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Puzzle platformer about moons !
Submitted by Sygmei
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Theme interpretation#2412.6472.647

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
- The menu screen fakes a MMO login screen which is the gamedev equivalent of "an extremely ambitious and innovative project"
- You can use moons to make your projectile orbit around them

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was nice to play, it had some pretty fun mechanics and some nice surprises, well done! Also props for including a Linux build!


I love the art and the animations! Haha, I got confused over the login screen :P
Super cool level design and gameplay mechanics and the music just adds to the experience!
Excellent work!


Thanks for playing ! We will probably remove the login screen which was just a gimmick to match this year theme even more (since MMORPG is a genre that is not achievable by indie devs) 

Submitted (1 edit) (+2)

Finished it, but couldn't find/reach all the puzzle pieces.

There's a lot to like here: the music's really good, the sound effects fit (though please leave that horrible scream when the mc gets burnt to death out of the final version), the moon orbiting mechanic's cool, and the puzzles feel good.

The artstyle of the world feels a bit like an old mmo, so I guess it fits, but it's not that good. It's not bad either. It just feels a bit unprofessional. I like the main character's sprites, though her face is weird, and the animation feels more like sliding than walking (I'm not complaining, I prefer that, haha). The UI is a bit ugly too. 

The game feels unpolished too. There's a lack of visual effects for simple things, like water splashes or moons hitting things or getting a key or stuff like that. The camera work is the worst offender of this, where it kinda snaps into a new position (or transitions abruptly). Also, you have some bugs with collisions, moving along slopes and such, but I didn't find anything game-breaking during my playthrough.

There are a few puzzles where the player will most probably die, like shooting targets while falling into spikes. This doesn't feel quite right and may frustrate some players. It didn't bother me, because of the infinite lives. However, the death counter feels a bit insulting, haha. 

Pointing the orbiting moons feels a bit counterintuitive (I expected them to shoot out in the direction they were pointing at), though it makes sense.

All of these issues don't really matter. The level design and puzzles are good and that's what's important. I had a good time figuring them out and enjoyed the background art and music too.
I'm not factoring in that you made this with your own engine, cause players don't really care about that stuff, but I commend your hard work! Good job to all who worked on this!

PS: an in-game cursor instead of the mouse would be neat!


Thanks a lot for this in depth review !

Yeah the horrible scream will be replaced haha.

Our artist was experiencing with animations as it was the first time doing that kind of stuff and there was a lot of assets to do (everything was made from scratch).

I do agree with the fact that the game lacks some polish haha, there was so much work to do in order to make the game engine support the platformer genre that we lacked time to work on the rough edges, I did not think about visual cues but that's a good idea and definitively something we should focus on if we want to release a new version.

I've seen a lot of people complain about the camera, that will be the first thing I'll fix haha.

Collision bugs are my nightmare, this is the work kind of bugs to fix.

I should also add an arrow that shows the direction the projectile will take when shooting.
Thanks a lot for playing the game and leaving such a detailed review :D

Deleted 9 days ago

Glad you liked the game, thanks a lot for playing :) !


Good game! Interesting gameplay and high quality graphics. I thought that something was wrong with my keyboard layout when I logged in :)


Yeah the login screen was definitively a confusing idea haha 


I had a lot of fun playing it through! Cute graphics, great music and smooth controls. I love the level design and the blend of platform and puzzle mechanics. I found the moon artifact feature really cool!

Just a small comment, I’ve noticed that the camera glitches back and forth a bit in specific points of the levels.

I made it through the end (proof attached)! Great submission!


Good job for making it to the end :D !

Did you have 6 puzzle pieces to unlock the easter egg ?

I know about the camera glitches :( Definitively something I'll try to fix once the jam is ended


I think I missed one the puzzle pieces. I’ll try to get them all :)


Hey this was pretty cool with great mechanics! I liked how you had to shoot to unlock areas. I got stuck at the fire though. Must of skipped something important! Find my video below:

40:00 MMOonshot

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

Super glad you left a video review :D

It was frustrating to watch because you were sooo close to get it. The fire must be extinguished by the waterfall.
Problem is, you opened the bridge with the fire underneath before making the waterfall on the bridge on top go down.

What you must do is :

  • Collect the bonus that allows you to shoot through bridges
  • Cross the bridge with the fire underneath without activating the targets
  • Bo back to top to the waterfall floor
  • Aim at the target next to the bridge FIRST then aim the target underneath FAST (you have less than a second to accomplish this move)
  • Now you can open the "fire bridge"

Usually you could still jump over the fire even after you disabled the bridge. But for some reason, if you have low FPS, you don't jump as high as expected.

There's a whole second level with the core mechanic of the game (moons) just after the fire if you feel like coming back to the game :)

Thanks for the review !


Ah figured! Thanks for letting me know. If I get the chance I will check it out!


this game was fun the music was really good and worked well with the game. i enjoyed trying to solve some of the different puzzles. the visuals were really nice and i liked the death counter in the corner good job :)


Thanks a lot for trying the game :)

The death counter was a last minute addition haha, we wanted players to try to die the least times possible


Yeah it made it fun to see how little deaths i could try and get :)


I love the game! Amazing work on it! The graphics in the background are superb! I loved them and their parallax effect!

The human character could do with a makeover though, especially the run animation.

Apart from that, the game is cool! 

