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How do I ask admins? I never did that before. Didn't know there was such a thing :O

I'm having a tough time promoting my game, but thought about paid promotion. Is there any website, service, something that can help?

Anything will be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

Thank you! And yeah, I'll include a link ^^

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I never did good promo on my game, and I needed some help on getting good exposure. One of the ways I keep stumbling upon was getting covered by game press websites like Kotaku.

But how exactly do I get in contact with people like that?

My game link: SoUnd Is ToxIc by AHAKuo

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Thank you, Florian. I appreciate your advice and your care and I'll take what you said to heart <3 I may end up just releasing the game on steam, but then again, who knows what could happen?

Right now, it's just a problem of time, but I'll manage hopefully.

Thanks again! You're a wonderful person!

Hi there, I am planning on doing so (releasing on steam). But, currently, I cannot afford the fee, but maybe I can next week or after. And as for the localization, I wouldn't want to put that on you without compensation. I will see about this localization soon, and thanks for telling me about it :)

Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoyed it ^^ I'm glad you tried it :D

Thanks so much for playing! I hope you had a nice experience! And I'm so glad you were able to get the real ending! It's really awesome to know I didn't make it impossible lol :D.

Your words meant a lot! Thanks again, Diabolik! ^^

Your words truly inspire! I'm so glad you had a great experience! And hopefully I didn't spook you too much ^^ Thanks a lot for giving the game a try, that means more to me than it may seem. Seriously, just you trying out the game is too much :D!

The DLC definitely will add much to see. Just wait on it. I'm hyped to release it too.

I will post a spoiler guide for these few endings now. They're supposed to be tricky, but maybe I made them too tricky.

I will post it here:

Hope this helps! 

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Hey there, Flare! I have posted the fix on my blog (here), in the FAQ. But here's how to fix it:

I'm guessing you're on windows, if so, go to %appdata% and in it you'll find the file "RenPy"

Open the file and open SoUndisToxic, you'll find a "persistent" file. Delete it.

Then go to the game files (where you extracted it) and delete the persistent from the saves folder inside the game files.

That should reset the game completely (fresh start)

Endings will be locked again, but that's part of the story ^^

Hope that helps! :D

Oh wow! Thanks so much for this! And I’m so glad you took the time to write this and make a playthrough :D

I’m genuinely in tears!


I just needed to address the voice acting bit. I understand that the game could’ve needed the voice acting, but the reason there wasn’t any, it was because the game (g word) prevented all characters from vocal speaking. 

It’s some lore that I thought would be explained more soon ^^

I’m glad you liked this again! I’m so happy you gave it a try :)

I will spread your series as I can (I’m not too well-known but I’ll try ^^)

Looking forward to the playthrough! <3 Much love ~~

Thanks :3 I'm so glad you liked the game. The girl x girl stuff was intentional, but not really supposed to happen. I will be working on a free dlc for the game. Adding more to the story ^^

Thanks again for playing ^^ 

Here's the guide! (It will contain spoilers, be careful.)

Thanks for giving the game a play ^^ You're awesome! 

And no worries, I'll post a guide for the real end today on the blog.

Some people got the real end by doing what Lolite tells you to do. 

Enjoy ^^

Thanks a bunch! ^^

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Hi there ^^

Just keep playing. Everything is fine :)

Edit: Please add a spoiler warning ^^

Hello There!

Welcome to SoUnd Is ToxIc. In this game, you play as Lolite Ermha, a high school student who has just started to plan out her life. Your goal in this game is to help Lolite by making the right decisions with the music beats. If you do well with her, nothing will go wrong.

This game should not be played by those who have issues with depression, and shouldn't be played by those who are too young.


Update! I reuploaded the game through the website uploader. It works fine now ^^

Hey there! My game is

I've been trying to upload a patch for it through butler, I did so yesterday, but it still hasn't processed until now. And now I uploaded the linux version, and even it won't show up. What is wrong?

Please help. Thanks ^^

Hmm.. Thanks to you. I think I found a little bug in the game. I will update in a sec.

Of course! Send here ^^

Great! Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy the rest of the game. It's still not over, mind you.

Lmao... it could be a part of the game. However, if the issue is blocking you from playing, tell me so I can look into it. If the game was uninstalled on its own, it could be the anti-virus going nuts ^^

Thank youu!! Enjoy!