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Submitted by PepperBoi — 1 day, 22 hours before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#1223.2003.200

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Theme interpretation
You place moons in certain areas and it's a moonshot that you are gonna finish all of the levels.

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Kudos to you for making so many interesting levels. The game mechanics are really innovative. Great job!




Wow, that was an innovative puzzle mechanic! I really liked this one. I think you did tutorials very well and the game greatly benefited from it. The simple mechanic had depth enough for you to teach advanced techniques as the levels go on and even though it's a game jam, you pumped out so many levels! It has all the elements that compose a great game design, well done! If I would point out something negative, it would be some difficulty spikes across a few specific levels. On them, it doesn't feel like solving a puzzle, it feels more like tinkering with milimetric position changes or experimentation until you randomly stumble across a solution. The nature of gravitational physics means a very small change on the starting conditions might result on completely different outcomes, and this becomes very apparent when you feel lost on this game. I guess it's the curse of innovating, you'll never perfect your creation when you're the first to do it. But well done anyway, one of the best puzzle games of this jam. Solid 5 stars on innovation for you. Great job!

Developer (2 edits)

Thanks for the feedback!


Nice gravity based puzzle game. It was quite relaxing to play and an interesting idea.  Couple of suggestions:

1. Make it left click only? Perhaps by adding icons for the button presses, and removing the right click system which I found a bit fiddly.  Then it would be touch friendly, and also wouldn't need the forward/back browser fix.

2. I got up to stage 10, the level looked a bit too tricky at that point, I had a couple of goes but was so far off I gave up.  I wonder whether it would be worth opening up new mechanics  before making the challenge too hard on levels? Perhaps the levels could be rearranged? Or maybe the "complete the level to open the next one" system could be loosened up a bit?

But overall very nice puzzle game.

Developer (1 edit)

1. How would you move the moons without using right click?

2. My playtesters found some levels too hard also so I added a hint mechanic so if you're stuck you can press H to get a hint. I dont want to rearrange the levels because I added a new mechanic every 5 levels.

Thanks for advice!


1. Left mouse drag?  Instead of Right Click+D for delete you could have a delete  button, which deletes the last moon you placed or moved?

2. Hints are definitely a good idea, but I think some people might want to try to progress  without using them.  Instead of rearranging levels another suggestion might be, if you complete x levels of mechanic area y, you also unlock  the first level of mechanic area z.  I'm thinking of something like Mario 64, where I think there are 6 stars available in the first world area.  However I think you only  need 2 or 3 to unlock the second world area.


1. I was deleting the moons when the mouse was pressed down but I totally forgot I could do it when the mouse pressed up.

2. I think I feel good with the system I have, I might think about something more complicated but not any time soon.


This is a tricky one!

I love the concept you came up with and solving a level feels super satisfying. Unfortunately I did eventually got to level 23 and level 24 refused to unlock for me, despite solving it twice :(.

I really like the gameplay, the rockets motion can get really chaotic under the influence of multiple moons! However, this means that even a small change in the moon's position can cause the rocket to follow a completely different trajectory. For me (running windows/chrome) right clicking immediately always deleted the moons instead of dragging them, also on many levels I wasn't credited with the deleted moons. So often I would have to go to the menu and then restart the level from scratch. I think that addressing these issues would make the game more satisfying (and less frustrating on the occasions when a small change makes a close miss completely miss the target instead of hitting it).

I liked the minimalist style of the graphics and I felt the levels were always super clean and easy to read, which is great for a game like this. I also enjoyed the music and sound effects and felt they added to the experience of the game. 

Aside from the technical issues, I think this is a really fun game that suits the theme of the jam very well!


Im sure a lot of the bugs(deletion not working, 24 not unlocking) came from the fact that when I found something wrong I had to change it for every single level because I'm using a new game engine (for me) WADE, but I started fixing it by the end of the jam(and ill fix more post-jam). I dont know why the right clicking didnt work for you, most people don't seem to have this problem, I'll make downloadable(again post-jam) versions and hopefully that'll fix it?


