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thanks man look forward to hearing from you 

hi I believe it may have been hacked as I completely lost all access if you want try add me on Snapchat Ellis20061

Great thanks it's probably gonna be along the lines of a 2D game kit will send you the link hopefully in a few weeks when it comes out

Hi so if i purchase does the license mean i can use the art in a coding asset pack for unity asset store?


Those are some good stats!

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Stats after making games here since october 2020:

Views: 28.4k

Downloads: 5158

Browser Plays: 1947

Revenue: $73.50

Followers: 150

Thanks for the feedback I did have it allocated to one mouse button at first but it would never let me swap back words or would only do it sometimes so I just left it as one button. Also yeah I am gonna like you suggested add a sound effect when Swapping worlds. I will try and make some adjustments to make the player feel a lot better to control.

Thanks for playing!

Any recent updates in this pack it looks really cool

I can answer some questions through messages if you want discord = Ellisjames20061#1417

Cool game but after i died no more enemies spawn

Hi i would be happy to submit my game to your bundle

Hi check out my previous games by clicking on my profile.

If your interested ellisjames20061#1417

Merry Christmas 

Will i need to provide a free key to my game once the submission period ends so PIZZAPRANKS can see wether or not he likes the game?

Nice game considering I your first game inside of unity its really good. Good job!

Done :)

Really fun game but my only coplaint is that the graphics dont go well together getting similar style graphics would make it look awesome!

(1 edit) checking your right now but here is mine!

Edit - rated yours here is mine will check yours

Thanks man :) heres mine if you want to rate

edited it sorry

(1 edit) heres mine if your intrested!

Earth has been taken over by a viral zombie infection. The world has descended into chaos. A company you work for has developed a drug that can temporarily prevent people dying from the infection and becoming zombies. This could be a game changer. You need to transport the drugs across town to a military base. But your truck crashes so you need to protect it until reinforcements can arrive and help you.

There is a turret sequence where you must protect the base using a high tech military turret. heres mine ! i iwill check yours mine thanks in advance!

hi here i will check your now heres mine for you to rate if you want :)

(1 edit) thanks in advance here is mine! Will you be rating them as well?

Hi i would like to try your game buts its froze on the text you are stuck in your apartment

Wow thanks for your feedback!! You feedback i just read through was really detailed and useful am gonna check out your game now and leave mmy thoughts on the game page!