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Github Game Jam 2020
Submitted by Avi Vajpeyi — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#393.7743.774

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Theme interpretation
I used the theme quite literally. In my game you have to blast your rocket from your moon to another moon -- you have to take a "moon shot".

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Atmospheric visuals and music.  It's also cool how every level is different and you gave the player more than one way to play.  The guy saying "moonshot" every level did get a little old though.  Really nice!


Lovely visuals and music. Really enjoyed playing it.


So this time I did the video review, please find it below:

18:50 Moonshot


Gameplay: The randomly generated levels were nice. It might have been nice to add fast forward option for when on slow planets.

Graphics: The graphics were a pretty good. I liked the trails and the stars.

Audio: The music was good but the moon shot noise was annoying.

Innovation: Pretty good

Theme: Blast rocket from your moon to another moon -- you have to take a "moon shot".

Overall: Nice game but it seamed kind of unfinished.

Can you try (and review) my game?


Beautiful and relaxing game with a great replayability! Being able to bend physics is a great feature, I truly enjoyed it!

Well done!


I played a lot of levels until I realized it was randomly generated. That explains why some levels are stupidly easy while others are ok. As it is, the game's focus is more like "waiting for the orbits to align" than "using the gravity to steer your rocket to the goal".
Art's pretty. It's simple, but the lights and trails make it shine (heh). Music was well picked. I appreciate the nod to SUPERHOT.
The only thing that felt weird to me was that I expected to launch the rocket kind of like a slingshot, moving opposite to where I was pointing at. But it's not like that changed anything from the experience. 
Overall, it's ok. It could use something like a score to compete with other players or something like that, to add some level of challenge.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah SUPERHOT is great :)

Yeah I think ill try to mess around with the random level gen in the future, try to add some more level variation


Great and addictive game! :-D

I really liked the graphics, polishing and music


Nice puzzle game! Really liked the atmosphere here (no pun intended), the calm music fits perfectly, and the graphics do their work. Are the puzzles random generated or does it ever end? Kudos!


Randomly generated!


I already saw some gravity puzzles in this jam. Your game is one of the best. I like the art and the sound. The puzzles at first were a little too easy but they became harder and I enjoyed the overall experience 


Im glad the difficulty ramped up for you lol! That was purely by chance haha (randomly gen levels)


Out of the many many gravity puzzle games in this Jam, I would say this is by far the most atmospheric both to look at and to listen to. All in-game graphics are simple components but they work really well!


Nice concept! It was hard to know where the rocket would go when you shoot. Maybe having a sort of campaign mode where the difficulty groes would be cool :)

Loved the music!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Pretty fun lil game.  Are the levels procedurally generated?  

I think the ship needs more initial velocity tho Realized you can change this in options.  But I thought this would simply make gravity stronger, this is as if you make the mass of the ship larger.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Yeah! Procedurally generated (which is why the difficulty isn’t well tuned). Id like to add some more variation in the future tho :)

Ah yeah changing the initial vel should be a thing… right now the initial vel = G10arrow_length or smth (HACKS) haha


Really nice visuals and soundtrack! I really felt like I was in outer space you captured the vibe perfectly.

The gameplay mechanic was pretty interested but acted unpredictable sometimes. It was hard to judge how far the rocket would travel before being pulled back if you shot away from other objects. Some of the levels were also too easy because the start and goal would overlap if you just waited a bit and then it was a no-brainer straight shot. Would have liked to see the levels increase in complexity, and not have the start and goal so close sometimes. One time I got a "yeeted" end screen and not really sure what that means haha.

Fun game overall! Would make a great mobile game actually, I'd love to download this on my phone and just play casually during my bus commutes. Maybe you can incorporate procedurally generated levels and then there can be endless modes (reach high scores, or try to get as far as you can with a limited number of shots). Hope you keep working on the game!


The levels actually are procedurally generated! I think that might be why some levels are too easy while sone others are way too hard haha. Id like to work a bit on trying to add some more planets and moons etc that might make the levels more interesting tho :) thanks for the feedback!


A very fun minimalistic game. Very fun addictive gameplay. Great job!


Nicely polished; the in game instructions were a little too brief (I thought for a while that I was meant to be launching the planet with a pull-back and-release mechanism), and the difficulty curve seemed strange (some later levels seemed completely trivial as the start and goal passed right next to each other), but overall the game felt very clean and smooth, and with a little more meat it could be a nice mobile pastime.

I did appreciate that winning after the failure text appears still give you credit for the victory. :)


Haha yeah I haven’t really mapped a good level difficulty mechanic into the game, currently, all the levels are procedurally generated, and I’m not checking for how difficult/easy the generated levels are.

Maybe I can start off with like just two planets, and then add in another planet, make it further away, and vary the procedurally generated levels in that way in the future. Thanks!

And yeah, thanks for the note on the confusing instructions! Will be sure to try to adjust them to make more sense. I might also just try to add a mini tut at the beginning of the game as per some suggestions.


Very cool minimalistic graphics, amazing soundtrack, and simple and addictive gameplay. I had a lot of fun with your game.


I found the graphics really peaceful and well suited for the game. A tuto would have been nice, some features of the game were not obvious (for example the fact that it is possible to jump from one moon to another to reach the goal). Overall I enjoyed playing, though.


Ah yeah, a tut is a great suggestion, I think others have also suggested it. Maybe the first time the game loads up, I can have some on-screen UI demoing what to do. Thanks!


You did what I was trying to do, but better! Maybe I should look into unity for my next project.


Nice Game, Played the Wegl version

+simple but effective graphics

+nice audio

+innovative gravity based gameplay

-No tutorial

-no clear indication when level success or level failed

All the best


Lol Yeeted. Graphics and sound are really good. This was a fun puzzle game.

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