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Thank you for your feedback, dead @SecretSilvio!

Indeed, the game currently lacks a lot thing, 'cause we've been too ambitious, ah ah ah, but yeah, we planned to fix all of this in the post-jam version :)

Thanks again!

We're really happy that you enjoyed the game on all the aspectts of it. First time we're doing a narrative game, it's important to us to have comments and criticism on it too.

We hope to make it a complete game on the next months. We'll try to share as much as possible our progress on Itch and Twitter.

Thank you for playing it!

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your comment :)

Thank you for playing it! We received a lot of comments on the manual screen, we'll work on that on the next version of the game ;)

Oh, you teach me a new word :D

We'll probably rework the manual ergonomy, yeah. Thanks for your feedbacks :)

Ah ah :D

Thank you!

Thanks for all these feedbacks!

I can confirm we plan to polish the gameplay to improve it during the game :)

Thanks for the feedbacks! Yeah, we'll work on the visual identity of the game, we went to the most evident for the jam :).

Thank you for the test! I see you solved the first alert by cliking everywhere on the modules' screen hahaha!

You had to first check the manual on the page "Connection problems" to see what you had to do, but it worked for you :D

Thanks again!

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Thank you so much for playing it... despite the fact I forgot the link :D !

Sorry for the exit button, the habit of making web game ^^.

Also, I'm sorry you didn't succeed to move further in the game. In fact it's our fault : we didn't let enough time at the beginning of the game to let you get familiar with the manual. Here's the process : the astronaut said you there is an "connection problems" at the "shield". So you need to look in the manual to go to the "Connection problems" page (look at the first page, with the table of contents, it indicates to you the page 8), and here, look for the "shield" part to know what to do with the modules :).

Thank you to try it <3

(And your french is pretty good :D)

Very nice concept :) it was challenging and fun :)

Any feedback is welcomed, if you can test ours, we will be very thanksfull : :)

Looking forward to have yout feedbacks: :)


Nice concept, I wouldn't have thought about that!

It took me some time to find out what I should do. A tutorial would have been nice, explaining where to put the ball to make a stronger hit.

As I loved your entry, I would be thrilled to now what you think of ours:

Any feedback is welcomed!

One of the greater entry I've played so far! I'm not fund of platformer games usually but this one is really interesting by his mechanism. I'll play it later with no doubt!

Very very nice job you've done there!

If you have some time, we'll be glad to see what you think of ours: :)

Simple, efficient, well done.

I thought at the begining that there was an objective on the top right corner of the map, but I thing the arrow just points the options wheel :D

Nice job!

We had the idea of a Moonshot Bar too but we didn't go on that idea, glad someone did it :D

I just found the mechanic a little heavy, drag'n'drop could have been replace by just clicking imo. And having a feedback when you trash a drink would be nice, I didn't knew at first if it worked. I had to go to the shaker screen to confirm that.

But great job, I'll come back later to see all the rest of the story :)

You write so well! I wished there was some graphics and sound to help me get more in the story!

I hope you'll make a postjam version with it :)

Really nice and cute point'n'click game!

I didn't finish it and I'll come back to it when I have more time, but I think I'm not far from the end. Love those kind of games!

I just had a little bug at the first launch of it, the folder Data had not the good name. It was named "moonshot_data" instead of "The Rocket Launch Eve_Data". I had to rename it to make it work :)

Nice concept! It was hard to know where the rocket would go when you shoot. Maybe having a sort of campaign mode where the difficulty groes would be cool :)

Loved the music!

Nice graphics, SFX and music, it goes well all together!

I loved the idea of having three differents character to play that help each others! Nice concept!

I just had troubles to make the difference between what I could jump on, what was just decor, and what could hurt me. Maybe you have to work on it to make it clearer for the player.

Nice entry :)!

My feedbacks in two words :

  • The level design is cool, but there is a little lack of variety. I mean, without minimap it's pretty hard to realize where you are.
  • There is no reward to eliminate the enemies, and since it's pretty long to kill (two charging shots for the crawling one), I prefere dodge because I know there is know reward.
  • The artistic direction is nice, and story too!

Good job!

I think I finished the game, I get out with all the cash, but there was nothing to escape. Maybe a car waiting for the player would have been cool at the end to really finish it.

I liked the art of the character. But I think you could have work a little bit more on the level design, to make it more interesting than just straight levels with two stairs at the end and at the beginning of it. And make it clearer that the stairs where stairs, cause it took me a long time to understand it.

A little more SFX would have been nice too.

There's a lot to do to improve it and make it a great enjoyable experience :) But it's a good start :)

Really love the writing! The level design is great, but maybe a little tricky (not pixel perfect, but almost!).

Good job! :)

Totally! The challenge was to port it to a solo experience. Hope we did well!

Thank you for your kind feedback <3

Loved the graphics!

Nothing else to add to the others comments, but I have something for you :D

I just had a bug. I jumped out of the rocket on a landing platform, but the rocket was still flying (I got out of fuel, so I hoped it will stop the rocket magically). But the rocket continued flying and crashed. So I reappered on the first platform with the rocket, but I wasn't able to go on the rocket anymore. And when I was moving or jumping, so did the rocket!

I could'nt make a bigger gif, but you have the idea here :)


I just played and rate your game! I didn't comment because I had nothing to add to what the others said ;)

You can find our game here if :

We continue working on it as we want to develop it!

Any feedback is welcome :)

Just tried your game and liked it! You can see my comment on your submission page!

You can find our game here if you have some time :

We loved to know if you have some feedbacks on our narrative and puzzles :)

Very nice game! I love how I felt directly like I was in an escape game!

That was pretty confusing at first cause I don't speak Russian and thought I could never solve puzzle ^^

The rotation of the camera is veeery confusing, but I always found my way in.

I'll go back to it later, it was fun solving some puzzles out! Great job and idea!

That was a... curious entry, but not without charm, I have to admit!

Good job :)

Hey Haxe buddies o/ :D!

Very solid entry! Maybe a little repetitive though, but the juice is here (particles <3).

My feedbacks :

  • I found the minimap to much zoomed, it was difficult to read
  • Maybe too much momentum on the characters?
  • For your aiming issue with the gamepad, can I suggest you to try an auto-aim, maybe?
  • Aaand the rest have been already said below :)

Good job!

Yeah, I understand. We're gonna think about this and how to improve it. Thank you very much!

Haha! It could be but it wasn't the idea at first :D

Thank you for playing it :)

Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the feedback :

Thanks for playing! We wanted the answers to be difficult to remember and that the player has to come check several time the manual.

What did you find annoying, the fact that you had to go several times or to have to pass by the communication screen?

Thanks for your feedback :)

Yeah, Keep Talking was one of our references, and we try to adapt it to a solo player game.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much, and yeah as I explained below, we realize the resolution issue too late. But thank to like it despite that! :D

One of our first job next week will be to downgrade the resolution to, I think, 640x360, being 1/2 of the actual :D !

Yeah, i know that feeling, we finished an important feature of our own game less than 1 hour before submit! ;)