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I love the animations and the music of the game. However, the controls of the game are not the easiest, for example, when wall jumping you would expect you gain some height on, but here you don’t get it. It’s sometimes very frustrating to perform wall jump in this game. However, the game has a very attracting vibe! I like it very much. (Also loved your voice acting! That has so much impact for making the game so immersive. That makes me consider doing it for my next game)

It is actually extremely fun to play as the Moon holding a shotgun! The music and sound effects are also implying a brutal feel to this game. I can imagine with insane graphics like Doom and cooler feedback on hits (screen shakes, explosions), pickups etc, this game could actually be very fun and additive to watch and play.

This game is so cool but very difficult, thus I didn’t get too fat. It somehow reminds me of My Friend Pedro tho. It’s hard because of the randomness of where your arm can face and there seems to be a very narrow space for improving skill level…(maybe I am just too bad at this game) Would definitely appreciate a slow-mo / bullet time while holding spacebar with a CD period so people don’t rely too much on it. After all, it is a very cool game! (btw I love the visual effects and animations, gold!)

Very addictive and scary!

Hi it’s has already been patched! You are extremely welcome to play our game again if you wish :)

Your game is really cool!

Mind to checkout ours?

Hi, I found that I actually played your game a while ago and rated your game. Would you mind playing ours?

Thank you very much!

Hi there, thanks for playing our game and giving feedback! The Game Over Text not showing is actually a bug that I thought I already have fixed… I will quickly roll out an update to address that. That would be a quick fix. Thanks again for pointing it out!

Hi there, thanks for playing our game and giving feedback! You are right, this is actually a bug that I thought I already have fixed…. I will quickly roll out an update to address that. That would be a quick fix. Thanks again for pointing it out!

Thank you very much

My most lit so far in this Jam is this game:

Hi, I found that I actually played and rated your game a while ago :)

I really enjoyed playing this game. The sprites are so fun to look at, the music is so interesting to listen to on loop, the jumps are super fun too! I do hope I get a bit more movement options (I only got through the red bridge) like sprinting or some extra animations like a ground rolling when landing etc to make it more fun. However, there is already a lot in this game that keeps me playing. Nice one!

I would love to have a peek behind the curtain and understand how things are put together. Thanks for the tips and great job on the demo!

Thanks for your kind words. I am very glad that you liked our game.

Thanks for playing our game and leaving feedback. We will definitely try a different font type on a post-jam update.

I really like the concept, it is an interesting combination of Outer Wilds and Super Mario Galaxy, more on the exploration side. I could not figure out how to take off. Holding Q just looks up and the little guy decided not to launch. I also tried aiming some other planets right above the character but still no luck.

After all, I really like the approach and can see a lot of potential in this.

The control is a bit confusing to use and I died a dozen times to figure out what each key does exactly. Would recommend a tutorial session because once you are sent to the map, you die very quickly and its quite frustrating.

Out of the many many gravity puzzle games in this Jam, I would say this is by far the most atmospheric both to look at and to listen to. All in-game graphics are simple components but they work really well!

Brilliant ambient! The music works weirdly well with the graphics and adds so much “buying pressure” to the player. This is almost like an art piece more than a functioning / playable game (please take this as a compliment). I can totally see this being featured in a documentary or a 2020s game museum. Mind-blowing!

I can’t wait to see the end product!!! I never knew that Twine can do something like this. This encourages me to start working on something like this. I always wanted to make a text adventure game but I am always sort of stuck between the flexibility and efficiency formula when looking for a tool to do it. This game really inspires me with the art style and the approach of putting something like this into HTML base with this many systems. Impressive job and again, can’t wait to see the final product!

I checked again, audio worked fine both on the web version and the windows distro (I downloaded myself and played it). This is really weird. Just out of curiosity, is your operating system 32bit or 64bit?

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Thanks so much for playing our game and making this video! For some reason the music did not play on your playthrough… I am not sure if you are able to quickly open this again on a browser and checkout our music too!

I will look into the windows distro and figure out why the music did not play.

About the strategy, to win the game you actually don’t have to build and upgrade all facilities. You only need to achieve level 3 for the Space Harbor (yellow side) or the Photon Sail (purple side). That means you actually have to intentionally skip some builds.

Thanks again for taking the time to play our game and making the video!

Hi snuffysam, I am sorry that the Game Over screen might have confused you why the game has ended. The game ends if one of the resources goes below 0, or the trust level on the yellow side is below 0, or that you have exceeded the maximum turn number (18).

However, I do believe I have text for each losing condition to inform the player about why they lost. So this might somehow be a bug that causes the game to end… would you like to tell me more about what you did so I can look into this?

Thank you very much for playing our game and giving feedback!

Thanks for playing our game and giving feedback :) I am so glad that our game is at the top of your list! Amenity is for the No.6 facility (the photon sail) on the purple side if you choose to go with them.

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

It’s awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

Here is our game:

Thank you very much!

I realised I have already rated your game.

Here is ours:

It is awesome that you are doing this!

Here is our game:

This game is actually very well built. I think you need to take more consideration into compatibility. In my browser, the background is not covering the whole space and things look a bit out of size? Other than that this is quite well executed.

This is actually a really cool concept! It’s a bit difficult to control and get the blocks to how you want them but overall this is really cool!

An idea with great fun and the game overall is solid! The music, the graphics, the sound effects and the physics. I enjoyed playing it! I like that you also have a milkshake option for non-beerers

I really like the concept and approach here. The music is very cool and makes the whole experience feel smart and smooth. The only thing I find a bit annoying here is that I can still get hurt even when I am not absolutely still. So maybe not make the player immediately vulnerable after stopping, instead, give them a little breathing space. Otherwise, I get hurt even when I am constant smashing the keyboard and flying around the screen.

After all, love what you have done here.

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This is a brilliant concept! A bit combination of puzzle game and tower defence. I would say the wolves are moving a bit too fast and there aren’t a lot of different tiles to play with at this stage. Another thing is I am not entirely sure what elements in a tile can be used at a trap and what can not be used (like the difference a chandelier or a table, maybe some sort of indication would be helpful) I can imagine with a bigger map and more tiles this would be an awesome puzzle game.

I also think that the master can live outside of the gird so you have more freedom moving around the tiles.

Afterall I love what you have done here, great work! (btw your voice acting is awesome)