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Submitted by ChankoStudios (@studioschanko) — 1 hour, 16 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#673.5383.538

Ranked from 13 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
You're on your way to the moon, when something terrible happens... Will you be able to fix your ship and reach your destination? Give it your best shot!

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What a nice feeling to complete a puzzle game without any solutions haha.

The puzzles are pretty cool, the lazer beam one was definitively tough because I unscrewed every plate and tossed them everywhere.

Really good job !


I can’t believe it’s finally all mine! I love puzzle games so this was pretty cool, although I had some trouble with some of the mechanics and maintaining my orientation but I think that’s on purpose haha.

Thanks for a fun game!


nice game, the only flaw was the language, not being a language known by all it is a bit difficult to understand what to do


Gameplay: The controls good. I want able to make it out of the first roomIt might have been nice to add clues for people who are stuck.

Graphics: The graphics were good.

Audio: Music would help because people would listen to it while solving the puzzles.

Innovation: Pretty nice. I dont see to many escape rooms that arent vr.

Theme: You're on your way to the moon,

Overall: Nice game. 


Thank for your feedback!
True, we didn't have time to add any hint system, but if you want any just let us know where you're at and we'll give you some :)


Very nice game! I love how I felt directly like I was in an escape game!

That was pretty confusing at first cause I don't speak Russian and thought I could never solve puzzle ^^

The rotation of the camera is veeery confusing, but I always found my way in.

I'll go back to it later, it was fun solving some puzzles out! Great job and idea!


Amazing game, need to really sit down with it and see if I can solve a bit more puzzles but loved what I saw. Love this style of puzzle room games and with a few hints I think it could a really awesome game. Top scores from me. Didn't have time to really implement but there are a few ideas here that I wanted to create for my own game as well.


Wow, that was crazy. I have a bias towards games that don't tell the player what to do, I think the industry is leaning towards way too heavy into that hand holding philosophy. However, that game was hard... I only "solved" the colored buttons part and the laser room part because I read the comments here. But yeah, I do like letting the players find things out for themselves make for stronger sensations, and I commend your efforts. At least as far as I've seen, no games try to be as obtuse as this one. Great job!

Just finished the game. The puzzles are well designed and challenging. However, I somehow can't run the game in full screen. Any ways to fix this?


Thank you for playing it! Glad you liked it.
We didn't have time to export a fullscreen version before the game jam deadline, but we are working on a post-jam version with this feature and more.


Very nice aesthetic and I liked to listen to the classic piano playing on the radio as I tried to figure out the puzzle. I don't usually play puzzle games, so deciphering the morse code was quite a challenge but I managed to get the gist of each of the messages (although, I didn't know how to apply two of them). 

[Spoilers ahead maybe]

The colored buttons had me stumped and I somehow managed to get past there by randomly trying permutations. At this point its been over 2 hours and I think I've given up. 

Bit hard for me but I like the gameplay and mood. :) 


Wow, thank you for playing it (so much)!

Are you referring to the blue buttons or the squared red,yellow,green&blue buttons?

We didn't have time to add a hint system but if you want any, tell us where you're at :)


I've gotten the screw driver and flash light (seen the ominous message), but not sure which plates to place where and why. :/

The buttons I was referring to were the 4 colored buttons. 


A hint for the colored button should have been written on a post-it on top of it.

Did you turn on the laser device in the green room? The message should help you find the code. Once you did, redirect the laser to the target in the second room. Some plates reflect the laser, some don't. 

Good luck :)


Ahhh... haha damn, didn't realize the hint was in English. For some reason, thought it was representing some symbols or Russian. 

Just finished it, great game! Pretty enjoyable. Thanks for the hints.


I love to press the buttons. Click Clack. Click Clack.

Good job! I assumed I need to know Russian for solving the puzzles, but I found your other comment and it seems I should be able to figure it out. I’ll have another go.

(Here I come, buttons)


Haha, hope you can find the solution, there are more buttons behind the door ;)


I think the Mac export is broken. :/ 


Indeed when downloading through the's website it doesn't seem to work, but it does when downloading through itch's client app, if you care to try.
Sorry about that :(


That's weird. Is there an itch client for Mac? I didn't even think to look.


Yep there is one. Strange indeed.


Loved the cassette futurism style but I couldn't solve a single puzzle :D I don't speak Russian, do I need to be able to read the paper with the morse code?

Having to constantly set myself upright with Q/E was suprisingly fun! I think this would make a good VR game too!


Thank you for trying :)
You don't need to speak Russian to solve the puzzle, you should be able to deduce the meaning of it with what's around you.
Indeed there is some VR vibe ^^


Ok, I'm going to go back and try again!


Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)


This is such a cool take on the concept. I really enjoyed playing the game, it was fun trying to figure out how to escape the pod. The graphics are also super neat! Well done c:


Thank you, I tried and rated your game too, great job  :)