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Ive played yours as well now, i enjoyed it :)

Its a nice game with a cool mechanic, was probably really hard creating all those levels :D
It was really fun watching the spaceship bounce around like a ball haha

Thank you for the extensive comment, glad you've enjoyed the game overall :)
and will do :)

Thanks, Im glad you have enjoyed it :)

Its a nice game, the music and the graphics are cool
I jump mechanic was inconsistent, sometimes i jumped too far, sometimes not enough
I liked the worm character, found it amusing haha well done

Nice game, I liked the card type gameplay
There were some places where more indication would be better, like whenever a character deals / receives damage, or who is the active player
Good job overall

I really like the soothing gameplay, watching goo grow is actually pretty fun haha
I enjoyed the puzzle-type gameplay, well done :)

Wonderful funny game haha

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Fun game!

The music was really good,the gameplay was solid and the art looks cool :)

One small issue that I noticed (not a big deal) is that i could still move and shoot after losing all lives.

I didn't really play these types of games before the jam, but I've grown fond of them :)

Very nice music :)
Its a fun game overall, I liked the idea of punching spaceships haha

This was a good game :)

Thanks, we've put in about 220 hours of work into the game over the month, hope it was worth it haha

Thanks, glad you've mostly enjoyed it, and thank you for the feedback :)

Very nice game, the graphics look solid
I liked the upgrades and the different weapons :)
I didn't really like the part where asteroids were falling at the sides of the screen but I couldn't get to them, due to the limited angle of the turret. I was like, "oh come on, if you put asteroids there - let me shoot them!" haha
Overall its a good entry

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You can check out how to beat the boss here :)

Final Boss Walkthrough

This is an interesting entry haha
Don't think I ever saw an upside down astronaut with a snowboard doing back flips in space lol

I really liked the chill vibes when the game became a platformer - the music, the background,  it was really nice.
It took me some time to figure out that u need to jump inside the thought bubbles of people.

Nice game overall :)

This is a really nice game :)
had a bug on level 2 where the ball was not in the correct trajectory, could not hit it at all
I liked the concept and the sound effects :)

Very well done! I left a longer comment on your game page :D

I think this is the best game I've played so far in this game jam! (played 50+ others so far)

I really enjoy strategy games, and the way you had to spend your resources here is really fun :)
I will not hold any grudges for you killing my in-game bird haha
I finished it on my 2nd attempt (once i understood that you lose after you run out of a certain resource haha)

I also really liked the secret base!
I finished the game without investing into Amenity at all, so wasn't too sure why you need it there (would like you to point out the reason if there is one haha)

Very well done! :D

Really good concept for the jam! haha
The art is really good

Some things that kinda bugged me - The tutorial instructions were a bit too fast for me, maybe they should have been controlled by a button or a key press, switch the text whenever the player tells you he is ready, not just after x seconds.
When you get caught, it takes like 10-15+ seconds to get dropped off by the guard. While that was happening, I was just like, sitting around, waiting for the game to reset lol

Overall its still a good game, well done :)

Thank you for playing, I am glad you found it enjoyable :)

Its not that we thought it would make the game too easy, we just thought of jumping and shooting way too late into development (We thought about it like a few days before the jam ended). We had a lot of other stuff to prioritize, like the music and the sound effects (I started composing the music 2 days before the jam ended! lol)

If we had more time, I would have definitely added the jumping and shooting mechanic :)

Thanks for playing, the review is really awesome! :D

Thanks for your video review, it was really awesome!
It was a shame seeing you struggle with the boss so much. I think I'll do a full game walkthrough this weekend, would love you to check that out :D (i'll comment again when the video will be ready)

Basically, you just gotta be careful when you come close to attack - attack 1 or 2 times, then, just focus on dodging the boss skill. After you dodged it, repeat the process.
It was really fun hearing you interact with the game! The way you died in level 3, with the wasted moonshot haha priceless! You got around it though :)
Thanks again. both for playing and doing the review :D

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First of all, thanks so much for playing  :D
You were soooo close to finishing the game, u were just a level away from the final boss fight haha
Glad you have enjoyed it, and thanks for the feedback, its much appreciated
People don't do a female protagonist all that often huh?

I laughed so hard when you called her Katniss Everdeen - only after you've said I was like, omg, this is so Katniss 

It was very fun being reviewed on a stream, thanks :)

This is a good game, had fun playing it :)
The difficulty curve is really nice! The visuals are impressive.
Well done :D

Haha, and I wish we would've ADDED mid-air shooting :)
Thanks for the review, glad u enjoyed the game :D

Thanks for the feedback, we'll most definitely address these issues post-game-jam :)

Very nice game :)

Cool looking game :)
Controls are a bit tricky to understand at first. I got caught spiraling mid air and ended up hitting the ship hard on the ground lol good thing its only a game and not real life haha

Would have liked some arrow controls as well as the WASD keys.
Nice entry :)

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Oh gosh, it made me sad looking at the cute moon and earth being sad lol
Very nice idea, the graphics are adorable
Extra points for the brilliant looking background of the game page :)

Very nice game :)
Graphics are cool, and the concept is neat :D
Id say maybe stop the random hand movement when you don't have a cup in your hand - it makes taking another cup rather difficult lol didnt bother me that much though

Cool entry, well done :)

Nice game, the pacing was good. It said wave 1/5, but enemies just kept coming and coming haha
Also I thought I was supposed to not touch the asteroids, but it was all a ruse! I just bumped into them like a game of bumper cars :D
I had fun overall, a good game jam entry :)

I am glad you have enjoyed it, thank you for playing :)

Great! I am glad u have enjoyed it :D

Thanks for the feedback :)
How do u envision the attack cancellation? You'd start the attack, press an arrow key to move, and it would cancel it? Or did you have something else in mind?

Im glad you've enjoyed the game, even the shooting part :D haha
thanks for the level design idea, it sounds like a good one, that we just might use in the future! :)

Thanks for the great feedback :)

Very nice game. Did you by any chance get inspired by "keep talking and nobody explodes"? It reminded me of it a lot :)

Great graphics and very nice gameplay!

I really like the voice actor haha "your base is under attack!"
Nice spin on the classic tower defense genre, the towers that spawn units were really nice :)