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A Sci-fi Infinite Diver by Rainer Weston, Lucas Allmon and Brian Painter.
Submitted by Rainerw, anothervenue — 2 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#2132.7862.786

Ranked from 14 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Theme interpretation
Moondrop interprets "moonshot" as an Infinite Diver, an impossible descent into the depths of an alien world.

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Such an amazing experience! I love the easy to grasp and simple mechanics but still challenging game, the beautiful aesthetics, the color palette, how everything goes dimmer when we are reaching deeper and the immersive atmosphere.

The game feels very polished and well done!

Great submission! Outstanding job!

PS: I did 748 meters, yay!


I love the nice twist you put in your interpretation of the theme!
As for the game itself, I like the mechanics and the atmosphere of it. I could really feel the sheer depth of the environment.
Well done!


Awesome atmospheric game, graphics and music! 

My record is 399 meters, but to get oxygen is very hard for me, because sometimes it appears in completely not possible to touch places.

Also I like the idea to use power to restore the hull.


Great game mechanics! 

I especially loved the idea of having the O2 depletes overtime as you go deeper as well as the need to repair the submarine. Brilliant idea to have the darkness crawls on you as you go deeper where lights were important to see where exactly you're going. 

Some possible improvements is maybe having sea monsters or sea quakes where you coukd have the background shaking while going deeper. 

I really enjoyed playing your game. 

My top score was 923m in around 5 minutes. 

Was there a specific distance to win or infinite depth? 


Nice game! Was a little hard for me though. :P


Good game! Graphics are nice, music fits perfect.

Sadly, game is too hard for me. I wish I could have dived longer per run. :P


Very nice!

It would be even more fun if it was possible to shoot torpedoes at enemies or to clear the way :-) 

The only thing I didn't understand was what the floodlights were for. The idea of spotlights is interesting, and for example, it is used in games such as Sunless Sea, but even without spotlights, I can clearly see the environment. Maybe I just couldn't get down deep enough (so far my record is 600+ meters) to appreciate the benefits of spotlights.

But other than that, it's a simple, but great game.


Good learning curve and a good addictive gameplay endless games but with cool mechanics

the oxygen the lights the health the power all super balanced out 

great work


Thanks for your feedback. So nice to hear it was received well :)


Great work! The atmosphere is really great, with great artwork, environment, music and sfx. It's indeed a bit unforgiving initially but one quickly gets the hang of it. I reached depth 750 m, could probably go a bit deeper with some more practice :)

The gradually fading light as you go deeper is really well made, and I enjoyed having to balance using lights and constantly repairing my broken hull while at sub-500m depths.


Thankyou for the kind words! Good to hear you managed to get over the initial learning hump and make it a decent way down :)

The lights were an early feature that I was proud of so glad you liked them too! There were bigger plans for them that didn't make it into the final submission unfortunately but maybe in a future build...


This is really good. I failed so badly first try lol, but then once I got the hang of the ship abilities it became addictive to see how far I could get! <3


Thanks! We are so happy you enjoyed it. I think the core loop has something good going on, though there are number of tweaks I would want to make to the controls so that they're more responsive and expressive. Also that difficulty curve could be eased up a fair bit :)


The game is really fun to play, loved the graphics, animations and the custom cursor. But it would be more enjoyable if the beginning was easier for a bit.

Nice work!


Thank you so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it and liked the graphics! They were fun to make and I learned so much in the process. 

I hear you on the difficulty curve. While it is intentionally high, we definitely made it too high too early, well before the player gets a chance to learn the ropes in a safe environment.

Thanks for leaving feedback, I'll be sure to check out your game soon.


Really nice game! Find my review below:

1:14:36 Moondrop


Thanks for checking out Moondrop! Glad you enjoyed it. It was great to watch you wrangle the difficult controls. Very insightful too. There are a lot of issues with the game that I wish we had more time to address but super happy we got it done on time regardless.


Was great effort!


Good game, great to see Godot being used

+ nice graphics and audio

+ nice idea to use underwater setting.

- a tutorial would have been good.

- web build would also help in getting more reviews

all the best


Thank you so much for playing our game!

I agree a tutorial would have been a big help but typically we ran out of time! In hindsight we definitely should have made a web build but we were worried performance might be a issue. It seems web games get played a lot more though so next time for sure!


For the reference, if a web build works OK in your tests, I don't think anyone would blame you for uploading one even past the deadline, as long as it's the same code as the native builds.


Thanks! I'm tinkering with it now, hopefully I can squeeze some decent performance out of it :)