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I was able to get it working this time.

Thanks for the feedback. I did not tweak the hitboxes much and as a result they are the same size as the scaled ship images and a little bit too big. I was also aware there was a possibility of that boss condition but I just figured no one would ever hit it... guess I was totally wrong.

I did add a sound and animation on the player ship when it gets hit but I admit it's still not nearly enough. Thanks for the suggestion!

The gameplay itself is simple but entertaining. It doesn't look like the leaderboards actually work but this is the type of game that would benefit from them. Graphics and audio and overall polish could use some work.

I liked the style and concept. Was also pretty fun to play although I found myself dying and having to restart pretty quickly a bunch of times. My biggest gripe is the paddle controls... it feels like it slides way too much which makes it really hard to be precise or change direction.

Really great, had a lot of fun with it. The combat is responsive, controls well and feels very satisfying, especially the shotgun. Presentation is super polished and has a great style. Only small gripe I can give you is that moving around in the overworld feels a bit slow... makes sense considering you're shot in the leg but a bit of a chore to have to walk so slowly through some early areas that have no action.

In the later levels there are stronger ships and a boss that take multiple to many hits to destroy. Maybe I should weave some of them into earlier levels to help provide more variety. Thanks for the feedback!

I like the aesthetic and general feel of this a lot. In terms of style and graphics and audio I think it's very solid. To be entirely frank though the gameplay is currently very basic and boring. Would love to see what you could do to give the player more to do and more control and make it more challenging.

Tried playing this on Mac OSX. I was able to select my character and saw them drop into the world and it says "Press Space Bar to Continue" but no matter what I press (including space) I can't go any further.

It seems like pressing space bar crashes the game, at least on the Mac.

Concept is great. Also think the presentation and graphics are very well done. The gameplay and controls are a little clunky.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it! If I decide to continue working on this after the jam I will definitely tweak the energy recharge rate.

Check out the documentation around deploying a LibGDX application here:

I would recommend either creating a distribution(s) that can run on the desktop and having people download it OR target HTML5 and deploy as a web app.