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Really great controls and atmosphere!  Especially appreciate the dithering.  When I got caught and pressed the option to restart the game, it brought me to a test map instead of the main map.  I enjoyed seeing that, but I doubt that is intended.  Still, great job!

Played and rated, very nice!  Thanks for sharing!

Nice art, cool characters, and very well made!

Thanks for sharing!  Very nice visuals and camera implementation.

Really incredible visuals and atmosphere.  Also the camera functionality is superb.

REALLY incredible project.   I love level editors in games so you stole my heart.  Thanks for sharing!

This is REALLY great!  Instantly understandable and fun.  The core mechanic and how it slows down while aiming is a very nice touch.  Art fits perfectly and can easily be expanded upon.  Making a level editor is indeed ambitious and you were able to pull it off!  My only suggestion is to make beating a level feel more like "winning".  Currently the same stuff and practically the same UI screen appears.  I was confused at first and thought I might have died but no, I won.  Adding a "Next Level"  button and maybe some other effects when you destroy the last enemy will greatly improve the flow of the game.  Still, really really really nice jam project!

Thank you, so glad you liked it!

Thank you so much!  We are happy everything came together in the way that it did and can't wait to polish it even more.

Really nice atmospheric puzzle game.  Thanks for sharing!

Atmospheric visuals and music.  It's also cool how every level is different and you gave the player more than one way to play.  The guy saying "moonshot" every level did get a little old though.  Really nice!

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Took me 18 days (in game time, not real life lol) to deliver the letter in your game.  Thanks for sharing!

Simple but well done.  Really liked watching my rocket crash back into the ground and spin like crazy xD!  Nice work!

Thanks for playing and sharing your game with us as well!  Our guys who worked on the intro will be happy to hear you liked it!

Thanks for sharing!  I beat your fun management game, rated, and commented!

Great management game, and absolutely amazing music!  I went with the "good guys" and was able to beat it, even though I was on my way to running out of energy xD

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Your game deserves more ratings and plays!  Very nice, thanks for sharing!

I absolutely love Factorio and this is like a more efficient version of it!  It is really impressive the amount of content and level of polish you were able to make for this jam.  Excellent work!

Thank you, just played and rated your game as well.  Thanks for sharing!

Very impressed with how many levels you made.  I think this is one of the better gravity golf games I've played in this jam.  Nice work!

Thank you, glad you liked it!  Our sound and art people are super happy to see you liked their stuff! :D

Thanks!  We'd love to keep exploring the mechanics too.  Thanks for sharing your game as well!

Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Nice story and sound, and fits well with the theme while still being good and interesting!

Thanks for sharing!  Your levels, environments, and backgrounds really stand out!

Very nice!  I liked the 3D effects combined with pixel art, and you payed a lot of attention to the environment and it really showed.

You made an awesome game with lots amazing ideas and mechanics.  Loved it!  Thanks for sharing!

Amazing game with amazing mechanics and ideas.  Level very well executed.  Nice!

Thanks for sharing!  Beat your game and had fun doing it :D

Beat it!  Nice 3D exploration game!  I had a little help knowing what to do by watching other play but was still able to figure out all the parts I hadn't seen.  Cool environment and characters!

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Happy GameOff2020 everyone!  My team and I would like to play some more jam games.  Please post them here so we can take a look at them!
Also, we are super proud of our game and would love if you checked it out!  It is a first-person-shooter game where you shoot enemies then jump off of them.  Thanks so much!

Cosmonauty Game Submission!

If our game gave you Portal vibes, then we are ecstatic - thank you!  My teammates and I loved your game as well!

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Very weird and cool game!  Loved it!

I am a sucker for these kinds of games, and puzzle games in general.  Don't need no fancy graphics if nice clean shapes get the job done and if the game is fun and well designed.  This is!

Thanks for playing and thank you for the kind words!  We really did build the game around the concept of shooting enemies into platforms and then using them to jump  farther or higher, so we are thrilled that you find it as interesting and fun as we do!  Based on all the feedback we've received (as well as on our own playtests and experiences) we definitely agree that the game needs further development of its tutorials and better game mechanics introductions, including the charging mechanic.  We can also explore more control when shooting the enemies away.  We love making levels, so we'd be happy to expand upon what we were able to do for the jam and make even more!  Thanks again for playing and for the awesome feedback!

Our whole game concept started with the mechanic of turning enemies into platforms, so we are happy you think it is as fun and original as we do!  Based on all the feedback we've received (as well as on our own playtests and experiences) we definitely agree that the game needs further development of tutorials and better game mechanics introductions.  That'll be the first thing we work on!  Thanks for playing!

Thank you so much!  Glad you liked it!

This game blew me away.  It is incredibly good all around!  I liked it so much I wish there was more!

This is a beautiful game, and it seems like a very fun game too, but unfortunately it doesn't see like I ever get any money when selling things.  I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but nothing seems to be happening or able to be happening once I used up all the moon nutrients.  Could you give me some direction or tell me how to play if I am missing something?  Thanks!

Very nice game, and very good for your first jam!  I like how you tried to innovate on the way to kill enemies by pressing the correct button, and I think further fleshing out that mechanic will make it even more awesome!