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Thanks for the feedback :) I definitely agree on having more controls for the player.

Thanks :)

Really interesting concept and a pretty unique mechanic :) 

wow very challenging game! The puzzles were interesting and well thought out. I think the game needed a bit more aesthetics but the gameplay was solid. Good job :)

Nice game! The gameplay was simple but executed well, I especially liked the screen changing colour to indicate proximity. I thought the sound design was really really good and the artstyle fit perfectly. One minor (picky) feedback is it would be nice if you only collided with the base of the tree, rather than the branches and leaves.

Fantastic!!! This is such a good game. The art, gameplay and sound worked perfectly together, it was well polished and an all round fun game. The thing that really makes this game stand out is the shop system: simple, intuitive, and provided reason to keep playing. Brilliant job!

Hey! Interesting game - I thought the graphics/artstyle worked really well, the menus were really good, the small cut scenes added a nice touch and it felt like a decently polished game. For me, it needed some more gameplay; for example if the levels were some sort of puzzle rather than just collecting gems. Also the camera felt a bit off at times, would have been nice to have the player always centred.

Overall I liked it a lot, and for your first game jam entry, I think you did a great job :) 

Obviously this is still very much a prototype so can't comment much, however I do like the concept of having the narrative of the story as well as a mini game side by side.

I think this is a really good effort for your first game. The visuals and music worked cohesively, and the intensifying snow created a spooky and desperate atmosphere. I would say that the game needed a mechanic (jumping over crevices for example) so there is something to do whilst going between firepits.

Overall I really liked it - great job!

Nice simple art style, also the hud looked great. Good job :)

Hey! Thanks for playing, i'm happy you got through to the end. Yeah, the shield around the player was meant to represent health but I think it was far too subtle.

Cheers for the feedback :)

Glad you enjoyed it :) haha you were so close to finishing it!!! There's another moon on the other side of the room; destroying both ends the game.

Excellent game! The graphics are just soooo good, especially the parallax background and different bosses, they really helped bring this game to life. Gameplay was solid and consistent and the power up system was a nice addition. 

Great game! I found it very relaxing and well thought out. It was easy to work out how to play the game which is usually the biggest turn off for these types of games so great job on that. The only thing that I wasn't drawn to were the aesthetics (sorry!) but overall this is a really solid management/strategy game :-)

That's so kind, thank you. Hahah go for it, can't wait to see how you else this mechanic can be used :)

hey! Yeah completely agree with your feedback and i'm really happy you enjoyed it :-)

Such an all around fantastic game. I loved the artwork, the level design, the moonshot ability was really innovative and characters had so much life. Certainly gave off Hollow Knight vibes, which is a huge compliment!!! Superb job!!!

Glad you enjoyed it!!

I thought the artstyle was fantastic (one of my favourite in this jam) and really appreciated the small details such as lighting and shadows. The overall concept of rocketing between planet islands was really cool. My biggest issue was controlling of the rocket ship . Good job overall :)

This was a really fun game!! The levels were all well designed and there was a good progression in difficulty. My only wish is that the level art had the same attention to detail as the player. Overall great job :-)

Hey, I thought the idea was pretty novel and interesting. However I kinda didnt know how to progress through the game? Is the gate meant to open after recording/playing the first sound?

Really cool mechanic and nice artwork. Found the controls quite difficult but I can appreciate the high skill ceiling for players to master.

I loved the overall idea of this game and the aesthetics were just spot on. Fantastic job on that! My only complaint would be that the gameplay was a bit lacking; would have loved an extra layer of complexity to keep me hooked.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback :)

Very innovative mechanic. I think the combat needs some work: I wasn't able to tell when my attacks registered and sometimes I just died when enemies were far away which was kinda confusing. I think the mechanic has great potential tho :-)

Enjoyable platformer with nice level design. Would have appreciated more levels as it finished just as I had started to get good :D

Hey! I agree, using the mechanic in different ways would have improved the game a lot. Thanks for the feedback :)

I'm just blown away by this game. Honestly the art, the suspenseful gameplay, the small story and the art again, just made this an absolute joy to play.

This is such a beautiful looking game. I really wanted to finish it but i'm embarassed to say after 30+ failed attempts on level 1, I had to give up..

nice and simple but most importantly really fun :-) great job

Very solid game! Had a great time playing this and eventually gave up after the moon pounded me 5 times in a row :-D Particularly enjoyed the beethoven moonlight sonata against the moon

Interesting game. Found it quite trippy and weird, but in a good way. I liked the dialogue and interaction with objects :-)

Really enjoyed it!!! Sound design and writing was on point! The drilling a tad confusing but everything else flowed very naturally :-)

yeah that's a fair point, I didn't have time to implement something more complex but definitely want to improve enemy AI in future games.

Thanks for playing and the feedback :)

Really enjoyed playing the game, the concept was super cool and art style/music fitted perfectly. There were a couple of bugs but they didn't ruin the experience. Great job!

I think you've nailed this jam. The theme was perfect, levels were challenging and well designed, and I loved the execution of the rewind ability with the rainbow trail.


Absolutely loved this game. I realised the whole rewind aspect a little late, but once I did, I had such a blast. Great job

Very fun game :-) good job!

thanks for the feedback :-) 

I don't think so, at least I designed the level the way you did it

Enjoyed the visuals although perhaps the player and monsters could have been smaller to fit more stuff on the screen. Also sometimes it felt like my attacks weren't registering.

Enjoyable game nonetheless :-)