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Corona Escape MissionView game page

We have to get to the moon, it's the only safe place from Corona!
Submitted by Bastian Top — 4 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#933.3683.368

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Theme interpretation
We have to get to the moon, it's the only save spot from the Corona virus!

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Wow, super ambitious game! I do have to agree with other commenters, it's a bit too difficult! There isn't much room for error for each launch and the rocket controls are a bit challenging, so it's especially hard to succeed if you don't know exactly where you want to go.

I do really like the idea of using the rocket to explore a large world of floating islands. I could imagine a fun metroidvania style game where you can return to islands that have specific challenges when you have more upgrades. To have a more freely usable rocket, you might have to put the platforming sections behind closed doors.

I'm impressed with the amount of art, lighting, and effects you've packed in here! Something about the style is not entirely cohesive for me, it might be that some things are more realistic and others are cartoony? The enemies are fun, I also think they could have been shown earlier in the game. It took me some time to realize that especially for game jams, we shouldn't hold back on showcasing the most unique aspects of our games!


Thank you for your kind comments! And yes it is a bit too hard especially for a Gamejam. Testing all the different games myself I realize that you don't want to spend too much time to get good at a game. So this can definitely be improved. But I am happy to hear that you made it until the enemies haha! But a lot of comments with good ideas! And as you mentioned this could be a great metroidvania style game!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Couldn't finish it. I tried though, but the game is just too punishing!

Wall jumps are awkward, if the rocket explodes you start from the very first platform instead of the others, dying (losing all your lives) restarts THE WHOLE GAME. Why do you even have lives?! The falling platforms FALL IF YOU TOUCH THEM FROM ABOVE. Enemies are introduced too late, you have an "energy meter" for the dash and fireball for some reason?  The rocket is hard to control and explodes too fast. It even explodes BEFORE the fuel bar is empty. The fuel stations don't recharge your fuel instantly. If your rocket explodes, you don't start over with a full tank.

After a while I handed the game to my brother and cried laughing at his failing attempts at the game.

And it's a shame I couldn't finish it! The game looks good! The effects look really pretty! (though maybe a bit overdone for my tastes). The dialogues are funny and charming. They do have some grammatical errors, but nothing that deters from the experience. And the game's bigger than what you'd expect from a jam entry.  Sound effects aren't great, but didn't bother me either. 

Overall, this was an ambitious project that only needs UX tweaks. I think getting people to playtest this and getting video reactions (like you did for my game) would help.

Edit: Also found this bug where I respawned on some other previous island and the rocket wasn't there so I couldn't go anywhere.


You got punished bro! Haha, no but thank you so much for trying! That is the main feedback I have been getting, that it is a bit too hard! Typical problem when you developing your game as you always feel that it is too easy. But you gave some clear hints as on how to improve! Appreciate the honest feedback, and also that you let your brother at it to laugh at him lol


Yes, when you play your own game during development you get used to everything and can't see what's hard or easy, or just awkward. When I was starting my game, the controls where keyboard only, so dashing went in the opposite direction to shooting and was incredibly hard to control. Many friends told me that. I didn't want to change it, cause it was my vision for the project, but I'm glad I finally yielded. Without that playtesting feedback, the game would've sucked. 

I'm sorry if my feedback/criticism sounded too harsh.


haha no worries bro it is all good and we can always learn! ^^


Awesome! I can see the amount of effort put into the game! Much more expansive than I thought. It keeps on giving!

I do have a nitpick with the wall jumping from left to right. It sometimes doesn't register. But that's about it! 

Thanks for making this <3


Thank you for playing! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey there, I had a chance to check your game out, and I enjoyed my time playing it:


What was good - I really liked how the general atmosphere of the game. A sort of mix between a typical puzzle-based platformer; and the rocket Switching mechanic was an interesting addition.

The art was pretty nice, so good job there :)


What wasn't so good -

The Audio levels were a bit high overall.

The Audio was a bit jarring for the rocket, one would even say a bit annoying. It sounded as though it was clipping - that is, going above 0 dB and flattening out the peaks.

As for jumping sounds, it was okay, if a bit repetitive. If you added a pitch randomizer to it, that would have made lt a bit more variable. As you will be doing a lot of jumping, getting everything in order for that is rather important.

On the subject of jumping; I found the wall jumping puzzle mechanics were just a hair too unforgiving, requiring a far higher precision to get it right than it needed to be. I found it to be a bit frustrating at times, especially when I made a mistake later in the level that reverted me to the very beginning.

The amount of fuel in the rocket is annoyingly low. Consider spacing out the level more so there is a longer interval of using the rocket before having to switch gears again.


Overall, it was an okay game - Not exactly a game I would play for hours on end, but one I can pick up and spend a half-hour trying to get to the moon every now and again. Good job :)


Hey there, thank you for the thorough feedback! Much appreciated, I will definitely try and update the mentioned topics!


