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Hahah I did go for maximum meme power on this one =) It was just too perfect of an idea not too do

Haha went for maximum memes on this one =)

GME to the moon!!! lol

Haha thanks! =) Went for as much meme as possible on this one lol

Alright back to more games!

Haha yes, I wanted to do a skill tree originally, but just didn't have the time. I think I got a good balance with the current skill pathing =)

Thanks =) I've done a few game Jams before so I have an idea on how to manage time and some menu tricks to make things faster

Gotta get that maximum meme rating haha, glad you liked it!

Yeah I did all the code, my brother did all the art. I think my brother was the real MVP on this one hahaah

Hey I know you haha ;) Loved your game! Without a doubt the most fun I've played in the Jam, the art is also super clean as well how did you do the art for this?

Hey I know you! Really sweet game, its so clean and actually fun! How did you do the art? The theme is perfect for the viking style puzzle platformer, I got some Super Mario vibes while playing as well haha. It was a really good idea including the tutorial levels. I think that was extremely important to add otherwise it would have been confusing right from the opening so well done!

The final boss is the most comical haha, Glad you enjoy it!

That is very true, but it was fun while it lasted haha!

Sorry I didn't post here sooner! I played your game and left feedback in the comments. Let me know what you think of mine =)
Taking a break for an hour, will come back and play more after =) keep em coming!
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Let me know what you think of mine! A "Paper Mario" style RPG Reddit vs Wallstreet! I will play yours once I'm done with a few more games from my thread =)
Let me know what you think of my Reddit vs Wallstreet! "Paper Mario" style RPG! I will check out your game in a few hours after I've played a few more on my thread =)
Really stellar game man! How did you make the neo light outlines, I'm actually super curious I might try to use this style in a future game I am making. Really great stuff! I would really appreciate it as well if you played mine =)

I'm so confused how this doesn't have more people playing it, this was super fun! Your graphics style crazy impressive how did you get everything to glow like that so cleanly!?

Congrats on the game, this is one of the best ones I've reviewed so far

I avoided the robot army! haha I actually use that Audio in my videos lol so I recognized it immediately! Congrats on the game I can tell you put a lot of effort in! Let me know what you think of my game, Reddit vs Wallstreet!

Took a minute or so to get the controls down on the web but worked well after! I recognized the music immediately haha so definitely getting a solid rating on the audio lol.

Let me know what you think of my Reddit vs Wallstreet RPG. Let me know what your game is and I will check it out =)
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Fun game going back and forth between players. One piece of feedback is to provide a better indicator on which player's turn it is as it is sometimes a bit tough to tell! I would also greatly appreciate a play on my game =)

Played your game =) sent some feedback in the comments. Let me know what you think of mine =)

Very fun game, I really liked the audio! One small critique is the control guides are a bit all over the screen, but the crafting was very well done. Congrats on your first game Jam!

I might not have time to get to everyone's game, if you want to guarantee that I play yours make sure to play mine =)

Who can defeat the Wallstreet Hedge Funds final boss!

Love the "Stronger Together" quantum physics theme! Definitely my favorite theme related game.

Let me know what you think of mine!

I love the quantum physics concepts! Extremely clever use of the "Stronger Together" Theme. Giving you my highest rating so far for that haha love it

Love the character designed =)

Let me know what you think of mine!

The characters are adorable haha, the game was fun but like other mentions there were a few bugs here and there with the arrows. But for a 1 week game jam, well done!

Played your game in the dark, the only way it should be played haha!

Let me know what you think of my game, I would really appreciate your review =)

MORE PARTICLES! Definitely a fun game to play in the dark haha how did you make all of the particles / emissions objects?

Here is my Reddit vs Wallstreet RPG! Let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think of mine! Reddit vs Wallstreet RPG!

Let me know what you think about mine! Reddit vs Wallstreet!

Felt like a very classic rage game hahahaah definitely had those "I almost had it" moments!

Good stuff, let me know what you think of my Reddit vs Wallstreet RPG!

Classic rage game lol I slipped off other blocks at least 100 times haha. Really nice game the grapics look great, I would probably tune done the "slip" of the movement a bit to stop people from flying off of other blocks too quickly but the game was fun!

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Played your game and left some feedback in the comments. Let me know what you think of my game =)

Cute game, the gameplay was fun. One piece of feedback would be to make zombies and humans in the actual game, would add a lot to the gameplay ;)