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Play nightly games of reversi to stave boredom and life fears off
Submitted by LazyNorth, LaChapeliere — 19 minutes, 58 seconds before the deadline
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Circular narrative

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Main and additional themes are really great used! Cool idea, sounds. I really liked the mechanics of Reversi where with drag'n'drop - really feels great like you're playing it in real life. Background sound fits game and isn't annoys :) I really fascinated about how you did manage to make narrative game with cool plot which is still the game and not the visual novel or interactive novel. Great work!

On the other hand, speed of the dialogue is so high that I've missed 40% of them. It's a pity because dialogues are cool and deep. Also the main game concept is good and bad at the same time: it's hard to play reversi and read dialogues. You either do one or another. But I've no idea how to improve that anyway :)

Thanks for such cool game!


Thank you very much for your feedback!

Clearly the simultaneous boardgame / dialogues would need some work to play well, including that speed issue you mentioned. If we kept working on the game, we could both make text speed a parameter (like it's usually done in visual novels), and adjust the time each line stays onscreen to its length. We don't have plans to develop the game further at the moment, but it's still interesting to think about possible improvements!


Yeah, Just got an idea - maybe it'll work better if last dialogue phrase stays until player will make his move in reversi. Just an idea :)


it's an original concept ! I really have the impression to play with someone and discuss with him. Just a small bug : I have to click multiple times before being able to take a pawn.

Even if I enjoy playing it, I must admit I had to replay it because I didn't really care at first about what the character says while I'm playing. I just wanted to play the board game.

Great work ! It's fun and I enjoy it ! :D


Thanks for the feedback! I guess you like reversi (also called othello) then, if you want to play this boardgame again ;)


It was very clever to put the board game in there: it looks like actually we are playing and conversing with each other while passing the night. And the conversations were really interesting, especially since you touch sensitive subjects in such a respectfully way.

The board game, however, cuts two ways: i am forced to play a game i may not want to, or to stop reading a text i want to.  I guess it also adds further to the realism, because it would be exactly the same if it were two real people: what’s more important, talk to somebody you feel comfortable, or stop because of the choice of game?   So, i played, but without much entusiam at the end.

Sometimes the game would not allow me to place my piece on the board.  Was it waiting for the dialog to catch up?

Also, i wish it was more noticeable who is talking.  I know that the name is visible next to the dialog box, but while i am playing Reversi i might not have enough time to read everything. Especially since it seems that all lines of dialog have same timeout, and longer lines have barely time to reach the end before switching to the next.  I think than just having the name box on the right or the left, depending on who is talking, would be enough visual clue to know who is talking without having to read names.

That was a very well-done entry!


Thank you very much for your feedback, and for confirming quite of few of the design flaws we had noticed while playtesting :D The synchronisation between the dialogue and the board game would need a lot more work...

Yes, sometimes the game will not allow you to place a piece on the board until the dialogue has reached a certain point. This was supposed to mimic the characters not being able to both think about their move and talk when the discussion is very involved. But it kind of didn't work...



The game had good narrative and and explored some interesting themes. From the small talk to the more emotional admissions, the conversation felt genuine.

I thought the choice and execution of the boardgame was perfect, and the combination of playing with the conversational dialogues really sold the concept. The only thing I would say is it became quite repetitive. After the 9th game, I had had enough of playing the same game and kinda just wanted to see where the dialogues went.

Graphics and audio were simple but fitting.

Good job!


Thank you so much for your feedback <3