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Howl at the MoonView game page

Submitted by Kevin Caton-Largent, CineSia, Nathan.hales, Msandfrey — 19 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#2312.6962.696

Ranked from 23 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
Long time ago a curse was put on the castle. A cursed moon makes local peasants go crazy every night. Spirit of the castle, bound to serving and protecting his lord has spent centuries building and protecting his lord.

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Very cool concept! I love the beautiful graphics, colors and atmosphere created. I made it through the end and really enjoyed the innovative puzzle mechanics trying to set those traps.

Great job!


Really interesting mechanic.

Nice sound and graphics too.



Great idea, the aesthetics are great!

I felt a bit confused at the beginning because I didn't see the nets to capture the wolves and I thought the game was like a tower defense where you had to position the traps moving the rooms. I think that you can work a bit on the onboarding, separating the actual game from the opening narrative audio and then trying to make a guided tutorial for the first wolf.

Good job!


I really enjoyed the audio and the concept, but I was very confused trying to play it.  I couldn't tell what I was doing by sliding the tiles around.  Some wolves would fall through trap doors, but then they just ran around the bottom.  Eventually, it just said "game over", but I couldn't tell why.


Brilliant concept! For now, your game has one the most innovative mechanic I've played on the jam yet!


That was a very interesting game mechanic! :-)

Nice job on the music and the graphics!


Interesting puzzle concept.  The voice over definitely added some style.  My werewolves tended to pile up for some reason.  I did make it to sunrise!

If you like platformers, please try our game - Lumi and the Dark Night.


A bit confusing mashup between tower defense and puzzle, the graphics, background music and sound create a great atmosphere for the hunting, but once you find the winner combination it's just a time of waiting. Would have liked a bit more of difficulty, like nets breaking and repairs expose the master to damage, or multiple ways to reach the main chamber. Great entry anyway, I liked it and would like to see a bigger game on top of it.

Submitted (1 edit)

This is a brilliant concept! A bit combination of puzzle game and tower defence. I would say the wolves are moving a bit too fast and there aren’t a lot of different tiles to play with at this stage. Another thing is I am not entirely sure what elements in a tile can be used at a trap and what can not be used (like the difference a chandelier or a table, maybe some sort of indication would be helpful) I can imagine with a bigger map and more tiles this would be an awesome puzzle game.

I also think that the master can live outside of the gird so you have more freedom moving around the tiles.

Afterall I love what you have done here, great work! (btw your voice acting is awesome)


Interesting and original concept!


Great voice, bgm, nice atmosphere, but I keep failing to may master.


Nice art and amazing atmosphere and voice work.  Once I realized I could just have a trap door over a net, I kind of just waited until all the wolves spawned and fell in the same trap and won the game lol.  Short game I'd love to see made longer, good job!


Lovely look at the voice acting added a lot to the atmosphere! I was a bit confused at what to do at first but slowly I managed to piece it together.

Werewolves, not swearvolves. Very nice!


Hey, took me a sec to understand what to do, but nice small game with great audio!


Nice! Great atmosphere, the clean audio adds a lot. 

Not sure what was the effect of some vignettes sometimes. The first tip wasnt working for me.


I loved the audio and art

I don't know if it is an issue for everybody, but when I was swaping the tiles, I had a little blink which was really confusing.

I did not undertstand the goal at my first run, but discovered it on the second. Once I had swap some tiles, I just had to wait for all of the werewolf to do the exact same way than the others to win. I was a little disappointed by that, I would have wish for un bigger difficulty :)

Nice concept however :)


Great audio/visuals, I like the concept. Gameplay was a little confusing, maybe some kind of tutorial would help?


Atmosphere is great! Had a bit of a wolf pile-up for a while, but after that figured out the traps and had a good time


I liked the artwork, it was very nicely done, though it felt like there was a bit too much unused space on the screen. The sound is nice, and the voice-over was a pretty cool touch. As for the gameplay, once you figure out how to set a good trap position, one ends up sitting and waiting until each wolf runs into it. I feel like this could be a great idea to flesh out as a variety of levels where the enemies come from various areas and adapt over time.

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