Nice game! I like the combination of mechanics (platformer game and controlling the rocket), but I found both of them kind of hard (and the browser dropping frames didn't help at all hah).

BTW, there's a bug with the Unity loader on Chrome on macOS Big Sur, check this out:

You can fix it very easily changing a regex.

I tried it on Safari (where the performance was really bad) and then Firefox (where it was kind of ok, but still laggy).


Thanks a lot for the feedback! Good to know there is a fix! In general the performance is bad in WebGL. Next time I will have to optimize and also port it to more systems! Appreciate that you tried it in different browsers! Hard to win when playing in the browser though yes...


Fun game, with really amazing effects and polish.  I love the idea of mashing up a   platform game with a thrust game too.


Thank you for playing and the kind feedback!


A good interpretation of the theme and a fairly complex gameplay with the control of the rocket and the character in turn (I also initially planned to move in a similar direction, but did not have time for finish all).


thanks for the feedback and trying the game!


Loved the graphics!

Nothing else to add to the others comments, but I have something for you :D

I just had a bug. I jumped out of the rocket on a landing platform, but the rocket was still flying (I got out of fuel, so I hoped it will stop the rocket magically). But the rocket continued flying and crashed. So I reappered on the first platform with the rocket, but I wasn't able to go on the rocket anymore. And when I was moving or jumping, so did the rocket!

I could'nt make a bigger gif, but you have the idea here :)


ah u found the bug hehe, i knew about that one. Will fix it after the jam! Thanks for playing though! Appreciate the feedback!


Love the art and sound. Great job!


Thanks for the kind feedback! Much appreciated.


Pretty cool game how you go between a rocket and a character.

also refer this to Elon who knows he might actually give a discount on a tesla or something.

one thing that it seems your hardware is pretty good it seems cause had some performance issues on my system, i am playing on a intel i5 5thgen intel graphics. just for reference


Thank you for the review! I will have to send it to elon for sure haha!


Cool graphics, a very well-designed game with a good idea. I played on Linux through Wine, it also slows down in my opinion. Good job nevertheless!


next time i will make sure to port it for each platform. One button in unity after all haha


I found some of the controls were a bit tough. The jump had a delay to it and the ship was challenging to control, so I ended up having to restart quite a few times early on. It's a cute game though, and an interesting interpretation! 


thanks for checking it out! Performance issues make the game hard in the browser


Cool theme interpretation ^^ I had some performance trouble in the browser, but It worked out fine. Wasn’t able to finish though since I seem to be incapable of controlling the rocked well enough. Full goes really fast.

Very nice Art and music and I am sure that the performance would be much better with a native version. Is there any chance of getting Linux/macOS builds for all the non-windows users out here?

Thanks for the game :)


i will check the other ports and upload after the jam! Thanks for testing


Hade some trouble with the framerate in browser, not sure if it was that or something else but the controls felt a bit laggy which made the platforming parts very hard :/ 

The level design going up platform by platform is cool though!


yeah performance in the browser is bad.. makes it really hard to win. Thanks for the feedback!


The visual side of this game is amazing. Also fun in gameplay. The concept fit the theme really well. But it always too me a few trys to get the rocket, where i wanted it. If you made the rocket easier to control, more people would play the game. Well done!


Thank you for the feedback! I will push an update after the Jam! ^^


Super cute game. Couldn't make it past the second platform though I really wanted to see the party.

Nice graphics. Especially the lights are  stunning. Cool game.


Thanks for the kind review! Much appreciated! I will have to tune the difficulty a bit!


I thought breaking the world down into delineated sections of refuel points was a good idea. It's like setting up your own checkpoint system for flying up higher and higher, and gave a good sense of progress. I admit that I didn't manage to finish this one but I thought the art and effects on the environment were good too.


Thanks for playing nonetheless! Appreciate the feedback! 


I thought the artstyle was fantastic (one of my favourite in this jam) and really appreciated the small details such as lighting and shadows. The overall concept of rocketing between planet islands was really cool. My biggest issue was controlling of the rocket ship . Good job overall :)


Thank you for the kind words! The rocket is tricky at the beginning for sure!


I feel like she was pretty isolated on that island to need to escape the virus. She was much safer at home XD


hahaha fair enough!


I'm sorry to say this but I did not enjoy playing this game. 

My biggest issue was the theme. I understand that this was intended as a joke, but I find this a bit in poor taste. Humor helps deal with tragedies like this, but I feel like it is too soon. There is a reason why Jojo Rabbit wasn't made in 1940s. Also the theme of leaving the planet to go to the moon due to x reason is a very predictable theme and was kinda overused in this game jam. Wish it was a bit more innovative.

The art is pretty, but not my cup of tea. I also had trouble controlling the ship. It could've been much smoother.


Appreciate the honest feedback!

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