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Yea I know and you are absolutely right, thanks for the feedback <3

Thank you for your honest feedback. I'll play and rate your game as well. 

Thank you for the honest feedback <3

I used Bosca Ceoil for the music.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked my game <3

Thanks for  playing  my game and the feedback, I'll try to improve the game  based on your reviews <3

Your feedback is appreciated <3

I appreciate your feedback, thanks for playing it <3

Thanks for playing and rating, I'm glad you liked it!


This game is interesting and challenging, I love these types of games and I know that this game has the potential to be much better, for instance, improving graphics, adding stars in the background and stuff like that would make the game more amazing. Great work on this game though, you can improve it.

Simple and fun game, music was great and enjoyable, controls were smooth. 

Graphics are cute, but adding more details to it would make the game better.

Thank you for playing my game, I am glad you liked it!

Thank you for playing my game!

Thanks for playing and rating <3

Thanks for playing, I'll try to make it more challenging <3

Thanks for the feedback!

The graphics of this game, audio and gameplay were fascinating. Theme interpretation is original and creative which made game more enjoyable and fun. 

My favorite thing about this game is the shooting system. I've never seen a shooting system like that,  I couldn't kill enemies without reasonable thinking, placing and releasing projectiles while using walls as a shield and trying to save as much energy as I could. This kind of game was the best for me so far. I am willing to play it again and finish somehow :D

Great job!

The shooting system of this game is great, audio and design makes the game more interesting and fun.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you, your review is appreciated <3

The gameplay is fun, the menu design is nice, but adding more particle effects, stars to the game would make it much more beautiful. Keep working on this game, it can be improved <3

Sound effects were cute and enjoyable.

This game is really fun, I liked the audio and graphics, but adding more particle effects would make the game more beautiful. Fighting those owlmen was epic and cool :D but it would have been better if I could jump and shoot an arrow at the same time. The range of an arrow was too short for me, but still managed to kill the boss :D the boss fight was amazing and enjoyable. Great work!

The gameplay was fun, because idea of this game is great and creative, but it looks like there is less time spent with the graphics, so working on a design would be great for this game. Loved the soundeffects.

The game is really fun to play, loved the graphics, animations and the custom cursor. But it would be more enjoyable if the beginning was easier for a bit.

Nice work!

Thanks for your honest review <3

Graphics, characters and animations were cute and enjoyable and it was interesting gameplay, but sometimes I had no idea where I should have gone, so small hints would be great for this game.

The story is very interesting, I couldn't finish it cuz I did not have enough time for today but I'll finish it later, because it interested me. The audio made this game more  enjoyable and emotional, sometimes I got goosebumps by reading the story and hearing amazing sound effects. Text is also well-written which makes game more addictive.

I am amazed by this game, amazing work!

The graphics of this game were great, I love the dialogue system. Gameplay was smooth and interesting, music really suited the game. Also adding a minimap would be great.

Nice work!

The graphics, animations and audio of this game were fascinating. In the beginning, it was hard for me to understand the game mechanics, but after understanding it I truly enjoyed playing the game, which is very interesting. I was wondering what would happen  if I got to the Earth and after that I wanted to play again.

But sometimes I forgot about some crash warnings which made the game crash and that was the terrible feeling, so fixing that would be great.

Great game so far!

Thank you for the feedback <3

I don't know how to solve it unfortunately, try googling the solution.

I tried to play your game, but unfortunately I couldn't download it for some reason. Try fixing it <3

Thanks for playing and thank you for the ideas.  I am definitely going to improve this game as much as I can by the help of your and  other player's feedback. Sooner or later I will update this game doubtlessly. I really appreciate your honest review <3

I'd be glad if you played  my game: Moonlight Energy

Yea I did think adding shooting system but didn't, so might add it later. Thank you for the feedback!

I agree that camera position wasn't comfortable for players, also stopping NPCs was hard for me :D there are small details like this that needs to be fixed. Audio, animations and design were great. 

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The design of this game is fascinating, loved the particles and audio, but it was too hard for me in the beginning, which made me rage :D Gameplay and controls were great! Loved this game <3 It definitely deserves more rates.

The design of this game is great,  galaxy is beautiful and the music is relaxing. Controls are comfortable and all of these things made the game addictive. It would have been better if you added more planetary sound effects, it would make game more cosmic.

I appreciate your feedback! <3