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Lumi and the Dark NightView game page

Help Lumi escape from the darkest depths and restore the Light in this 2D platformer.
Submitted by TX Brothers — 1 day, 1 hour before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1273.1853.185

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Theme interpretation
In addition to featuring a literal "moonshot" in the opening scene, this was a very ambitious project for us since we are new to game development.

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Poor lumi, it's so cute.

Jump height isn't consistent. Each time I jump it reaches different height. I can hold space and Lumi will continuously jump and the timing isn't consistient either. I feel like sometimes the jump starts before landing. Double jump activates automatically, which is annoying because it's hard to reach full jump height. 


That sounds like very unexpected behavior.  May I ask if you were playing from the keyboard or a gamepad. And if a gamepad, what configuration?  What you describe sounds like getting buttondown events continuously which should not be possible.


Was playing on keyboard on Firefox.


Gameplay: I the controls were pretty good, I liked how you did the upgrades around the map. I got all the way to level 3 in the cavern but I wasn't able to do a jump so that kinda sucked. I liked how many enemies there were. Good job!

Graphics: The graphics were good I liked how cute Lumi is and the dark aesthetic worked well with the game.

Audio: The music was good and I liked how many SFX's there were.

Innovation: Pretty good! 

Theme: In addition to featuring a literal "moonshot" in the opening scene, this was a very ambitious project.

Overall: One of the best games in this jam! Great Job! Especially because you are new to game development

Can you play (and review) my game?


Great game. I was buffled when I found out that you can crush enemies with boulders and that the upward gravity affects the shooting ability. Wonderful details.

The checkpoints were a bit unforgiving, I had to stop when i fell from the elevator, because it took too long to get back up. Also the controls felt a bit strange, but that might be because of my QWERZ keyboard layout. Key remapping would have helped with that.

The graphics and sound were nice and just the fact that there are so many and so huge levels is impressive.

Well done! I hope I manage to play it again to make it to the end.


Nice!  I'm really pleased that you discovered our crushable enemies.  Thanks for leaving your comments.  We are going to add a continue system after the jam, so you might check back again then if you want to finish.


Excellent game with a very cute and unique main character (same for the NPCs)!
Love the mechanics of growing in strength (though I would have prefered if some of the "balls" were optional giving a choice to the player.
Very good graphics & audio and excellent controls which is very important for a platformer!
Great job!


Really cute game! I love the artwork and gameplay! Lol i died sooo many times!


Really fun game (with a cute main character)! Enjoyed acquiring new abilities as the game progressed (really liked the final ability you get :D)

Would have been nice to have a few more checkpoints, I found every now and then I'd die and be sent back quite a way :)

Really good overall!


I liked this entry a lot. I'm impressed by the amount of content it has, like it's almost a metroidvania!

I like the general vibe of the game. It reminds me of Kirby, but kinda darker aesthetically. Lumi is cute, though it'd be cuter with better animations. 

I like the text narration while playing and all the powerups. I'm impressed that the gravity one affects almost any object, including npcs and enemy bullets. However, it's a bit clunky to use for oneself. The fire rate for the moonshot is a bit slow. Music stops for a while after playing (and resumes too late).

Though I didn't have any problems myself, I can see that some parts of the levels could use some design rework. Though, like I said, it didn't affect my playthrough.

Being this big and long, I'm glad you don't have lives and that the bosses don't reset theirs when you die. If it weren't for this, I would've definitely quit on the bat boss. 

This game was a pleasant surprise :)


Awesome. Thanks for the great feedback!

Submitted (1 edit)

fun however the fact that the bosses health did not resete when you died made it kinda easy


Thanks for playing and leaving your comments.  You are 100% correct about the boss fights - we intentionally decided to dial this toward easy for the Jam to encourage more people to see the whole game.


Really quality platform game.  Loved the  lighting and style and how the character 's skills progressed through the game, unlocking more of the levels.  Great fun.


Loved the level design and the overall map layout. There is a lot of interesting mechanisms here and can definitely see your ambition when building it. I do hope the jump will go up and down a bit quicker tho because now I think I hang at midair for too long and I kind of stay at the max point for a little too long and I start to feel unsure about when I am landing exactly. Other than that, quite solid game play. Loved it!


Really solid platformer, the level design is good, though the controls are a bit laggy (maybe it's my browser) This is a great entry, specially being your first time with gamedev. Good job!


Lovely platformer, the progress was very well paced. Great job!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Really nice game! I loved the progression of new abilities. Amazing use of cameras!

The player movement felt a bit weird to me, maybe you could put some time for adjustments for a post jam version.

Also I think it was kind of long for playing it on one run, maybe you make downloadable versions with saves? That could also allow you to add more content without the pressure of making it too long.


Thanks. We are preparing a post-Jam release that will include a continue option with saved game state.


Oh man, I don't know where to start.  If there's a weak spot in this game, it's your theme interpretation, you guys clearly have what it takes :).

I love the game, you made a platformer with lots of great mechanics, including enemies with simple AI (this is something I wanted to do in our game, but did not have enough time to code!).  The details are amazing, the jump sensitive to time the button is held, the little instructions and self-teaching mechanics, added at just the right time to keep the player interest, all that calibration was perfect.

If I had to be critical (as others have said, what we like more, we get more critical of, that is clearly what is happening here!), I'd say maybe put a little more into the main character art.  I see that simple fit him, totally, but you're always seeing him/her, and the ability's definitely there, as we can see from another fine attention-to-detail aspect--the parallax.

Something about the animals aspect reminded me of Terranigma, and at the same time (particularly the opening scene), a similar aura to the cutscenes in Number Munchers hahaha =D.  

Oh also, great level design.  Stuff to find, made me think just long enough for a game jam game.  High marks from  me, great job!


Cool platform game! Good job done with the skills progression. I specially loved the zoom-in and out in some parts of the levels, the smooth control and the satisfying floating movement in the water.

Well done!


Cute game, I was glad to be able to play with a controller. Something about the character movement felt a bit floaty to me, but I really enjoyed slowly unlocking your abilities and the puzzle difficulty unfolded at a good pace. Well done!


Thanks for your comments!  The "floaty" jumps were somewhat intentional based on the player design - Lumi is a spirit-type creature of Light with very little weight.  And if you make it to the end you will see this floaty movement go even a bit further.


Great Work!

Made it from start to finish in one turn. Even caught one jumpscare. 

Good platformer with good story, sound and level design! 


Really glad you made it to the end!


The graphics, animations, music and even the camera zooming work well together to create a nice atmosphere :-)

I really liked how the powers of the main character build up slowly.


It's like a nice simplified Hollowknight. I enjoyed the feeling of progress the abilities give you, followed with decent puzzles introducing the new mechanics. Well done.


Thanks to everyone who has left us comments after playing our game.  I'm glad that most of you enjoyed your experience.  The compliments mean quite a lot coming from other game developers.  Happy gaming!

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