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I am using an Oculus Rift S

Why thank you!

It's really great to hear that from someone after two years :D

I won't lie, I really didn't even start to work on this DLC. I might never do so. The more I thought about it, I might just ruin the story if I try to extend it in any way. I know it might suck to hear that, but I am actually working on a new game at the moment called Neon Moon. It's over on my twitter.

Again, I'm really sorry to have to say that when you've been probably waiting for its release.

SoUnd Is ToxIc is not an over-and-done story. There is more to it, that's for sure. It's just that, it can't continue in the format of a game anymore (considering the story). So you might see a couple of novels written that explain the rest of the story after the events of the game. And those novels will be available when ready on my official site

Thanks for being here, and I hope you have a great day!

Thank you!

Bro, the physics in your latest version are more bounce than physics. If I even try to give any girl a picture, she will go flying into space.

The game was so much better without the physics. I recommend you remove physics or add an option to turn them off.

They are very broken.

Thank you so much for your praise! It means the world :D

The giant dude is the last enemy type you fight. He can be killed just like the others but he walks instead of flying.

Thanks again for playing the game, about it getting old, that I knew would happen eventually. I do have plans to turn this game around into something bigger, so gonna keep my fingers crossed.

I love the game! Amazing work on it! The graphics in the background are superb! I loved them and their parallax effect!

The human character could do with a makeover though, especially the run animation.

Apart from that, the game is cool! 

Thanks for making it <3

The game looks phenomenal! I love it so much! The art style is too good for my eyes :D.

However, here comes what I don't like:

1 - The gameplay feels boring. Perhaps because it lacks in feedbacks like audio and visuals. Needs more of those.

2 - The ship segment was too long.

Other than that. I really love the art style of the game. Lots of wallpaper worthy shots! 

Thanks for the experience <3

Yeah, that can be difficult for dashing and attacks. But thanks for trying the game out :D

Awesome! I can see the amount of effort put into the game! Much more expansive than I thought. It keeps on giving!

I do have a nitpick with the wall jumping from left to right. It sometimes doesn't register. But that's about it! 

Thanks for making this <3

Awesome! I can see the amount of effort put into the game! Much more expansive than I thought. It keeps on giving!

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Thank you so much for reviewing the game in your video! Awesome <3 Will check out your submission too :)

Wow, thanks a lot! Gonna check out your game too! :D

That's a lot more praise than I deserve ;)

Thank you a lot for trying it out! 

Thanks a lot for playing! By touchpad, do you mean the laptop? 

Thank you so much for playing! 

Awesome! Thanks for playing :D

Wow! Your game looks interesting. Way more advanced than what I have :D!

Thanks a lot for your praises. I too saw the potential for this in the mobile games market. Maybe once I find some free time, I'll expand it :)

Thanks again! 

Thank you a lot! I didn't have much time during the month so I had to limit the game.

But it's great you liked it! 

There is one more enemy type later. But that's all I could manage.

Thanks for playing ^^

Thanks so much. I'm looking into fixing this with people from the community.

Hello there, this is my game: Young Moon by AHAKuo (

First off, thank you all for the wonderful times I had developing this game. Cannot be forgotten. But I have a problem with my game's mac version that I cannot do anything about anymore. I'm hoping someone went through the same problem and fixed it so they can give me a tip.

My game works fine, but the mac version of the game doesn't. Whenever someone downloads it, their mac device doesn't recognize the folder as an executable. I heard that it had to do with Unity's compression of the game and how that messes with the app permissions and what not.

Still not sure what it does that.

TL;DR, my game, when opened on a mac device gives a message with something along the lines of "This app cannot be opened". And I believe it has to do with the compression of the game.

Thanks so much! Tell me your thoughts below.

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Yes I posted about it on the dev log. There's also an installation instruction. I'm very sorry I tried to fix it but I cannot understand why it does that. Check the instructions, then the game should work fine. Totally understandable if you decide to skip my entry. 


Before Dark is a time-race platformer where your character can die if they stay too long in a level, and also they cannot jump and hence need to use the environment to reach places.

In Before Dark, you have to pass many areas in order to reach Neon's family place. It is a dangerous road, too difficult to master yet easy to figure out. Each level is drawn with love and made to be difficult enough to not be impossible.

The platforming part of the game is quite interesting too, since Neon is a ball that cannot jump, he has to make use of his speed and rolling against walls.

"Contain your rage and survive!"



(Download Here)



Thank  you!

اشكرك على كل هذي النقاط!

والله ساعدتني.

بشأن الجوائز مثل شكل الكوره. ذي من الاشياء اللي راح اضيفها في الاخير.

اغلب اللي قلته ناقص راح ينضاف في اخر مراحل التطوير باذن الله

شكرا مره اخرا! 

