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Save humanity from the aliens
Submitted by Ellisjames20061 — 4 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1832.9412.941

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Theme interpretation
Moonshot- abstract idea. i interpreted it in two ways aliens terrorizing humanity from moon and your moonshot plan to save humanity by yourself

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Really cool game! The graphic is awesome!!!


Hey, cool game! I liked the different environments a lot! It would be cool if you can aim in more directions and perhaps adding lives would of been cool! Find my video review below:

00:50 Moonshot Plan


Thanks i have just watched the video i appreciate you checking it out!


Very nice!  I liked the 3D effects combined with pixel art, and you payed a lot of attention to the environment and it really showed.




I liked the pixel art textures with non-pixelated VFX, I think this style is very natural to come by these days but you managed to make it look really good. The gameplay was alright, there was nothing that didn't worked, which is an achievement on its own on a game jam. I found it odd that we shot with the mouse but we didn't aim with it. It was odd but it was comfortable, so all the kudos to you for that as well. If I am to point out negatives, I would point out that the saucer enemies felt a bit odd to fight against with that control scheme, given that we couldn't angle the shots, it was all about running, turning back, jumping and shooting, rinse and repeat. The giant ones had to be super slow to combat their tankiness, which ended up making them completely harmless and anticlimatic, unlike their smaller counterparts. But yeah, this is a game jam and nothing can be perfect, and you can clearly see that this is a nitpick. Good job!


Thankyou for checking out my game i appreciate the feedback!


Very solid game! The graphics were nice (but the gun graphics were a bit out of place) You only have 1 life per level but its not entirely clear that beating a level will keep your progress. Perhaps some sort of stage select will improve it. Very nice job! I thought the 3rd level was definitely your best I enjoyed the spikes and trampoline avoidance.

Also you had good difficulty scaling as well. Really nice job.

Would really appreciate a review on my game, Moon Blob!


Thanks i am checking out your game now :)


Solid gameplay with shooting alien invaders and traversal options. I do wish the controls and mechanics were better explained, such as the wall-jumping and the fact that you only have one life to clear the stage. Other than that, I had fun!

Submitted (3 edits)

Very nice game. Love the visuals and the effects.
Excellent controls (still you could have made keyboard shortcut for the shooting action ;-) ).
Great atmosphere both when on earth (with the fleeing people and background ufos) and on the moon.
Just one question! Whyyyy one life? Unless I am mistaken there is no respawn point inside each level (just at the start of the each level).


Yeah if I was to do it again I would do a health bar it's just I did not know how to go about programming one at the time :)


The particle effects were nice :)

When the UFO appears, they are already very close to the character, it might be nice to have a larger field of view and see them coming from afar. If we miss the enemy, we can only run away from it to survive, but then it we can't shoot in its direction. Could be nice to be able to shoot backwards.

It was a bit disturbing to see UFO flying in the foreground and background at times.


Thankyou for checking out the game i appreciate the feedback :)


I liked the art and visual affects.  Shooting something and seeing it explode in a shower of particles was satisfying :)  The the music was a good choice.  However, I didn't get very far, unfortunately.  You see, I'm left handed and using a and d and space to move along with the mouse was very akward.  This game would have worked well with a game pad.  May I suggest that as an option next time?  Or maybe allow for arrow keys along with the usual wasd key compbination for movement.  Also, there are some countries that use something other that wasd for their righty key combos - so maybe support that too.  But really, it seemed like a good game from what I did see, so good job!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

yeah I think that is a good idea I will definitely add support for more buttons making games in the future

I never though about different controls and things but I guess that would help make the game more av esable



  • Simple platformer that works. 
  • Great parallax effect with the background and foreground. 
  • Good progression in terms of introducing new mechanics (falling platforms, varying enemies)


  • Some sprites have varying pixel density, feels a little jarring
  • Sound effect for shooting the gun had clipping (not pleasant to listen to)

Overall a pretty decent game with a few minor inconveniences!  :)


Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it!


Simple concept, nice execution !

The parallax, particles, crisp pixel art gives a well polished touch to the game :)

The gameplay is cool with common platformer elements that work well together + a nice shooter part

Good job !


Thankyou i really appreciate you playing my game!


Great concept. Love the fire particles. But the game really needs checkpoints


Yeah that's a good idea but I am quite new to game development and didnt know how to make spawn points so I made them each level.