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DM sent!

My friend and I are looking for a Sound Designer/Composer to round out our team. You can see previous game jam entries we've worked on on my page. MonMon and Boutheina were both made for previous game jams. 

Howdy everyone. My friend (2D Artist/Animator) and I (Unity Developer) are looking for a Composer/Sound Designer to help round out our team. We've participated in the last two jams and had a hoot-and-a-half, so I'm hoping this one will be just as enjoyable. If you are curious about what projects we've worked on, feel free to check out my dashboard.  We tend to make cute or cute-adjacent games, so that is probably something to take into consideration if you are interested in working with us. You can reach me @Chryss#1362 on Discord. Thank yall!

Hello Mr. Greg, if you are still looking for a team, I would love to talk. If interested, please contact me @Chryss#1362 on Discord.

Say it ain't so...yet another lost Boutheina bug. We're gonna make sure to fix how the mouse works when Boutheina is updated. Thank you for playing and your comments and compliments!

Thank you so much for the kind words! 

The dreaded death cliff...We'll definitely do a post jam update, and I hope you return to play the bug-full yet (hopefully) bug-free experience. We're glad you enjoyed the art and the music. Our artist and music producer always pop off. They're insane

Omg I never even put anything to block them from the left at the start... What a rookie mistake smh my head. We'll definitely be fixing how the cursor dragging works, and I'm sorry to hear that you had issues with Ms. Garbara the frog miniboss. I'll be sure to fix that when we update the game as well. Thank you for playing and for your compliments about the art and ideas!

Boutheina 1.1 will definitely have an update to the cursor locking. Thank you very much for playing!

Another victim of the dreaded walk-off...I'm sorry that happened to you, and we'll make sure the updated version doesn't have that very unfortunate cliff. We'll be working on fine-tuning the words as well so they're easier to read and reach.

We appreciate the compliments on the art! I'm glad you found the story to be relaxing c: We wanted it to be a nice lil experience.

Thank you very much! Our artist and audio producer both popped off. You wouldn't believe the audio producer did all that in just a couple of days.

Thank you! Everything our artist touches turns into cute tbh

Pretty innovative take on a stealth-ish game. The enemies can be a bit cracked at times with how fast they spot you and shoot you, but once you figure out their patterns you have a bit of an "ah-ha" moment which is pretty satisfying. Nice job!

The fact that you ran this on your own system is so flippin cool! I'd love to be able to do something like that someday. You've made a cute lil cootie crushing game, and you should be super proud!

An interesting take on the puzzle genre! It took a few mathematical equations in my noggin, but I managed to make it through! Nice job!

Punch Bug is a hilarious take on the theme. I would never have thought to make a game like this. The pace is pretty fast and enjoyable, but some variety in gameplay would go a long way towards replayability. Power ups, flashy effects, etc would make each gameplay fill a whole lot more satisfying.

Quite a soothing game to play. The art and audio were very charming. The gameplay is a bit repetitive for my liking, but if you're looking to just sit back and play a wholesome, chill game, this is the game for you. Good job on putting together such a polished product in only a month!

This game is pretty much what you expect from these card games. There wasn't much of the "bug" theme present though unless I missed it, just a waifu dealing me cards and then the AI cheating me out of my hard earned money. Good job on branching out though I'm sure most people wouldn't think to make such a game.

The background effects were a bit hard on the eyes, but the game overall was pretty fun. I think the movement could be a bit snappier, with a bit less sliding on the jump landing. But other than that, it felt really good to play! As someone mentioned, the core mechanic has been used quite a few times, so it'd be interesting to see how it could be pushed further. Keep up the good work!

I gotta say, I did not expect to see a racing game in this game jam. I think if the car was a bit more difficult to flip and spin out, that the driving would've felt a bit more fun, but other than that it's pretty solid! I've never worked on a racing game myself, but I wonder how difficult making AI for the game would be. Racing against a decent AI would be pretty fun I think, or maybe racing against a ghost of myself in a time trial idk. Either way, good job tackling such a difficult genre!

Definitely a bit of difficulty to this game. As others have mentioned, being able to fire a bit faster would definitely be a bit of a help. Pretty solid wave shooter altogether though!

