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Defend planet Earth by shooting down swarms of asteroids with a giant laser on the moon!
Submitted by sinisterstuf (@sinisterstuf) — 18 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation
I took the phrase "moon shot" literally: The player controls a laser-shooting turret on the moon. The aim is to shoot down waves of increasingly bigger meteor showers headed directly at the Earth to avoid direct impact.

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I love the core mechanics, it is very smooth and it feels responsive.

Punishing the player when it misses a shot was a good idea too, it forces the player to aim precisely.

Homemade SFX are the best too :D


Thanks for streaming it and thanks for your feedback!


It is actually extremely fun to play as the Moon holding a shotgun! The music and sound effects are also implying a brutal feel to this game. I can imagine with insane graphics like Doom and cooler feedback on hits (screen shakes, explosions), pickups etc, this game could actually be very fun and additive to watch and play.


I’m glad you enjoyed it, I haven’t considered such extreme visual effects like shakes yet but it sounds cool, I might try it out in future iterations of the game!


Gameplay: Pretty difficult wave game. The thing where you had to reload when you missed was nice for the game play because you couldnt just click anywhere. It was nice that you got to replay the wave after you died. Would have been nice to see some power-ups.

Graphics: The graphics were decent

Audio: Music and sfx were good

Innovation: Wave games arent that innovative. 

Theme: Took the phrase "moon shot" literally: The player controls a laser-shooting turret on the moon. The aim is to shoot down waves of increasingly bigger meteor showers headed directly at the Earth to avoid direct impact.

Overall: Nice game!

Can you play (and review) my game?


Thanks for the really detailed review and yes I’ll check yours out your game for sure!


Really cool short game! I made it until Wave 6! Find below my video review:

00:35 Lunar Defense


Thanks for playing it, that was really exciting to watch! 🙈 By the way I saw you tried to maximise the game at the start, I’m sorry it’s so non-obvious but it goes into full screen if you press the F key! 😅


Nice game! The shooting sound was a bit high pitched IMO, but otherwise I liked the sound.

Also the cooldown when you miss gave a nice little twist to the concept, although I think a indicator for how long of a  cooldown is left (like a progress bar) would've made it much less annoying ;)


That’s useful feedback thanks, I wasn’t totally sure if the sound was too high like that, it was meant to sound like lasers, but I’ll iterate on that in the next version! 👍 The cooldown is only 1 second long, but that’s a good idea, some visual bar at the top or around the moon would probably be easier to understand during the action than trying to read the text.


good game had a lotta fun playing it



Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!


No need to stress, this is only a simulation. hahaha

I really liked the concept and the gameplay, I got to wave 5 in one go, I dont know if thats good or not lol

Missing a shot was sooooo annoying (but in a good way), I was like, ok ok ok, I gotta stop missing, focus, focus!

One note id add, is maybe make the screen a square and not a rectangle, asteroids coming from the top or bottom are immediately a greater threat (I dont know if this was intentional or not, would like to know more about this)

Overall, a very nice game :)


Level 5 is decent, well done! 👍 And you noticed that tactic right, they all move at the same speed but you see some sooner, so it means you have to focus on the ones from top and bottom first, then the sides, and the least urgent are the ones coming from the corners.


I like the arcade style shooter concept with the theme - it was on point! Adding a little end screen with your score would be really nice! It would be cool to raise money (since countries will just give you money for saving the earth of course!) and buy upgrades for the moon/satellite. It would be cool to see fire quicker, more shots, maybe a mini-moon that helps shoot asteroids. Overall I found it pretty enjoyable!


Nice idea thanks, showing the score at the end would definitely be more motivating than just “game over”. 😅 And I like the idea of upgrades, I’ve been considering it for future iterations although your idea of raising money is new to me, how do you imagine that working? 🤔


After a wave (or every couple of waves) give the player an option to buy upgrades. You could potentially assign monetary values for hits (or multiples hits) vs no value for just crashing into the asteroid.


Alright, nice idea, I’ll see what I can do with it!



^^ meme worthy statement right there, made me laugh

Fun, simple and solid concept. Controls well and looks nice. Would be great to add some more depth to it but I like what you have. Nice job!


Haha thanks! 😊

I assume by depth you mean adding depth to what you do in the game, not literally visual depth. I’ve been thinking of adding other weapon types like rockets that work differently from the lasers to make the game more tactical. Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very appropriate and direct theme interpretation. Super simple and works. I think the cooldown on the shooting can be a bit unforgiving at times. Nice work! 


The cooldown is meant to punish inaccuracy. During playtesting I brought the cooldown down from 2s to 1s otherwise it made the game completely unplayable if you miss even once. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!


Lol you have no idea how close I was to naming my game Lunar Defense.  Pretty cool idea.  I think it could be more fun if you made the bullets bigger and made the gun automatic.  I also think it should start out a lil easier and you should be able to take more than one hit before dying.


The name would appropriate for a Tower Defence game, I like the name you chose in the end better! 👍

I’m considering adding different weapon types in future iterations, to make the game more tactical. As for the one-hit death, I initially had an idea that the asteroids could be damaging the ozone and when it’s all gone then you lose, but that didn’t fit into the development time 😅 so instead you get insta-death which at least makes it into a challenging and exciting game… I’ve heard other games market this as “Dark Souls like” haha 🙄😬


Simple and nice game. Background score and shoot sounds are awesome ! 


Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it! I recorded and edited the shooting sound effects myself, which was a lot of fun! 😁