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Thanks, we're glad you liked it! We'll probably have cats in all our games and get better with each game so keep an eye out ;D

Thanks! Pacing is definitely going to be our focus next time :D

Now that I know it's possible to beat level 3 I'm going to keep trying until I get to the end ;D

Yeah, I think it's a problem with game jams  :( The ratings really favour short games over longer ones because people just want to try something quickly and move on to the next. It's all practice though and making a whole game in a month feels so good, even if not many people play it!

I think keep going with interactive fiction for now - you've got a great story hook and that's more than enough to keep people playing! I've found that adding RPG elements makes it hard to finish because you want to add so many different paths for the player :D

Definitely agree about the moon to moon travel needing something :D

We deliberately cut back on some of our ideas (eg, being able to board space stations) to make sure we'd finish - I wish we could have made the game we originally came up with but it was much too big a project for a month!

I like to challenge myself but I still think I could have pushed for some other genres ;D

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, we're glad you liked it!

Thanks! We were thinking of adding side quests but never figured out how they would work - a project for next time ;D 

Thanks, we're glad you liked it! I've added your game to our list to try and we'll leave some feedback as soon as we do :)

Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you liked it! The black cat is based on our own naughty housemate ;D

We were talking about the game more last night and realised we could have had the emails being read out to you during the long travel sequences! The recordings are already in the game and everything! Oh well, next time...

Thanks, we're glad you had fun! We decided to keep the navigation a little hard to make it part of the game's challenge but didn't spend enough time play testing so it's not as fun as it should be :(

Yeah, Elite was a big influence :D

I was too focused on building for Windows, I really should have made builds for other OS's - just doing a MacOS build now so I'll try a Linux build too. It'll be untested though so no idea if it will work any better ;p

I always forget to build for Mac D:

I'll put one up now!

Never tried WebGL, I'll have to investigate it for next time :D

Pressing space will toggle the main thrusters on and off but holding S will fire the braking thrusters - that might be what's making you move backwards. In the minimap the front of the ship is the end without two spikes if that helps!

We're glad you had fun anyway!

I always struggle with finding that balance between holding the player's hand and letting them figure things out - a "press enter to pick up" notification would help but it would also pull you out of the game instantly so I don't know which I'd prefer :D

Thanks! They're two of our favourite things so it was good to put them together :D

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This was really fun! I died in 0.5seconds to start with but then got on a roll! It's addictive and the little aliens and birds etc made me laugh, especially near the start when I knocked an alien onto a blue bounce. Haha. So cute. I did get stuck glued to one of the pink birds at one point and had to crash and restart, but other than that it was really smooth and great!
(I personally quite liked the music!)

I will be coming back to play this one again. :)

I just saw that this is your first game so wanted to come back to edit my comment and say: Awesome! Well done!

The monsters are really cute even if they are evil :P Lots of fun  :)

I'm really intrigued by this story I wish you'd been able to finish it! The art is awesome too, fantastic job overall!

Good fun - I love programming puzzle games and retro styled ones are the best ;D

 I think it would be good to have the player see the level fail before trying to solve the puzzle of making it work - I hope you keep working on this idea though!

This is really good. I failed so badly first try lol, but then once I got the hang of the ship abilities it became addictive to see how far I could get! <3

I'm invested in the story now, you'd better finish it ;D

The writing is great and the art is beautiful, really well done!

Had a lot of fun just running around and the models are great (nice job on the lunar lander especially!) but I was  little unsure what to do. I found something that looked like equipment I could pick up near the astronauts but I couldn't interact with it

I hope you keep working on this!

I was giggling from "Hungry" but from when the launch music I was just laughing constantly - love this game so much, well done!

This game is so cute! I love the graphics so much. Just adorable! The music was fantastic too. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong to not understand this, but I would love loved to have a health bar, since it was unclear to me when I was taking damage or healing. Other than that really well done!  Thank you :)

Awesome game, the art is so good! I found it a bit hard to control the head mechanic - a practice area where you have unlimited heads to get used to the way it works would have been handy

Really polished overall though, even just the start menu animation had me sucked in :D

Really solid game! Love the graphical style :D

Like other people have said there's a great core loop in here but it does need a little more variety - something else to do while waiting for the moon and maybe some additional challenge with shooting for the moon? Mars has two moons so maybe one can get in the way?

Still heaps of fun though and I can see this being a great way to just chill out :D

Love this idea! The mechanic is well polished and the story concept is great - would work well with a hint of horror :D

Very keen to see a story mode - maybe some landmarks or other changes to the environment along the way to draw the player forward?

Nice job! The visual style is great - especially love the clouds! Can't wait to see what you make next time :)

The graphics are so beautiful!!!! I had a bit of trouble with the controls but I know you said it was recommended to play with a controller, which I wasn't :P So my bad. heh

I love the way this was almost like a collection of minigames you had to progress through :D The graphics and sound design were great too!

Surprisingly fun although I couldn't beat level 3 so I may not be very good at it :D

Haven't played a text adventure in years so this was a fun flashback! I got stuck after letting out the aardvark though - Dr von Braun was pretty upset with me :(

We'd love to get some more feedback!

Unity is obviously a really easy place to start but probably not what you're looking for ;D

I'd recommend checking out this guy's YouTube channel as it's mostly C++ tutorials for windows:

He uses his own game engine for a lot of the projects (there's videos on making that engine) but there's also plenty of standalone ones like this: 

Thanks - you can get a copy of the music in the GitHub repository if you want!

We probably should have had more people play test to check the flight time between moons to make sure it was fun ;p

Thanks so much for the feedback, we're glad you like it!

We were super attached to keeping "realistic" distances between the moons and couldn't let it go but never found a way to make it as fun as it needed to be :p We racked our brains trying to think of ways to keep the space travel interesting but didn't have much luck - it's a big chunk of the game so definitely needed more polish!

This is so cool! Beautiful to look at and an awesome narrative to push you forward while holding everything together :D

Definitely going to be playing this for while!

We're so glad you liked it, we hope the ending made you happy! If you'd like a copy of the music it's in the GitHub repository :)