New Update Released!
Update 0.2 | Cloud Point
Preview Video:

This new update contains the following:


1 - 10 new levels in addition to the older 10.

2 - New mechanics in the new area.

3 - More clues on the story.


Download available here

Hope you enjoy!

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Thank you for commenting and visiting the site! :D

شكرا على الزيارة ممكن تدلني على رابط الفيديو ذا. لاني دوبي اسمع عن ها الشي

Here see this guide for all endings.


Thanks! <3 

Hello there, everybody! Hope everyone is doing well <3

This quarantine had me going back to working on my old project that I had started back in 2019, April.

The title of the game is Before Dark.

Synopsis of the game:

The game follows the peculiar character of Neon. A little neon ball who has been pushed by the wind far from his home and far from his family. You have to lead him back home through 5 different areas each with their own characteristics and difficulty.

The game is basically a platformer, but also, there is a twist:

- Staying for too long without recharging your battery will lead to death, so hurry up or collect rechargers.

- Opening the exit of a level requires power and bulbs.

- Enemies are out there in the world that are hungry for fresh energy and power, touching them will kill your light.

- There are traits that you can unlock such as: Speed boosts, Armor from enemies, and longer battery lives.

- Each area is drawn with care and each level has its own look and style.

- Puzzles in each level make things more interesting.

- Most importantly, you can grab a power up which will trigger a cool song as you speed up and destroy doors and enemies alike as you head toward the exit.

- The game is supposed to be difficult so don't worry if you feel like you can't win. (I'm thinking of implementing a death counter).

Trailer (Still in development) - (This is a preview)


The game is still being developed and there is a demo available in case anyone is interested to try it (Demo for Android only) but the game will release for iOS in due time. The demo includes one area (City Gardens) and a sneak peak of the new area after it (Cloud Point) (Game page)

Test the game and give me your thoughts!

I intend on updating this post later, as well as my own page's devlog.

*PS: There are plans to make this game available on PC as well with improved graphics

Thank you and let's make this the best game it can be!

Current status of the game:

The game contains 10 levels now, first area complete (Area: City Gardens).

There has been much work done on the game's performance and size. Now the game should hopefully function better and be of smaller size. Game size was 111mb >> now 60mb.

As of now (April 20, 2020)

I have created the first level of the new area: (contains a new falling death animation):

Will update soon! Stay tuned <3 Also, test the game and give your thoughts :)

Hi there! I saw you from Instagram. Your game piqued my interest and so I gave it a try. 

As soon as I started, I was enchanted by the atmosphere it had, but then the enchantment died away as soon as I started to control the character. The joystick is soo clunky. I can't move like I want at all. When I touch it, it flies around. I don't know why. 

Also, the framerate. I get that performance can be problematic to deal with. I know myself that I had to deal with it too in my game. But it's important to optimize your game. It's very slow. 

I gave the menus a look, they all looked appealing and felt deep. But here's where I was lost again. The game design is lacking. Like, I couldn't continue playing at all. The game doesn't exactly do a good job of explaining where I can get my equipment and whatnot. The man at the start said that I could take gold and weapons from behind him, but then I tried to tap on said weapons, nothing happened. 

That's all I had to say. Don't take these words harshly. The game has potential. It just needs polish. 

Awesome work anyhow! ♥ 👍 

Thanks so much for staying up to date on this! ^^

This is a direct sequel after the happy ending. Basically what happens to Lolite in the real world.

My game is one year old. Is there still a chance for a feature?

How do I ask admins? I never did that before. Didn't know there was such a thing :O

I'm having a tough time promoting my game, but thought about paid promotion. Is there any website, service, something that can help?

Anything will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

Thank you! And yeah, I'll include a link ^^

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I never did good promo on my game, and I needed some help on getting good exposure. One of the ways I keep stumbling upon was getting covered by game press websites like Kotaku.

But how exactly do I get in contact with people like that?

My game link: SoUnd Is ToxIc by AHAKuo

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Thank you, Florian. I appreciate your advice and your care and I'll take what you said to heart <3 I may end up just releasing the game on steam, but then again, who knows what could happen?

Right now, it's just a problem of time, but I'll manage hopefully.

Thanks again! You're a wonderful person!

Hi there, I am planning on doing so (releasing on steam). But, currently, I cannot afford the fee, but maybe I can next week or after. And as for the localization, I wouldn't want to put that on you without compensation. I will see about this localization soon, and thanks for telling me about it :)

Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoyed it ^^ I'm glad you tried it :D

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you had a nice experience! And I'm so glad you were able to get the real ending! It's really awesome to know I didn't make it impossible lol :D.

Your words meant a lot! Thanks again, Diabolik! ^^