual style.  And a turn-based strategy game definitely stands out in this game jam.  I can't say I won, but enjoyed making several attempts.  Nice work.

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.

Fun game.  I like that I can play it with one hand.   And new enemies require new movement strategies.  Nice work.

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.

I enjoyed this once I got the controls working (I was confused at first because up/down wasn't doing anything).  Fun movement.  Very chill, very forgiving - does it go on forever?

For our game submission (Lumi and the Dark Night), we decided to include some optional goals to allow 100% completion on each level.  While not hard-core by any means, it does provide some extra goals for diligent players or those who are just enjoying the game.  Each level has some secrets to discover.  If you managed to get 100% on all the levels, please let me know.  Or even better, post a screen shot of the final level showing your final orb count.  (Tip:  Use the pause menu to restart Level 2 if needed, and don't take the final lift on Level 5 until you are ready to go!)

Are there other game submissions that included some optional goals with completionists in mind?  Golfing Gods is one that comes to mind, but if you included optional achievements in your game please post below.

Awesome. Thanks for the great feedback!

Sorry to hear about your problems with the controller.  At the start of Level 1 Lumi is still too weak to reach the first  light orb, but gains jump height and movement at a later point and can come back to it .  I wonder if that is what you experienced.  This was an intentional design decision, but I can see how it might be confusing.

I love to hear that you made it to the end!

Really glad you made it to the end!

Thanks for your comments!  The "floaty" jumps were somewhat intentional based on the player design - Lumi is a spirit-type creature of Light with very little weight.  And if you make it to the end you will see this floaty movement go even a bit further.

Thanks. We are preparing a post-Jam release that will include a continue option with saved game state.

Thanks for playing and leaving your comments.  You are 100% correct about the boss fights - we intentionally decided to dial this toward easy for the Jam to encourage more people to see the whole game.

I really like the art style and platformer gameplay.  Nice that you supported a gamepad.  It did seem quite hard (but from reading comments below I guess that is what you were going for).  I would have liked a little more range on the jumps and better control on the 45-deg slopes.  Also more range on attacks while we're at it.  :)

You might like to try  our platformer game - the jump mechanics are quite different though (to go with the main character design).

Wow, that was a great intro and character development.  The game play mechanic was very interesting. - familiar yet unique.  Nice work.

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.

Golfing + demons + moon?  Yes, of course.  This  was an amusing mash-up.  I loved the sound effects and transitions from isometric to top down worked well.  Nice work.

If you like platformers, you might want to try our game.

Thanks for making the browser version!  There is a lot to love about this game. - the pixel art was great, the controls were easy to understand but with plenty of room left for mastery.   The Ghost boss fight was great with progressive difficulty.  Overall, well done!

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.

Nice dungeon delving game.   The shrinking light range was great as a time indicator.  I wish the attack range was slightly larger.

If you like platformers, you might like our game.

Interesting idea.  Needs more explanation on how to control the ball (as others have said below).

If you like platformers, you might like to try our game.

I'm not usually one for simulation games, but this one drew me in.  The art and presentation was outstanding.  There was just enough to do to keep my interest - even though at the end I was on full speed and just clicking health bars.  I'm embarrassed to say that I had well over a $1M at the end but I lost because I forgot to go back to the first screen and payoff the debt. 

If you like platformers, please try our game.

Amusingly silly.  Love the sprite animations for Boris.   Would have liked a bit of explanation on what to do (like heading back to the left to end the level) and more control options (maybe map jump to the space bar).  Still fun though.  Nice job.

I love this - a game I can sit back and take my time with.  The tutorials were perfect.  And toward the end there were a few puzzles I had to plan out a bit.  Only room for improvement is maybe adding more levels and a bit more challenge.  Good job.

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You are clearly going all in on the ragdoll physics, and it is an amusing game.  I had trouble controlling the sword - I was poking them but had trouble getting enough force to hurt them.  Nice job on all the animations and the tone of the game.

If you like platformers, please try our game.

Nice tower defense game. Well done!

If you like platformers, check out our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.

Wow, this game is addicting.  I ended up playing this quite a bit longer than I expected.  I'm really impressed with the number of levels.  I noticed you save persistent data as well so that I can continue later - something that not many game jam games do (mine included).

If you like platformers, please check out our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.

Cute.  Quite an intro.

If you like platformers, please try our game.

I like the ship controls with the mouse - felt pretty good.   But the goals weren't too clear.  I flew around a bit, shot some falling meteorites.  Crashed a few times (I like the dimmed lights and "time out" by the way).  I'd like to see this with a bit more gameplay.

If you like platformers, please try our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.

Interesting puzzle concept.  The voice over definitely added some style.  My werewolves tended to pile up for some reason.  I did make it to sunrise!

If you like platformers, please try our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.

I enjoyed playing your game.  Those are some brave marines, armed only with moustaches.

Nice job on this game.  It's a simple game, but very well implemented.  I especially like the color palette and UI design.

Any chance you could build a WebGL version for the browser?

Any chance you could get this to run in browser?

I liked the art style and music.   The gameplay was unforgiving and not so fun.

I love the vibes here and the idea of setting out to find a new home for humanity.  I think I need to spend some more time with this one.  Too bad there wasn't a bit of a tutorial to introduce you to the various ship systems - I didn't notice some of the menu items for quite some time.  But maybe this isn't the type of game for hand-holding?

If you like platformers, please try our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.