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Thank you very much! :) Sorry for the temporary insanity. :P

Thank you for all the feedback! :)

Thank you! :)

Oh no! That's so weird :( Would you mind letting me know what you were playing it on? What browser or download? :)

uh oh I did wonder where the dice went

I like the art style and the story was pretty fun

Never seen a point and click platformer, it worked really well! The art and music were great too, very cute :D

I really liked this! The bear was so cute and I loved running around being a busy bee while the bear just toddled around :D

This is such a great concept and so well executed, incredible work!

This seemed so easy at first then suddenly I felt like my brain was two pieces of mush :D Nice job, this is so much fun!

I like this idea but I wish there'd been some more variables to balance and more play between those variables. Also, some kind of end goal that I could see my progress towards after each turn.

Sorry to sound so critical, I had a lot of fun playing it and want to see it bigger and better :D

Nice to see the PICO-8 being used as a platform in a game jam :D This was great fun, felt like playing a Commodore 64 port of Shelter! 

"Well, most of them made it."

Amazing job! I'm blown away that you made this in just 48 hours, it's so polished and tightly constructed :D

I liked the idea of this but I couldn't figure out how to make money off features - I went about a year with no income then I was making about $600 a month while my costs were over $20,000! Also, it would have been fun if the developers had pictures or a bio so they felt like actual people :)

I really like this one but I think it since it's turn based the levels should be a bit smaller and each character should move a little slower between spaces on their turn - sounds a bit weird to make them move slower but it would make each turn feel more deliberate and force the player to consider their moves more :)

This is so well polished! The music and art style tell such a good story together and the controls feel great - this is such a nice way to just chill out for a while :D

Thank you! Most of our games are for people who wear cat ears so we're extra glad you liked it :D

This is a cool idea but it played out a little too slow for me - I felt like I was waiting a lot of the time instead of doing things. Maybe it'd be good to be able to grow from both ancients at once? That might already be possible but I didn't read all the instructions...

This was great fun, I'm surprised more people haven't played/rated it!

It's a cool idea I hope you work on it a bit more!

I really like the idea of this and it's a lot of fun to play but the camera movement was a bit dizzying -` I hope you keep polishing this!

I love cassette futurism so I was sold just on the visuals (although I wish the button sounds had been a bit more 'clicky'), then the puzzles were fun and the story really tied everything together :D Nice work!

It's a shame you weren't able to finish more of the level, I could see where you were going and it looked interesting! The controls were really nice and using boids as a mechanic is cool :D

Cool idea, fits the theme really well and really intuitive to play!

Good fun! It took me a little while to realise I couldn't switch back and forth at will, but having that delay was a good idea and made me actually stop and think :D

Really fun mechanic but that last puzzle was a pretty big jump in difficulty - I hope you add more levels to this, I want to play it more!

Thanks for the feedback! The original plan was a pair of mazes that each character would have to work together to navigate, with multiple separations and fuses - but that relied on clear feedback about what the buttons did and we never figured that out :D 

Nice job, the puzzles were really fun and the mechanic was super interesting!

The art and music came together so well in this, really punchy style!

I'm terrible at shmups but managed to win so I feel like the difficulty was just right :D I also liked how the "tutorial" at the start (before the ship moves) prepped you for that ending battle, really felt neatly bookended.

Nice work!

This is such a cool mechanic - keeping the safety of both characters in mind was so stressful :D

I hope you expand on this, maybe add some story and make failure a bit less punishing (eg, guards who spot you give chase but you can still escape).

This was so much fun, and so well polished! I found the stacking minigame a little too hard but all the rest were just right :D

Loooove the visual style, the animation on Toifel was great!

It might need a time/distance travelled limit or similar - I felt like I was bouncing back and forth between succeeding and failing but not making any progress. A finish line where you get a score (even if you fail) would make this super replayable.

Thanks for the feedback! We hadn't even considered the high poly vs low poly thing on the models but that's a really good point!

The movement controls were literally the first part of the game created and we never adjusted them - they could definitely use a little tweaking, especially since characters literally slide to a stop at the moment :D

Yeah, that's definitely the biggest bug - we're calling it catgirl magic instead of a bug though ;)

Yeah, it definitely makes the game a bit too easy, we were hoping no one would notice... We'll just call it catgirl magic ;)

This was really great, so peaceful and thoughtful :)

For some reason the video at the end didn't play properly on the web version, so I'm glad you had the walkthrough there for me to see what was meant to happen!

Took me a little while to figure out the mechanic (maybe a slower start to practice would help?) but once I had it I was completely hooked - the mechanic is slick, the visuals are fantastic, and the music/sfx are lush! Impeccable vibes and polish :D

It seemed a little broken for me - are the people meant to move around? Cool style and good music though, and a really interesting game mechanic!

It's a shame the audio didn't work for that extra bit of polish, but this was a lot of fun!

Casper is so cute! This was heaps of fun and a good level of difficult :D

A bit buggy but lots of fun and the art style was so good :D