Thanks for making it <3


Thanks a lot for testing the game :)

The character was one of the first animations from our artist and it was a good learning experience :)


I enjoyed the platformer and audio for the game! Liked some of the levels, could use a slightly improvement in graphics though but a great game!


Thanks for playing the game :) 

What kind of graphics would you like to see improved ? 


Really nice visuals and music. gameplay calls for speed runs ;) love it. Some corner shot are  really tricky and fun to master. Laughed so hard at the login screen. Nice shot. Great game


Glad you liked it !

You're right about speedrunning haha, I should have added a chronometer to the game :)


A competent puzzle-platformer. Cool interpretation of the theme.  I like the moon relic mechanic.  It was fun figuring out the puzzles. I admit it took me a while to figure out the one at the start of the 2nd level. In the same spot actually, I did run into a weird camera transition glitch in that area (see red circle in image below), but it wasn't game-breaking. The art, character design, animation, and music are nicely done. I also think it's pretty cool you guys used ObEngine. Never heard of it until now. Nice work and best of luck! 


Thanks a lot for playing the game :)

No wonder you never heard about ObEngine hehe, it's a engine I've been working on for ~5 years but it doesn't have a stable public release even though the source is available at

Game jams are perfect for making new features / improvement to the engine ! 

About the glitch, yeah I'm aware of it, I'll try to fix it :(


So, I couldn't play it to the end because the game kept crashing at different points. But I really enjoyed the music and the art style, the scream when you die horribly in the fire made my day, lmao. That said, there were a couple of things that bothered me; the way you can't control jump height, the way the camera kept zooming in and out and how I don't know what pickups do. I only discovered what they do because the game kept crashing and I had to rerun those parts. The pickup that tells us that we can shoot through bridges was so unexpected and fast I didn't understand what the voice said at first but managed to solve that puzzle up top anyway, and then the game crashed after I went through the gate at the bridge and I was more attentive to the voice at that pickup again. There was also how the game kept expecting me to jump at holes at some points without showing me what's at the bottom. Sometimes it's death, sometimes it's the way, it was very confusing. I wish I could play the game to the end, though. I love puzzle and platformers to death. Good job!


Hey ! First of all thanks a lot for playing the game :)

You are 100% right about your different points so I'll try to give more details :

- About the crashes, I'd be interested if you could give me some indications on where the game did crash, I know some common crash points but not all of them

- For the variable jump height, it's something I'd like to implement post-jam since it gives more air control and a better feeling overall

- For the camera zones, it was my first time trying to play with a dynamic camera so there is a few bugs haha, I'll try to fix that post-jam too

- For the pickups, the voice was a cheap / quick way to give an indication because we kinda ran out of time but yeah, a small popup indicating what the powerup does would be way better

- For the various leap of faiths in the game, it's a direct consequence of tradeoffs I had to do in order to make the CameraZones happy and them not fighting each other to get the focus of the camera. But I could not agree more, it's bad design


This point at the very start of the game crashes more than half of the time.

Then, when it wouldn't crash there, it would crash here:

Keep in mind I'm running the game on an Linux Ubuntu 20.04 system, emulating your game through wine. I also saved the backlogs, but I can't post them whole here.  I'll upload them and pm them a link to you if you want to.


Ah yes, I tried running the game with Wine too and encountered this kind of crash, it seems some where resolved with the v09 build (is it the one you are running ?).

I'll also try to upload a Linux build later so you don't have to use Wine :)


Yes, v09. It's always when that rope gate is opening. A Linux build would be great, indeed!


Done :) I've uploaded the Linux build, let me know if there is anything wrong with it and I'll try to fix it !


Doesn't run. The file has no extension too. Is there some software I needed to run it?


You should have SFML 2.5 installed and GLIBC >= 2.32 IIRC. 

What does the terminal does print when you execute ./Moonshot ? 


It said I didn't had SFML libraries. I downloaded it and it ran, finally till the end without any crashes! So basically I didn't play through the whole part where you used the moon mechanic to its fullest. The whole game, basically. After finishing it, I cranked up some stars at your rating there, especially the innovation one. Very good level design! I think the crux of making new mechanics is having the level design to show it off and to teach it. I think you did a very good job there. You also made it non-linear at that second level, which I think is great for those games about learning on our own. The only complaints I would still have are with the camera and jump, but I'm sure it's mostly because you're working on a game jam's tight schedule. There's definitely a lot to explore with this concept. Great job, really!


Aah, I'm super happy the game finally worked for you ! 

There is definitively issues with the camera (glitches, dead zones, did you notice more ?), so I'll have to fix that.

Before you mentionned it, I did not think about variable jump height but it's definitively a good thing to add :) 


Yep, I second this. When running ./Moonshot on Arch Linux I get:

./Moonshot: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I installed the sfml package and the game starts fine, works perfectly now! I wonder if you could bundle the so file with the game.


[v09] Fixed cursor position being wrong on resolutions inferior to 1080p


I've played a few fun platforming games this Game-Off, and now I can add this one to the list! Shooting targets always brings me joy. It makes me reminisce about old super smash bros. games. I also enjoy any game where you have to be decently quick with your reaction, so this game gets a nice thumbs up for that!


Glad you liked it !

You're right about that Smash Bros mini-game ! I completely forgot about it haha


[v08] Bugfix : Added VCRUNTIME104_1.dll so you don't have to install redistribuables + fixed login button