Fun game! Liked how you made adding planets as a puzzle :)


Im glad you enjoyed :)


Fun game concept. Nice work on creating so many levels.




Its a nice game with a cool mechanic, was probably really hard creating all those levels :D
It was really fun watching the spaceship bounce around like a ball haha


TBH I created most the of the levels by placing stuff somewhat randomly then playing it over and over again until I got it right and if couldn't  I just moved it around and then ordered it by toughness. Im glad you enjoyed!


Nice game with a cool mechanic.

It took me a while to get an intuition for it, though. I think if the last-path your rocket took stayed on the screen, it would have been easier. But I made it through to the end, so :D


Thanks :D


Really nice game mechanics and play style.   The graphics are simple but seem appropriate. I noticed you save game states between sessions also - which is cool.  I did encounter a few bugs - sometime 2 moons would get stuck together or not delete when expected, but it was not a game breaker since going back to the main and restarting the level worked just find.  I got stuck on Level 8, so I'm still curious about what other mechanics were in store.   I'm not familiar with the WADE game engine, so it's cool that you were able to do this with it.


For some of the levels it is needed to have multiple moons at the same spot to complete the level. Also if you're stuck you can press H for a hint that will tell you what ares you need to place the moons.


Gameplay: Cool physics game. I like the mechanic of using physics to solve puzzles

Graphics: Quite basic, but I imagine for a game like this, the core feature is the gameplay mechanic and not the graphics. I would have something else in place of the green squares (something like a glowing star field etc.)

Audio: Music was ok; could have been more atmospheric. I would have loved to hear more SFX for the rocket, its propulsion and its crash.

Innovation: Very nice!

Theme: You place moons in certain areas.

Overall: Excellent game mechanics!

I would have something else in place of the green squares (something like a glowing star field etc.)

Thanks for the suggestion.

I would have loved to hear more SFX for the rocket, its propulsion and its crash.

On the game page it says "Earths spaceship is lost in space with no fuel" so propulsion might not make sense but crash noise could be nice.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!


Really cool concept! Great physics, lots of levels and good difficulty progression adding new elements to the scene every few levels. I quickly got hooked.

I love that you can restart the level quickly since you (at least myself) might need to restart it a few times to get some challenging levels done.

Just as a couple of small comments, I’ve noticed that there is some latency sometimes while dragging the Moon. The other thing is that I found a bug while deleting moons, the moon is deleted but the counter is not restored (it does not happen in every level, I can reproduce it in level 15), fortunately you can go to the main menu pressing the “m” key and try again, so no big deal. :)

I enjoyed it! Well done!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Im sure a lot of the bugs came from the fact that when I found something wrong I had to change it for every single level because I'm using a new game engine (for me) WADE, but I started fixing it by the end of the jam.

Im glad you enjoyed and thanks for the review.


Great game, incredible amount and variety of puzzles. The music is cool but the SFXs are a bit harsh.

For a post jam version, I would try to fix the bugs on browsers (even on Chrome it has some loading issues) and do some polishing on the graphics.


Developer (1 edit) (+1)


The SFX were too loud because the engine I use WADE doesnt have volume changing yet(but it will be in an update soon) but I made it so you can mute SFX and still listen to the music.


Very impressed with how many levels you made.  I think this is one of the better gravity golf games I've played in this jam.  Nice work!




Note: Game's quite long and has a lot of levels, so I'm rating this without finishing it for now. I'll update my rating when I have time to finish it. At the time of this comment, I've reached up to level 18.

Gameplay: I liked how yo used the gravity aspect and decided to divide the game into to phases. The general vibe is calm and it's a game you can get immersed in for a long time. The levels have the right level of challenge: not too easy but not incredibly hard. It's nice that you introduce the new mechanics slowly as to not overwhelm the player. Perhaps sometimes it's hard to guess where your rocket will end up and having to reset the simulation again and again can feel like guesswork. Using D+Right Click feels a bit weird, but overall the controls are ok. There are some bugs, like not being able to place moons once you deleted them on some levels. I haven't tried the hint system yet

Graphics: Graphics are a bit barebones. Maybe some particles for the rocket when it's moving would help.