Omg I thought I fixed that bug. I'm glad you enjoyed the word grabbing mechanic! Our artist came up with the concept and I'm sure she enjoys people commenting on how innovative the mechanic she came up with is. Her brain is wrinkly af

Tower defense games tend to be some of my favorites when I start playing through game jam submissions. the 8-bit style is a bit hard for my old eyes to see, but I still managed to make it through a couple waves. One thing I might do is make the indicator to buy new units a bit more obvious because it took me a minute to find it on the screen.

I think that the camera should be a bit further from the main character. I think that would make navigating the desk part of the game much easier. Also, itch does this weird thing where you have to make sure your game's resolution matches up with its resolution on itch, so things can appear to be cutoff. Sometimes this can be fixed by giving your game the opportunity for full screen. 

I enjoyed bashing the bugs with my legendary shake weight. Those death animations were hella cute. I think if this game was a bit more optimized, it would've been a much more enjoyable experience. Ya got your core idea pretty down. Oooh also maybe a variety of attacks would be cool. As much as I enjoy whackin, it does get pretty repetitive. 

It's obvious how much effort was put into this game. I honestly can't believe you took on such a project in only a month. It's mindblowing. It took awhile to get through, but easily one of the best games of the jam. Even if someone isn't a JRPG fan, they should be able to appreciate all the work that went into putting this game together. Fantastic job.

I enjoyed playing the game as card games tend to be one of my goto's to chill and unwind. I got my character to have monstrous levels of attack many times. I don't know if there was a way to damage enemies beyond the -1 hp cards, but if there was it probably would've made getting a whole lot of attack more satisfying for me. Overall a nice, chill game.

I know this is probably illegal but I played the local multiplayer by myself and found it to be even more fun than the single player. It was cool controlling two characters at once. Controlling even 1 character was fun don't get me wrong, but I enjoyed the added variety and jumping off each other's heads.

I figured that was part of the plan. Deadlines on these game jam games are rough, so don't worry yourself too much about it.

Simple and sweet, just the way I like my games! The only thing I found myself wanting was a sound effect when bugs were hit. Other than that, everything looks good, everything feels good, and everything sounds good! There's a whole lot of satisfaction in getting more and more powerups. Nice job!

I'm a huge fan of when people voice act their game jam games, so points to you on that one. Until level 4, it felt like there wasn't much of a challenge at all, so what I might do to combat that is get rid of the initial collision with the wasp circle, and maybe increase their speed a bit. That would require a bit more work when it comes to telegraphing how the wasps are going to move, because you have to ensure there are gaps where the player can cross. Regardless though, this was quite a fun game and I enjoyed playing it!

The lag was pretty bad upon each new level being loaded, but it gradually calmed down as the enemy AI figured out what they were doing. The level bugs are an interesting touch, and are what really helps separate this game from just being pacman. 

I tend to be horrible at rhythm games, so I'm thankful I was able to get through this one. I actually had a whole lot of fun! One thing I might change is make it so like, there's an option to EITHER do the challenge or do the influencing. Like maybe the challenge is a lot harder if you don't influence, but if you complete the challenge you don't have to gather the honey for the influencing. It'd shorten the game a bit but I think it would lead to a more satisfying experience overall. Altogether, a pretty fun game though!

Very satisfying arcade gameplay. I love games that don't really have a cap on how many bullets you can fire. It lets me just spam the heck out of the fire button, and it feels like I'm able to very directly affect how well I perform in the game. Fantastic job!

Definitely a very visually appealing game. A good variety of platforming combined with a reasonable game length makes this a very satisfying game jam game to play. Fantastic job!

Very charming graphics. I would play an even longer version of this game if yall ever make one. One thing I might change has to do with the section where you jump on the leaves. Since the collider doesn't fully line up to platform you jump off of, maybe add a bit of coyote time when the player leaves a platform. 

What an interesting idea for a game. The platforming is so creative. The entire atmosphere of the game is very serene. Nice job!

A very simple and satisfying game to play. I like when I can complete a game jam game in one sitting. Good job on the difficulty curve and the overall cuteness of this game.

Pretty good difficulty scaling. I think once you get to a certain level, there should be shield and health boosts on every level, but it's definitely doable the way it is now. An approachable amount of panic once you get to 10+. Pretty solid altogether!