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Vuestros diálogos suenan muy naturales y fluidos, especialmente cuando habla Maldrek.  La localización de los nombres también me ha gustado mucho: Xandar García, Timbrez :).

Muy buen trabajo.


¡Qué currada! Ni se me habría pasado por la cabeza intentar hacer el doblaje, y además habéis capturado muy bien el tono de los personajes.

No no, you are right: she used the same music as you. I just did not know and assumed; what an ignorant fool i am.

Well, live and learn.

Thank you.


I just got stuck in level 5:

As far as i could find, there was no way out of these two rooms and could not descend to the next level.  The only thing i could do is die of starvation.

Is that on purpose?

Other than that, cool game.

And i kind of got surprised to recognize Ayaka Hirahara’s Jupiter as the music for the main menu :)

I adore the graphics and the music! I also would like to know whether megumi has a web site where i can listen more of her music.

I second the idea of a clue/hint button.  In fact, i thought that the question mark button at the top was a clue button and i would not try to press it until i had two more hearts to complete the game.  I was wrong….

Nonetheless, i managed to complete it and i am very happy about this!

Interesting concept, but i personally had a hard time aiming the sword to jump to the next platform, especially when i have fallen in a pit.  I assume this is on purpose and that i just suck at it :)

There seems to be a bug regarding collision with the level and i got stuck between the first and second keys of the first level:

Very stylish artwork!

At first i also thought that it was not working: all i could hear was the music over a black screen. I waited for the game to do something on its own, then i reloaded, and the same thing happened. After a while i pressed keys as random and **then** it did show me something.

Maybe if the “crime… crime is everywhere.” was seen from the beginning would cause less confusions for some of us.

I am glad i persisted, though; it would be a shame not solving _that_ crime :)

Great implementation and awesome name :)

My only complain would be that sometimes is hard to see what the completed puzzle is, and that takes away a bit the satisfaction of completing it all.  But this is a minor issue.

On the other hand, i like how it changes the picture again and again even though it is the same canvas.

That was a very beautiful experience; i love the art!

I spent most of the time at the last part of the last level — that was hard!

Very well done!

Still could not complete the last floor, but i am having such a great time trying. Very nice.

That was good, and very funny. I did not read the instructions and spend quite a bit of time trying to combine items in the inventory. If only i knew about the cheat console before… :)

Homemade sound effects, aren’t they? :D

Wow. How much did it take to make, five days?! It is very polished.

And very hard, too. I can not pass the first round….

I got up to here and then it stopped responding to both swipes and WASD:

I am using Edge with WebKit.

As for your questions:

  1. I would say a 3, maybe 3 and a half.
  2. Lack of planning ahead! But seriously, i do not think there was anything that was more challenging than the others for me.
  3. I also would say a more satisfying ending. Or a progression through a couple of different regions/themes.
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Maybe you can get inspiration from The Curse of Monkey Island’s “insult sword fighting” :)

It is coming along great! And the name is fantastic. :)

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Maybe i misunderstood the game, but wouldn’t this be a full-on hit?

I noticed that there is a delay from when i press the A button to when the arrow stops.  Maybe this is just a visual glitch and the arrows are not actually aligned?

I am using Firefox 78.8 in Linux, if that matters.

I agree with Ephiemus that the walking sound is slightly annoying after some time.  I also had some trouble moving because i use a non-standard keyboard layout where the WASD keys are not “in a logical order”.

Other than that, i liked it, and think it is well made, specially considering that you did it in, what, two days? Nicely done!


Wow, very good! I can’t wait for the final game!

Can not play the web version with Edge Chrome. In web console it says:

    newgroundsio.min.js:19 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'localStorage' property from 'Window': Access is denied for this document.
        at r (
        at n (
        at new (
        at pluginProto.Instance.instanceProto.onCreate (
        at Runtime.loadProject (
        at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onload (

That was very fun! And hard! Especially with a laptop’s trackpad….

It was way more difficult telling apart people than it was for objects. Is that on purpose? You know, as a kind of social critique? :)

The music was very cool and meshed nicely with the game’s overall aesthetics.

Je n’ai pas de coeur :'(


I just played books I and II and now i can not wait for III and IV! ^_^

What i really loved of it was the attention to details that you have put into everything, specially the visuals, both the 3D scenes and the character’s portraits. They are stunning.

Very well done!

You have a knack for turning seemingly banal activities into beautiful stories. I wish i knew how do you do it! :)

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Well, you have proven that having strong coding skills is in no way required to make a great game, then. :)

The use of yellow to mark what can the player interact with is very nice.

The music is a bit repetitive at the end, but not too much.

The dialog is very funny.

Yes! I like it!

That was very interesting and really fun!

I adore the visual design and the animations are smooth. The music and sound effect do a nice job too.

I believe that a longer game doing the same kind of puzzle would became repetitive soon and, thus, having a single combat puts it into the right length. However, i would not mind trying a game that expands the worlds with varied  puzzles and situations .

Thank you for making the game!

Your certainly did a great job with the ambience; i could feel the tension as was going from room to room.

As others have said, however, the controls are a bit weird when entering and exiting rooms, and sometimes i ended up in a kind of loop….  I am not very bright.

I also expected everything to be controlled by keyboard and had a bit of trouble moving up and down the stairs because i did not understood at first that i had to click to the “up” and “down” labels. See? Not bright.

Other than that, i thought it was well done.

Hey, finally won a match!

I had a bit of trouble the first time around because i thought i could move more than a single unit each turn and kept on cancelling the move again and again until i saw the “end turn” button.

But other than that, i enjoyed this one. Very well done.

There is so many things wrong in that library that apparently the librarian thinks are OK :).  I liked the atmosphere a lot and was glad to not get stuck anywhere.

However, i think sometimes i would like to have a way to highlight where are the object i can grab/use because at times i had the feeling that i was pixel hunting “just in case”.

Oh, and of course the graphics and the music where outstanding.

Thank you for that beautiful game.

I have just finished playing it through and i am really struggling to find words that express what i am currently feeling. This is one of these stories that really cut deep and i enjoyed everything in the execution — the dialogue, the music, and, specially, the graphics.

In a way it reminded me of “Night of the Milky Way Railway”, not only for the obvious thematic similitudes, but also because both stories left me wondering about things i would never think about otherwise.

Thank you very much for making this game.

The music meshes really well with the story. Very well done!

Very good! A difficult game, but not impossible; a bit creepy around pigs, but cute the rest of the time. A bit of a shame that morphing to a fern does not have a bigger impact in game play.

I enjoyed it.

I felt like the last “choice” is actually not a choice at all — “how can i get close the her if there is a cloud there”, i thought. I am guessing this is totally intentional, because it might match what Zel feels too at that moment.

It was a great story!

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It seems that there might be a problem with the markup of one of the options. If from the start i select “yes”, then  “see what is beyond the exit”, and finally “Go back into the writing application” i see the following:

Anyway, i managed to be useful to the user! Yay! \o/