Audio: Music really adds to the experience. It's calming and not annoyingly repetitive. Sound effects are a bit harsh on the ears.

Innovation: I've seen a lot of games using moons and gravity, but I don't know why this doesn't feel unoriginal to me.

Theme: It's a basic interpretation of the theme, but it works.

Overall: A calming puzzle game with a lot of levels! I feel like the only major improvements you could make are the graphics and fixing some of the bugs. So good job :)


Gameplay: What would you do instead of D+Right Click? Im sure a lot of the bugs came from the fact that when I found something wrong I had to change it for every single level but by the end I was optimizing it more but if you go back to the menu then back to the level it resets.

Graphics: I made a star background but it was too distracting. Also I dont think I should do the particles because on the game page it says "Earths spaceship is lost in space with no fuel" so that might not make sense but thanks for the idea. 

Audio: Thanks I'm glad you liked the music. The SFX were too loud because the engine I use WADE doesnt have volume changing yet(but it will be in an update soon) but I made it so you can mute SFX and still listen to the music

Overall: Im glad you enjoyed :)

"Earths spaceship is lost in space with no fuel"

Totally missed that! Sorry! Consider then maybe a trail of some sort?

About the deleting moons controls, I'm not really sure. It just felt weird to me. Like, I'd expect that moving moons was with the left mouse button, and deleting with the right one. But then, adding moons could get messy. Maybe use something like CTRL? I'm not sure. I'd say ask people that work with software that does similar things (like artists and such) what they usually use for those functions. It's something really minor, so I'm not saying that you should go out of your way to change it.

when I found something wrong I had to change it for every single level

This is really concerning! I don't want to know how you're structuring your code and levels, hahaha


This game is interesting and challenging, I love these types of games and I know that this game has the potential to be much better, for instance, improving graphics, adding stars in the background and stuff like that would make the game more amazing. Great work on this game though, you can improve it.


If you arnt using chrome then the shaders might not work, some of the things I made the colors with shaders that I didnt know only worked in some browsers. Also I tried to create stars but it was really distracting. Im glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the feedback.


Great game. I found it little difficult to handle the space ship as it was bouncing over the Moons. I struggled first to understand that i can also place more than one Moon. Nice Music controls and Good to see Game save system too.

  • I wish the ship would tilt towards its direction
  • Moving the moons along the edges of the green area is a bit buggy, they get stuck sometimes
  • If I put a moon on top of the other, impossible to detach them without deleting one, I couldn't even see there was 2.
  • It would have been nice to show the commands on the game screen rather than only in the menu, there is enough space for it
  • The physics of the ship was hard to predict...
  • ... and so successes mostly relied on trial and error. Rather than feeling clever for solving a puzzle, I mostly felt relieved that I could move on.

I think the mechanic is interesting but needs to be tweaked a bit along with more level design ideas to make the game great!

  • The idea of the game is that the moon is lost in space and doesnt have any power, so i cant rotate to its direction
  • I did it so that if your mouse is touching both the green area and the moon the moon moves.
  • The outside color gets darker the more moons you place
  • What would you suggest to help with this?

Good concept! Good Gameplay! I should of put more time in it but here goes:

01:33:51 Move with moons


Nice puzzle game, but hard! I found myself having to do trial and error most of the time.


I had fun, but I was unable to do anything that involved a right-click.  (Using ChromeOS stable and the builtin trackpad.)  So I had to get moons placed exactly right the first time.  Only going back to menu would clear them.


That sounds annoying, should I make delete d+any click? That would make it more playable and shouldn't affect gameplay.


I think that would probably be nicer, yeah.  Thanks!

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